Blood & Water : A Mafia RP

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    CHAPTER 1 : The Bald Cat

    Date & Time: June 15, 2016; 12:35 PM
    Weather: The sun is shinning down on Venice. Noon was never a good time to be out, especially on a seemingly cloudless day as today. The heat was uncomfortable, but not extremely unbearable.

    It's only been a week since La Morte split into two, a week since Gianfranco's death. News about the fallout along with the death has--thankfully--not spread through the crime network. No other Mafia is aware of the tear in the current most feared Mafia group in Venice, not yet at least. It's only a matter of time till they do and once it's found out it's almost certain that they wont hesitate to bring them down while they're unstable. Alas, there's no rest for the weary as drug lord Sphynx is paying a visit with the intention of finalising a deal with the feared Mafia group. He wanted protection, in turn he was willing to pay a hefty amount of money. A messenger was sent just days before Gianfranco's death, informing La Morte of the Sphynx's intention to visit. Meeting place was at "The Dragon" a local bar in Dorsoduro on June 15 at 5:00pm. If no one had showed up within 15 minutes of their appointed meeting time, Sphynx will walk away and all chances of acquiring him as an ally would be squashed. Garnering Sphynx's trust was important and financially beneficial, but it was also a risk as numbers will certainly be lessened to accommodate the request for protection. Both sides were aware of the appointed meeting with the drug lord, both sides were aware of just who he is, and both sides wanted him. Thus, the race starts. Who will get to Sphynx first?

    While La Morte has experienced grief and sorrow, the DIA on the other hand had been joyous. It's been a week since Bartholomew has been promoted to the lead position. While things have been quiet for the first three days, the fourth day brought in a report of people missing. Not just any ordinary citizen though; these people were believed to be involved in an organised crime ring. It wasn't until an hour ago, when they were finally found...or at least, part of them were. Found in a seemingly empty apartment in Castello were the decapitated heads of the four. On the wall was a bloody message painted in what can only be assumed to be the victims' blood. "You're next Sphynx." The DIA continues to investigate the room, trying to see if it held any further secrets. Heads of the victims are also being tested to see if they truly were the missing people reported a few days ago.

    • DIA characters, I leave it up to you what else you guys want to find in the apartment. Just know that the apartment wasn't a random one, it belonged to one of the killed men and therefore listed under his name, but it was used by Sphynx. The four victims were some of Sphynx's lackeys.
    • I'll be controlling the NPC Sphynx. More details about him can be found under the Notable NPC list in the SU thread. It's short for now, but I'll more to it later on.
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    Time: [between] 06.00 - 12.45 h.

    Location: Ice rink > De'Rossi household > La Morte hideout Cannaregio; Jinx's room
    Mentioned: Saverio D'Ambrosio [@Tyrannosaurus Rekt], Antonio D'Ambrosio [NPC], Gianfranco Carlevaro [NPC]
    Interacted: Jacquelyn Roux [@Princess Misaou]
    The sound of blades carving into the ice, speeding up as to gain a momentum, the trail of circles and curves left in the ring as she moved forward. Despite the fact that it was June outside time had stood still inside, forever stuck in the appearance of a winter wonderland. Antonia De’Rossi, as usual, was found in the ice rink skating away the early morning hours. While her days as an athlete had been over since long she still meticulously followed parts of her original training schedule. It was one of the last things she still held onto for her own sanity, but also as a reminder of her past, of who she truly was.

    Launching herself up into the air with a loud tap the female crossed her arms as she twisted her body. Pinching her eyes close she felt herself being carried through the cold. Moving her weight she then tried to land on the blade. Tried, for as soon as her weight was placed onto the foot, her other leg outstretched behind of her to guide her over the ice, a shock of pain went through her leg. Her muscle tensed and pulled, giving out on her and the brunette felt her body hit the ice, gliding over to the side, the cold biting through her clothes and a light throbbing in her leg.

    It took a while to register what happened in mind. Gritting her teeth the Italian pushed herself up again, trying to act poised and as if nothing had happened. She could brush it off, as if it had been a technical fault, like they often happened when figure skaters attempted to jump. Antonia knew, however, that there was nothing wrong with her technique, she had the right speed, put the right amount of power in her jump, it were only the scars.

    Stepping out of the rink the Mafiosi was quick to pull off her skates, having enough for today as one of the servants rushed over to her with her shoes and a towel. The female took her shoes, but ignored the rest, letting herself fall down on the bleachers. She had hoped for a little miracle this morning, just to make everything a bit easier and start the day with a brighter smile. She would have to do with her regular luck, it seemed, unfortunately.

    -- around 10.30 h.

    “I suppose Jinx hasn’t come out of her room yet?” Not too long after washing off her sweat, Antonia had settled herself for a cup of coffee, reading the newly acquired information of that day. There was one order placed directed to her as an unsuspecting architect, but the rest were all related to the underground world. Such as the information of the Sphynx, for example, and more.

    “No, miss,” was the response of the footmen who had brought the documents in. The brunette sighed deeply to herself as she got up from her seat. “Prepare the car,” she ordered, making her way over to the entrance. They didn’t have the time for this, she didn’t have the time for this, no one had the time now to sit back.

    With Gianfranco’s sudden death, and both Jinx and Saverio trying to sit on the La Morte's throne, Antonia had to make sure everything was balanced out. As much as she doubted Jinx’s ability to lead she didn’t want to rule the female out either. After all, once Antonia had been in a position much the same, doubted, ignorant and naïve. Now she was the boss herself, albeit for a small family. However the bitterness she felt over being cast away, of being overruled without the ability to stand up for herself at all... She had to make sure that Jinx would seize her chances now that she could, at least try to prove herself.

    At the other hand there was the always capable Saverio as well. The man had always proven himself to be more than worthy of Gianfranco’s trust, but could he be now? Antonia would like to put her faith in the man, and not only for the fact that he could have become her father-in-law for real if his son was still alive. However, there was something unsettling about the advisor, a change within the man after the deaths of two of his most beloved people. Yes, Antonia certainly did imagine Saverio to have a man-crush on the now deceased leader.

    Alas, back to the current objective again. She had to play this carefully. The De’Rossi didn’t announce their alliance to either side of the family, deciding to stay neutral. However, that didn’t mean that they couldn't prance around in the shadows, like their specialty was. Yes, it would probably prolong the fight, but this way Antonia could make sure that she was always standing at the right side and that the strongest party was the one who led. It was simply another gamble for her and a way to protect her strongest alley as well.

    However, before that was possible she needed to make sure that Jinx started moving. The appointment with the Sphynx was today and she was confident that Saverio would try to seize this chance. She didn’t really care which side would get to the Sphynx first, but whoever did would have the first quarter in hands. Jinx or Saverio? It would only be fair to send Jinx forward as well she believed. Perhaps that this first job as a leader would give Jinx the motivation she needed.

    Readied with a stack of documents under her arms the brunette stepped into the back of her car. Pulling the curtains, and flicking on the lights, the female started to read the gathered intelligence as she drowned out the noise of the motor. Even after all these years she couldn’t be comfortable inside of a car, but she had found ways to distract herself, luckily.

    Shifting through the papers Antonia’s eyes widened a little as she came across a particular document. Sucking in a breath the female crushed the sheet between her fingers as she gritted her teeth. Could it be? It seemed to be, she had read the line over a multiple times, carefully repeating every word as she tried to soak in their meaning. Did she just read this right? Were the letters maybe just doing a tango in front of her?

    “We’ve arrived, miss.” Her driver snapped her out of her thoughts, bringing the car to a halt as carefully as possible. Nodding, still a little dazed, the female stepped out of the vehicle, looking up against the entrance of what was Jinx’s home and base. Putting the files inside of a locker, found in her car, the De’Rossi leader then went inside of the house, ignoring the guards patrolling around as she strode straight for the sleeping chambers. The certainty that Antonia walked in showed how familiar she was with the outlay of the base.

    “Wake up!” Barging in without much mercy the brunette walked up to the curtains of the room, opening them up with swift movements. “Stop moping around and get ready. Everything is on me today,” the female continued as she spoke, knowing that Jinx was a hard one to coax. However, Antonia had money and she knew her cards, she would persuade the woman, one way or another.
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    Location: La Morte hideout Cannaregio » Jinx's room
    Mood: I wonder how many bottles it takes till I can feel numb, the world will never know. Listen, let me be dedgy for a bit okay?
    Outfit: I wonder if my shade of lipstick matches the darkness of my soul?
    Interactions: Annie De'Rossi - @Nemopedia
    Mentions: Saverio D'Ambrosio aka The Antichrist - @Tyrannosaurus Rekt

    The ice in her glass clinked together as she polished off another glass of some form of alcohol. Normally Jinx was a good sleeper, she didn't have to worry about much. She worked hard, played hard, and would then sleep hard. This week though had been a bit difficult. Her father's body had barely gone cold in his grave since it had only been a week since his sudden death. Then shit hit the fan when she had to split of up her father's precious baby. The absolute fuckery that went on during that period gave her a migraine whenever she thought about it. She was 99% positive Saverio, or as she liked to call him, Satan, killed her father. It only made sense after overhearing that conversation he had with someone. It only made sense, seeing that he really didn't like her and had a lot to say. Not to mention he had a lot to lose if he wasn't in charge. Not to mention the way he clung to her dad gave her the creeps. He never liked her or her mother, so it's only natural he would suck up to the guy he admired the most. Still, just because he didn't like her didn't mean he could just disregard her. At the time, that was all she needed to hear to actually start taking this whole situation seriously. At first, she could've cared less if she would take over as the boss of La Morte, but hearing wat Saverio said about her pissed her off to the point she actually decided she was going to prove herself.

    Then her father had to go and die. Or rather, be killed. Saverio was probably feeling threatened now that Jinx was starting to take her role more seriously, which is why he had her father killed, then had the audacity to blame it on her. Jacquelyn honestly felt bad about the turnout of things. She was sure her father would be disappointed as well, but there was nothing she could do now except fight back, and avenge her father. Still, this was a lot on her shoulders. She was practically heading into war and all she wanted to do was curl up in her bed and forget about her problems. Her father had just died for goodness sake and yet no one seemed to give a rat's ass about how she felt. They were just looking up to her to lead. But how was she supposed to lead a group of people when she felt lost herself? Jinx poured herself another glass of her alcohol of choice before heading back over to her bed and sitting on the edge of it. Placing the glass down on the bedside table she grabbed a pack of cigarettes that were laying there and the lighter and lit herself one. She took a long drag from the cigarette before releasing out a steady stream of smoke.

    The room was dark, dim lights were placed around the room but it was barely enough to see your hand in front of your face. Still, her eyes had long since grown accustomed to the darkness. She was exhausted but she just couldn't sleep. If there was light one would be able to see the dark circles beneath her eyes as proof of her lack of sleep. With her other free hand, she took another long sip from her glass. She wasn't exactly sure how long she'd locked herself in her room, and she didn't really care either. People had come by to check on her but it didn't really do anything. She just remembers a blur of faces and that was about it. She was barely taking care of herself but she was really only looking after her pet gecko Romano. Her other pet, Celestino tried to check up on her too, but some good that did.

    Jacquelyn was mid-drag of her cigarette when Annie burst into her room like some queen that owned the place. She snapped open the curtains letting in that unholy light into her room. "Ah! Jesus, it burns" Jinx muttered shielding her eyes from the light. “Wake up!” Annie ordered, “Stop moping around and get ready. Everything is on me today,” Jinx's coral eyes narrowed in Annie's direction, "Fight me" she muttered, "Did you really have to snap my curtains open like that? Are you trying to kill me?" She groaned rubbing the heel of her palm over her eyes, "Damn Annie, back at it again with the heartlessness" Jinx finished, taking one last inhale from her cigarette before putting it out in the ashtray and polishing off her glass of alcohol.
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