Bloodborne inspired Nightmare Adventure.

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  1. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a gothic, macabre adventure similar to the likes of Bloodborne.

    Basically, a considerable city-state becomes cursed and on one evening, some inhabitants are turned in huge, disgusting monsters while the others begin being hunted by those monsters! As the night of the curse ends and the sun rises, the monsters retreat into a cocoon-esque state while they wait for the next night. The humans are forced to scramble and take as much daylight as they can to prepare for the next night, instead of sleeping.

    This makes a dual setting! At night, an action/ adventure/ horror/ thriller, and at day, for those who would rather work than sleep a more human and cerebral theme. Focusing on relationships and decent into madness from sleep deprivation and terror!

    As the nights advance and number grow less, it's revealed that some humans are still cursed, but the curse is latent. It makes them a time bomb. Any night they could transform and turn on their fellow survivors, only to awake the next morning to their actions. Or the humans will defeat them, and loss another.

    Would this interest anyone?
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  2. It sounds like a fun story.
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  3. I haven't played Bloodborne, but this looks interesting xD
  4. Glad to hear see some people would be interested! Any character roles any of you would want?
  5. Interested
  6. Do you mean as class or like hunter and monsters?
  7. I had an idea for a hunter. Vague, but this would be the perfect platform to hash that character out.
  8. Hehe, I've got ideas for a hunter as well xD not someone who hunts monsters though, but more deer and etc as a means of making a living.
  9. Dropping an interested interest.

    Since there are already hunters, I figure there are plenty of room for monsters. Not sure if I want to be an original or transform by night but either way I'm up for terrorizing people.
  10. Wow! Glad so many want to be involved! @LoveandHate91 I mean, like, a hero, an antihero or... secondary villain. Things like that!
  11. I guess I'd be a secondary villain for all intents and purposes.
  12. I'll be both hunter and monster..... that is if the rp gets going.
  13. Edward, you a balla
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  14. You know, I certainly wouldn't mind joining if this got off the ground.
  15. I am very interested in this. Save spot
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