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  1. Well, hello, everyone! I apologize for how vague this topic will start, but, I don't want to plan a lot if I don't get interest.

    Anyway, the primary plot point would probably be a city becomes the scene of a horrific event that causes many of the inhabitants to become monsters, while others are drawn into the world through magical means. This would start out as a plague, and would quickly escalate into a full fledged potential Armageddon scenario.

    Monster hunters exist in the world, and are drawn to this place by various means, including anything from hearsay and rumors to dark omens and ominous signs. In this story, a group of hunters would join forces to slay the monsters of the town, and if possible, prevent the incident from escaping outside the town and spread.

    Anyone remotely interested?
  2. Potential interest here, though I'd like to hear more about the world.
  3. What more would you like to know
  4. The amount of tech, or lack there of, would be a interesting thing to know. Are we thinking along Bloodborne's level, limited guns and various melee 'trick' weapons or are you thinking something else?
  5. Oh, my bad. The tech will be in much the same realm as Bloodborne. Something of a fantasy Victorian theme, trick weapons, basic Firearms, that sort of thing.
  6. I'll put my interest in, hopefully we'll see more interest to get a more solid plotline up. Been on a bit of a Bloodborne binge lately anyways, which makes me curious if we'll see custom trick weapons that didn't originally show up in the game or not?
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  7. I'm working on a few. It would indeed be nice to have a few unique weapons and such.

    I appreciate your interest. ^_^
  8. Consider me interested. How would you feel about a Lycanthrope character? I know they exist inside the world of Bloodborne.
  9. I'm not sure how I feel about monster characters, since the main characters are the hunters. If you can figure out a way for it to work and the other hunters not kill you, go for it.
  10. Hm... I'll think of something. Consider me interested regardless though! I'll def. join when the OOC/ Signups is up :)
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  11. Definitely interested in this.
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  12. Haven't played Bloodbourne but I like the concept. Sign me up.
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  13. Good to see more interest in this, really was hoping it would roll in.
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  14. Hey, hey. Looks like we've got 5-6 people interested. Plenty enough. I'll accept more, however. I will begin working on the OOC thread here shortly, which will include a character sheet for you fine folks.
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  15. Well, Bloodbourne has been interesting but I've just been holding off getting it, so I figured next best thing.
  16. Another question, peeps. I want to know if you want legitimate character death to be a concern, or if you would prefer to go with a hunter's dream approach and have your characters be able to come back to life.
  17. Hardcore, baby. If the NPC's don't get to come back again and again, then we shouldn't either.

    Also, dibs.
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  18. Hmm, yea, I'm leaning towards no Hunter's Dream for the most part, aka perma death. Make things far more dangerous on the part of Hunters.

    And if we're doing dibs on trick weapons, calling it.
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  19. Interested, and if we're keeping with the dibsing of weapons I call kirkhammer
  20. Praise the sun!
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