Blooded time

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  1. The night was settling in the colors above his head showing a late time of soon to be twilight in the air. Running a hand threw his white hair he looked around the square waiting to find something to quench himself. Nothing was really around but he was a little hopeful. He hated this part of the month but it was necessary if he was going to get any nourishment for the month. It was a hassle but it was needed, looking around he was trying to find someone completely low key. Finally coming across a man on the corner, there was a big crowd so not gaining attention would be easy. Stalking through the crowd he made his way slowly making it to the man. Without hesitation she looked him in the eye and told him to stay calm. The man did so the road was so crowded people covered him in every angle. Pulling the man close he grazed his fangs over the man's neck.

    When the sound of a fighting girl came to his ears. Immediately he let the man go and started walking toward the sound. A few blocks away he found a man holding a girl by chains. The blood in Maddoc's body boiled hot. "What are you doing to that female?" He asked quietly once getting close. "She's a slave, going to sell her in the auction in an hour." Looking over her he saw that she was pretty if you liked the innocent look and was most likely a virgin. The girl was going to be sold to a man who would use her for sex. Did he care? A part of him didn't but the way that she looked made him feel something deep in his soul. Sighing he knew he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

    "How much?"
  2. She hated the situation she was in. The man pulled her chain roughly making her stumble, falling on the ground in front of the cruel man. She blushed nervous and scared. When he approached the man who chained her with this embarrassing scene, she wasn't sure he would actually save her. She blushes not looking into his piercing eyes. She heard the negotiations between them as he said a final price. "She is at the most worth 300 dollars! She is a virgin as pure one can be . So how about it ? We got a deal?"
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  4. Sighing he walked away after a few minutes he came back and looked at the man. "You are feeling generous today. You will get 50 and like it." he spoke quickly and quietly. The man looked at him smiling as Maddoc gave him a pouch with 50 in it. Quickly irritated now on how stupid he was feeling for saving this girl, he grabbed the key and unchained her grabbing her by the arm. Walking a few blocks he stopped in front of a shop. "Stay..." He growled angrily walking in. Some time went by and he came out holding a simple dress and coat. "Put it on." He threw it at her bringing her to an ally turning around to make sure no one could see her. "Quickly..." He growled again.
  5. Nyx blushed changing into the clothes he given her. Letting her hair down from the twin tail, she tapped him on the shoulder to let him know she was done. Nervously she didn't look him straight in the eyes. "Um, thank you Mister for saving me." Her voice was soft, if silk had a voice it would be her's.
  6. Turning from the tap he looked down at her still with zero expression, his red eye's looking deep at her. Taking out a pouch he took her hand and gave her 100 credits. "This should last you until you can find a job." He had done a good thing but still he felt angry for wasting money on something so trivial. Girls like her were sold everyday why should he care what happened to her? Yet he still could not walk away without doing something for her. Finally not even giving her another real glance he turned to walk away.
  7. She grabbed his hand, finally looking up at him. "Wait I.." She paused trying to not let her shyness get to her. "I feel like I need to repay my debt to you." Her honey eyes were filled with determination as she looked up at him. She started to go red as she became shyer. "P-Please I'll do anything.." She trailed off nervously.
  8. Looking back at her he froze for a second, the way she clung to him made him feel that no matter what he said she was going to insist on coming wit him. "You can repay me by getting out of my sight." Maddoc went to walk away but she was still in his way. Sighing he knew he had to make a point, he grabbed her threw her against the wall. "You should be careful when you say words like that." He raised a hand under her skirt and caressed the skin on her thigh pushing his hand higher and higher. "Do you even really understand what anything means?" He moved his face into the crease of her neck and grazed his fangs on her skin. "Don't say things you do not mean..." he let go of her and started to walk away.
  9. She went bright red after feeling his touch. Almost wanting him to feel her up again. She presses against his back. " Please I will do anything you want.. I understand what I'm getting into." She grips his shirt tight.
  10. Grabbing on to her hand he forced her hand of him. "Fine but the moment that you get lost I am not coming to look for you." He said aggressively. He started walking it was getting late and he still had not fed yet. 'Maybe I should?' He immediately dismissed the thought of feeding off her. She was just a child but odds are he was not going to be able to feed with her around but he knew if he left her somewhere she would most likely follow. Sighing he knew he was going to have to find a way to feed with her around. But how....
  11. She noded silently, following close behind him. She was curious about his fangs but didn't want to disturb him in this bad mood of his. ' I wonder could it be true? I've been sold at those sketchy auctions once before, with tonnes of men with the same cold glare. No one ever bought me so I haven't been able to confirm they are real..' She looks down at the ground.
  12. Time was going by pretty quickly. He needed to feed quickly. He looked around the corner and found a man going into an ally. Turning he looked at the girl. "Stay and do not move!" He walked then turned around make sure she didn't move. When he saw she didn't take a step he kept going following the guy as closely as he could. "Hey.." He said getting the mans attention. Turning around Maddoc grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up against a wall. Looking him in the eye he told him to relax, and told him he was happy to do this. The man smiled and tilted his neck, without a second thought Maddoc bit his fangs into the man the blood rush into his mouth. It tasted bitter but then again most men's blood did. Usually because they smoked or drank a lot, then it hit him. This man had been drinking, quickly he pushed him away and told him to run before he got angry. "Fuck..." He yelled lowering his head on the cool brick of the building. He slid and sat the floor blood dripping from his mouth. Blinking he knew it was only a matter of time before the blood hit his blood stream and hard. Turning to look at the street he saw her. "I thought I told you to stay put." His words came out jumbled and sloppy. "Fuck!" He yelled putting his head down.
  13. She stared at him slightly nervous, she saw the blood. " So it is true isn't it. You are a vamp-" She runs up to him after seeing him on the ground." Mister are you okay? You look sickly. " she wipes the blood on his mouth off. He could tell her anxiety was about to spike. "What do I have to do make you feel better."
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  14. Pushing her hand away he forced himself to get up slowly. "Noting, the man was intoxicated so whatever he had is going to hit me ten times over." Still slightly slurred in speech. Maddoc felt great it had been a long time since he drank from someone who had been drinking. It is the only way for his kind to get drunk. Following the wall he tried to get away from her. Last thing he wanted to do was drunkenly drink from her or worse rape her. It had been years since he felt a woman and he knew the type of drunk he was. The only time he ever got drunk was when he knew he was going to be laying with a woman. More than anything he did not want to take this poor girl here in the ally. "Get away from me." he pushed forcing him to fall back against the wall again. Putting a hand on his head he swore at himself again. Damn this was hitting him hard.
  15. " Wait, maybe I should find a motel or a place for you to rest off the alcohol.." She looked at him worried. She wasn't sure what to do in this situation but there really wasn't the time. "Mister can you walk?" She offered her hand if he needed it.
  16. Slapping it away he got up. "Do not touch me and if you know what is g-good for you I suggest you w-walk away." he started laughing enjoying the feeling that was coming over him. He wanted to feel this relaxed for as long as he could, but he couldn't if she were there. 'Damn it.. Keep yourself in check asshole!' Sitting on the ground he held his head back. 'Maybe I could just sleep right here.' He started to close his eyes wanting to just sleep it off.
  17. She looked slightly hurt. "... Alright.. If you want me to." She turns away and started to walk away. 'I don't want to leave him like this but he wants me to so I guess he is right in this matter.' She walks around the corner stopping. 'Why doesn't he want me near him? Maybe there is a reason.'
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  18. Breathing hard he sat there laughing feeling completely stupid. 'Why did I save her?' He himself could not understand the reasoning behind it. 'I need to get to my house.' Getting up he stumbled to the street. "come.." he told her stumbling all the way home. Finally getting there he fumbled to find his keys. Dropping them on the floor, he watched her pick them up then gently took them from her unlocking the door. It wasn't much of a place, it was a one bedroom, kitchen, full bathroom and living room with books scattered all over the apartment and in the corner of the room laid a beautiful piano and guitar. Stumbling in he took his coat off and laid on the couch forgetting completely about her.
  19. She looked at him as he lay on the couch. "I wonder why he saved me to begin with." She mumbled sitting on the floor in front of the couch. She was exhausted and she closed her eyes falling asleep quickly. She didn't know why he did it but why complain, she wasn't sleeping in a cell tonight.
  20. Getting up he looked to his side and saw the girl he saved. He hair was raveled in his hand. 'It's soft...' he thought momentarily. Looking outside he saw it was really dark as he wondered the time. Slowly he got up and went to wet his face, feeling still a little buzzed but at least he had control of his body. Walking back over to her he slowly removed her jacket from her body lifting her in his arms as gently as he could without waking her. 'So light...' He thought to himself bringing her to the bedroom. Sighing he laid her on the bed gently caressing her cheek before putting the blanket over her. Shutting the door and walking back into the living room he removed his shirt and sat at his piano. "You and me again girl, lets see if we can make this night sensual just you and me." Smiling he took out the piece he was working on, and with the moonlight hitting into the room he played a soft melody.