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Can you commit to this RP and obey the specifications?

  1. Yessah. I've got plenty of spare time and am plenty willing to obey the rules.

  2. Nah. I'm a rebel workaholic and would probably bring the thing down.

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  1. Dracula Is Dead.


    Older than age, embodiment of power itself, the Prince of Darkness has been returned to the veil of Death by the last descendant of Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker II and her legions of human slayers. And in his place is a void to be filled by his successor. The issue with this? Vladislav had no defined line of succession. With his absence, the vampiric community has erupted into a war, not between factions but every vampire against the other in a bid to claim the throne of the race and the title of Dracul. Even pathetic third-rate bloodsuckers claim the name Dracula in this dark time. The ancient werewolf enemy now runs rampant across the fields of the Earth, demons plot in the shadows, and the hosts of Heaven remain absent. But there do exist some truly powerful vampires who find themselves pushed on the path to destiny. They will meet, they will fight, together or apart, and in the end only one may claim the name of the Sanguine Father.
    Only one may become the Dragon.

    The Plot

    As seen above, Dracula, progenitor of the vampiric race, has fallen in mortal combat with Mina Harker II, leader of the Grand and Holy Society of Slayers, a subdivision of the Vatican-backed Templar Knights. We are the four vampires who have a legitimate chance of surviving in this newly broken world, and the only four who have a chance of actually claiming the title of Dracul for ourselves. We must survive rogue vampires, werewolves, anarchic demons, bloodthirsty Holy men, the currently absent Seraphim, and of course, each other. In the end, only one of us will be left able or alive to take the throne. We may die at each other's hands, by accident, in brutal and bloody combat, or we can all try and stay alive. If you die, you can make another character, take on the role of one of yours or another player's lesser characters (the latter being only with their explicit permission), or sit back and watch the red rain. We will all start out in certain areas to the south and make our way north to the Arctic, where the final battle is fated to be held. You can use intel (which you'll have to accumulate without metagaming) to determine the locations of other player characters. Feel free to choose your battles as you go. This will be a piece of gore, but also of romance. Every vampire is inevitably compelled to produce a thrall, created through a bite without allowing the victim to drink the vampire's blood (the opposite, of poisoning the victim with blood but no bite, results in a contagious ghoul that begins spreading its own virus that creates zombies). These thralls act as an infinite source of blood, an emotional outlet, companion, and even lover. They will or can act as a second character for you to make. The third optional slot is that of the nemesis; the one person in this universe who has it out for you the most. They can be slayers, Templars, werewolves, or even other vampires. They will act as either a secondary or primary source of resistance.


    The Earth is a vast and diverse planet, even more so in the supernatural sense. While there are far too many creatures to list, here are a few major races:
    • Vampires - The masters of blood, vampires are not as widespread as they've been made out to be. In fact, only about 5,000 exist across the world. Why? A single vampire is a virtual god among sheep. With the power to summon Familiars (demonically possessed animals, tamed with gifts of blood), manipulate bloodmist [known more commonly as misting. The process is closely tied to blood consumption, as the weaponized mist is the result of surplus storage of blood, and can act as a backup when blood is low in supply. Bloodmist can be used to form weapons, shapeshift into a different human form (animal shifting is impossible), act as a second skin to block attacks (more developed vampires even form the mist into actual armor rather than just a thin layer of blood), and vampires can even disperse their form into a cloud of mist to move quickly, sneak through barriers, or drain targets without having to bite them], telekinesis, telepathy, many are umbrakinetic (users of shadow magic, allowing them to perfectly camouflage, teleport, puppeteer objects and organisms, manipulate fear and terror in prey, and even physically manipulate pure darkness), not to mention the physical aspects (a single amateur vampire is stronger than 10 Mr. Universe champions combined and faster than 20 Usain Bolts, more durable than a tank, and has a healing factor that can resist most any wound), a vampire is a walking death machine. However, they are not without weaknesses. Seraphim blessed weapons (blessed by the powers of a summoned angel) are capable of dulling their senses and cancelling any but the strongest healing factors. Crosses dipped in the blood of an angel can burn or repel a vampire, and certain symbols and rituals can render an area inaccessible to vampires (the Templars tend to use them to trap vampires in a certain area for staking). Excessive damage to the heart can result in death, as can exsanguination or immolation. Exposure to the sun can lead to immolation (30 minutes of exposure: Rapid tan. 1 hour: Skin cancer. 1 hour and 15 minutes: Skin melts. 1 hour and 16 minutes: Body catches fire). Nonetheless, vampires are one of, if not the most powerful races on Earth. The living vampires, those born of a human mother, are not special. At least, not indefinitely so. A born vampire remains a human for much of its youth, not developing vampiric power until around their sixteenth year, at which point they slowly become one of the true undead. At their twentieth year, their vampiric powers are fully developed. This makes them truly powerful, being immune to the dangers of the sun while maintaining the power of the undead. This immunity only lasts until the twenty-first year, however, when they complete the transformation. Some physical mutations (bat-like qualities for one) result from the drinking of demon blood, which is only gifted to the most powerful of vampires (the only one ever to receive demonic blood was Dracula, who gifted much if not all of it to his Knights, only taking some for himself). If too much is drunk, the mutations occur without elemental benefits (but with far more enhanced physical performance). If too little is drunk, the drinker is gifted with wings and slightly advanced (yet natural) vampiric powers. But if the perfect dosage is taken, the vampire in question develops demonic control over the elements, essentially becoming a god (once again, only Dracula ever succeeded in this). Seraphim blood is extremely caustic to vampires; a single drop is enough to poison the entire body, with only a rare few recovering (strangely, those who recovered lost their powers and were able to walk in the sun again). A half-cup will cause conflagration in 10 seconds. Lycan blood is considered as disgusting as sewer water, and can actually cause a form of flu in the vampire in question. As such, uncorrupted humanoid blood is preferred (though humans aren't the only prey).

    • Lycanthropes - The werewolves, an ancient enemy of the vampires, are a race of shapeshifters that originated from a vampire trying to turn a wolf into one of his species. The result was a viral canine that proceeded to feed off a local town. Most died before the wolf was captured and burned, but those who were bitten and survived became the first werewolves. Lycanthropy comes in three stages: Stage 1, when a human is bitten by a lycan. The human is driven into a rabies-like state, attacking and biting anything in sight. It is best, if turning humans in a controlled environment, to isolate the victims separately in padded, solid concrete rooms while restraining them with straightjackets to stop them from harming themselves. At this point they are highly contagious and lose most higher brain function. More experienced werewolves can control these newborns in a pack-style hierarchy. This stage lasts several months, and is actually one extremely prolonged transformation into the lupine form, leaving them in a perpetual state of agony and rage. Stage 2, the lunar period. Every night, a lycan will turn. This follows the initial transformation of stage 1. Most nights, a lycan will have relative control over their body, especially during the new moon. But as the moon grows fuller, a lycanthrope slips into insanity, and their transformation grows more and more violent. The final stage, Stage 3, occurs only after years of transformation. A lycanthrope in this stage can turn at will, day or night, and can even shift only parts of their body. For all stages, the lycan displays extreme strength rivaling that of a vampire, speed like that of a cheetah, reflexes of a cat, and the senses of a wolf. While not nearly individually as powerful as a vampire, lycans are far more widespread, about 2 billion in number. Some hide among humans, but the majority act as a large pack, fighting a hidden war with their vampiric enemy.

    • Seraphim - The angels of Heaven, they are the embodiments of light and originally acted as the enforcers and caretakers of Earth and God's will. However, with God's retreat from Human affairs and Lucifer's fall, the angels retreated back into the heavens per his orders. This having occurred around the same time Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, not much was recorded on the powers or biology of the Seraphim. What is known is that they were corporeal beings with vast power and control over nature. It is rumored that the Vatican holds a collection of twelve Seraphim bodies, perfectly preserved, which is what they use to bless the weapons of the Templars.

    • Demons - The antitheses of the Seraphim, the demons are a race of malevolent elemental spirits. The original was the fallen Seraph Lucifer, who began to question the ways of God and started corrupting human souls upon death. He now reigns over them with an iron fist, the corrupted having become the first demons. They have a vast control over fire, wind, earth, and water, and are responsible for a number of inexplicable natural disasters, such as viral outbreaks where the virus in question was before unheard of, earthquakes in places away from fault lines, and others of the like. In general, they are living hazards with a messiah complex and complete lack of a moral compass. Lesser demons are prone to possessing other living things, which result in either a human needing an exorcism or a primitive Familiar in the making. Pure demons are sentient WMDs, and move in a semi-corporeal form. They are extremely sensitive to pure light, but can stand in the sun as it is diluted in the atmosphere (the light must be completely pure and undiluted, not even in the slightest. For this reason most demons abhor the color white). Demons in possession of a body lack most of the weaknesses of their pure counterparts, but also aren't as powerful as the pure, lacking all of their elemental abilities and relying more on enhanced physical attacks and psychic abilities. Familiars especially are reduced to simple, mutated animals. They have little to no purpose in life other than to harass God and his creations. And because of a lack of Seraphim opposition, the demons have rooted themselves pretty deeply into human society.

    • Humans - The primary race on Earth, humans don't need much explaining. Most races look down on them. While most people know nothing of the supernatural community, some governments have gone so far as to have military programs involving certain races (the Nazi Hund Soldat, that involved sending newborn werewolves chosen from the ranks of the SS armed with German equipment against the Soviets in an effort to fight efficiently in the cold climate with an even greater ferocity. The results of the war can show how well this worked, as the lycans were quick in proving they served no master; The modern American Umbra Squad, comprised entirely of vampiric soldiers that is designed to combat supernatural threats on the American front. No, you cannot make a character in the squad). There are a few organizations specially dedicated towards the supernatural: The Templars, backed by the Vatican with all their subdivisions (the Most Holy Sect of Exorcists, the Grand and Holy Society of Slayers, etc.), and the Order of the Dragon (once a society dedicated to protecting Christianity in Eastern Europe, Dracula used his connections to convert it into the Order of Knights Vampiris, a society that takes all the prodigies who lived under Dracula and trained them to be his personal bodyguard of Vampire Knights. These individuals are the only vampires who are still loyal to Dracula and aspire to revive him whilst seeking revenge against Mina Harker. Also unavailable as a choice for a background).

    Race: (Lycan, Vampire, or Human. Note that I want your main character to be a vampire. That does not mean you can't go as in depth with your nemesis or thrall, who could be a Lycan or a human)
    Date of Birth (date of transformation or, if a born vampire, actual date of birth. If a human nemesis or thrall, actual date of birth. Lycans are born, so them too, but they live several centuries longer than humans. Vampires are immortal. Demons and Seraph are infinite, not knowing when they were "born" or if they already "died"):
    Profile: (Can use images, written descriptions, or both. May use cartoon images or photos)

    • Those basic Iwaku rules of no harassment, no jerks, and all that jazz that we all know and love.
    • Be committed to this. I put a lot of work into this (like five minutes, man!) and I want it to work. But in order for that to happen, we all need to be ready to take the dive. I'll only ask for, say, 1 or 2 posts a week at minimum and some activity on the OOC. Make sure that you let other people post though. And warn the GM via PM when you're going missing so that we can expect your absence. Following the PM, tie up any loose ends on the IC and wander off.
    • THE MATURITY. Really, I think most teens on Iwaku have already gone to the Mature (T) section already, and most of the time it's just the same as Mature (A). The curiosity wins over eventually. I won't enforce this rule heavily except for one thing: IF YOU ARE A MATURE PLAYER, YOU AREN'T TOUCHING A TEEN PLAYER WITH A 49 AND A HALF FOOT POLE. There are indicators now that show whether or not you're teen or adult. I'll know if you're doing pedo stuff, and you will get banned and erased from existence. Otherwise, as long as you're with people in your age range, become one with your inner rabbit. But the Intermediate posting expectations still count.

    All in all, I've covered most everything. Note that I have not included a bio in the CS. I want you to develop your characters in the IC, let it be a surprise. As well, feel free to express whatever sexuality you want (I live in a "free" country, so I extend that freedom to you). More in-depth stuff comes as we go. Be mature. Be grammatical. Have fun (or die). Hope to see some takers soon.
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  5. Take your time.

    Feel free. If Nat posts and Hiiro-Sama finishes then you'll be the last to be accepted.
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  7. Ravenna Marseille
    Race: Vampire

    Date of Birth: transformation 7th August 1913 Born: 4th january 1890

    Profile: Ravenna is about 157 cm, with a petite built. Her eyes are dark red, almost black (cannot be bothered to edit the picture), and her hair is chocolate brown. The woman tends to not make a lot out of her own appearance, and instead plays by the safe card of dark clothings and innocent looks.
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  8. Adrian Basarab
    Race: Vampire

    Date of Birth: December 30th, 1843.

    Date of Transformation: January 1st, 1865.

    Profile: Evil-1-1.jpg
    Taking full advantage of today's Gothic culture, Adrian openly dresses as if he were a vampire, blackening his fingernails and flaunting the spoils of his feeding, mainly jewelry he felt was his after killing the victim. Much of his wardrobe involves the color red, matching his undisguised eyes (reddened after years or his rampageous and extremely bloody exploits) and blood red hair (also a result of his vampiric diet). He is rarely bedraggled or untidy, dressing as if he were going to a more refined party (vest, dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes).
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  17. Name: Victor "Hell's Marksman" Markov
    Race: Vampire
    Date of Birth: 22 MAR five hundred and seventy seven years ago. Turned on his 24th birthday as he walked home from the tavern under a blood moon.
    Profile: 9k=.jpeg
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  18. Get rid of the bio. I expect you to develop your character's personality and biography in the IC. Also note that Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) was the first vampire. Millenia ago, lycans were the warlords of the Earth, demons were just being pricks to people instead of natural disasters, and the Seraphim were actually present. Around 1400 A.D., Dracula was born as the first vampire.
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