Bloodborne Roleplay {w/ slyred and Yosuke}

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  1. There was a cold, dank feel to the room that Tierney had woken up in - the atmosphere made her shiver with curiosity and fear. Her dry mouth parted as a shaky breath left her mouth. Tierney took note to the firearm laid in the holster around her upper thigh. As her feet swung off of the side of the bed, she ran her index finger daintily along the engravings at the barrel of the gun. She placed it to the side. A rather large (or it had seemed so due to her own size) ax sat, leaning up against a bed quite like the one Tierney was sitting on now. Her tongue grazed across her chapped lips as she boosted herself off, making her way towards the weapon. It was clearly lighter than it looked - however, she concluded that there'd need to be some muscle put into swinging the thing around. As her hand touched the weapons base, her mind flashed to the time before she had woken up. . .

    She remembers a man, an older man leaned over her with a holey grin. The words he spoke, she could not remember though, she knew what was happening - a transfusion. Another shiver went through her body as she placed the ax into the baron holster at her hip. "Alright. . ." she whispered to herself as she once more, glanced about the place. Though her voice sounded rather content, Tierney felt nothing but anxiety and a tingling fear.

    The one thing that was keeping her preoccupied, was the flickering flame of a lantern that was mounted onto the wall. The way that the flames had lapped up at the air thirstily had almost put the girl in a trance. Slowly, and with drunken steps, Tierney had slowly made her way towards the door at the other side of the room, reaching for the two handles. Her brow furrowed as she felt like her body refused to carry out the action, she then got a strange feeling. Tierney didn't want to leave and somewhere, in the back of her mind, she was told to wait there. And that's what she did. Perched up on the low window-sill, she waited. And waited. . .
  2. "Ah, glad to see you're finally awake," spoke a voice behind Tierney. If she would turn around, she would see a man, arms crossed, leaning against a bookshelf, a Hunter's Pistol and a Saw Cleaver at his side. These pieces, along with any buttons or badges the ominous man wore, shone in the dim luminescence of the room, provided only by burning lamps and a window. The man was dressed in dark, leathery attire, and his head was down, his dark hair falling to the sides of his face. "That means that the ministration of the blood transfusion was a success, and the signing of the Contract was a success."

    After saying this, the man moved from his position. He advanced towards Tierney, his tools of the trade, the Hunt, making a slight clinking and jingling sound as he moved. "Do not think too hard about all of this. The night dusk is young, and there is much, much to be done." With that, the man outstretched his gloved hand to Tierney, smirking with the intent of a mutuality. "My name is Thomas Persie. I am a Hunter, much like you. Oh, yes, you are, in fact, a Hunter now. You are now bound to this Dream, and will remain as such until you have fulfilled your Contract. If you fancy, I would guide you, give you lessons of our trade, the Hunt. You can trust me. This is not my first Hunt." Thomas's hand still remained outstretched to Tierney for a mutual shaking embrace.
  3. She had to admit, she was startled by the man in front of her - however, after he had elaborated and she heard his voice, she soon became calm. "Um. . ." Tierney had spoken, reaching out and holding the mans hand, shaking it slowly. "I'm Tierney O'Donovan," she answered, as a small smile formed on her lips. She then let go, as if to not have the small contact between the now acquaintances feel awkward. Tierney returned her hand into her pocket, balling it into a loose fist. She shook her head slightly.

    "A Hunter?" she says peculiarly and shakes her head once more, turning sideways from the fellow gentleman in front of her as she started to pace. "I'm beyond baffled right now, I apologize," she sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Maybe I just need a minute. . ." Tierney whispers, mostly to herself, taking her seat back onto the bed. She then felt content, the confusion stayed, but the tension left her back.

    "Alright. . ." she says, returning her gaze back to the man in front of her. "What is this contract you speak of?"
  4. "The Hunter's Contract is no ordinary contract, bound by something so temporary as ink and parchment. Ours is a contract etched into our minds, written in blood," he said, tapping his head with his finger to further present his point. "As for what it entails, The Hunter's Contract asks Hunters to do what they do best- Hunt." Thomas then began pacing towards Tierney. "We Hunt the foul beasts that roam in the Dream." A grin crossed his lips for a moment, somewhat inhuman canines showing with briefness. "Oh, yes, I must explain that this is the Dream. It is very much a reality, but not the reality we are accustomed to. It is a haunting Night, and the Moon draws closer than other Nights. We are to Hunt and bring about the setting of the Moon and the rising of the Sun."

    Thomas stopped his pacing when he was just about a foot from Tierney. "Oh, but this is much more complicated an explanation than needed for this initial hour of the Night. The Hunt has just begun. So, do what you do best. Utilize your tools. Hunt. It will all become clear to you as the Hunt progresses. But, I must tell you one more thing," Thomas said. He would grin again, this time much wider, showing canines resembling that of a canine sort. "You are a Hunter by more than title."

    After that, Thomas would turn from Tierney and walk to the doors, pushing them open slowly, letting the light of dusk filter in. He then turned to Tierney and beckoned her to follow. "Come. I will show you something very crucial to us Hunters- The Hunter's Dream."
  5. Tierney had listened to the man intently, wanting him to go on more and more as each word left his mouth. In turn to Thomas opening up the door, she stood from the bed once more, her curiosity now had a twinge of enthusiasm to it. With her hand cautiously placed on her ax, Tierney stepped towards the door. "The Hunter's Dream. . ." spoke the woman, feeling a sense of safety once the name had fallen off her lips. And once she stepped through the door with a little breeze blowing past her she stood in her place. A glance over her shoulder would send Thomas a somewhat childish need. It was just like a child needing their parent to help them cross the road - this road being The Hunter's Dream.

    Tierney returned her gaze forward and stepped into the magnificent space of The Hunter's Dream. She looked all around. At the dusk sky color, the trees that emitted a pungent and earthy sap smell. She took in a deep breath - one which was of great need. Looking down, the girl noticed the broken path, covered here and there by the green and soft grass that flowed with the motion of the wind. This was a beautiful place. However, despite it's security and wonder, Tierney couldn't help but to feel a small sense of ambiguity in the place.

    "Ah. . ." she breathed, looking at the architecture in front of her. She looked back to Thomas with a slight glimmer in her dark eyes.
  6. Thomas would step back and let Tierney experience the Hunter's Dream for herself, giving her time to admire everything and take it all in. When Tierney glanced back at him, he gestured for her to go on and continue. This was hers to experience. He gave her ample time to look around before moving from his position against the door frame. Thomas then walked to Tierney and said, "Follow me. I have two individuals I wish to introduce you to." With that, he would walk more, gesturing once more for Tierney to follow.

    Thomas soon approached a seemingly lifeless doll, lying on the architecture. Slipping his hand into the doll's, the doll became animated, and started moving with movements like a living being. She stood and would give her usual smile and bow. "Ah, good evening, Thomas." The doll then turned around to see Tierney. "And good evening to you, too. You must be the new Hunter, Tierney O'Donovan. Welcome to The Hunter's Dream," she said, giving a bow.

    It was then that Thomas spoke up. "Come see this doll if you wish to become stronger. She serves the Hunters to aid us on our Hunt." He then leaned in closer and whispered, "She's also used as a device of pleasure, if you're into that." With that, Thomas turned back. The doll smiled and hid her face shyly, as if she knew what was just said. "And now, one more individual for you to meet- Gehrman."
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