Bloodborne-esqe RP?

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  1. Seeing as almost every thread I've seen regarding Bloodborne is dead or been cancelled. I've decided to try and peak people's interest in a great game.

    If you are curious as to what Bloodborne is, should you have not heard of it. Look up Lore videos, wikis, and the like. As so you can be well educated in the game and thus know what is going on, what to do, and so forth.

    Yes, this will be an RP, and as the title/thread suggests. This is a mere interest check, nothing more. So, please do not post CSs here. If you do so by accident, it is fine. Just save what you have posted to a file, and delete the post. So that when the Signup/OOC goes up, you don't need to go through the whole hassle of making a new CS.

    Also, should anyone feel like they'd be glad to host the RP, or have ideas for a story. Do IM/PM me.

    With that, I bid you farewell, and await any messages/responses.
  2. Bloodborne was an absolute bitch of a game... Stormed through the lower levels then suddenly BOOM EVERYTHING HAS A SHIELD and there's a stamina bar so you basically can't do anything. I also didn't really get the lore. I did look it up a bit, but it seemed very patchwork, like it was all rather secondary to the main point of the game - make a game that competes with Dark Souls. Can I get some sort of summary of the setting?
  3. Sure thing. Now, be forewarned. The vid I am about to post is not only a Plot Summary, but does have some theories thrown in. With the creator's interpretations of the game's lore/story. @Karakui

    As for the setting. For where the game takes place: A Slight Steampunk Victorian Era city called Yharnam, in which they use blood ministrations to heal/cure any wound and disease. Which it did, causing it to thrive, up until the mysterious beast plague started up. At first, it was rare and controllable, but then it got out of hand rather fast. Causing everyone to become paranoid, of outsiders bringing the plague, Hunters for they have the most contact with the beasts, and just about anyone that isn't part of the Yharnam-mites/anyone they deem infected. But they themselves are infected, blind to this because of the plague/false hope they aren't infected and thus don't accept it when someone in their party is infected even when showing the symptoms. But when a Outsider shows up, and even clearly not infected, they treat them as such.
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  4. God that guy's voice is so soporific :D Well I don't actually remember any of this so the game must be WAY longer than I thought it was. I got stuck in the first castle, but the first castle was horrendously long so I figured it was the entire game.
  5. So I was looking for a PC version of Bloodborne that I could cheat on to get past the bit I got stuck at to proceed, and I came across this: Apparently there are somehow console elitists too :D They're so cute. From Software: Do not release Bloodborne for PC
  6. Oh me word. I was hoping to use of my pc controllers seeing as I suck greatly with a PS4 controller. Unless I've been going at a PS4 game for a while, then I'm decent. But after playing MGS TPP on Xbox One, so many times I do a charge attack off of a ledge or in the middle of a hallway. Or use an item when I try to dive.
  7. OK I'm seriously wondering if the game I played was actually bloodborne...

    Oh fuck lol it wasn't XD It was Lords of the Fallen or something XD
  8. Oh dear/Nice. I have never heard of "Lords of the Fallen." But it does sound rather interesting, what is it about?
  9. THAT's the one I was complaining about :D I have no bloody clue because I got stuck after like 3 hours (which is still in the first dungeon). As far as I can tell, it's basically yet another Demon Souls clone though.
  10. Ah. Demon Souls, what fun memories, from my console not being able to handle it for some ridiculous reason. To how unprepared I was for the bosses.
  11. Lol I didn't even make it to the first boss. Died 12 times against the first time there was more than one enemy in a room and was like "fuck this shit I'm out."
  12. Not gonna lie, that is how I was in Dark Souls at Undead Berg, right before the boss on the bridge.
  13. This probably looks like a lot of people signing up... might want to edit the title or the beginning of the post to point out it's just spamming about the technicalities of various games :D
  14. Tis fine, though I may change the title if someone does ask/get confused. But aside from that, I do hope people are interested in a Bloodborne based rp.
  15. Yeah, it is a shame that they keep dying off. Hopefully we'll eventually get one off the ground and running.
  16. Likewise. But I'm gonna wait to see if there is anyone who'd like to take up the mantle as GM for the Bloodborne rp.
  17. But, should no one want to take up the mantle, I'll do it. But I would require someone to Co-GM, if they don't mind.
  18. I'd gladly Co-GM. I'm kind of a lore addict and I absolutely ADORE Bloodborne.
  19. Nice. I may put up the OOC either tonight or tomorrow.
  20. I can help by.... pretending to know what's going on!
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