Blood & Water : A Mafia RP

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  1. Some notes before you dive in :

    Posting level expectation: Advanced; I don't ask for novel length posts, but certainly no one liners allowed. At least, two paragraphs with 5 sentences each.

    At least one post a week. I'm a slow poster as well, so I'm more lenient towards how long it takes for one to post, but please don't take a full month to respond. More about this will be explained in the rules later on.

    Only anime / semi-realistic pics will be accepted for the characters of this role play.

    Still here? Good. Now onto the idea ~


    La Morte, a Mafia group that strikes fear in Venice, Italy. Everyone whose involved in crime knows never to get on their bad side. They feared reputation is all thanks to their fearless and powerful leader, Gianfranco Carlevaro. However, it was discovered as of late that he was terminally ill and doesn't have long to left to live. The future of the Mafia group rests in the hands of the next leader. While it was common for the blood to inherit the power in a Mafia group, there were certain factors that made Gianfranco hesitant. He was worried that his daughter was still far too young. He considered leaving the Mafia to the capable hands of his right hand man.

    Two candidates, one position of great power. Gianfranco had to make a decision before his final breath comes. But alas, fate had different plans for family. The a week after he announced to the Mafia members about his imminent death, he was found dead on his bed, soaked in his own crimson blood. Fingers were pointed and the feared Mafia group was now split into two. The members of the Mafia chose sides and stood behind one of the two leader candidates; one who they believed in the most. Both leader candidates had one train of thought. They wanted to take down the other in belief that it was them who killed their beloved leader for the sake of power.

    Meanwhile, the Venetian police force has now become more determined in subduing this fearless Mafia group. Every time, they've slipped through their fingers. The police force lacked sufficient evidence to submit to court and lock the group in jail. La Morte was good at cleaning up their tracks. But now, a new leader has risen among their ranks and he is more than determined to put the Mafia group behind bars. Confidence has now risen in the ranks of the police force. However, they are blissfully unaware of La Morte's recent falling out with the death of their leader.

    Who will rise to power and take full control of La Morte? Will the police force succeed in their goal of subduing the Mafia group?

    Il Sangue della Morte - "The blood of death"
    Faction of La Morte led by The Daughter.

    • The Daughter (Open | Female) - The rightful heir of the Mafia by blood. Despite this however, most of the Mafia members do not agree of her being capable enough to lead the Mafia group. When sides were chosen, most people chose The Advisor's side over hers in belief that she was far too young and still foolish.

    • Members (Unlimited Slots) - Members of La Morte who choose to follow The Daughter.

    La Saggezza della Morta - "The wisdom of death"
    Faction of La Morte led by The Advisor.

    • The Advisor (Open | Male) - The deceased leader's right hand man. He was the leader's confidant and placed input in most of the leader's decisions. During the fall out, most member of the Mafia chose his side over The Daughter's.

    • Members (Unlimited Slots) - Members of La Morte who choose to follow The Advisor.

    Police Force
    • The New Leader (Open | Male) - Young and determined leader of the police force. For some reason unknown to the rest of the force, he has a strong wish to subdue the Mafia group and put an end to them. He speaks of placing them behind bars, but never once mentioned harming any of them. He is secretly the deceased Mafia leader's son.

    • Members (Unlimited Slots) - Members of the police force.

    Alright! So that's all I have planned out for now. Let me know if you're interested. Suggestions are also welcome! Don't be afraid to throw 'em at me. If you've got any questions about the RP, feel free to throw those in as well! :)

    I'll put the SU and OOC up once at least 5 people have expressed interest.

    Edit: I don't know Italian those Italian phrases there are all products of google translate. If you can speak Italian, please let me know if the translation is wrong and what the correct translation would be. Thanks! :D

    Edit 2:
    Sign up and OOC threads are now up !
    Sign Up | OOC
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  2. -claps- You know I'm down for this.
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  3. I would love to do the role of La Morte , The daughter. I am so in for this bad boy!
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  4. Joining! 8D
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  5. Wooo! That's three down :D
    Looking for at least two more~

    Oh and in case anyone is wondering, I wont be filling out any of the major roles listed. Instead I'm making a lackey and stir trouble when things start to get boring. 8D
  6. OOOooo, looks pretty. I'm in, why not.
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  7. Adviser here, ready to become the main antag-- Woops, spoiler alert.
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  8. It appears I have been summoned... and am now expressing interest!
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  9. and there's number 5~
    I did not expect to reach the number this quick!

    I'll get to making the OOC and SU in just a bit :)
  10. You have summoned thee!?

    The role of the police leader interest me.

    Hmm, Indeed...
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  11. I'm interested in joining.

    And who are you calling your subordinate, Shounen?!
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  12. Shhhhhhhh. The young are fit to lead. :D
  13. Oh, so that means I get to rule over all of you guys? You know, being the youngest here :p
    Bow down to me you peasants, for I am now your almighty and powerful glutton of a princess.
  14. Don't get ahead of yourselves.
  15. If I can hold you back by putting my hand on your head and holding it there then you aren't fit to lead...
  16. I am interested.
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