Bloodborne-type Roleplay anyone??

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  1. Hey so, I have recently bought the game Bloodborne - and I absolutely love it so far. From the art, to the gameplay and even some of the lore, Bloodborne has captivated me, despite the fact that I want to shove my fist through a wall any time I play it :)

    What I am looking for is this..

    I would like to find one other person who has a bit more experience than I at the game --this could literally be anyone considering I have just defeated Father Gascoigne and took a mere three steps into Old Yharnam.
    I would also like to take the story behind Bloodborne into our own hands. Maybe with our own bosses/creatures we've created or a certain town/village we visit. The world of Bloodborne will be our oyster!

    There can be a sprinkle or two of romance, I don't mind ^^ however, I don't want the whole roleplay to be based upon one characters feelings for another. If you are interested, PM me and maybe we could elaborate there and take it further to the full on roleplay on our own thread.

    If you are at all interested, here's a bit of information about myself, just in case you need a little more to sway your decision. . .
    • I write rather descriptively, and I'd like you to do the same - which means no one liners. I'd like to have at least 2 paragraphs per response. (This also includes proper grammar and spelling)
    • I will reply AT LEAST once a day and I'm hoping for you to do the same.
    • I WILL go through sexual/gory scenes if it's alright with you as well.
    • My OC will most likely be a female, however I will do bxb if you want me to.
    • I have no problem with gxg either.
    So again, leave me a PM if you're interested.. I'm curious to see if anyone is! :)
  2. Ah I love Bloodborne! However, I'm not that much further than you I'm afraid. I just reached the Temple of Oedon in the Cathedral Ward :(!
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