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  1. So I am absolutely in love with Bloodborne and wish to have its eldritch, tentacular babies. In the meantime, I was thinking about putting together an RP based on it. Not necessarily set in the same world, but very similar ideas, themes, imagery etc.

    Small Child: what is bloodborne leo
    Really, Small Child? This not a game for you. Go back to your family and - oh. To shreds, you say? And your siste- to shreds, you say? Well, that is sad. ANYWAY.


    Bloodborne is a fantasy-horror game in the spirit of Dark Souls. It's set in a diseased city, Yharnam, where men are becoming beasts and the line between nightmare and reality is blurring. The player is a Hunter whose strength comes from the blood of those he slays. And then it all gets a bit Lovecraftian..

    What I have in mind for the RP on here would be something similar, but not exactly the same. I'm looking for people to help collaborate in some world-building for the history of the area. I already know something about the nature of what the "curse" and the evil besieging the city during the RP will be, but I really like engaging groups in collobarative storytelling.

    Get in touch if you're interesting in Gothic Victorian stuff, horror and history. Thanks!
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  2. Someone else on this site actually knows what Bloodborne is. I'm in awe. You've certainly piqued my interest.
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  4. I'm honestly a bit surprised there's not more interest in this...
  5. Although I'm not familiar with the bloodborne series, this sounds awesome!

    You have my attention...
  6. I just joined for this RP, seriously, I'm in love with the game as well! And I'm a hardcore souls fan who loved the others, yet Bloodborne is my favourite by a large margin.
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  7. I somehow knew an rp like this would pop up sooner or later.
  8. Sure. Why not.
  9. HELL YEAAH! I love this game, takes 2 on my all time games.(Right behind DS1)
    I'd be hella interested!
  10. I might be interested, actually. I have yet to play Bloodborne, so my knowledge about it has more than a few gaps, although I have been exploring Dark Souls as of late and I would certainly be interested in a roleplay based on its spiritual successor. I would like to know a few more specifics about the premise and the world though, but since there's going to be a collaborative effort to the worldbuilding that might be a little difficult.

    Still! I'd love to see where this goes, and to help in any way I might be able.
  11. ...I just now got the reference to Futurama in the first post.
  12. There's the interest. I knew it had to be around here somewhere.
  13. *Cough* why hasn't this been made yet? *Cough*
  14. @Grif ♥ Your signature is pretty adorable. >_>
  15. Clearly the plague has spread too far and caused much havoc. It is too dangerous for us to be wasting our time with frivolous roleplaying when monsters are at our very doorstep!
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  16. Sadly, that seems so. I believe Leo vanished. ._.
  17. I propose we wait a little while longer to see if Leodiensian returns to us, and if not... we gather our blood echoes and hold out for the winter?
  18. Ugh, one of us should start the hunt. Leo has likely turned into a beast, and won't be returning.
  19. It seems a little bit hasty to assume Leodiensian is gone for good.

    ...but without them there's no reason we couldn't pull together to make a Bloodborne styled roleplay.
  20. I'd give him until sometime tomorrow? Then it will have been a week since he's logged on to Iwaku (according to his profile, anyway). If no reply by then, I'm up for working on a few ideas.
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