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  1. Michael sat in the dark cell, his back to the wall watching the thin slit of light from the cell door in front of him. He had been in the cell for a few days, with food being brought to him by a nondescript individual. The food was filling, and no words went with his captor. A week ago, he had been with his Fireteam in Afghanistan, going on a strike mission, when they had been ambushed by unknown forces, better than any other Taliban or Al-Qaeda fighters. The unknown force had killed his team quickly, and a man had snuck up behind him, and knocked him out. What Michael Turner didn't know, is that he was in a castle fortress, surrounded by vampires.
  2. The princess had been staying in her room to resist the temptation of killing off the human they had captured until she got bored of sitting around. Amelia left her chambers and strolled through the castle to find her father and ask what they were to do with the human he had 'acquired'. She was never told what they were doing with him or why he was captured in the first place. "I should just ask our prisoner himself." She said quietly as she diverted her path to go to the dungeon.
  3. Michael closed his eyes, trying to steal sleep while he could. He'd need every bit of it in order to resist and escape.
  4. Amelia made her way past security, through the passage ways, and down the spiral bound staircase to the place where they were holding the prisoner. She noticed he looked like he was asleep and decided to wake him. She opened up the cell door, entered, and closed it behind her. Slowly, Amelia made her way over to him and crouched down in front of him. She smiled and gave him light taps on the face to wake him up. "Wake up. I have some questions for you."
  5. A guard stood in the door behind her, just so she didn't do anything to harm the human.

    Michael woke slowly, looking the girl in the eyes, then stated in monotone. "Turner, Michael G. Warrant Officer. United States Marine Corps. Serial number 11530822345."
  6. "Thanks for the name kid." Amelia smiled. "That's not what I wanted to know though. I could care less than nothing for what you are called. I want to know why you are here. I haven't been told yet but I can assume there is something special about you. So tell me what 'special' thing do you have?"
  7. He simply held her gaze and repeated "Turner, Michael G. Warrant Officer. United States Marine Corps. Serial number 11530822345." it was what he had been instructed to say, in case of capture.
  8. "Oh so you're Mr. Tough Guy? I haven't had one of those in a while." Amelia smirked with delight. "Do you even know where you are right now? Of course not... You were probably knocked out... Would you like to know where you are? I am happy to tell you."
  9. Michael narrowed his eyes, it would be nice to know his location. Though probably not somewhere in the mideast. These people were more hospitable than the Taliban or any other group.
  10. Amelia smiled and leaned in close to him so she could whisper in his ear. "You're in the Crestmere manor. There's no escaping here unless you are released. Even if you did somehow escape you'll wish you hadn't. You're much safer in this cell than freely roaming the house trying to get out." She backed away from him and curtsied. "I am the beautiful princess Amelia Crestmere, daughter of the man who owns this place." After going through all the formalities she smirked once again. "Do you even know what we are? You humans tend to be blind to our existence out of sheer fear."
  11. He briefly thought about snapping her neck and making a run for it, but the guard at the door would complicate those plans. He had to get one alone, take him out, then make a break, regardless of what this woman had said. He paid very little attention to her words, instead focusing on escape.
  12. Amelia covered her mouth. Sucking all the blood from his body was looking pretty good at the moment. She didn't like people who don't give her full attention. "Maybe I should show you what I mean." Her eyes turned a bright red color and her fangs grew out. "I am not human. I don't die, even if you were to stab me repeatedly I would survive. I don't need the things you humans need to survive, I only feed. You will be my next meal one way or another." She looked back at the guard who was shaking his head telling her not to do anything. "But apparently not today.. Lucky you. You shall be released soon enough. Just know that everyone will try to eat you if you try to struggle." She smiled while her fangs retracted. "Have a nice day in a cell." Amelia laughed menacingly before she started to exit his cell and locking the door behind her.
  13. Michael shook his head, he didn't need a knife to be deadly. He'd fight fists and feet, tooth and nail to escape. And if he were to die trying, then that was that. He always thought death would come from a bullet, not him being food.
  14. Amelia left the dungeon and met with her father outside the secret door to the dungeon. "He's a tough one father. I don't know if he will cooperate with us." She continued to walk down the hallway to her private library to look for more information on his 'type'.
  15. Michael stole more sleep. He knew they would likely torture him, but it was almost nothing he hadn't encountered in training before. At least; he hoped so.
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