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    Centuries ago a king became aware. He opened the Road of the Gods and sampled its power, bringing a portion back to the human world with him. This was the Miasma, and it granted him great power. The purity of the miasma granted him unparalleled power and immunity to the debilitating effects of the chaotic magic drawn from its substance. Augmented by this power his armies became unstoppable machines of war, at the cost of their own humanity. Halfway to conquering the known world the Gods opened the Road themselves and emerged. They smashed aside his armies and stormed into his palace. But his power had grown too strong to destroy him without risking their own lives. Instead they chained him to his throne and contained his power upon his own island, sacrificing his citizens for the rest of the world's safety. To this day he remains chained, and the Miasma remains trapped.

    Since that day the mainland has been plagued his the miasma. Occurring one to two years apart, deadly plagues strike the mainland infecting thousands. Appearing only as a cough as if one has a cold, within two to three days the infected are turned into blood crazed beasts who will attack anyone around them. Each time the plague strikes new beasts are birthed preventing the citizens building a proper defense against the changed. In recent times they have turned into half-human half-wolf beings, giant fleshy slugs covered in human eyes, and Kraken like humanoids with tentacles a dozen feet long.

    A large organisation known as the Hunters works to kill these beasts before they can claim more lives. The main bulk of these warriors, self trained and taught, are the Cutters, who specialize in dismembering their foes with large weapons, cutting away until there is nothing moving. Less populous but feared by the populace are the Doctors, more finesse based fighters who take down their prey with specialized strikes allowing them to study the undamaged corpses and learn their weaknesses. These warriors are trained by the Universities and report their findings back as well, increasing humanities knowledge.

    Hunters wield special weapons known, oddly enough, as Chaos Weapons. Through mechanisms like hinges these have the ability to switch between two forms providing the hunter with multiple options to deal with the ever changing beasts they will face. They can further augment their combat ability with magic, as weak as it is. For centuries this combination has kept the citizens of the mainland relatively safe from the beasts.

    Very obviously based on Bloodborne. There will be elements inspired by Dark Souls that will be more obvious when the OOC goes up. This is a totally original story however, the RP is inspired by the two games but isn't copying the story. There will be a lot of difficulty in the RP and some tough choices but no respawn system so don't die too quickly. While it takes place in a more populous area the story itself will still hopefully have the feel of being fed to you piece by piece and forcing you to put it all together to make sense. So who's interested?​
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  8. Ill probably put the OOC up in 2-3 days when my main comp (with all my info) is back from being repaired.
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