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    Be sure to have read the rules before posting.

    Banner: (Anime/semi-real pics only)

    Name: (Self explanatory)
    Alias: (What is he/she known as apart from his/her name?)
    Age: (19 above; this is mafia rp so I expect majority to be around their twenties or above. I will only accept a handful of 19 year olds)
    Gender: (Male, Female, Nonbinary)
    Ethnicity: (Due to the location, I expect most to be Italian but diversity is always welcome!)

    Allegiance: (Mafia or DIA; if mafia, specify which side)
    Rank: (For Mafia only; Caporegime, Soldato, or Associate. Refer to this update for more info about rank)
    Force: (For DIA only; specify which force was the character from prior to being assigned to the DIA: Guardia di Finanza, Arma dei Carabinieri or Carabinieri for short, Polizia Penitenziaria, Corpo Forestale dello Stato. Refer to this update for more info)

    Personality: (Don't just list; be descriptive. At least 2 paragraphs, 5 sentences each)
    Biography: (At least the major events / turning points in character's life. Can be in bullets as long as it's decent)

    Appearance: (Describe how your character looks like; eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, style, etc. Just be sure if matches the character photo. I personally prefer this to be in paragraph form, but I'll also accept lists for this)
    Relationships: (Family and other characters)

    Miscellaneous: (Other details about your character; what makes them tick? what do they like? etc.)

    // Please delete what is enclosed in parentheses. You people should know this by now.

    • Gianfranco Carlevaro
    Male | 49 years old | La Morte | Deceased
    //pic will go here

    Ambitious, ruthless and most of all, fearless; these were the words that best described Gianfranco Carlevaro the most. La Morte was his pride and joy. Gianfranco thought of the members of La Morte as his own blood. He cared greatly for everyone's well being and made it a point to at least familiarise himself with everyone's names, which was quite a lot but thankfully his memory wasn't awful. Age did nothing to dull hid mind. However, just because he cared deeply for the members of his Mafia, it didn't mean that he went easy on them. Punishment was served to those who disobeyed him, to those who failed him. He was a bit of a perfectionist which wasn't such a bad thing. It was thanks to his perfectionism that La Morte became so difficult to subdue. Gianfranco was also quite the Casanova. Coaxing a woman of his choosing to spend the night with him was no trouble for him... except perhaps that one woman, his dearest wife. There was a reason he decided to marry the French beauty and that was because she wasn't like other women. She was special and Gianfranco liked special; he was greedy like that.

    • Sphynx (Nikolas Benvenuti)
    Male | 32 years old | Alive
    Logical, cunning and charismatic; it was no wonder how Nikolas became a kingpin of the drug world. It is disputable as to the origin of his alias, Sphyx. Some say that he's bald and completely hairless like the cat, others say that it's his mere fascination with the animal. Some of the weirder ones would claim that he once used sphynx cats as messengers. Such stories amused Sphynx as they were the farthest to the truth. Hardly anyone can confirm this, but the name is actually a homage to his father's roots: Canada. Sphynx was always how he introduced himself and thus, Sphynx is how he came to be known as.
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    Yes, yes. I know. My writing is shit. ;-;

    #a80000, #595959

    age: 30 」   sex: male 」   ethn.: italian 」   alleg.: la saggezza 」   role: gang member (soldier)

    █████████████████████████████████ █ ▌


    Many stories about him abound, from blatantly dismissive remarks to tales so brutal and exaggerated, it’s small wonder people refuse to believe that such a beastly man should exist in the first place. Yet, even the most eloquent words of a poet could never compare to the real, unadulterated terror that is Simone DeLuca. His presence is at once a dangerous and disquieting thing—a natural predator that makes your instincts go haywire with the nagging sensation that something is about to go terribly, terribly wrong. You can see hell brewing quietly in his wide, pale eyes and that smile—that achingly slow, blood-curdling smile. Simone possesses a sick, morbid fascination for violence. His existence thrives in it: in the sweet bursts of iron on the inside of his cheek, in the sickening crunch of fist against fractured bone, in the sulphur of a recently fired gun. A cold-blooded brute, he is best at fighting and rule-breaking and testing death—and yet, as if by some ironic joke as twisted as he, La Morte is the one thing that keeps him alive. It’s his only family. And for family, Simone is nothing if not unwavering in his devotion.

    Simone is literate in the language of violence for he has lived it. He picks a fight with just about anyone because he's so damn good at provoking and even better at winning. Violence is in his eyes. Violence seeps like acid into his words. He has a knack for picking out the most deplorable insults imaginable and choosing just the right time to say them. When he swears, it is in a manner most aggressive and blunt, like his words are a knife that could physically gut you. Inappropriate and deliberately so, he would get in your face if he knew it made you uncomfortable. He is above reproach—a monster so callous, so incomprehensible to anyone with a semblance of humanity in them.

    Danger is nothing to a man who is himself a dangerous thing. The past has made him strong, fearless, and most of all, unpredictable. Life for Simone has always been this tangled string of violent events. Like him, it was an inconstant thing. It came in different forms: in the stares of old, leery men, in the calm but threatening tone in his father’s voice, in the silence of a dark alleyway where he lay half-dead, with most of his humanity beaten out of him. Years of trying to survive has made him quick to think on his feet. Years of trying to survive has made him smart. He can be erratic: tamed one moment (or as tamed as Simone could get, anyway) and just batshit fucking mad the next, practically bouncing off the walls with a gun in both hands and a wide smile plastered across his face. He is trigger-happy, notorious for plunging into danger like he’s got nothing to lose, and yet, somehow, by some miracle, it all works out in his favor. He is good at this, at coming up with quick, crazy schemes; but drag out a fight for a minute too long, or throw politics into the mix, and he becomes fair game. Simone is no master strategist: he's just a guy who likes to fuck things up in the most elaborate way possible, mostly at the expense of his enemies, but sometimes at the expense of La Morte, too.

    What defines Simone more than anything else is his belief in God. He carries himself with the peace of a man who knows that, without a doubt, his soul is on its way to heaven. His piety should be plenty obvious even to the untrained eye—the silver cross pendant hanging from his neck should be one clear indicator, as well as the rosary he keeps in his pocket—yet to most this is a groundbreaking revelation. How could Simone, in all his cruelty and sadism and perversion, endure Sunday mass, which he unfailingly attends? He is a walking contradiction and everything the religious teachings stand against, yet somehow, he has managed to fool himself into thinking he is a saint among men. Largely superstitious and maybe a touch delusional, Simone is vehemently convinced that ghosts are real, to the point where he considers anyone who denies their existence either stupid or blind.

    we got guns !

    █████████████████████████████████ █ ▌


    - Prince of the Dogs, King of the Gutters -

    • A death for a life. Such is nature: a cycle. When Simone was brought into the world, his mother departed from it.
    • Salvatore could not bear look at the face of the boy who had killed his wife, or maybe he just didn't care for a son. He packed his bags and relocated permanently to the United States, putting Simone under the care of Laurenza, his grandmother. Laurenza was a pleasant woman--kind and pious. She was responsible for Simone's religious upbringing. But even in his tender years, Simone was already inclined to violence. He was a bully of sorts--something Laurenza reprimanded him for. Still, his actions back then were fairly tame.
    • Simone would look forward to the day when his father finally came to accept him. Then, a miracle happened when he was eleven years old. Laurenza was killed during a mugging gone awry, prompting Salvatore to take Simone to his home in America. It was a bittersweet thing, because even though Simone adored Laurenza, her death turned out to be the key to what he had always desired: his father's acceptance.
    • But his father was an abusive, broken shell of a man, and Simone only came to learn of this when he started living with him. It hadn't always been so plain. Salvatore could keep his true emotions well hidden. Even when angry, he had the uncanny ability to speak with tact, but you could always see a hint of madness in his eyes. It didn't add up. There was something utterly wrong about him--about his tranquil voice, about the way he carries himself with such elegance and placidity even as he throws a punch, and another one, and another one...
    • Money was scarce. Money grew scarcer. Salvatore sold whatever was left of Simone to old men to be abused further. Simone was reduced into an investment, a source of income. He was not human. He was a thing.
    • Suspicion clouded his mind. It cast a shadow on his thoughts, on his actions. At the age of thirteen, Simone was a hundred percent certain that Salvatore had caused Laurenza's death. It was an inkling he could not shake off. It haunted him in his waking moments. It haunted him in his dreams. Seconds before the darkness swallows him in--may it be after a fuck, a drugging, or a beating, or all three--he would see Laurenza's disfigured face staring back at him.
    • 'Ghosts are real,'
    • Philip was Salvatore's closest friend and client. He was also a perverted old bastard that no one would miss. One minute, Simone had him straddled on bed, a teasing gesture. The next, he had a box cutter to the man's throat. The truth came out in nervous sputters. It was just as he had expected: Laurenza was murdered by her son-in-law. Out of sheer anger, Simone cut his neck open. Philip only had several seconds to react before the convulsions stopped, his body relaxing into a pool of his own blood.
    • He had killed his father's client and found out the truth, which meant he could no longer stay home. Simone took to the streets, trying to evade the police or anyone that seemed suspicious. He found solace in secluded corners, in dark alleyways, even in underground tunnels. He was constantly on the move, even though his body screamed for rest and food--such were luxuries he could scarcely afford.
    • Eventually, Salvatore managed to track Simone down, and he was not without a vengeance. His silhouette stood over him at that dark alleyway, a gun pointed at Simone's chest. Simone had closed his eyes. There were three gunshots, the splatter of blood on his face, the thump of a body bending to the will of gravity, and then sulphur. He thought he was dead, but when he opened his eyes, he was not. When he looked closely at his surroundings, he saw that his father's brain had been blown to bits. The gun Salvatore had pointed at Simone just moments ago was now discarded on the ground, just inches away from his father's lifeless fingertips.
    • There was another silhouette. Salvatore's killer introduced himself as Fabiano Palermo. In that darkness, he looked like a god.
    • He said, Your father owed my client a great deal of money.
    • As a sign of gratitude, Simone vowed to work for Fabiano, to follow him to the ends of the Earth. Together, they returned to Italy. Fabiano, a hitman by profession, had merely visited America long enough to track down and kill Salvatore and his associates. He was a rather eccentric man who saw the potential in Simone instead of the threat that he could be. He treated Simone like his son and gave him a roof to live under--something that his real son, Sergio, did not appreciate in the slightest.
    • Sergio did not trust Simone. He did not believe that anyone would be glad over their father's death, that anyone could hate their parents so much to want them killed. One day, he's going to stab you in the back, he had told his father, and you will remember these words.
    • He did not trust Simone until a rivaling family took him hostage. Had it not been for Simone, he would have died. Since then, a newfound respect and love grew between the two, such that they became as close as brothers.
      La Morte was formed and its existence reached Sergio's ears. He joined the syndicate and Simone trailed after him--initially to keep Sergio out of harm, but eventually he himself developed an attachment for the mafia.

    motherfuckers better run !

    █████████████████████████████████ █ ▌

    TRUE TO HIS PERSONALITY, Simone is perfectly criminal in appearance, with a gaunt face that tapers down to a small chin, and thin brows that hang lowly over shadowed eyes. His blue eyes, so electric they could light up Christmas lights, are his most defining feature: they are an impossibly pale and lucid color that is at once mesmerizing and frightening to behold. They say that the eyes are the windows to one's soul, but his are the windows to his insanity. His wicked smile—a brilliant flash of white and fake gold—serves to complement this fact. A tattoo snakes around the side of his neck: the image of a crow, his identifier, ominous and heralding death. Standing at 6'2" with a lean and muscular build boasting of years prowling the streets and wars both won and lost, Simone is a force to be reckoned with. As a nod to his reckless disposition, he has earned quite the collection of scars; the most prominent one being a clean cut along his forehead—a long, narrow shadow of a gash perched upon his left brow.

    Simone firmly rejects hygiene, to the point where he can be quite sarcastic about it. His greasy jet black hair is styled like a mohawk, with the sides of his scalp shaven completely clean, leaving only tufts of long hair along the middle of his skull. Its oily and disheveled state is completely deliberate. In fact, it's the one thing about his appearance that he takes great pains to maintain. Meanwhile, his clothes are often worn out of negligence; sometimes, they are so dull in color one thinks they might be stained or bleached when in fact the color is intentional. His odor—a foul blend of cigarette smoke, dried sweat, beer, and sometimes even the sharp tang of blood—follows him wherever he goes and lingers long after he has left.

    A simple man, Simone wears no accessories aside from a pair of black shades and a silver cross necklace.

    we got guns !

    █████████████████████████████████ █ ▌

    S E R G I O  P A L E R M O
    - Childhood Friend & Partner in Crime (Alive) -
    The Palermo family history is tainted with blood and violence. At the helm is Fabiano Palermo, and his son, Sergio, is the heir to vast riches and influence. One would think, that with all the power they possess, they could easily escape the clutches of the devil--the syndicate with whom ancestors before them had struck a deal. But the devil holds greater power, and the Palermos are bound to serve them for life.

    Sergio has always been a rather quiet man, but it is often the quiet ones that are the most dangerous. He carries himself with the air of a scholarly individual: serious, brooding, with ever so watchful eyes. Some might even call him handsome. However, despite his impressive educational background and achievements, he has a darker side: a part of him that thirsts for disorder, for his life has been nothing but a series of fake smiles, empty handshakes, and meaningless diplomas. His motive? To break away from the mafia that has its clutches on him, on his family. And to do that, he moved all the way to Venice to join La Morte, because he was tired of being told what to do. Because for once, he wanted to have some control over his life, to rise to a position he knew he could fulfill, rather than just being another disposable associate. His dreams must be coming true, for he has now risen to the position of capo.

    His first impression of Simone was that of distrust... but at the same time he was envious of Simone's freedom. He could do anything he wanted, yet he was giving himself away to the Palermo family. He did not understand that purpose no matter how he looked at it, which only made him hate Simone more. When Simone saved his life, some of that distrust still remained, but bit by bit it was broken down as they spent more time in each other's company, as Sergio healed from his wounds and his nightmares and his traumas, all the while Simone stayed by his side, watching over him. Distrust paved way for respect, then respect turned to brotherly love.

    Serious Sergio.

    Simone caressing Sergio's head as they watch gay porn TV (maybe?)

    Simone and Sergio taking delight in their new prey.

    G I A N F R A N C O  C A R L E V A R O
    - Boss (Deceased) -


    (PM me for relationships!)
    motherfuckers better run !

    █████████████████████████████████ █ ▌

    W E A P O N R Y
    Simone has always been attracted to guns and the incredible power they wield. It strikes him as remarkable how, with just the slight of a hand, one could easily wound an enemy or snuff out a life. It is a dangerous and, more importantly, powerful thing. But even as they are undeniably more efficient, guns are not as violent or pain-inducing as, say, blunt weapons like a glass bottle or a baseball bat. He would use a gun for raids, or wars with rivaling gangs, or anything that would require long-distance attacks, but when asked to torture or eliminate a mutineer, he would be more inclined to use a blunt weapon to carry out the deed, as these are more personal and destructive than a gun. There's some thrill to be gained from watching an enemy suffer before they draw their last breath, and everyone knows Simone revels in the misery and pain of others. Guns are not so amusing: death by gunfire is too easy, too boring.

    I L L I T E R A T E  &  B I L I N G U A L
    Due to a lack of formal education, Simone knows only the most rudimentary form of the Italian language and cannot read or write. However, he is learned in both written and spoken English, for he has lived in the United States for most of his childhood. In both languages, however, his everyday vocabulary is often limited to street slang and swear words.

    P L A Y L I S T
    01. the beginning - blue stahli
    02. bodies - drowning pool
    03. you're going down - sick puppies
    04. riot - three days grace
    05. killing strangers - marilyn manson
    06. heavydirtysoul - twentyonepilots
    07. die motherfucker die - dope
    08. (can't you) trip like I do - filter & the crystal method
    09. one man army - the prodigy & tom morello
    10. reaper man - mother mother

    we got guns !
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    ~ Il Sangue della Morte - "The blood of death"
    Faction of La Morte led by The Daughter.

    • The Daughter (Open | Female) - The rightful heir of the Mafia by blood. Despite this however, most of the Mafia members do not agree of her being capable enough to lead the Mafia group. When sides were chosen, most people chose The Advisor's side over hers in belief that she was far too young and still foolish.
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  5. [​IMG]
    "We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours"
    Alessia Capello

    Alessia Capello

    Femme Fatale Aless

    Femme Fatale- A mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.

    Misfortune - Miss Fortune
    This name came from the misfortune she brings upon the men that are unlucky enough to fall prey to Alessia's charm. The men who unsuspectingly walk to their own deaths or the more unfortunate ones that were rich enough for her to sink her claws into.




    Mafia: Il Sangue della Morte


    Seductive & Scheming

    Alessia has never been one afraid of walking right up to someone and showing her interest. Though the target of her interest is never by chance but always planned. Alessia will never waste her time batting her eyelashes at anyone that wont benefit her in the long run. Though since the woman is hardly ever not seen flirting, it seems there is always someone she can benefit from. Even if one doesn't know it, Alessia always has something planned on how she can make use of them.

    For Alessia's line of work it's only natural that the woman knows how to convince people to see things her way. Her tactics are endless in this area, ranging from seduction, blackmail to even torture when needed. In the end Alessia always gets her way.

    Alessia enjoys surrounding herself with the finer things in life. She is a woman who enjoys being pampered and she will be. Since Money is never an issue when you have some of the most wealthiest men in Italy wrapped around your finger.

    Confident & Prideful
    "When you look as good as I do. What's not to be confident about?"
    Alessia is completely comfortable in her own skin, so comfortable she never afraid to show it. Though her looks are not the only thing that secures her confidence but her own ability. She takes pride in her wide variety of skills that she has worked on over the years. Her gun skills are on par with some of La Morte's best. Along with her swift and flexible movements Alessia's hand to hand combat is nothing to be taken lightly either.

    "As If you haven't heard of me"

    The Capello family has been apart of the La Morte as long as one can remember. Though they never held very high ranks the Capello were known for their undying loyalty to the group.

    Alessia's father Marco Capello is known for being a man of strong body and mind. Though when it comes to Alessia he has been wrapped around her finger since day one. Especially after Alessia lost her mother Cassandra. Alessia's mother was killed when a rival group invaded the Capello's home.

    Marco had been apart of a group that had hijacked a rival groups gun trade. Not being one to normally take risky chances in doing such things. Marco had wanted nothing to do with the plan but his want to be more then just a solider in La Morte overpowered his judgement. Wanting more then anything to finally make a name for themselves the group went along with their plan. Now the hijacking was successful but it didn't go as smooth as planned. The rival group had more guards then anticipated, which caused more casualties and for Marco's group to be sloppy.

    Sloppy indicates mistakes and mistakes are dangerous in Marco's line of work. This unfortunately was the perfect example of why making mistakes should never be allowed. When Marco's group was rushing to relocate all of the stolen guns. They didn't check to make sure every enemy was fully executed. This not only allowed for someone to report back to the rival group that it was La Morte men that hijacked their gun trade. It also allowed them to tell which members were involved in it, which lead to retaliation against those who were involved.

    The night of the invasion had been like any other, Marco and Cassandra had tucked Alessia and Leo into their beds before going off to their own. It wasn't till a little after Midnight that Marco and Cassandra were awoken by the sound of their front door being busted in. Marco Immediately sent Cassandra to Alessia and Leo, while he went to handle the intruders.

    Cassandra had only made it to Leo's room when the first sound of gun shots were heard from the first floor. She quickly grabbed her son before running down the hall to Alessia's room. Rushing over to the closet Cassandra hid Leo and Alessia and told them to stay there in till her or Marco came to get them. As Cassandra had shut the closet door a man busted into the room, gun pointed directly at Cassandra.

    Now the man had misjudged Cassandra, she might of not been a trained member of La Morte but she was far from helpless. Cassandra's last actions in life were those to protect her children. She struggled with the man for his gun, two gun shots had rang throughout the room before there was a thump against the closet. During the struggle Cassandra was shot in the stomach, before she was able to disarm the man and killing him. Wounded Cassandra fell against the closet before promising her children that she wouldn't let anything happen to them.

    By the time Marco had got rid of all the intruders it was to late for Cassandra, he found her sitting in front of the closet door clutching the gun in her hands. Not long after his wife's death Marco started Alessia and Leo's training. Normally only the males of the Capello family were trained to join La Morte. But after losing his wife Marco swore that he would teach both of his children everything he knew. So that he would hopefully never have to lose another family member.

    Alessia was able to pick up on handling a gun and hand to hand combat rather quickly. Though in her teens she noticed that to her father's dismay, as a female she had certain advantages she could use that he wouldn't be able to teach her. Knowing that there were high ranked women that specialized in intelligence at main hideout located in Dorsoduro. Alessia made her way there to train, it wasn't till she was in her early twenty's that Alessia was even acknowledged for her talents.

    Hair Color: Red | Eye Color: Blue | Height: 5ft 6in | Weight: 145lbs |


    Marco Capello | 47 years old| Father | Retired|
    Cassandra Capello| 32 years old| Mother| Decesed|
    Leonardo Capello | 27 years old | Brother|Advisor's side|



    "The language of love is a universal"

    Italian, French, English, Spanish, and Japaneses


    Shopping, Shooting guns, Causing trouble, Dancing, Parties, Compliments, Laughing, Teasing people, Hot Guys, Staying up till the early morning, Sleeping in, Being organized, Dressing up, Being the center of attention, Scheming, Getting what she wants, Having fun, Rain, Animals, and Getting praised.

    Being scolded, Boring people, Authority, Staying in one place, Messy people & places, Being judged, Being rejected, Thing not going her way, Extreme heat, Bad hair days, Being told what to do, People touching her things and Being told No.

    Alessia always prefers having two guns. She is normally spotted with two Thompson Submachine guns. They are a pair that have been passed down through her family from when the Capello family first joined La Morte. Alessia's backup guns would be two semi automatic Grand Power K100 Mark 6's.

    Voice: Hone Onna by Jennifer Seman
    Hone Onna - Hell Girl

    Favorite Song: Warrior by Beth Crowley

    Theme Song: The Devil Within by Digital Dagger
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  6. [​IMG]


    Shut your mouth and run me like a river,

    Like a river, like a river...


    The Desert Fox of Ghazni was bred on the battlefields of war-torn Afghanistan. It is through years of psychological trauma and warfare that the woman now known as the Fox was forged. Fearless and unrelenting, the Fox was known for never flinching under the face of incoming fire. Some say that she would seek out death, purposefully placing herself into dangerous situations only to come out unscathed. When the Fox is cornered, she fights with ferocity, like a machine programmed to kill.
    The Fox is known for her stoic, unattached attitude. She stays far removed from other people and maintains a professional attitude at all times when doing her job. The Fox never displays how she feels about a situation, an introverted recluse that does what is asked of her and nothing more. She maintains no friends, no partnerships and only maintains loyalty to the Italian Mafia to repay a life long debt. The Fox does not care about the deteriorating political situation between the factions, siding with the Heiress only because of her delicate personal situation.
    The Fox is known for her soft, gentle voice - never raising her voice in anger or frustration. Her words can often be difficult to hear and one could view the Fox as nothing more than a timid, introverted girl. She is often able to move between places undetected because of her innocent, solemn attitude and gentle appearance. She will almost never speak in group situations, only speaking in private, one on one situations.

    Former marksman in the 185th Reconnaissance Target Acquisition Regiment circa 2010
    Photograph taken in Ghazni, Afghanistan during the Defense of Ghazni


    Not much is known about Elena Altavilla before 2007. She was raised in an incredibly poor family, raised by a single mother with a father that abandoned her before birth. Given her mother's maiden name over that of her father's, Elena led both a quiet and lonely life in the slums of Naples, As soon as she turned eighteen and finished her state required education, she joined the Italian Armed Forces for the hope of a brighter life and financial security - two dreams which would prove to become a costly mistake:

    A career long soldier, Elena Altavilla joined the Italian military in 2007 and was one of the first women to be sent to Afghanistan with the Italian military in a N.A.T.O Coalition Force. Serving two tours in an Italian Army Regiment, she applied and was accepted through the grueling Italian Special Forces training system. Fifteen months of intense psychological and physical training, Elena became a member of the 185th Reconnaissance Target Acquisition Regiment - An elite scouting unit tasked with deploying ahead of the army and marking out key strategic locations for assault and bombardment. The 185th often operated in small fire teams of eight and Sergente Altavilla was extensively trained in advanced marksmanship, land navigation and close quarters combat.


    While she saw extensive combat beforehand, Elena's transformation into the Fox occurred during her fourth and final deployment into war-torn Afghanistan. Elena and her four man scout team were sent to scout the enemy controlled city of Ghazni - their location being discovered by radical Islamic Militants in the region. Surrounded on all sides, the four-man Italian scout team held a two-story market from a hundred enemy militants. Attacked by a mixture of well-trained Taliban insurgents, Elena was forced to gun down over fifty people, many of which were child soldiers and women equipped with explosive suicide devices.

    Eventually, the team's position was overrun, bringing the Italian Special Forces into hand to hand combat with both grown men and children, littering the marketplace with the corpses of both Elena's comrades and the enemy. The fighting was thick and brutal, lasting multiple engagements over the course of 24 hours. When it seemed like the enemy retreated, they regrouped and made more attacks only minutes later, constantly assaulting their fortified marketplace with every means in their disposal. In the ensuing combat, each of Elena's teammates were killed in action and Elena herself was shot four times in her plate carrier, fracturing multiple ribs over the course of the night. When Elena's last squad mate was killed, the Fox began her last stand, shooting every person that moved from atop the marketplace, littering the roads with the dead.

    As the enemy finally retreated for good from the lone sniper, Elena emerged a changed woman - her eyes soulless and her spirit broken by the things she had to do just to survive and evade capture. The next four days, Elena wandered the desert, avoiding capture and stealing from the local population just to survive. Eventually, she came into contact with American military forces, which took her back to her home country after an arduous debrief.

    Upon escape, what was left of Elena Altavilla was decorated with the Bronze Medal of Military Valor, one of the highest awards in the Italian Armed Forces. Unfortunately, the Fox was never the same - her eyes dead and the once patriotic woman that was Elena was wiped forever. Although she recovered from her physical wounds, Elena was discharged after an extensive psychiatric evaluation diagnosed her with a major case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and multiple schizophrenic tendencies. She also began to suffer from a Major depressive disorder, blaming herself for everything she does wrong.


    Without money and stacking medical bills as a result of her service, Elena's life hit the worst turn when Elena's brother, still just a child, was diagnosed with leukemia. Without money, a job, or a family to support them, the Fox turned to a life of crime in order to pay off her increasingly uncontrollable debt. Starting off as a hired thug, the Fox quickly was forced to realize that her most proficient area of expertise was death. Drifting away from protecting organization leaders and becoming lethal muscle, the Fox found herself as one of Italy's deadliest Sicarios, contract killers which kill for money.

    Before long, the Fox found herself taking contracts for different factions within the Italian Mafia, using the money to desperately keep herself and her family afloat. She would often be called in by faction leaders themselves to eliminate rivals, prominent political figures which threatened the organization, and even key witnesses of Mafia crimes that are under police protection. One of the most wanted women in the country, the police have not been able to locate even a picture of the Italian Sicario, only finding the bodies left behind by her work and the empty shell casings she leaves behind.

    Realizing her extensive expertise and usefulness, the Sangue della Morte faction within the Italian Mafia now holds the Fox under a tight leash, using her as a proficient contract killer and bodyguard for their operations. While she does her best to stay out of the political affairs of the Mafia, she unwillingly supports the Mafia's heiress, as her faction knows Elena's identity and familial situation. In addition, the Blood of Death faction possesses more money, allowing them to afford the contract killer's climbing medical expenses and expensive military-grade equipment. When an important target needs to be eliminated, or a key operation needs the tactical guidance of a military expert - The Fox is called in.

    If asked, Elena does not have any personal loyalty towards the Mafia or the Heiress she works for. Rather, she does her job without resistance to ensure the safety of her and her family. She does not hate the Mafia, despite essentially being blackmailed by them, rather, the Fox has convinced herself that the organization is the sole reason for her survival. While the Fox would like to remove herself from the organization and its unavoidable civil war, she finds herself trapped between the need of money and the security the organization provides.

    Height: 170 cm (5'7")
    Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

    Hair Color: Black (Naturally Light Brown)
    Iris Color: Royal Blue
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Music, Peace & Quiet, Pasta, Books, Shitty Romance Novels, Guns, Clothes, Shopping


    Loud/Annoying People, Handling Money, War, Herself, Politics, Religion, Large Groups of People, Children


    Fascinated by technology - but does not understand any of it.
    Breaks things very frequently.
    Terrible at friendships.
    Incredibly proficient and knowledgeable in firearms.
    Can sit perfectly still for hours without complaint.
    Received anti-torture training in the military.

    Medical Conditions:
    Schizophrenic tendencies - hears voices in her head.
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - triggered by loud noises & children.
    Major Depressive Disorder


    Italian (Primary)

    Learned through military deployment with American Forces in Afghanistan.

    Pashto & Dari
    Only understands small amounts of the Afghani languages.

    Equipment: K.A.C. SR-25EM

    Manufacturer: Knights Armament Company
    Model: Stoner Rifle-25EM
    Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO
    MSRP: $5,500+
    Place of Origin: The United States

    Elena uses an SR-25EM rifle produced by Knight's Armament Company (K.A.C.) that the La Morte group had smuggled in from the United States of America. Similar to her old service rifle, the SR-25EM is an incredibly expensive weapon platform at $5,500 in the civilian market. Firing a deadly, 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, Elena can hit a quarter sized target at 100 yards. She carries her disassembled rifle in a modified cello case, allowing her to carry the weapon stealthily through public spaces.


    Equipment: SIG SAUER P226

    Manufacturer: SIG Sauer
    Model: P226
    Caliber: 9x19mm Para
    MSRP: $1,300
    Place of Origin: Germany/Switzerland

    Elena carries her old service pistol during her military days as her preferred day-to-day weapon. The Sig Sauer P226 is a $1,200 handgun chambered in 9mm. The preferred handgun of the United States Navy Seals, the Fox carries this handgun with great familiarity and practice over years of use. She will generally carry this weapon in a concealed fashion, usually under a thick coat.​


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    “he slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them
    ⌠ reme drake ⌡
    ∆ alias::OWL | age::TWENTY-TWO | gender::MALE |
    AMERICAN (50%)/ITALIAN (50%) | allegiance::MAFIA (LA SAGGEZZA) | role::HACKER/THIEF

    ★ p e r s o n a l i t y ★
    ⌠ quiet & soft-spoken ⌡
    Celso may have the appearance of someone who is bold and outspoken, but he definitely doesn't have the nature of that someone. Upon interacting with him for a while, people immediately catch onto how quiet the young man is. He doesn't really speak unless it's absolutely necessary, and, even then, he speaks with a soft tone that can be hard to hear at times. Because of this, many think that's he's shy, but he's far from that. His voice just happens to be naturally soft and gentle, and, growing up the way he did, led him to be a quiet kid, who just loved to observe others and other things.

    ⌠ anti-social & pessimistic ⌡
    As stated before, Celso is anything but shy. In fact, he's just anti-social and pretty pessimistic the closer you get to him. He's the rainy cloud that's hovering around and putting a damper on everyone's mood. He describes himself as a realist more than an idealist. w.i.p

    ⌠ bashful & humble ⌡

    ⌠ lazy & unmotivated ⌡

    ★ b i o g r a p h y ★

    ★ a p p e a r a n c e ★
    Celso is a man of short stature, standing at a height of 5'9". Not only that, but he also has a slender build with no muscles whatsoever. Because of his fast metabolism and no muscles, he weighs around one hundred twenty pounds, which some would consider to be light. It doesn't help that he isn't one to eat three meals a day either. Or the fact that he doesn't exercise anything besides his fingers from his typing and video gaming.

    The young man was blessed with flawless olive skin that's as smooth as a baby's bottom. He might have a bit of peach fuzz covering his legs, chest, and other areas, but that's rare. He's usually hairless since he seems to shave quite a lot. Born with androgynous features, Celso isn't confused, nor offended, anymore when people mistake him for a female. He just politely corrects them. It's become habit at this point. It doesn't quite help that he died a quarter of his natural blonde hair hot pink. Speaking of said hair, it used to be quite longer—to his midback, actually. Besides the fact that it confused people more, it was also a lot to deal with, so he chopped it to shoulder length. It became much more manageable. His hair now frames his slightly rounded face while his bangs hang above his eyes, which are an enchanting forest green.

    Celso's fashion sense is a simple, cozy one. He's quite font of sweaters, beanies and other comfortable clothing that's similar. Of course, he doesn't love it so much that he'd wear it in the summer. Despite how much he wears things like joggers and sweatshirts, he also has shorts, loose-fitting shirts, skinny jeans, plaid, etc. He'd only wear his "nice" clothes, as some call it, when he has to go out for something. And, on special occasions, he'll throw on some dressy clothing. He could care less for accessories because that makes things complicated, which goes against his simple style.

    ★ r e l a t i o n s h i p s ★
    ⌠ family ⌡
    • Roberto Bassanelli | Step Father | 59

    Despite not being his biological father, the man raised him from the very moment he was born, so he feels like he's his actual father. He loves the man and it shows when he's with him. He'd do anything for him. Only his younger sister and him call him "Dad".

    • Lucrezia Bassanelli | Mother | 58

    Much like Roberto, Celso also loves his mother with all of his heart. He's what you would call a " momma's boy". Even now, he's pretty much attached to his mother by the hip. Whenever he's feeling a bit more down than usual, or has a problem, he always calls his Mom first. He's not ashamed of his attachment at all.

    Emma & Eva Smith | Older Sisters | 28

    He truly despises them. With the passion of a thousand suns. Being twins and all, they always got the attention. And whenever their relation was brought up amongst their friends, they denied it. Even at home, they picked and bossed and teased. They questioned and judged majority of what he did. All he has is bad memories of them. It's come to the point that he simply tells them to bug off (not those words, but, you know), and they do. As adults now, they don't bother him as much. And he's grateful.

    Luciana Bassanelli | Younger (Half) Sister | 12

    His pride and joy. His sunshine. The little angel on his shoulder. The reason he smiles. Celso can't express enough how much he loves Luciana. She's the only sister who doesn't question his ways, or attitude, and just encourages him to do his best. To make it through a rough day. She's so pure and has so much potential. Celso never wants her to get caught up in what he's in. He never wants her to even know it exists. He'll protect her with his life, no matter the cost.

    ⌠ love interest ⌡

    ⌠ friends/acquaintances ⌡

    ⌠ enemies ⌡

    ★m i s c e l l a n e o u s ★
    ⌠ likes ⌡
    Cats, Sleep, Sweets, Video Games, Technology, Luciana, Fruit, Relaxation, Sweaters, Beanies, Tea, Coffee, Silence, Rain, Autumn, Warmth, Children, (Rom-Com, Action, Suspense, Comedy, Drama) Movies, (Movie) Popcorn, Anime, Manga, Social Networks, Cartoons, Hand Held Consoles, Computer Games, People Watching, Cloud Watching, Music, Orchestras, Cooking, Drawing, Stuffed Animals, Fuzzy Socks, Robes, Blankets, Holidays (specifically Christmas), Carpeted Floors & New Things.

    ⌠ dislikes ⌡
    Summer, Insects, Loud Noise, Emma and Eva, Exercise, Socializing, Early Mornings, Juice, Adults, Fighting, Wood Floors, Cold, Vegetables, Heights, Germs, Sickness, Stuck-Ups, Expressing Himself, Repeating Himself, Darkness, Milk, Work, No Wi-Fi, Outdoors, Thunderstorms, Family Gatherings, Clichés, Strawberry Flavor, Banana Flavor, Crayons, Water, Dogs, Responsibility, Sarcasm (towards him), Tall People, Hunger, Yelling, Orders, High Expectations, Hypocrites, and Spoilers.

    ⌠ habits & quirks ⌡
    • Much like how some people clean when they're upset, Celso cooks. A whole lot.
    • He also eats a whole lot when he's upset.
    • If ever someone is sick, he'd force them into quarantine until they've recovered to normal health. (He'll most likely nurse them back).
    • He can not sleep with any door open—closet, door to his room, etc.

    ⌠ pet ⌡

    Navy is his one and only household pet. In all honesty, Celso has had Navy for a month, almost two now. He loves the fish as much as he loves his younger sister. He stumbled upon her when he was on the way back home. Passing by a pet shop, he backtracked when the sight of her had caught his eye. For a while, he only stared, debating on whether to bring her home or not. It wasn't until one of the employees, who was cleaning the outside windows, had invited him inside that he came to a decision. Stepping inside of the pet shop had pretty much sealed the deal for him. Before he knew it, he was going home with a new pet.

    ⌠ voice ⌡

    ⌠ theme song(s) ⌡

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  8. "You will need my secrets to win this fight..."


    Antonia Giovanna De'Rossi

    The Architect

    Antonia was named after the Italian architect Giovanni Antonio De’Rossi. An architect who had been active in the Baroque period and was mainly active in Rome. Though the relation between Giovanni and Antonia is unknown, presumed to be one of her ancestors, the girl has inherited the feminine forms of the late architect’s name. Coincidentally, along with the name she has seemingly also inherited his talents as well, however that wouldn’t be known until much later.

    The alias as ‘The Architect’ is exactly what it claims itself to be and what the etymology of her name suggests. Antonia is an architect, studied to become one and is now utilising this skill into her daily life as her 'regular' job, but also in her official role as a De'Rossi. She uses her knowledge to predict hidden alleyways, to calculate weaknesses in defences, but also to build new hideouts for the various groups who request such.

    As a young girl Antonia was often called ‘Annie’ by her parents and close relatives. At some point in time she had even believed that ‘Annie’ was her name, a reason why her parents were quick to change. However, no one has called her by the name anymore after her parents passed away, leaving it to be a nickname in memory.

    Little lady, Nia & Beautiful
    Nicknames given by Bartholomew (Mewmew). She doesn't like to be called Little Lady by him, for she is older. Neither does she likes it to be called Beautiful by him because it makes her feel awkward. Nia is the only nickname she likes in the list, but that doesn't stop him from calling her by any of them whenever he feels like it.

    Ice Princess
    The nickname ‘Ice Princess’ has nothing to do with Anotonia’s overall personality, but with one of her passions and talents. Back, before the accident happened in which she also lost her parents Antonia was a figure skater. Rumours had it that she was quite talented, as she frequented competitions, however had to stop after she got critically injured in the accident. As such this ‘title’ has lost its original meaning nowadays.

    24 y/o | July 10
    ♋️ | Female ♀ | Italian

    Allegiance: Il Sangue della Morte & La Saggezza della Morta

    Role: The Double Agent

    It shows in everything Antonia does. The determination to prove herself, to show the truth, to bring peace, to take over her uncle. Sometimes it shows itself in a bad light, an example being how she underhandedly had overthrown her uncle. Other times this determination makes her successful, as her family members accept her as the leader and how the opposition seems to be less disapproving of her taking over. All in all, Antonia is unwavering once she has set her mind on something, whether it is to help someone, help herself, or reach a goal.

    Pleasing to the eye, but also pleasing in character. She knows how to read the mood, when to interject and when to flirt. Due to her upbringing Antonia has been taught to read the people around her, to know what to say and when to say it. This makes it easy for her to say what the other wants to hear, to wiggle her way into their hearts and for them to take a liking to her. Antonia is a typical friend of everyone, but at the same time a friend of no one.

    Logic before everything. Antonia likes to bind everything to something logical, to something that she can explain and understand. If she can’t, if unable she becomes so inherently uncomfortable that she won’t stop looking for a reasonable explanation until she has it. She is a thinker, someone who works and lives with their brain instead of their heart. A trait greatly appreciated by her fellow researchers, but also a fault at the same time as she is always last to figure out what she feels herself.

    The trait that causes the misunderstanding of her piercing eyes. Some think she might be glaring, others believe that she is constantly judging them. However it is neither one of the two, Antonia is simply observing, taking in the details of her surroundings. Antonia lives for the details, wishes to know and be aware of everything surrounding her. A downside to it is that she may pay too much attention to one person, possibly bothering them about something they don’t wish to share.

    She wishes to learn, everything that there is and can be. Antonia is surprisingly curious for her composed character, able to forget about everything around her if she is intrigued enough. Once a subject has caught her interest the female is capable of digging and immersing herself completely into all available sources, usurping all of the information she can get and appear again when she knows everything there is to know about it. It is a good trait for a student, weren’t it for the fact that she has more than one subject to follow and give attention to.

    She lives in her head, everything enters her brains first, evaluated and stays there. Rarely does Antonia let something go to her heart and will she act upon it. She thinks about virtually everything, to the well-being of these she cares about, to how she is to successfully reach her next goal, to the sense of life. Antonia can think and sit for hours straight, doing nothing else but thinking and being in thought if given the opportunity to do so.

    Antonia lives by many rules, set by herself on how she wishes to be a better human being. Honesty is a key point for her, she expects everyone around her to be honest with her as she is with them. She is, however, never blunt, trying to withhold herself when her opinions are unasked for. Though neither would she dance around it either, when she feels that her opinion is asked for, she will say it no matter how it may come across, but never thoughtlessly.


    Born and raised an Italian. Antonia was one of these so called 'new blood' nobles, people from high class that had bought their way in through money and fame. Shortly put, Antonia was rich and with that she grew up with everything she wanted. The girl believed that her parents were entrepreneurs, and that she was one day to follow them, but the truth was a little darker and bloodier than that. She wouldn't know about any of that until her teens.

    Of course she had her suspicions now and then. No matter how her parents tried to hide it from her there were hints that they accidentally dropped. Bloodied clothes, small accidental mentions of fights and the unusual fear her parents' seemed to invoke in others. She tried not to think too often of it, thinking that it was because it was the world of adults. Besides, the sight was always rare, even despite their jobs, for Antonia was tucked away safely in a boarding school half of the time. Adult business she thought of it and tried not to think of it too much. Her parents knew what they were doing, and besides, she was working hard towards her own dreams.

    From a young age on Antonia had wished to become an athlete, competing and practising her days away in the ice ring. She wanted to be a figure skater, winning championships and dreaming of the Olympics. The girl was well on her way towards this glorious career with the specialised schools she attended and the professionals hired to tutor her. Never would she have thought that this all would be shut down so brutally.

    Truth was that if everything had gone the way it should have gone Antonia wouldn't have known about the true nature of her parents' job until she was eighteen. She would have gone on the path she had chosen and won many more prizes, practising many more hours. However, fate wasn't kind to her. At the age of fourteen she was involved in a car accident that took away both her parents in an instant and left her behind with her dream career in shambles. The reminder of it daily visible on her leg, near her knee, as an ugly scar has nestled itself there.

    However, because she was so extremely young and ignorant it was outrageous to think that this girl could take over and lead a Mafia family. Surely, they weren't big, but she was too ignorant in their ways and still clueless on what the customs were. Her uncle took over for her, acting as a proxy until they deemed the young girl old enough. However, inside of the Mafia world there is little honour and the lust of power is always present. Alongside Antonia's hesitance, as she was forced into a complete new world and the likes, the people started to lose out in favour against her. By the time that the female had learnt to accept her family and studied their ways she was suddenly left behind. Her uncle was the new leader, reigning the sceptre and changing the policies her parents had settled.

    What the uncle forgot, however, was the fact that the apple never fell far from the tree. In the years that Antonia had learnt her way around in the underground world, and she did so the hard way, she had slowly devised her plans, working her way towards the seat that belonged to her. It was her first and biggest assignment that she led, and it took years of planning. Before that the female had always been tasked with the smaller jobs, put behind the screens, out of the view from the rest. A grave mistake, so it turned out later, as she had worked behind the backs of everyone else to gain favours and win over supporters. Finally, when she was 22 she had enough confidence to openly charge at her uncle.

    It was her first kill, for that was what had to be done within this world if one wished for power. Until today Antonia feels regretful of having to betray her relative like that. Dirty that she had to use such underhanded tactics. Sometimes she wonders whether she made the right decision by claiming back her seat, or if they were better off under the rule of her uncle. After all, he wasn't a tyrant, just another one of the many faces that wished for power and wished for the best of the family. Under the lead of her uncle the De'Rossi had risen up on the foreground, expanding their influence and people. With Antonia on the reigns the family faded back into the background again, where they originally were found and where they would sneak out of again once they had their target clear in view. What the best policy is, is to be discussed, but that Antonia represents the old values her parents represented as well is undeniable.

    However, these were stories of years ago. At the present time Antonia is still the leader of the small family De'Rossi, specialising herself in laying out traps, infiltration and gathering intelligence on everyone and everything. This makes them perfect as spies. With the current feud going on within La Morte the De'Rossi was approached by both parties to create an alliance with them. However, as a family who relies on knowledge for their power it would be unfavourable to openly declare their affinity for the other. For this reason the family presents itself as neutral to the public, while it secretly has vowed 'loyalty' to both sides of La Morte. This way they still maintain their power and, to make it better, are never at the wrong side.


    Height: 165 cm [5’3]

    Weight: 51 kg [112]
    As a young girl and athlete Antonia keeps her hair around her shoulders. Long enough to get it in a bun, but short enough for it not to fall out and stand in her way when skating. After her parents’ deaths she cuts it off entirely, making sure to keep it in a boyish cut. Her hair is always out of her face as she doesn’t like it sticking onto her when she is sweaty.

    Grown up now and a lady Antonia has grown her hair out again. In the past ten years her hair has grown significantly, reaching for her back now. Long waves go down to her mid-back now and Antonia is frequently see wearing her hair either loose or in a ponytail, depending on what she is doing. She now also has straight bangs. All in all, it is more feminine than what it was before when she was younger.

    Almond shaped and electric green. Antonia is known to have beautiful ‘gems’ for her eyes, bright and cat like. Lush eyebrows that are dark in colour like her hair along with thick eyebrows to accentuate them. Her eyes are known to have a sharp look to them, usually shocking people who are less confident of themselves. Though Antonia doesn’t mean to scare anyone her stare, and tendency to observe, does come across as if she is judging them.
    Pale and fair. Because of the time she spends in the ice ring Antonia doesn’t meet the sun often. Even after the accident her habits to lurk around the ice ring remained. Also her sensitivity to the heat makes it also hard for her to go out and meet the sun, for she doesn’t like the hot and dozing feelings she gets from it. The most prominent trait there is her birthmark under her right eye. A tear-shaped birthmark that has earned her one of her most infamous nicknames.

    Oval. High and prominent cheekbones, small chin. She has thick, dark, eyebrows and a straight sharp nose. Her lips are gracefully accentuated and turn a slightly down, making it look like as if she is always frowning or depressed about something. She has a small ‘pouty’ mouth, with full lips that are naturally cherry of colour.

    As an athlete Antonia maintains her weight well, making sure that she is always in top condition to skate. Before the accident she followed a rigid schedule and diet, never missing an opportunity to hone her skills more. It is flexible and sturdy, able to take a fall or two. However she has lost muscle mass after that she had to give up on skating on a professional level. This has caused her weight to go in decline as muscles weigh more than fat. Antonia as well maintains her healthy diet that she followed before as well, making the gain of fat also lesser.

    In overall her rump is short while her limbs are long. Due to the years of ballet she attended for figure skating her shoulders are also rather broad, but not so much that it stands out or is immediately noticeable. She has a slim waist, a trait she is proud of and likes to accentuate.

    Even after retiring as an athlete she still maintains some muscle, though significantly less than before and has smaller shoulders thanks to it as well. Her chest is still never that filled, still ranking to be small compared to her peers. The most significant change in appearance is that she lost a lot of muscle volume and thus weight. She is slimmer than she was before, not that she was bulky or fat before, however with her getting taller and losing muscles the changes in her body are significant.



    De'Rossi famiglia
    "It is small, and broken, but it is family, I think?"
    The De'Rossi family specialises themselves in infiltration and gathering intelligence. True to the causes of the De'Rossi Antonia represents all these services and expands on them with her own capabilities. The De'Rossi family represents itself to be neutral in the fight of La Morte, but in the meanwhile they have gone behind the backs of either parties to form an alliance, taking on the dirty behind the screen jobs that could either mean win or lose. Their mission is to spill as little blood as possible, their goal to gain a powerful alley by siding with the winner, and their cause is to maintain their position as the shadow-player of the Mafia world. The De'Rossi is a small family [famiglia] within the Mafia world in Italy, but still a powerful player to have around and to keep close.

    The De'Rossi family just got out of an internal war themselves. After the death of Antonia's parents the family was split between loyalty and power. At one side stood her uncle who could promise the De'Rossi a grand future on the foreground. At the other side there was the loyalty of the members who wished to stay true to their name and stay in the background, thus serving Antonia. Surprisingly enough, for a family that specialises themselves in backstabbing of sorts, loyalty won, was it only because Antonia underhandedly had tricked her uncle and forcefully removed him. A power struggle on who could play the Mafia game the best, a game which Antonia won.



    La Morte famiglia
    "I owe them many things, but to choose a side and risk an enemy?"
    They were one of the most powerful families that Antonia managed to make an alley out of when she was planning for her uncle's fall. She owes them a great deal, such as her current seat and her present influence. As such the female always makes a point out of it to keep them as close as she can. However, with their leader murdered and their groups split Antonia is suddenly forced to pull back. She believes that it would be unwise for her to openly show her support for either side, so she tries to avoid it. However, not wanting to be left behind either she decided to sneakily vow her support to either side and help them out. That way she is always at the winning side and always has an alley if the fight is over.

    Jacquelyn 'Jinx' Roux
    "Crazy, just... crazy..."
    Jinx was the first person Antonia approached in order to get into La Morte. Wishing for an alliance she hoped that this would be made easier by becoming friends with the supposed heiress. However, Antonia soon realised how naive she was in her thinking. The heiress had dealt with people like her since young and how to deal with her kind. Asides from that the female was also completely wasted in her mind. As such Antonia had an incredible hard time in dealing with Jinx, but she stayed determined. Now after years they can say that they are somewhat friendly, if not forcibly so. They have their inside jokes, such as the teddy bear she is gifted every year and the brochures that Antonia hands the heiress, but other than that the De'Rossi leader can't say that she trusts Jinx at all.

    Saverio D'Ambrosio
    "Lukewarm papa-bear..."
    The two of them met through Saverio's son, Antony. Wary of Antonia's intentions he approached her to see who and what she was, to test her. Antonia had expected such to happen, but never to the extent as Saverio liked to put it. As it turns out, he was just incredibly protective of his only child. This softened Antonia a little, but also became the centre of all her taunts and jokes towards the older man. Saverio warmed up to her eventually, mainly because Antony really did seem to like the female and because the two peers eventually started to date. With the untimely death of his son Saverio changed, however. The warm father from before faded away, cracked and for a while Antonia and Saverio didn't talk. Mostly because the man refused to see her for a while in heartbreak over his son. In the present time they are still friendly, with Antonia playfully referring to him as her 'father-in-law'. She can however see the change in character, how it is cooling down to a freezing point and it scares her a little.

    Antony D'Ambrosio - Deceased
    "I liked him, I did, just not in that way."
    Same as with Jinx, Antonia approached the young male with very much the same intent. They had similar names, so finding an opening for them to interact was an easy plan. What was surprising, however, was how well they got along with each other. Antonia and Antony were curious about the world and were shielded away from the underground. His father, Saverio, was at first wary of her, which was all in his right for Antonia did approach him with impure intentions. However, as they grew more friendly with each other Antonia started to share more with him as well. Antony might be the only person in the Mafia to whom Antonia completely opened up to. He was probably one of the few friends she truly valued in life and the only one within the Mafia world. Along with an intimate friendship the two of them also dated for a while before his unfortunate date. Antonia knew that he liked him, but she simply didn't see him that way, mostly because there was another inside of her heart. However, knowing that she could never date that person, and that Antony came with better benefits she did agree in dating him. His untimely death put an end to their relationship, however, which saddened Antonia greatly.


    Bartholomew Auditore
    "Mewmew is precious, really precious. I don't want him to get involved in this."
    They met in high school, not too long after that Antonia's life was turned upside down by the death of her parents. While she was still adjusting to the new world that was now her life she felt herself pulled towards the soft, gentle, kindness of Bartholomew. At first she just sat down with him, for they were both alone and seemed in need of company. However, after a while Antonia realised that this guy had something she had lost that day in the accident. A caring heart and kindness in general. Slowly, but surely they became friends, despite Bartholomew never knowing about Antonia's true identity. Where Mewmew, as she had decided to call him, would let himself be bullied, Antonia would stick up for him. Waiting the bullies up in an alley as she threatened them never to get near him again. In return she started to adopt his morals as her own, as she could greatly respect his peaceful ways. However, fate was unkind once again when the female decided that she wanted her rightful seat back. She knew she had broken this simple rule of non-violence the day that she murdered her uncle. She also knew that from then on the world would be a lot more dangerous for her and her loved one. After crying her eyes out at Bartholomew's place one last time the female then seized their contact. Limiting it to a few words once in a blue moon, but in overall treating him like a stranger in order to protect. It was painful, for she truly liked him as a friend and perhaps even more.

    PM me if you want to discuss any relationships~

    To the outside Antonia is an architect. She designs buildings for various uses and advices particulars what features suits their wishes the best. She specialises herself in design and lay outs, expertises that she also uses in her hidden job as part of the Mafia. She is a freelance architect, meaning that she is her own boss and employee, something that makes it easier for her to come in whenever she wants to work. That way she isn't tied to time and schedules, which makes it easier to move around. Along with that she also designs bases, hideouts and buildings for the Mafia itself, to make sure that they can make their swift escape when the police decides to run their doors.


    - Main objectives
    The De'Rossie family specialises itself in information gathering and infiltration, both skills that are also their main jobs within the underground world. Of course they aren't famous for that role in the shadows, for one is a terrible shadow player if they are known by what is meant to be hidden. They steal information, lay out plans for infiltration and espionage in other groups and sell it all the same. Next to that the De'Rossi family are also active as blackmailers, for they are allowed to play this role thanks to their information base.

    - Lesser jobs
    However, next to the main role that they play the famigilia wouldn't be what they are today if they didn't have other ties. Ironically they are more known by these jobs than their actual roles, but that is all planned out and consciously decided to be so. After all, it would be a bad thing if everyone knew about their true nature, for that would mean no one would trust them. The De'Rossi family is known to be involved in funding and building underground casinos and the likes. Gambling by the civilians is still banned in Italy, and Antonia knows that, playing into that by designing their locations with elaborate escape routes for when the police comes in. Asides from that she also extends herself in other forms of illegal gambling, such as horse racings and other sports. It pains her heart, as a former athlete, but it is lucrative business as it brings in the money.


    Ice ring
    Her favourite to be at. One could say that without the ice Antonia isn’t full, not in her true habitat and element. While gliding over the ice everything seems to go up for her, speed, strength, agility. The female knows how to pull out her full competence once she is on the ice, having grown familiar to the frozen grounds underneath her.

    She loves to learn, to constantly seek for improvement and better herself, or broaden her own horizons. There isn’t such thing as too much for her, wanting to get to the depths and details of her favoured subjects. It is a thirst she somehow never quenches, but it is a lust she doesn’t mind having.

    Figure skating
    At one point of time it was the centre of her life. However, now after the accident Antonia has greatly loosened up, being not as focussed on the sport as she was before. She still likes to dedicate much of her time to it, but it now is only a hobby. Though she still regrets that she had to give up on her dream she is glad that at least she wasn’t completely denied from practising.

    Music & Viola
    Next to sports Antonia has always greatly appreciated music, always choosing her own pieces to dance on for her competitions. Next to her favoured sports Antonia also practised viola for years, but she never quite gave it the attention it deserves. She is average on the instruments, still able to play some nice pieces if she practises enough, but in no way able to compete on a high level.

    She absolutely adores to eat this iced treat. Proud that it is one of Italy’s specialities as well Antonia likes to eat it no matter the timing. Though as a former athlete she had refrained herself from eating it too much the Italian is much more lax in the future, making sure to take a bite or two whenever she passes a shop that sells it.

    She isn’t completely against it, but she certainly doesn’t like it. Antonia is someone who prefers explanations than expressions. Cursing is, in her opinion, a sign of a lack of wits that comes forth from a lack of intelligence. Not only is it disrespectful, but it is also stupid as nothing is achieved with it. So usually Antonia would refrain herself from cursing as well. However, when the situation is so entirely dire that even she sees no solution to it she may curse despite her beliefs.

    She loves the frozen form of water, but when liquid Antonia prefers to stay away from it unless she is showering, or taking a bath. For some strange reason, which she doesn’t entirely understand herself, she feels an immense repulsion to swim.

    Cowards & Doom thinkers
    These who are first to give up, are always afraid, and only see problem to problem without ever coming up with a solution. Antonia despises such people the most, feeling drained by them and their useless worries and incompetence. She believes, if one has the time to fuss, that they should use their brains to think of a solution to solve it, maybe even make it better. It is one of the kind of people that the Italian can’t work with and also will refuse to work with.

    In the future, when Antonia has a license, she will hate to drive. She is already uncomfortable when she needs to sit in the car, but it increases even when she is sitting behind the wheel. How she even got a license in the first place is a question, but she hates to drive, and usually would try to avoid having to drive by all means.

    For some reason Antonia hates beef. No matter the way it is prepared she doesn’t seem to take a liking to it. She usually claims that it is hard to digest, but there is more to it. She doesn’t like the taste and texture of it. However, that she dislikes it doesn’t mean that Antonia won’t eat it. She isn’t a picky eater of herself and thus will sallow away her own disgust when it is already served on her plate.

    Figure skating
    For many years Antonia practised it on a high level. Competing and gaining fame as a figure skater. She held much promise, so much, but it was all robbed one faithful day when she was hit in the car accident. Though, even if she can’t skate on the level she did before, it doesn’t mean that she has lost the complete ability to skate. She is still considered a prodigy, a talent, but just a weakened one, unable to compete for her previous title anymore.

    A viola is an instrument much alike to that of a violin, but lower in tune. She never practised much on it when she was still an athlete, putting her priority on her career first. However, after the accident Antonia has been balancing her time more, putting more effort and time in her music instrument as she found solace in it. It comforted her, which resulted in a tender band for her.

    A surprising talent that seems to be a mystery inside of her brain. If Antonia walks through a house, or streets of a city, she is later capable of drawing them out in memory from an aerial view. It is a hard feat to do and it certainly takes some time, usually with most of the time lost with Antonia walking around, but it is a skill she inherited from her mother, who lead the branch of infiltration before. The Italian takes this talent as a precious skill of hers and doesn’t put it into display often, knowing what dangers there are by sharing such a talent to the public.

    True to what the name De'Rossi represents Antonia specialises herself in gathering intelligence and infiltrating bases. With her talent of mapping she can quickly figure out what the weak spots are in the security of a building, or guess where hidden entrances are. This helps her and others to plan out fast routes of escapes into the enemy building if needed. However, most of the times this speciality is a bit more hidden, not so viewable, known or obvious to the public as it sounds. Often, and such is the case in this recent conflict, the members of De'Rossi appears to be friends, hiding behind a façade while they are passing the information to the enemy party, effectively stabbing a knife in their backs.

    As natural Antonia grew up and was taught the Italian language as her first and foremost language. It is the language she is the most comfortable in and in which she communicates in with her family.

    Commonly taught to all students Antonia was no exception. A useful language for the exchanges made to the world outside, and as the De’Rossi family has a lot of international contacts it is the most common language Antonia uses next to Italian.
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  9. [​IMG]
    You think I'm crazy? You should see my mama.

    Get Jinxed: Agnete Kjølsrud (From the band Djerv)
    Crazy=Genius: Panic! At the Disco


    A l i a s

    G e n d e r

    A g e
    24 years old

    R o l e
    The Daughter || Heiress

    A l l e g i a n c e
    Il Sangue della Morte

    E t h n i c i t y
    Half Italian Half French

    P e r s o n a l i t y

    [ Dramatic & Flamboyant ]

    Ha! I just love it when things go... BOOM~

    Jinx has been a little firecracker ever since she was little. Commanding and demanding attention from those around her and soaking it all up when she could. The key was to put on a show entertaining enough to draw their gaze and then in the right moment...BANG! You've captivated them. For some reason, she's always loved the feeling when she's had someone's full attention on her. It made her feel...wanted, at least, in that moment. Every bone in her body seems to have a dramatic flare to it and it shows in her actions. Even down to the way she dresses, it's all for that moment when the spotlight is on her. It's a little selfish but she doesn't care. She can't help but feel what she feels and she wants to feel like she belongs and that she's needed. If she needs everyone's attention to do so, then dammit she'll get their attention one way or another.

    [ Spontaneous & Impetuous ]

    Who needs reasons?

    Jinx is the type of person people have to look out for because she always keeps them on their toes. Hell, she even keeps herself on her toes because half of the time she's just bullshitting her way through life. Not really putting much thought into her actions but just "winging it" because it "felt right". It's crazy, and it would seem like it wouldn't work, but for Jinx, she seems to be a natural. Jinx isn't complaining, though, not at all. This whole doing things on impulse seemed to be working just fine and Jinx wouldn't want to...jinx herself. (Hohoho! //shot) But what's life if it won't throw a wrench in your lovely plans? There have been times when Jinx has had to revise her game strategy because things just weren't working out. Or basically she ended up making a really reckless decision without thinking and ended up getting herself driven into a corner, so now she has to actually use her brain to help her out of this situation instead of just crossing her fingers and hoping for the best.

    [ Brutal & Barbarous ]

    You're starting to bore me, and I loathe being bored.

    Jinx has two extremes, not trying, and trying to kill you. And usually, she's set on her trying to kill you mode. There isn't really any middle ground with her. She's ruthless with her attacks, not going easy on her opponent at all. She'd rather just hit you with the heavy stuff and maybe, if she's lucky, in the process have some collateral damage as well. (Though her mafia family would complain since they always have to clean up her mess) Jinx's love for fucking things up and the adrenaline rush she gets as well is unparalleled and there's no stopping her once she gets started. Not to mention she loves watching someone suffer. Yeah, it's a little sick in the head but who said she isn't crazy? So she'll sit back and relax, laughing while enjoying the screams of her victims without a second thought.

    [ Hyper-active & Easily Distracted ]

    Wait, I'm thinking! Urgh... how do people do this?

    Jinx has ADD and ADHD and normally the ADHD goes away once adolescent years have passed, but unfortunately, for Jinx it has stayed with her. So she's bouncing off the walls like she's on some sugar high, basically a big ball of energy. Not to mention her inability to focus. Her ADD messes with her a lot sometimes. No matter how hard she tries she can't help the fact that she's easily distracted. And it doesn't matter what, she can be distracted by anything. A bird chirping, a chair falling, an animal, her own freaking thoughts. That's the worst part, when she's really excited and she has so many things popping into her head at once and she just wants to get it all out, but in her excitement she ends up not forming coherent sentences and looks a little stupid even when she's not. She'll end up cutting herself off or overly explaining something. Taking 10 minutes to tell a short story when it should just take a minute. Her struggle is a hard one.


    B i o g r a p h y

    I'm pretty sure my papa wanted a son. Instead, he got little ol' me. Surprise!

    The first thing that usually raises questions is why does the mafia boss's daughter not have an Italian name. Or more importantly, why doesn't she have his last name. Simple, while Gianfranco Carlevaro might have been a powerful mafia leader, he was whipped by his wife Christelle Roux. That's right, Christelle had Gianfranco wrapped around her pretty little fingers and for the people that new the boss well they didn't find that surprising at all. Christelle didn't like the way Jacquelyn's name flowed with her husband's last name, so she just decided to give her baby her maiden name(which she had decided to keep as well. More so for protection reasons as opposed to it not flowing.)

    A lot of people, especially Gianfranco's family, wanted to know why he had decided to marry a foreigner, a Frenchie at that. There were plenty of beautiful women that he could have at his disposal right there in his home area. If this was just a phase for him he shouldn't have married her. Still, Gianfranco never failed to explain, happily, why he chose his beautiful wife. He had been with countless women before her, but he can remember that no woman had ever left him with the impression she did. The women he had been with in the past were always loyal, the type that would do anything he told them. Kind of like dogs, blindly loyal to their owner. And while that wasn't exactly a bad thing, it wasn't what he had wanted either.

    He was visiting France for business when he met her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Normally, Gianfranco never had a problem getting women to fall for him but this one was different. It was like, she knew he was interested in her, but she was just playing with him. She was just as confident as she was beautiful and to top it all of she was headstrong. She was the first (and last) woman to make him chase after her. She wasn't going to give herself up easily. The more he chased after her the more he started to develop feelings. He couldn't live without her, she had to be his. But while Gianfranco was trying his hardest to win Christelle over she was slowly falling for him as well.

    Christelle didn't date without seeing someone as a potential life long partner. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and she wanted a husband that loved her more than anything, that could make her laugh, that would protect her and cherish her but also be open to trying new things and above all have fun with her. Of course, he had to be able to put up with her strong personality as well (which is where most men failed after a while) When she felt that he could be all these things and more she committed herself to him 100%.

    They were together for a little while longer till he proposed to her. She accepted right away and they were married. A healthy baby coming soon after. Granted, Gianfranco wanted a son, but the moment his baby girl was born all thoughts of a son left him and all he could feel was overwhelming love for his little princess, who he was very protective of. Jinx was an only child, her parents decided against having any more children since Jinx was such a handful on her own. She was spoiled by the both of her parents but one thing was for sure, they loved their daughter very much.

    Of course, when you've lived a privileged life you can tend to take things for granted, Jinx didn't realize that until her father died and it was already too late for her to do anything about that. She wished she could've spent more time with him, wished she could have those long night chats she used to have with him when she was younger. Or how she longed for him to wrap his arms around her in a tight embrace, pet her head and call her his little princess. She can still remember the utter shock and heartbreaking feeling she felt when she found out her father was dead, but above all, she remembers the betrayal, rage, and bloodlust she felt for the [Insert Advisor's name here]. He was the first person that came to her mind when questioned about her father's death.

    She vowed on that day as the rightful leader of La Morte she would rebuild her father's mafia and kill the one who murdered him. She would avenge her father's death and [insert Advisor's name here] would rue the day he decided to snatch one of the most important things in her life away from her, all for the sake of taking what was her birthright.

    R e l a t i o n s h i p s

    If you want a relationship PM me~

    [ Antonia De'Rossi: Funny Goody Miss Two-shoes ]

    I'm sure once she got rid of that two by for that's shoved up her ass she'd be a chill person

    Annie, as Jinx likes to call her, even thought Antonia hates that (Jinx doesn't give a shit) is someone that appeared in her life rather suddenly. She didn't seem too bad, other than the fact that she was some stranger from another mafia family being "nice" to her. On instinct Jinx assumed she was after something, I mean, they usually are right? So from the start, she's never really trusted Annie. She might not know her motive or care but she knows that she's not worthy of her trust, not yet at least. Besides, she was raised to be cynical and untrusting because as the daughter of a big time mafia family it's only natural people would expect to catch her when she's weak and either crush her or use her.

    Anyway, Jinx decided to humor her anyway since she loved seeing her reactions so they have their own little insiders now where every year on her birthday Jinx gives her a bear named Tibbers and Annie gives her brochures to insane asylum retreats.

    [ Bartholomew Auditore: Strangely interesting sissy ass guy ]

    Ever since I defended his ass he's been attached to me. Naturally, of course, I am pretty awesome

    Pretty much when Jinx was around 14, high school age, she had nothing better to do so she would hang out with this group of delinquents that had way too much time on their hands. Jinx naturally assumed the role of leader over the group, her personality basically commanding it to be so. Anyway, she clicked well with her little squad of delinquents doing little crimes here and there and basically spreading their graffiti art all over Venice. She can remember, almost as if it was yesterday, she was hanging out with her group as usually, roasting the people that they saw and having a damn good time when they saw this tall dark haired boy and proceeded to make fun of him just like they did everyone else. It was all going well till some members of her group began to get agitated because this particular male wasn't giving them the reaction they expected.

    Jinx had to admit she found the whole thing pretty interesting. Usually, they had that effect on people where they would receive the reactions they desired, but this dweeb was different. So, one of her guys got a little physical. To this day, Jinx doesn't really know why she did what she did but she doesn't really question it. Anyway, before her guy could land a hit on the poor sap, Jinx was there and blocked the hit before slamming her knee so hard into his side she was sure she left a bruise on his rib. Turning to face poor soul she asked, "Are you alright" and from there they ran into each other every now and then until it just became a normal thing for them to meet up at this convenience store.

    One day Jinx had noticed that he had a gecko and got super excited since she loved reptiles. He then was kind enough to offer one of his gecko's, Romano, to her to have since he couldn't take care of both. She quickly accepted, ecstatic that she now had an actual real life pet for once. Romano is one of her most prized possessions. For some reason, Jinx has grown attached to this weird guy and has been hanging out with him from time to time since she was 14. Though of course, she doesn't know now that he's the police chief (not yet) and he doesn't know who she is.











    [ Saverio DAmbrosio: Fucking Pedophile walking ]

    This goddamn fool has lost his damn mind. He outta do us a favor already and just die

    To be honest, Jinx didn't hate Sav. Those feelings didn't come until later. But while she was younger she just knew him as her father's best friend and the guy that would always kill her vibe. She did her thing and he did his, no hard feelings. She was friends with his son and they got along when Sav wasn't yelling at her. Still they didn't really interact too much, not till she got older and she was being considered for taking over the mafia. To be honest, Jinx never really cared whether or not she would be the leader. Even though she was hearing rumors swirl around her leading La Morte was never something she desired. That was until she heard Sav talking shit about how she wasn't capable of leading and how he would do anything to keep her from getting in that position. Jinx was filled with determination of sorts and was gonna prove to everyone she could do this. Then her father suddenly passed and all she could think was that the only one who would gain from this tragedy would be his so called best friend. From that day forwards she vowed to kill him.

    [ Gianfranco Carlevaro: One of a kind Pops ]

    He liked it when Mama calls him Big Papa

    Since her dad was leading the mafia he was a pretty busy man so she couldn't hang out with him as much as she could with her mother. Still she was her father's little princess and when they did hang out they had fun. Some of the best memories she has are when her father was teaching her the ways of a mafioso. When she hung out with her dad he was her dad, not the boss. Of course, when she was on a job he was the boss before her dad and that showed when she didn't get special treatment from him, which his members could respect. when Jinx would mess up or jeopardize the mission she would get punished just like anyone else would. Still she loved hanging out with him still. They would crack jokes and have shooting competitions and just enjoy each other's company. Now that her father is gone she realized that she could've spent so much more time with him. She misses him so bad it hurts her heart and she can't believe Sav would be so underhanded as to kill him, even if he might not have actually killed him but someone else did under his orders, all for the sake of keeping her from power.

    [ Christelle Roux: Badass Mama ]

    Where do you think I get my crazy from?

    Jinx loves her mom to pieces. She couldn't have asked for a better one. Not only is her mom the most beautiful woman she's ever seen but she's intelligent, bold, ambitious just like her father and headstrong. Normally if someone was married to the mafia boss they would be there to just sit and look pretty. But her mother made it clear that she wasn't going to be a trophy life. Her papa was fine with this but of course, some other people within La Morte didn't feel the same. Some thought he was a fool for marrying her and that she would be the death of this group. That didn't stop Christelle though from doing what she had to do, she was determined to prove herself. And that she did, Christelle formed a specialized group within La Morte that was trained in interrogation. Should the group ever capture someone in order to get information this group would take over. They even dabbled in a little torture. Since this group was exclusive and hard to get into they were also the "clean up crew". The reason La Morte was good at hiding their tracks was because the clean up crew would double check everything to make sure all was going well.

    No one could say that she didn't have a positive effect on the mafia. They had an easier time once Christelle had her little group running like a well-oiled machine. (The group was formed before Jinx was born.) Jinx's mom is just as badass as her dad and herself. She talks to her mom a lot about just about anything.

    [ Antony D'Ambrosio: The Coolest dude in the group ]

    He wasn't supposed to leave like that. It's my fault, I wasn't there.

    Growing up Jinx didn't really have someone around her age except Antony. So they got along pretty well. Jinx being the energetic one always looking for adventure and danger and dragging Antony along. They got along pretty well though they would usually be scolded by Sav. And by they, it was usually Jinx but she didn't care because they were having fun. Antony was always a little shy and Jinx was always the reckless one when Antony was fragile. Still, of course, Jinx has an effect on people and slowly but surely Antony was coming out of his shell. By the time they were teens they were pretty tight. One day though when they were hanging out with each other hormones were raging and things escalated causing them to leave the friend zone behind and begin this new relationship. essentially they were friends with benefits having fun and enjoying their youth while they could together. It lasted for a while but it was only time till Sav found out and scolded the both of them, forbidding them from continuing. Then again Jinx was rebellious so she continued with Antony anyway just in spite of his father. Then Antony met Annie and while she was skeptical of the girl, Antony was is love so they ended their little affair and he became loyal to his girlfriend. Jinx didn't have any hard feelings though because she would've never given Antony the relationship he desired.

    Around their 20's there was a day when her father was handing out assignments to the group. Jinx remembers this just like it was yesterday, her father was considering sending her on a mission with Antony as opposed to sending her on a harder mission that was out of town. Jinx didn't care which one she was sent to and she could've had fun with her friend but Antony spoke up saying he didn't need Jinx's help and that her services were essential to completing the harder mission. Antony made a good point so her father sent Jinx on the harder mission. Jinx was there for a while and came back a week later after the success of the mission only to find out the horrible news that her friend was killed on his mission. What made it worse was that she missed his funeral too.

    Jinx blames herself because if she was there she could've protected him and he wouldn't have been taken from her so soon.
    M i s c e l l a n e o u s


    Jinx stands at five feet two inches tall or one hundred and sixty centimeters, whichever you prefer. Still, that's fairly short for her age, not to mention short in general. Still she doesn't mind being short, she compensates for her height issues with big guns. (Hehe~) Jinx has a slender build to go perfectly with her short stature. She does, however, lack in the chest department, but for what she lacks there, she makes up for slightly in the hip region. Not too large, but actually perfect curves that suit her nicely.

    Jinx might look like your average skinny girl but in fact, her body is pretty toned from all the constant work she puts in. Here's the benefits of being short and small(weight wise), speed and being able to fit into small places. That's right, Jinx is one of the fastest people she knows and not only that, she super flexible to boot. (The boy's will just love that~) After all, she was bound to gain some muscle here and there with all the fighting she does, plus she usually carries around her big guns on a mission. Jinx is on the pale side, which is a little strange seeing as Italians are normally of an olive color. She figures she gets the albino-ness from her mother's french side.

    Jinx's hair was naturally dark in color, but once she saw a picture of a girl dye her hair a deep shade of indigo she followed suit choosing a brighter sapphire color. Her hair is ridiculously long, so she has to keep them in braids. Usually opting for the two pigtail look. But even with her hair in braids, the length of her hair extends to her calves. She blames it on the fact that her mother liked her hair too much and would never let her cut it. "A woman is supposed to look like a woman. And beautiful women have long hair," is what her mom would say when Jinx was young and would complain.

    She has pink irises instead of blue, like her father's. The reason being that Jinx has very little to almost no melanin in her eyes so the color didn't form. So all that can be seen are the blood veins in her eyes, which she has plenty of, which is why she has that pink color. It's a rare occurrence that would be more likely to be seen in an albino, which Jinx is. (Lucky her) Jinx has a smoke and bullets tattoo on the right side of her body reaching from the right of her neck, down her chest ( even a bit of her boobs are tattooed, I know, badass right?), down to her pelvis and down her right arm and the back of her right shoulder blade.

    She got it done on an impulse and adrenaline run. She also has a tongue piercing, another impulse run. Her ears, however, were the first thing she pierced. One hole each and her left ear cartilage has been pierced twice. Jinx has a huge appetite and a high metabolism. She can eat as much as a boy in his puberty stage can. (Which basically means she has a black hole for a stomach) She also loves taking naps when she's not out wrecking havoc. She is, however, a light sleeper, should she ever need to be awoken to defend herself against someone or something.

    As for her clothing choices, Jinx prefers to...stand out. Usually going for odd patterns, bright colors, oh and of course, showing a lot of skin. She could care less about how she "draws attention" to herself. In fact, that's the whole purpose. Jinx loves to be the center of attention.

    Her usual get up is some sports bra/bikini top item paired with a belted bottom for the bikini top, where she can store her extra bullets in the slots, shorts with a pattern on them paired with another belt for storing extra bullets and explosives and knives and whatever other weapons she could possibly need. She wears a thigh holster for her pistol on one leg and the other has a different patterned thigh high stocking. All of this is topped off with some combat boots and she calls it a day. Don't forget the glove she wears on one hand and the partial sleeve and glove combo she wears on the other. Her gloves have the fingers cut out. She also wears a necklace with a cheap leather bound strap and attached to it is the first bullet she ever fired. She keeps it for sentimental value.


    Weapon Enthusiast

    Jinx got fascinated with weapons the first time she fired a gun. She can remember that day like it was yesterday. She was ten and her father let her go to a practice range to teach her how to shoot. She was so excited, like a kid in a candy store. At that point, she didn't really have any field action but the people trained her to be ready for anything. After some grueling practice, Jinx started to get the hang of it. To be honest, she was a natural, she picked up the skill a lot faster than most people. She showed great potential, not to mention she wanted to learn everything there was about weapons. For her, it's not just about using the weapon to get what she wants, but more so becoming one with it. The weapon being an extension of her own body. She has so much book knowledge about a lot of weapons and explosives and knows how to use them like using a part of her body.

    So taking her gun away from her won't make her any less dangerous, she always has another trick up her sleeve.

    Romantic Relationships

    Being raised by a mafia leader had it's ups and downs. One of the downs being how Jinx views relationships. She sees them as pointless because no matter what the underlying desires are physical. What is love really, but the dressed-up version of lust? Her father was the leader, so whenever he wanted something new and exciting he would go with a different woman. When Jinx was small she would watch them come and go, and while she knew he loved her mother she just couldn't help but think this was wrong. Her mother knew what was going on but never seemed to be bothered by it and Jinx just could never understand. Love was a fairytale that Jinx could not afford to entertain. So, if she ever got into a romantic entanglement it stayed strictly physical, she made that clear. It made things easier for her anyway, it was all about the pleasure and the fun they had at the end of the day. Besides, the men that she has engaged in sexual relations with always prefer keeping it physical like her. Jinx is honestly just too fucking crazy to have as a girlfriend. At least, that's what they tell her.

    Voice Samples

    Play "I'll give you to the count of - time's up!"

    Play "Duck! Hehe, just kidding, that won't help."

    Play "Smile! It's called gun play."

    Play "Any last words? Ha! No, just die."

    Play "Seriously, screaming helps... not at all."

    Play "You're starting to bore me."

    Play "You're my favorite waste of bullets."

    Play "I feel like I forgot to shoot something..."

    Play "Wait, I'm thinking! Urgh... how do people do this?"

    Play "Whatever, let's just start shooting!"

    Play "I don't even think once about blowing stuff up!"

    Play "I have the best intentions!"

    Play "I'm crazy! Got a doctor's note."

    Play "Aww, c'mon, what's the worst that could happen?"

    Play "I really need a new gun. But don't tell my other guns."

    Play "What's in my violin case? Violence."

    Play "Guns don't kill people. I mean, until you shoot them. Then they kill everything!"

    Play Jinx's Laugh

    Play Jinx's Laugh

    Play Jinx's Laugh

    Play Jinx's Laugh



































    Credit goes to Riot games for making this character design and the character in general. My own personal twists have been added to this character. League of Legends character Jinx: The Loose Canon

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  10. [​IMG]
    "They'll all pay. Blood or time, it doesn't matter which to me. But they will pay."

    Age: 27 | Birthday: February 29th | Gender: Female | Ethnicity: Japanese-Italian | Allegiance: Police | Role: Carabinieri

    Quiet and Reserved
    "What? It's not unusual to work hard."

    Kate prefers to get her work done over having personal attachments in the police force. Naturally she seculudes herself while working on cases, and she seems to rarely go home. She speaks to as little people as humanly possible, and doesn't like to put herself into an uncomfortable position. Due to her past this uncomfortable position can range from normal small talk to karaoke. Very few people know anything about her, even her likes and dislikes.

    Morbid Humor
    "I guess that saying's true. He really did forget his head now that it's no longer attached."

    Oddly enough, Kate is very chatty at murder and crime scenes. She makes jokes that make rookies and lab technitions alike ill at ease. Kate learned this as a coping mechanism when dealing with dead bodies, and now it's a habit that she can't seem to break. Some people even write down some of her jokes as proof that she does them, as anyone who doesn't work with her in a crime scene won't believe the person in question. Also, morbid jokes make her laugh without fail. She can and will tell every single of her morbid jokes with a completely straight face.

    "I don't give up until I'm done. No matter what."

    Kate is also known for working for months on one case to bring down a small drug ring. She doesn't stop until she's done, no matter how long it takes. It makes her slower at police work sometimes, but with her knowledge of the underground and how the mafia operates, she's never stuck for more than a few months. That's to say her seven year plan of getting back at the mafia for betraying her and trying to kill her is an extension of how stubborn and determined she is.

    Lone Wolf
    "I have a partner, but I'll never trust them. Trust is a fool's term for getting comfortable. Get comfortable and you end up dead."

    Kate absolutely refuses to work in concert with others unless it's a benefit to her personally. She'll work with SWAT, her partner -to a small extent-, and whoever she needs to, to ensure that she doesn't end up dead or off a case. Her priority is ensuring that she finishes the job, not anyone or anything else. She will often go off on her own to check up on leads or investigate, much to everyone else's annoyance.

    "Be exact or not at all."

    Kate learned quickly to do the job right the first time due to her time spent serving the mafia family. If they found fault with anything they would hurt her or yell at her. So Kate does everything with pinpoint precision and takes her time to do the job right. No matter what it is. She did origami once, but the time it took her to make a simple lucky star was about a month, because she had to ensure the correct measurements for everything before starting.

    Won't Make Mistakes
    "My hands would get smacked so hard I thought they would break when I did something wrong. I learned fast."

    Kate doesn't like to make mistakes. When she makes mistakes she tends to get upset and her usual calm demeanor fades away. She gets upset and rushes to get the job done, no matter what it is. If she misspeaks, she won't speak again for a week or she'll rush through the rest of her sentence and then quickly leave the area. She figures that small mistakes add up fast so that she won't allow herself to make any.

    Ine Yakimura made a mistake.

    She made an irreparable mistake and she continued to make it worse by following the man who had gotten her pregnant to Italy and working for just enough to get by to someday get the courage to tell him what happened. After her daughter was born, she decided it would be best if he didn't ever know, and elected to try and raise Kate on her own. However, Ine couldn't return home due to lack of funds and shame, so she had to remain in the same city as the man who had made her pregnant, and every day that she remained in the city she saw him because she had chosen to work at his favorite cafe to try and work up the courage to talk to him, but couldn't leave the cafe because everywhere else paid much less for the same work.

    Ine tried her best to try and treat her daughter kindly, but occasionally would suffer from bouts of mania in which she hit Kate. Ine claimed it was Kate's eyes that made her do it, and that she could still feel that man glaring at her every time that Kate looked at her mother.

    Kate said nothing to try and ease her mother's anger.

    After Kate turned twelve, her mother let slip that Kate's father was a part of the mafia, particularly the La Morte Family. Kate was unsure what to do with this information, but it was the first time that she decided that she would kill someone. Kate figured that she could blame her father for all this misfortune and her mother's bouts of mania. If that meant getting into the mafia to figure out who he was and killing him, then Kate would do whatever it took. She went about attempting to figure out the best way to join the mafia family for her revenge, but ultimately figured out that until she turned fifteen there was no way they'd accept her into the Family, even as a lowly soldier.

    So she decided to try and learn martial arts, knife-play, and whatever else she could find on the internet on her own to try and make herself both a better candidate for the mafia family and for her revenge. When she didn't know how to go about using these techniques, she decided that she'd start a few street brawls to try and get some 'real world experience'. She lost more than she won at first, but she kept trying and eventually started winning more than she lost.

    Her mother suddenly had a moment of clarity and noticed the bruises her daughter wore home like badges of pride. Ine tried to stop Kate, but ultimately lost out to her daughter's stubbornness. So she started to try and give her daughter sweets when she could afford it, and try and treat her sweetly. Kate brushed her mother off, and continued her 'training'. Ine still hit Kate, but Kate wasn't home enough for Ine to hit Kate too often.

    When she was finally fifteen, Kate requested to join the La Morte Family. She entered a a regular soldier under the name Kathryn Slasher, and changed her real last name, worked hard to earn the trust of the family. Kate served under her father a soldier, , and instead of referring to her by her name, she was given the nickname 'bastard' from him. Ine kicked Kate out, and moved far away from Italy, ashamed of herself and her child for being involved in the mafia. When not on missions, Kate proceeded to investigate several members of the mafia, picking out which were traitors and which were still loyal to the Family. Her plan entailed picking out traitors and framing her father, whom she had figured out after joining the mafia. Kate figured that they had the same eyes, and her Capo looked at her the same way she imagined that Kate had looked at her mother.

    When she was twenty she seized the opportunity to present her findings to Gianfranco through a chance encounter with the boss of the Family. She elected herself to eliminate the people she'd figured out as well as her own father, to have excuse to kill him and make herself look good. The plan worked and she was asked to kill the people she had pointed out to be traitors to the Family.

    She followed through on her promise and eliminated at grand total of ten members, all of whom had been traitors or undercover cops. She did it clean enough to avoid drawing too much attention to herself or the family. Gianfranco had been pleased with her work and let her run the 'internal affairs' of the mafia, and she received her title of Capo. She ran other missions, but her main job was to keep the soldiers and other Capos in line and eliminate traitors to the Family. Kate garnered much dislike in the mafia due to her main job and quick rise through the ranks, but it wasn't until she was twenty-two that a few members elected to try and kill her themselves.

    Her attempt to eliminate a target ended poorly after being sabotaged by these resentful members, these members shooting and nearly killing her. Kate barely managed to escape and drive herself to a hospital before passing out. During her recovery, Kate figured that the dislike she had in the mafia had probably led to the Family itself handing out an order to kill her personally. As soon as she was able, Kate fled Italy.

    After a year abroad, Kate returned to Italy deciding to join the police force under a false name. She rose through the ranks quickly, seemingly able to charm whoever she needed to in order to get a promotion and arresting a great deal of criminals. Her rise to detective was dubious, but there was no doubt that once she was a detective that she was hard working and determined to finish every case she was handed. Especially the ones related to the mafia in some way.

    Recently, she's been handed to Carabinieri assigned to try and help keep the streets of Italy safe from the mafia war that has broken out. Her own agenda is much more along the lines of vendetta, but her captain and her are at odds due to their differing views on how to best eliminate the mafia problem. She also has suspicions about her boss, but can't figure out what exactly bothers her about him.​



    Eye Color:
    Hazel, a brownish gold. On stormy days they often look grey.​

    Blue-ish Black, she keeps in a simple, short cut that keeps it just above her shoulders. Recently, it has started to get into her eyes, but she hasn't been diligent enough to get it cut back to a reasonable length.

    6' 3"

    190 lbs

    Thin, but muscular. She has well built arms, but often covers up. She looks weaker than she is, and most of her weight is due to muscle.

    When in uniform, everything is clean and pressed to an almost annoying degree. It almost looks new, even though it is actually about four years old at this point. She takes excellent care of it, even if she doesn't wear it every day.

    She tends to dress very plainly. Her shirts are usually a variety of black, grey, or muted colors that don't have anything on them. She also wears regular jeans and a brown leather jacket. In fact, the most identifiable thing about her might be the red scarf she wears when it starts to get cold. Which isn't often in Venice.

    Her upper arms and back are covered in scars from her various missions and her lifestyle. She also has a bullet scar on her stomach, which is why she tend to dress conservatively to cover it up. Additionally, she has one scar on the side of her neck from her betrayal. She can't hide it, so she tends to ignore someone who asks about it. It gets red when it rains.​
    Mother - Ine Yakimura
    Her mother helped her learn Japanese as well as snuck treats to Kate when she could. As of now Ine's only tie to the mafia is dead, and that was Kate's father. Her mother is still alive somewhere out there, but Kate is uninterested in reconnecting to her mother. However, her mother is openly ashamed of Kate's life choices and never condoned her joining the mafia. Ine also abused Kate for Kate's eyes, claiming that they looked like her father's. The circumstances surrounding how Ine became pregnant are unclear, but left deep emotional scars on the woman.
    Father - Marco Lenzi (Deceased)​
    Lenzi ended up unlucky after a one night stand. As far as parenting that is the only thing that he was involved in. As a Soldier, Kate worked directly under him. He often referred to her as 'The Bastard' due to her half-Italian heritage. He assumed that she was the daughter of some other Capo, but never mistreated her for it. After some time, he even began to wish that he had a family of his own. However, when Kate purged traitors she revealed to him that she was his daughter. He pleaded with her to forgive him for what he'd done in abandoning her, but died anyway. His last thoughts were wishing that he'd taken responsibility and treated her right.
    La Morte Family Leader - Gianfranco Carlevaro (Deceased)​
    Kate often took orders from him. More often than not they were internal affairs, eliminating traitors or would be traitors. She carried them out flawlessly, and since he was perfectionist he ensured that his tendencies rubbed off on her, making sure she had set parameters for each mission. He trusted her with 'internal affairs' to ensure that traitors wouldn't compromise the family.

    Other - TBA​


    Candy, Sweets, Being Alone, Quiet, Working Hard
    Loud noises, Yelling, Being hit, Stumbling over her words, Imperfections in herself
    Perfectionist, No empathy, Paranoid
    Liar, Skilled shot, Dedicated worker, Flawless understanding of how the underground works
    Japanese (Fragmented, only some), Italian, English

    "I am a ruined vessel of regret and sorrow, but I will be free."
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  11. [​IMG]


    [Barth-ola-mew] [Ow-de-tour-ray]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nickname: Chameleon, Mewmew (By Antonia) [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] Alias: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Vega [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] Age: 23 | Leo [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] Gender: Male [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] Ethnicity: Italian [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] Allegiance: Police | Role: Police Chief[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent][ Diligent & Optimistic ][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Come on, let’s keep working and then we can take five everybody.~”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bartholomew is a hard working young man willing to put aside his time to work on multiple things as long as it manages to get done in an orderly fashion. With his diligent nature comes his optimistic attitude. Despite being seen as a rather intimidating individual, Bartholomew is a gentle person who encourages his subordinates to do their best even under pressure. He isn’t one to push somebody past their limits. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][ Charismatic & Charitable ][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Ma’am I promise I’ll help with you, no matter what, I’ll do the best I can.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bartholomew is a man of many words. He has a tendency to easily diffuse violent and stressful situations without using any form of violence or physical contact but rather with his words. When it comes to a panicking mother asking about her lost child? He has a natural ability to calm her down and manage to get the answers he needs to aid her. Along with his charismatic ways goes well with his charitable nature. Balancing work and his personal life can be difficult but in the end no matter what he still finds ways to donate his time when others need him most. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][ Kind-Hearted ][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Hey, no need to worry so much. . .here, we can work on this together.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]When it comes to Bartholomew he is always willing to lend a helping hand to loved ones and strangers. Some see him as naive and too trusting but he personally does the things he does for others out of goodwill knowing he helped someone else who was struggling to get by.[/BCOLOR]​
    [BCOLOR=transparent][ Two Sided ][/BCOLOR]



    [BCOLOR=transparent]“You’re starting to get on my nerves…”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Despite being the loving and caring individual with a laid back personality, Bartholomew can be ruthless. He isn’t a pushover as new recruits make him out to be. Though it is difficult, it is still possible to get on his bad side and that’s not a part of him anyone wants to see. He becomes more blunt in his tone and less laid back in his body language. The compassion in his eyes fade away and he is that but a brute to emotions he once tried to have towards the individual. He also has a tendency to be more aggressive in his approach. There is a way to redeem one’s self if they hit the point of no return. Though Bartholomew is practically done with the individual's life, some have been able to earn his trust but not for free. He installs onto them the “Three-strike” rule. After three strikes on continued behavior or actions, it’s best to leave him alone because nothing you could say to him could honestly change his mind about you.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][ Curious & Perceptive ][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Curiosity is the lust of the mind.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bartholomew is a rather curious man, small things intrigue him and he is always one to ask questions when appropriate. He observes his coworkers as they work which always leads his mind into wonder. Something he normally keeps to himself about. Matched with his curiosity is his observant nature. He is always looking and on watch even while on break while at work, taking in the surroundings and doing his best to have things make sense in his head.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]It all began at a late night party on a warm summer night, the moment being just right for two people who found compassion in the other. Twas the night Celia Auditore met up with the man her heart yearned for. He could never forget a face like hers, no one could with the way her smile could light up a room. She always felt her heart skip a beat when he was around, something about this guy just made her grin. The night was like something out of a fairy tale but something didn’t exactly go right in the end. Shortly after the events of that night did she find out she was pregnant with His child. She was afraid to face her sisters but they welcomed her with open arms and cared for her despite what she had learned. She was expecting a baby with Him and though excited, the news she received from Him that He deals with dangerous men made her worry about her baby's future. Luckily, he reassured her their secret would be safe. The nine months went by rather smoothly after they spoke and the child had arrived without complications, a little boy she named Bartholomew. Bartholomew was the only boy in a house of women but that never bothered him. His mother was around 5’5” in height and was very small in body shape yet petite in figure but had a beautiful complexion and a heart warming smile. He lived in a relatively small house with his three aunts and five cousins all sharing three rooms.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]He didn’t grow up with a lot but never complained and was spoiled only on rare occasions when it was something meaningful to him, like his birthday, half the time with Bartholomew objecting to such lavish gifts, the other half with Celia not wanting to really spoil her child. Without having much, he had to keep himself busy by reading, playing with his cousins or complying to their tea parties and etiquette lessons. He grew to respect women and see him as his equal and also his superiors, never daring to back talk his aunts or get rough with his cousins. They taught him basic things as best as they could like cooking and sewing and had him thrive off the ideology that “Violence is never the answer, but an option when you have no other choice.” He took to those words and engraved them into his mind at a rather early age. The first instance this ideology helped him out of a dangerous situation was in middle school, the other boys always found it weird why he hung around all the girls and could casually carry a conversation with them with ease. They called him names, the most prominent being sissy which upset him in the beginning but he quickly learned to let it go. This aggravated those boys, one even dared to pick a fight with him but naturally he did not agree and instead walked away. This continued into high school but branched into both sexes having something against him. The second instance where his aunts ideology didn’t exactly help him out. The girls assumed he was homosexual for his interest in cooking, cleaning, and sewing. The boys were no better, they were jealous of his natural ability to flirt with girls despite not knowing he was. In the end, the few people he let get close learned just how laid back Bartholomew truly was along with how kind hearted he was on top of that. In high school he never knew what he wanted to do when he grew up until one day when he turned the corner to heading to class only to see a group of jocks bully a freshman who just wanted to get to class. When the jocks noticed him they told him to run off, one even remarked he was too much of a “sissy” to help anyway. Something snapped in Bartholomew because soon after he had shoved the leader of the small little gang out the way which made the bully angry and the two broke out into a full blown fist fight. He was reprimanded by his aunts when they retrieved him from school that day for being suspended. Despite his violent outburst his mother did not scold him but instead sat him down and spoke to him about what happened and he explained everything to her. How his true intention was just to help the freshman being bullied and he never intended to get into a fight. His mother spoke softly and left her son with words of comfort and advice, that violence makes you no better than those bullies and to not let them get in your head because it’s where they want to be to have power over you. He took her words to heart and swore never to forget them.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Growing up into his teenage years, His mother would receive a larger amount of money, more then when he was younger, from an unknown source to pay for his clothes, books and supplies to allow him to get the education he needed and extracurriculars he wanted to participate in. But one thing always bothered him. He never knew his father and his mother would never mention him. As the years went by he would subtly question his mother who his father really was, where this money came from and so forth so on. but never did he get an answer and after a few years he dropped the question entirely. Now currently at the age of 23 having done his police training with the encouragement of his family motivating him, Bartholomew willing took up his new job as police chief. The words of advice his mother told him always stuck with him, and his drive to help others never died.[/BCOLOR]​


    [ Family ]
    Celia Auditore - Mother
    Eleadora, Marissa, Ria Auditore - Aunt
    Araceli, Carrina, Fia, Felicia, Rossa - Cousins

    "They taught me v[BCOLOR=transparent]iolence is never the answer, but an option when you have no other choice.”[/BCOLOR]
    His family has always been there for him in his times of growing up. With no real male role models in his life they were substituted by powerful women that took no sass from no one but among each other.

    [ Friends ]

    Antonia - Best Friend
    "Nia will always be my best friend, where ever she is..."
    Bartholomew had met Antonia the first time around high school and followed one another into college. In high school he was almost always alone, though this didn't bother him, something about Antonia drew her to him and he wanted to become friends or at least try. He respected her for standing up for him when he was being bullied. He could easily ignore them or defend himself but his family told him never to stoop down to their level and retaliate, something she seemed to respect. Everything about their time together made him happy. He would get excited to show her his leopard gecko Tulio or give a goofy grin after addressing her as "Beautiful" as she would be quick to call him an idiot. He seemed to like calling her that. Along with Beautiful he called her Nia and Little Lady, mainly little lady due to her height compared to his. Though the day she came to him crying, she asked him not to ask why so clueless he just held her for as long as she needed him and proceeded to clean her face up afterwards. After that occurrence she seized contact with him and he rarely ever hears from her but the days they do manage to meet his eyes shine like the sun over the sea and he's like a little kid with a new toy, pure excitement on getting to see his friend once more.

    ~If You want a relationship PM me~




    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bartholomew is tall standing at about 6’2” with a rather fit and built body. He has jet black hair, which is kept short but maintained and bit jagged. He does tend to slick his hair back but prefers his normal bed head. He has bluish green eyes, A comforting sight to those that lay their eyes on him. His mouth is average width, and often times seen with a complacent face and an occasional slight smile. His hands are relatively small along with his arms, despite his build, making it easy for him to reach into tight spaces but strong enough to knock some sense into someone. His complexion is medium in tone, a peach colour seen more easily in the day while a more darker version in the night. He walks most of the time with his hands in his pockets and leaning back, giving off a rather relaxed appearance around coworkers and friends. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He can be seen normally trotting about in his police uniform throughout the day as he tends to work often being the police chief and all. He isn’t too keen on wearing it all the time but when he’s off duty is when he is in a more relaxed state than during work. He wears a v-neck shirt with sleeves going a little past his forearm and a pair and khaki coloured slacks and a comfortable pair of dress shoes. A necklace with a charm of a skeleton key around his neck accompanied by a singular silver bangle on his right wrist. He has no piercings but he does have a tribal styled tattoo of a shark on his lower back that traced up half his side accompanied by spiraling stars.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent][ Likes ][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Swimming, [BCOLOR=transparent]Italian ice, Cello, Piano, Classical and Jazz music, Reptiles, Astronomy, [/BCOLOR]Fiction Novels [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][ Dislikes ][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Sour food, Coffee, Disrespectful people, Metal and Country music[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent][ Strengths ][/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]He has a great amount of stamina to keep up with criminals and is very agile on his feet making sharp turns and hurdle jumping easy. He's quite fast, given the chance he could easily keep up as long as keeps up his pace. Along with that he is physically capable of holding his own but tends to do better in close range. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent][ Weaknesses ][/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Despite all his good qualities, Bartholomew is very naive since he is very young and still has a lot of learning to do. He is also very trusting of people, which could bring him a lot of trouble down the road. He has had few instances were he was also irrational in his thinking being driven by emotion during his work. He does take a step back to reevaluate the situation but it leaves just a few to think he's incapable of his job.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [ Pets ]

    Bartholomew owns a leopard gecko named Tulio.

    [ Romantic Relationship ]

    Bartholomew is a very charismatic charme able to use his words. He is charming, cooks, cleans and sews plus more. What some would say to be a perfect candidate to love. Well that would be true had it not been for the fact that he is VERY dense and normally clueless to a girls advances normally taking them as a friendly gesture. He is open to a relationship but it's either he catches on after god only knows when or you're brave enough to be blunt enough and ask.

    [BCOLOR=transparent][ Vega Facts ] [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star in the night sky and the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus. It is a relatively close star at only 25 light-years away, and, together with Arcturus and Sirius, one of the most luminous stars in the Sun's neighborhood. Bartholomew is shown as a person to be feared but once you get to know him he has a tendency to bright up your life just like the star.[/BCOLOR]​
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  12. Lavinia Vargas

    23 | Female | Police | French-Italian

    due to her personality that her friends find it toxic. They love to be around her but at the same time hates it especially when she's bitchy

    Attention Seeker
    Being good at her job, relatively pretty, going to extravagant parties and a Vargas, Lavinia is used to receiving a certain amount of attention and praise. When she feels like she isn't getting enough, she can be pretty upset and bitchy. She's a little attention whore who'll do anything to gain the spotlight back to her. She'll speak loudly, throw insults here and there to those who stole the spotlight from her and sometimes, make the other person suffer. She'll usually spill coffee on them or trip them "accidentally". If she's caught in the act, she'll just have to pout and act all sweet and innocent. But if all else fails, she'll just work harder and try to be more impressive.

    Feels Entitled
    She feels she's entitled to things she wants because she's pretty and a Vargas. She's used to having the things she wanted in just a snap of her fingers and served in a silver, if not, golden platter. If she doesn't get what she wants, she ends up confused or upset. She'll surely and definitely whine about it but she'll work harder and harder until she gets what she wants. Although sometimes when laziness strikes, Lavinia might use some dirty little tricks to get what she wants but she'll do it secretly and discreetly.

    Being raised by her strict father, Lavinia hates feeling inadequate and does what she can to live up to her and her parents high standards. She makes sure to do everything she can so she won't disappoint anyone. Though she often fall short
    to the expectations of others and ends up disappointing herself, this only makes her work even harder to prove that she isn't inadequate and that she can meet or even surpass their expectations. She is her worst critic and really beats herself over small mistakes but she doesn't show it.

    When it comes to work, she doesn't shy away from it. In fact, she believes that work gives her purpose. Just because she's used to having things easily doesn't mean she didn't work hard for it. She works even harder to get the things that she wants without the help of her family. Although her uncle still sends her money and spoils her to death, she wanted to prove to them that she can survive all by herself. She resents lazy and privileged people or generally anyone who ever had things come easy to them but she doesn't show it. Heck, she's one of those privileged people and that only pushes her work harder.

    Just like any human being, Lavinia acts cold towards people she doesn't know well but not to the point of rudeness. She'll respond to questions, pipes comments every now and then but that's just it. She isn't used to meeting and entertaining people despite the hundreds of parties she went to because of her family. All in all, Lavinia acts civil towards people she barely knows. As for her friends, she can be very affectionate and generous. She'll lend them money, buy them the things they needed, hug them, hold their hands and if she's feeling extremely affectionate, kiss them. She values those who she can trust and put their needs above hers.

    The Vargas family is well known for its glitz and glamour. They are rich, owns a well-known wine business and friends with the powerful families all over Italy. Lavinia was said to be lucky to be born in such a family that has everything: fame, money and glory. Everyone was envious of the Vargas. Who wouldn't when her father was one of the greatest wine maker of Italy and her mother was once the greatest perfumer of France? They were the picture perfect family with a loving husband, a caring wife and a perfect daughter. They'd throw lavish and glamorous parties every week where they would show off everything they own. They would show off Lavinia and guests showered with affection, praise and attention; they'd even let Lavinia have anything she wants in just a snap of her fingers. They'd buy cars and jewelry that could cost an entire vineyard just for the fun of it; and befriends powerful families thats from different industries. Every other family was envious of them and wanted to be like them. But behind all the glitz and glamour, the picture perfect family has a secret that no one knows but the household of Vargas.

    Lavinia was the product of the forced childbirth of Alice de Blois, who was sought after by Don Giancarlo Vargas due to her beauty and elegance. Her mother used to be a great perfumer in France until her father decided to rape her and force her into marrying him. The couple doesn't show it in front of Lavinia but she could hear the of them always fighting behind closed doors and sometimes, hurt each other. Lavinia could still remember how her mother covers up the bruises with makeup every time there was a party. Ever since then, a seed of hatred towards her father lodged inside her heart.

    Because she is the only heir in the family, she was obligated to succeed in all areas by her strict father. Her father wanted her to follow his footsteps and be the successor of the wine business but Lavinia didn't want that. In fact, she wanted to have her own business at such a young age. She wanted to have her own perfumery since her mother used to be a perfumer but of course, her father was against it. She could still remember how her father locked her up in her bedroom with no food and water for a day while her mother cried and pleaded. She could still remember how her father slapped her mother repeatedly until it passed out. The seed of hatred inside her started to bloom until it fully consumed her heart.

    But even if her father was an ass and barely gives her time nor attention because of his work, she still didn't want to disappoint him which results to her to work very hard just for her father to spare a glance at her. She even became a brat where she would ask her father about any material thing she could think of which is quickly given to her. She also bottled up all her opinions in fear of her father locking her up again and beating her mother.

    During those times, even if she had every material thing she wanted, Lavinia felt helpless and weak. She wanted to do something, to help out her mother and somehow, get back to her father but she didn't know what to do. She then remembered her father's younger brother, Franco Vargas who works with the police and immediately contacted him. She told him about all the beatings, the abuse and after several phone calls, her Uncle Franco decided to visit them and investigate about it himself.

    Her father and her uncle got into a huge fight once they see each other. Her father telling him that her uncle doesn't have any right to tell him what to do and how to manage his family. They got into the point where her father dared her uncle to call the police and tell them about the abuse but her uncle couldn't do it. He said that blood is thicker than water and that he couldn't let his older brother go to jail.

    Lavinia felt disappointed and her only support at that time was her kind mother whom she spends her free time with while playing with the plants in the garden, the two of them secretly studying plants. Her uncle feels her disappointment for him and decided to make up for it by teaching her self-defense. By that time, Lavinia felt happy that somehow, he have a father figure who took care of her and loved her. Her uncle always praises her whenever she did something good and she loved it.

    However during her 5th year in elementary school, her mother died because of an illness caused by the beating of her father. Her father blamed his brother (Lavinia's uncle) and filed a restraining order. Her father also became even more strict to the point that the more skills she mastered, the more she will be given to master. She also lost contact with her uncle who was trying his best to remove the restraining order but to no avail. It seems like her father used his money and power to make her uncle's life difficult. She then soon heard that her uncle was removed from the Italian police and that he was accused of drug possession. These made her grow unhappy. After graduating from elementary school, she was homeschooled until it's time for college.

    For college, her father made Lavinia study wine chemistry so she can have more understanding about the science of wine making. Since her compulsory subjects include botany, she decided to be great at it and took toxicology classes too just for the sake of it. She graduated with honors and was the top of her class and was about to follow her father's footsteps when she discovered how their business really works. One night, when she was about to head out of her lab, she saw some of her father's bodyguard dragging a beaten up and bleeding body down the wine cellar. With her curiosity getting the best of her, she decided to follow them and what she saw changed her life forever.

    There, standing in the middle of the wine cellar was her father with a gun in his hand. He was pointing it at her uncle who was doing a private investigation to clear his name and bring his brother to justice! And instead of wine bottles that should be in the cellar, packets of cocaine and marijuana were in the racks. She could hear her father threatening, blackmailing and torturing her uncle! What Lavinia saw made something snapped inside her. She then quickly reached for her phone and called the police, not caring about what will happen to her next. That very night, it was proven that her father did not only framed her uncle with drug possession, her father was also involved in the dealing of drugs. It is also discovered that 30% of the money used in the wine making business was from dealing of drugs.

    Since her uncle used to be the chief of police, the Italian police decided to keep the crime under wraps. They helped her uncle to be the chief again and helped them remove the restraining order. They also offered Lavinia to work for the police since she's good at chemistry. Of course, Lavinia accepted the offer, thinking that she should leave the wine making business to her uncle.

    To this day, Lavinia is working for the Italian police down at the lab and at the field. Her uncle, on the other hand, retired from being the chief and focused all of his attention to the wine making business.


    Lavinia is a 5'4 slender girl who wears her long auburn hair in pigtails fastened by black ribbons. She has chartreuse eyes and is usually seen wearing a black suit jacket with a white high collared shirt, black pencil skirt and black tie with a little corset on her stomach. On her left arm, she wears a buttoned white glove. She also wears thigh-high black stockings with a white thick belt on her left thigh which holsters her gun. She also wears a black laced up heeled boots that conceal her two telescopic stun batons.

    Alice Vargas | mother | deceased
    Giancarlo Vargas | father | deceased
    Franco Vargas | uncle | alive
    Puff | cat | alive

    Lavinia is a hand to hand combatant. She is skilled in hand to hand combat, able to land successful and painful kicks especially when angered and agitated.

    She is also weapon specialist with an accurate aim for she had shown an aptitude for shooting guns with fatal accuracy and aim.

    Her prefers to use weapon her telescopic stun batons, twin knives or pistols

    Allergic to crustaceans. One contact with its shell causes itchiness and rashes on her skin

    likes cats, gardens, books, pastries and tea

    Hates laziness, liars, dogs and rude people

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  13. WIP
    //will do fancy shiet later.

    { Celestino De Fiore }

    Name: Celestino De Fiore
    Alias: Shade

    Age: 27 years old
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Italian

    Allegiance: Il Sangue della Morte
    Role: Caporegime

    Loyal & Trustworthy
    Like a dog, once Celestino chooses a person to believe in, he will follow them to the ends of the earth without fail. ...

    Observant & Perceptive

    Mature & Level-Headed
    sdfghjkl; There's a reason as to why he held the rank of Caporegime, and it wasn't simply because he was Gianfranco's favourite--though many claim this to be the case but Celestino believes this to be far from the truth...

    Forgiving & Tolerant
    Celestino is a very forgiving person, so much so that one would hardly think that he is part of the Mafia. He isn't the type of person who holds a grudge, nor is he the type who is easily angered. Many people have come to equate this with kindness and have come to enjoy his company due to it. He is generally open-minded and tolerant to the opinion of others which simply adds to his 'kind and gentle' image. If only they knew the truth.

    While he is tolerant and forgiving, Celestino isn't the type of person who allows people to walk all over him... wip

    Pessimistic & Guarded


    Hair: blonde
    eyes: amber?
    height: 6'1"
    weight: ??
    Soemthing sdfghjkl;

    Celeste De Fiore - Twin Sister

    ____ - Girlfriend

    La Morte
    Gianfranco Carlevaro - Don / Capofamiglia

    Cats > Dogs
    Funnily enough, Celestino is often compared to being a dog yet he actually prefers cats over dogs. In fact, he's actually a bit afraid of dogs. It used to be a whole lot worse when he was a kid. Back the he would completely cower at the sight of a dog, even if it seemed harmless. A bad experience with dogs back when he a child, around only six years old, was what laid the seed of fear in him. That day, as he was visiting his friend's house for the first time, their dog barked loudly at him. Even when his friend's parents tried to calm the hound down it still continued to bark at Celestino. He couldn't keep his eyes off the mutt. Celestino felt himself slowly backing away from his friend's house. It didn't help that the dog wasn't tied up. Fear fully kicked in when the dog started to salivate and Celestino did the worst thing you could do in that situation: run. The hound chased him down the street. Celestino tripped and lost his left shoe. He didn't have any time to pick it up. The hound only stopped chasing him when he was just a few steps away from home--though in truth, the dog stopped almost as soon as tripped and left his shoe behind; the dog had taken the shoe home and started to chew on it. Of course, Celestino would never know of that.

    Quick Learner; Bad Tutor
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    "M'lady, you aren't fit to rule if you could only solve the walls of leadership through violence. You may be young, but that doesn't mean you are exempt from judgement."

    Walter Michelangelo


    General Information

    "Disregard my advice, and have fun being subjected to your ultimate downfall."

    Name: Walter Michelangelo
    Alias: Wisdom of Death / Chief (by his comrades)
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Italian
    Sexuality: Heterosexual



    Height: 5'7''
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Build: Slim
    Attire: Green suit and Hat
    Distinction: His perpetual smile / His green hat / A young baby face and short stature despite his age.



    "My alliance is with the La Morte, first and foremost. Unfortunately, the death of our noble leader has caused our mafia to split into two factions. Not that I am pleased, but I will never forgive that woman for treating me as if I was his killer."

    Allegiance: La Morte (former) / La Saggezza della Morte
    Role: The Strategist



    Walter Michelangelo is an extremely charismatic young man with commendable leadership and decision-making skills. He has many connections throughout Venice, and they aren't hesitant to assist him in his time of need. He is a master strategist, capable of turning the tides of conflict to his group's favor and most of the time comes out successful; hence the reason why Gianfranco chose him as his advisor.

    Walter is outgoing and friendly, treating his mafia members as equals. He also respects his enemies as if they were friends. If it weren't for the fact that he is part of the Mafia, one could consider him an overall nice guy and a true gentleman at heart. Walter rarely loses his cool even under fire and doesn't let his emotions get the better of him. He doesn't like the idea of fighting, preferring to sit on the sidelines and observe his subordinates' actions. Walter works hard to find the killer of his former boss.

    Despite his seemingly good personality, let's not forget that he is part of the La Morte mafia. Ruthless, violent, fearless and dangerous. While he would give his subordinates a second chance, he does not hesitate to leave them should they be in the mercy of their enemies. The one time he breaks down is when he realizes that his strategy and planning are falling apart. He is a perfectionist like that, and does his best to maintain that status.

    Likes and Dislikes



    + Planning
    + Giving advices
    + His hat
    + Smoking
    + Apples
    + Guns
    + His faction
    + Observing


    - The Police
    - The Daughter
    - Betrayal
    - Direct confrontations (He prefers to sit on the sidelines and observe)
    - Fighting


    (UNKNOWN) ?????????? (UNKNOWN)
    Abilities and Equipment


    - Mauser C96 (signature weapon)
    - Throwing Knives
    - Bombs (Grenades, Smoke and Flashbangs)

    On the outside, Walter is just a strategist and advisor who prefers not to fight. However, when prompted to, Walter turns out to be capable of fighting. He is dangerously proficient in hand-to-hand combat, using a combination of punches and kicks to subdue his opponents. Not only that, he is also an expert knife thrower and sharpshooter, but only uses these to end conflicts rather than prolong a fight. When escaping, he favors the use of flashbangs, smoke bombs and grenades to disgruntle his pursuers.

    However, as previously stated, he isn't too efficient in a prolonged fight as he has mediocre stamina. He takes great care not to overuse it nor underestimate his opponents, as he is fully aware that he is finished if he becomes exhausted.

    Gianfranco Carlevaro
    - The former don of the La Morte mafia is held in high regard by Walter. His personality of treating his mafia members as comrades must have rubbed off onto Walter himself. Gianfranco trusts him and never thought of being backstabbed by him. He always seeks him for advice and acts as his enforcer, strategist and La Morte's second-in-command overall. When Walter found out about his death, he was devastated. Even more so when his own flesh and blood would pin him as his murderer.

    (+) Allies: (+)

    Simone "Smokey" Deluca
    - TBD

    Celso Bassanelli
    - TBD

    Antonia Giovanna De'Rossi
    - TBD

    Valentina Mattea Barone
    - TBD

    - TBD

    Mariella Jane Agnelli
    - TBD

    Violet Ceserios
    - TBD

    (-) Enemies (-)

    Jacquelyn "Jinx" Roux / The Daughter
    - TBD (Edit: Sorry Princess Misaou. ; ~ ; *bows*)

    The Police Force
    - Being an obstacle and a hindrance to their operations, Walter takes great care not to underestimate them, especially since a new task force assigned to dealing with them was recently formed.



    Face Claim:
    Firo Prochainezo from Baccano!

    Confrontation with the Advisor:

    Fight with the Advisor:

    Voice Actor:
    Todd Haberkorn as Firo Prochainezo (from Baccano)

    "Brute force isn't the answer to victory. Only strategy, and numbers."
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  15. MAJOR W.I.P.

    Mariella Agnelli
    La Maschera
    "The Mask"


    La Saggezza della Morte
    Capo : Weapons Expert

    || Good-natured but Temperamental ||
    || Logical but Pessimistic ||
    || Trustworthy but Distrusting ||
    || Determined but Stubborn ||

    Standing at 5'10", Mariella is rather tall for a woman. However, many would be fooled into believing otherwise, especially from behind. It doesn't really help that she narrows her wardrobe down to trench coats and collared shirt, making her quite conservative in how she dresses. Her general inclination towards dark colors gives her an air of pessimism, which isn't terribly far from the truth. Most don't think much of it, as she is a well-respected woman. As a general rule, she keeps herself in good condition, staying fit and muscled but not overly so. It would be rather foolish to mistake her for being weak. She has rather broad shoulders and few curves to her name, though she does have a fair-sized bust. Were it otherwise, many would find it difficult to tell if she had XX or XY chromosomes. Enough about that. With dark brown hair and calculating brown eyes, Mariella is not without some strange sense of beauty. Keeping her hair short and parted evenly to one side, she remains organized in every area of life--including in her appearance. Her presence does not lack strength and solidarity. She does not smile often but, when she does, it is damn near impossible not to smile along with her.
    She does not have any piercings or tattoos--save one on the back of her neck.



    Mariella's life began by chance. Antoni Agnelli, an Italian with a hint of British ancestry, had been a world-class brain surgeon with a payroll people only dreamed about. He would travel all over the world and perform practical miracles. Where others failed, he succeeded. One day, he was begged by an older couple from Russia to come save their only daughter. He obliged, of course. Why would he not? When he arrived, it was like love at first sight. Alexandra Isakov was a young woman of rare beauty in both body and mind. After working his medical "magic," the two decided to marry. Her parents, although thankful for her father's work, disapproved of the marriage immediately, as he was a great deal older than her.

    In defiance, the two eloped back to Italy, where they soon gave birth to a beautiful boy. The boy was not destined for this life, however, as he died tragically after only six weeks. Heartbroken, Alexandra nearly packed up and left for Russia. Antoni managed to convince her otherwise, but it put a strain on their marriage. Two years later, she became pregnant with another child: Mariella. From birth, she was considered to be a prodigy. Excelling in intellect and art, no one could deny she was destined for greatness. Her father believed she could even surpass his skills as a surgeon, if she so desired.

    But it was not to be. At age 16, her father began to gain the reputation as a world-class swindler instead of surgeon. No one could be sure why he started to trick people out of money, but some said he was in massive debt from living an overly luxurious life. Unfortunately, he managed to piss off the wrong sort of people: La Morte. Whether prideful or just foolish, he refused to pay back what he stole from them. In the end, it cost him his wife's life. To protect himself and his daughter, he would have to join La Morte, and Mariella was forced in kicking and screaming.

    Over several years, she learned the tools of the trade, mainly weapons. Being an intellectual at heart, she studied and practiced them for hours on end, finding its history and application to be absolutely fascinating. She picked herself up from being a simple errand girl and grew to both resent and respect the family. After all, they had stolen her mother, though she could hardly remember her by the time she was 22. Eventually, she grew to hate her father, as he had caused all their problems in the first place. But nonetheless, she was part of La Morte now, and that was really all she cared about.

    At age 27, she was promoted to Capo, specializing in weapons and instruction. She spent most of her time at their "home base," rarely going out for any specific tasks. Unless they required her specific set of skills, of course. When Gianfranco died, she was perhaps the least heartbroken. She had given up on grief long ago. However, it was an easy decision to join La Saggezza, as she strongly believed Jinx would never live up to her father's name. In contrast, Mariella still holds great respect for Saverio.

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  16. [​IMG]

    Violet Ceserios




    French & Italian

    La Saggezza della Morte




    Intellectual & Quick Learner
    From a very young age, Violet had an interest in learning new skills and improving them. Having grown up in an affluent family, with highly sought after surgeons for parents, she was provided only with the best instructors wherever they moved to when they had to travel for work. As her intellect grew, Violet found herself studying books from her parents' library filled with medical and surgical procedures. To everyone's surprise, she knew procedures better than more surgeons in the field, at the age of ten. Proud of their child, her parents began bringing her to their jobs after gaining permission to allow their daughter to sit in during surgeries along with other surgeons at the age of fifteen. Being a bit more advanced than the other students in the high school, Violet began attending university in pursuit of degrees to become a well-known surgeon like those in her family, after skipping another year of school. After three years of medical school and surgeon training, she received a few degrees; such as Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Psychology, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Chiropractic. During her time of waiting to be accepted by a university, Violet had some spare time on her hands to do other activities she was interested in. Although they thought it was a strange interest for their daughter, her parents agreed to let Violet take fighting lessons as long as she agreed to continue her other lessons; such as ballet and other refined skills a young woman her age should know. Her combat instructor was not what she expected, he didn't treat her like she was some frail child and pushed her past her limits while encouraging her to incorporate her own techniques. As time went by, Violet learned a few styles of fighting, like street fighting, mixed martial arts and ninjutsu while mixing some moves with ballet or gymnastics. Knowing close range attacks wouldn't always come in handy, her instructor took her to shooting ranges to show her how to use a gun, which became another passion of hers. People say that he probably regrets this decision because she ended up a better shooter than he expected of her.

    Mature yet Stubborn
    Growing up in an affluent family, Violet always thought she had to be sophisticated like her parents. Because of her background and inner desire to be like her mother, Violet dedicated a bit of time to focus on how to be a woman that society would approve of. With her of her mother and private etiquette lessons, she was able to achieve her ideal self. Yet with only one minor side effect, her stubbornness, especially when she is sick. Anything she does medical wise is set in stone for her, which meant anyone's opinion about what should be done or what other options they could do was vetoed unless she decided something needed to change. Those who knew her are well aware of keeping their mouths shut. When Violet becomes sick, she turns into a child, but still refuses to admit that she is in any way under the weather. So much so that she has to be forced to rest with someone to supervise her, otherwise she'll continue working and only make her illness worse than before.

    Kind yet Strict
    Violet is probably one of the few people within the family who don't look intimidating or give off a deadly vibe like the rest of them. Actually, many do not know that she is even in the mafia because of her work outside the mafia. Many come to her when they are having a bad day to rant about it or get advice because she'll listen to anyone's problems. It's nearly impossible to see Violet in a terrible mood, even though many suspect that she hides a lot of what she is feeling, except those she completely trusts. Yet many have experienced just how strict she can be. When they are training or sparring, Violet will let anyone what is wrong and make them correct it till it is perfect, working some members to death for quality and effectiveness. One can only how she is when it comes to illnesses or injuries. A few have opposed her warnings because she isn't as worried about them, but those with serious cases fear what would happen if they do not do what she instructs them to do. Just the look alone she gives is enough to scare them into taking care of their health.

    For someone who looks innocent among those in the family, she is truly someone you do not want to go up against in a fight. Violet is a very kind woman who people could never see as merciless, but as a surgeon and member of La Morte, it is almost like a requirement. Being inhumane in surgery or combat helps her become detached from her emotions which only get in the way like they did at the time of her fiancees' death. Emotions cause people to hesitate or lose control of themselves and this was something that Violet didn't want to happen again. After losing control she had asked the former leader if she could take some time to herself, in order to recover from her loss. After taking some time to herself, she came back to La Morte as the same kind woman with the only difference being her pitiless fighting. Anyone who begs to live when close to death, only irritate her because if they didn't want to die so soon, they shouldn't have joined the mafia to begin with.

    Genevieve Rochefort and Antonio Ceserios had their only child, Violet Ceserios, in their late 30's. Her given name was Violet because her parents noticed that when she was born, she had a form of albinism in her eyes. Due to the absence of certain colors, instead of sapphire eyes like her mothers, her hues were a bright purple shade. The color reminded Genevieve of her favorite flower, violets. Her father couldn't have been happier with the name after seeing his beautiful daughter. With this being their only child, they provided Violet with every single thing a child needed to have a good childhood. Their love and attention. As she was going up, her entire family often called her, Belle or Bella because that was her parents nickname for her even since she was born, so the name kind of stuck. Even when she went into town or Venice to visit her fathers' family, she was often called this by people on the street, although it was common thing to call beautiful young girls and women. Having lived out in the countryside of France most of her childhood, Violet enjoyed the homely feel that it gave her until her parents had to move around Europe when they announced they were ready to work again. With that announcement, every hospital from Europe to Asia was calling them for surgeries that they needed performed by the Ceserios'. As time went by, she quickly became interested in the very same profession her parents worked in. As she learned how to be a woman in modern society and a surgeon over the years, during the time that she was waiting for her acceptance, Violet met a young man by the name of Claude who seemed to be interested in her abilities.

    He often visited during the time that she was training with her combative instructor, offering to help him teach her a few things as well. Violet only saw Claude as a womanizer, who was trying to get her to join this so called 'mafia' that he was from. Over the years, he constantly came to recruit her for La Morte, but during the summer of her last year at the university, he brought Violet to her fathers' hometown of Venice, Italy to introduce her to the leader; Gianfranco Carlevaro. He had made the biggest impression upon her. Spending time with Gianfranco and the other members of La Morte, Violet began to think that maybe joining wouldn't be so horrible after all. That same year of her graduation, Claude had admitted to her that he enjoyed the chase as he was trying to recruit her and not just for the family. During that time, he often flirted with her while asking her on multiple dates. They met with each other almost every week and their affection for each other grew, although they were not officially dating. Although Claude was about four years older than herself, Violet couldn't help the feelings growing inside as the two of them continued to see each other. He popped the question to her with her parents present at a dinner, they were hosting at her childhood home. The moment she said 'yes', her family rejoiced with happiness and wished the couple a wonderful life together. Soon after their engagement, the two of them flew off to Venice for her join La Morte. When asked about an alias, she mentioned that she prefered her usual nickname that was given to her the day she was born because she become accustom to hearing it. It made her happy to know they accepted her request although she wasn't sure if he'd allow her to pick her own alias.

    After three years of being there, Violet became the official doctor of the family. Being engaged for three years as well, she and Claude were finally making plans for their wedding when suddenly, while he was out walking around town, another mafia ambushed him and murdered him. The news devastated Violet, which nearly devastasted her entire being, until she went away for while to recover. Coming back, she was given Claude's former position as a Caporegime. Now with the head of the group found murdered, the members were split into two; those who supported the advisor and those who supported the daughter. The decision was simple for Violet, she quickly joined the side of the advisor, Saverio D’Ambrosio. He was someone she could trust like Carlevar when they first met. When she heard that the daughter could possibly be the next head of the family, Violet was completely opposed it because she felt that the girl did not know what it really meant to be the head of the group. She hopes that the advisor will be the next person in line to take over because she feels as though he is the best choice for La Morte.





    Long Blonde

    Bright Violet
    (Snake-like Pupils when in combat)

    Violet has a slender yet curvy body. Although medical wise, she doesn't pay too much attention to herself, but health wise is different. She spends time at the gym and sparring to keep her body in shape. Especially her 'assets' that tend to be a good weapon in nonphysical fights.

    "Faucheuse" - Grim Reaper in French on her right shoulder blade
    (Fiancee's Alias)
    "La Petite Mort" - The Little Death in French under her left breast

    Violet's fashion varies depending on where she is. When at home, she can be found in her short light blue teddy relaxing around the house without a care. At work, even though she knows it'll be bloody at the end of a fight, she wears her white suit because it reminds of her doctors' coat when at the hospital. Any other time, she enjoys wearing high fashion clothing, attending almost every fashion week show in order not only keep herself looking good but also make sure the family is looking good as well.


    Claude La Fila (Deceased Fiancee)
    Claude was Violet's fiancee of three years before he was murdered during a fight with another family, who was opposing the late leader. Although he was a few years older than herself, he was also the one who recruited her to join the family when she was only seventeen, but after several years of trying to recruit her, she finally agreed after she received graduating from her university. After her graduation he proposed to her and the two were almost inseperable, until his murder.

    (PM if you'd like a relationship)




    Face Claim
    Bishamon - Noragami

    Cooking. Surgeries. Children. Animals. Fashion. Music. Killing. Thunderstorms. Being fit. Learning. Caring for others.

    Being sick. Disloyalty. Cowards. Liars.

    Falling in love again

    Her bare hands and her favorite guns.

    Saori Hayami - Oregairu's Yukino

    Grace feat. G-Eazy - You Don't Own Me | Hyuna - Roll Deep

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  17. [​IMG]

    Name: Saverio D’Ambrosio
    Alias: Sav, The Advisor, Grey Fox
    Age: Forty-Eight
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Italian

    Allegiance: Mafia | La Saggezza della Morte
    Role: The Advisor​

    Cunning, Wise, and Learned
    History repeats itself. This isn't something people say just to sound intelligent or aloof. Saverio has witnessed events happen again and again so many times that he has become numb to it. Children act like children, men always try to prove themselves, and women--well they're more complex creatures but not without redundancies. Ever since he was young, he's watched patterns in human behavior. It had started out as a game but became his entire livelihood. People's steps and lives beat in the same metronome-like pattern he was used to. He'd make bets about it, and he'd usually win. Yet, there was one time that he didn't. And, sure, he'd lost a bit of money with that, but he'd gained something more far more interesting--a friend.

    Cautious and Vindictive
    Saverio follows his patterns., but that doesn't mean he's always right. After falling into more treacherous waters, things shifted. Tides that he thought he could discern became choppier. So, he knew he had to guard himself against them. Saverio is slow to trust and even slower to give personal information. He has buffered himself against prying eyes and words and taken precautions not to be ensnared by political traps. He is aware of his surroundings and aware of what he says at all times. Bullets are deadly, but words can be even more fatal.

    A Slow but Violent Temper
    Failures happen. People are human, and they make mistakes. Saverio understands this, and he is lenient towards discretions that seem earnestly accidental. Of course, one wouldn't want to accrue too many of those. Continual failure will cause him to lose patience. Saverio believes that obedience cannot be taught by words or childish punishments. The offender will earn something that will remind them, daily, of their failures, and hopefully in vigor them not to make the same mistakes. Yet, there is a tale of what happened to the man that let Saverio's son die. Needless to say, he won't be leaving his hospital bed ever again.

    Something broke within Saverio after his son died. Whatever font of warmth he used to possess fizzled out into a small trickle. He isn't emotionless, of course not, but who once had a kindness that rivaled Gianfranco, now only smiled if business was going as usual. And with the death of Gianfranco, his sense of caring has dwindled even more. His life has been severely blunted by the things that have happened. And he has no problem returning the favor.

    Considering the child that Saverio D'Ambrosio was, no one would have expected for him to have ended up where he is today. He was the son of a farmer and a farmer's wife. His childhood was spent learning about crops, seasons, weather, and soil. His adolescence was spent driving his father's rickety truck into town to deliver vegetables and fruits to the varying markets and homes. Every week he would drive into town, and he would witness Venice's slow cogs continue to turn. After some time, he could practically predict what was going to happen. The local Lothario would be kicked out the second Tuesday of every month. Mama Valencia would have lost her cat four times by then, each time having been returned by the same kids that stole it. The spacey old man that lived by the market would try to jump into one fountain or another. He liked to work in a counterclockwise pattern throughout the city. People would complain about money, weather, love, food, or rest depending on the mood of the city. It was all very simple. It was all very readable. Saverio liked knowing these things. It gave him a thrill of having power that no one knew about.

    Yet, that did little for him in the end.

    His mother took a spill in the kitchen one day, and his father didn't find her until three hours later. They took her closest hospital, one that was very much outside of Venice. They had no idea what had happened. The family migrated inwards until they were at an expensive hospital within Venice. They told his father and Saverio that she had cancer, and if they didn't do something she would be dead before the end of the year. Saverio took that as an incentive to work harder, but his father just sunk into a bottle as his wife got worse. In the end, they were no further ahead in the world than when they'd started. His mother spent her days trying to help, but she could barely move for the fatigue and the headaches she would get. So, Saverio took matters into his own hands.

    He knew the city. He knew it so well that he knew how to steal from it in a way that no one would expect him. He took small things from the people he delivered to and some that he didn't. He'd gathered the trinkets and hid them under his bed. His father became curious, found them, and beat the daylights out of Saverio. "This is not who we are," he'd said. "You'll ruin our reputation." Saverio stared at his father and replied, "is that more important than Mom? Is it?" His father had no answer. Saverio refused to return the stolen goods, and so his father had him arrested. It was only for a short time, and it was supposed to only be to teach him a lesson. Yet, it only ingrained in Saverio's head that he was right.

    So, when Saverio was released he knew what he had to do. He moved to Venice, ignoring his father's words and began to work on a plan. Unfortunately, his smarts only got him so far. He had no resources, he had no friends, and he definitely didn't have any money. That was when Saverio met Gianfranco. The man was charismatic, smart, and brave. The two complimented each other quite well, and they managed to come up with a plan that accrued them a bit of wealth. Saverio took his half and paid for his mother's treatment, letting them know via proxy he'd done it. His father relented but allowed his mother to received care for her cancer. Yet, by that time, it'd gotten so bad that the medicine was only a pain reliever. She died only a few months later.

    Not having anything to attach him to his father's small farm, Saverio cut ties with his family. To this day, he doesn't know what happened to his family. Gianfranco had far larger plans and Saverio was drawn into them like a fly into honey.

    Their little gang of thieves grew, expanded, and became its own entity. Before Saverio knew it, Gianfranco had his own mafia named La Morte. God, Gianfranco loved it. Saverio enjoyed the other man's presence. The lack of power and funds as a child made him appreciate his current position. While he would have never of chosen this life for himself, he didn't want to part from it.

    Sometime after that, Gianfranco met and married Christelle Roux. Saverio didn't like her. She was domineering and an unstable factor within their well-oiled mafia. Saverio hoped that Gianfranco would come to his senses. That he would remove the tumor of a woman before she became too cancerous and too destructive for them to function. Unfortunately, things just became worse. They had a daughter, Jacquelyn. She was a spoiled, sycophantic, little shit that Saverio constantly had to factor into whatever their plans were. Yet, Gianfranco loved Christelle and he loved Jacquelyn. And as much as Saverio didn't want to admit it, his friend's happiness mattered more than all of his plans.

    This vitriol might have also been cooled by the arrival of his own child. Unfortunately, it was not a perfect sort of situation. Saverio had gotten too drunk and seen a pretty lady at a bar. She disappeared the next morning. Nine months later she shoved a newborn into his hands and disappeared again. She professed that it had to do with Saverio's ties to the La Mote, but he had a feeling that she'd figured him out on a deeper level.

    You heard that saying that it takes a village to raise a child? Well, it took a mafia to raise Saverio's. He wasn't the best father. He barely knew how to be kind, and he sure as hell couldn't handle changing a diaper or cleaning up puke. Yet, as Antony, his son grew older, Saverio warmed up to the entire prospect. And by the time the boy was in double digits, Saverio would have crushed all of Venice to keep him safe. Unfortunately, he'd have to just settle on the face of the man that let Antony die.

    The young man always looked up to his father. He saw a man that had helped Gianfranco create an empire. He wanted to prove himself, and he didn't like the way that Saverio constantly protected him. Through constant begging, Antony managed to convince his father to let him participate on some very simple missions. Nothing too dangerous or too nasty. Saverio allowed it but sent a bodyguard to watch him at all times. As one might expect, this came back to bite Saverio in the rear. Antony found himself in the middle of a scuffle with a smaller gang. It was unfortunate, but it was the way things were. Yet, instead of Antony's bodyguard standing up, he had to defend himself. Antony was shot dead before he was able to pull his own gun out. The bodyguard fled, but Saverio found him. Saverio beat him to the point that he now needs a tube to eat, breathe, shit, or whatever else he wants to do.

    From there Saverio poured himself into his work. He helped Gianfranco become even more ruthless and feared. He froze his emotions and didn't let them out in his day to day. Years passed, and perhaps Saverio was regaining pieces of him that had been lost on that day. It was then that Gianfranco died at the hands of his beloved daughter. Saverio slunk back into himself, but not with sadness and remorse but with anger and righteousness. He will see Gianfranco's killer lying in a bloody heap on his floor before he will rest.

    Saverio is a tall, bulky individual. He was born as a farm boy to a long line of farm boys. So, height and muscle came naturally to him. He's older now and some of the sharp edges that he once possessed have become soft. Still, he retains his strength. It is seen in the way that his suit coats pinch around his shoulders. Saverio is always adorned in three-piece suits along with sleek, form-fitting gun holsters. One can see his tattoos flicker from around the collar of his suit and at the edges of his sleeves. They are remnants from a more barbaric time within La Morte. He still tends to them, though. They are vivid and not faded. He possesses strong facial feathers. He has a powerful brow and chin, with a prominent nose slicing down. His eyes are downturned and a pale brown that's only ever seen when he removes his glasses or the light hits them just right. His once black hair has grayed, but he doesn't hide it. Instead, he wears it neatly groomed and pushed away from his face. He keeps a neat beard that is sometimes intruded on by sharp facial scars. They strike across his face as if he received the brunt of a window to it. There is a large chunk missing from his right ear. He doesn't talk about how that happened. He just smirks when he's asked about it. Saverio is handsome in a way that many people would find unconventional. He isn't wild or domesticated. He's more like a cat that lazes around on your porch during the day and slinks off into the night to battle the nocturnal rodents that haunt your yard. He'd never say no to a bit of attention, but he'd never let you know that.

    Gianfranco Carlevaro | 49 | M | Deceased

    "There are few men that have earned my respect and only one that's earned my trust."
    Saverio has known Gianfranco for greater than thirty years. He's watched the man, age, mature, and then remain the same in some manner. Saverio could tell you what every little nuanced expression on Gianfranco's face meant. He could tell you his mood from his stance, and what he really meant by the tone of his voice. Saverio cared deeply for Gianfranco, and he only doubted him a few times. And those few times had to do with his friend's choice in women. He was always blinded by a pretty face.

    Jacquelyn "Jinx" Roux | 24 | F | Alive and a Pain in His Side
    "The harpy's, Christelle, child except with sharper talons and a nastier blood lust."
    Saverio never really liked Jinx, and everyone knew it. It was as if he hid his feelings away from the world. He'd caution Gianfranco about his treatment of the girl, and he would either ignore it or the girl would do what she wanted. He was able to forget her existence for a while, but she found a way back into his radar. Her warm familiarity with his son caused Saverio to become downright furious. Yet, Antony managed to get Saverio to warm up to her, at least a little. He still didn't like or trust her, but she made his son happy which was so fucking great. When Antony died, Saverio cut all ties with the girl. He viewed her influence as one of the reasons leading up to it, and he never forgave her. This venom cut so deep that not only did he not trust her, he didn't want her to have anything to do with La Morte. Saverio realizes, now, that he overspoke... as she is now using it against him to hide her own guilt.

    Antony D'Ambrosio | 20 | M | Deceased
    "My greatest achievement and most regretted failure."
    Saverio loved his son. As much as he wanted to fight it in the beginning, assured that the patriarchal bond didn't exist with him. He couldn't help it as the young boy grew older. He looked a lot like his father: black hair, pale brown eyes, and his look of always having something on his mind. Yet, he had a bit of his mother's wanderlust and her ephemeral smile. He was smart, kind, humorous, and curious. All traits that can get one killed.

    Antonia DeRossi | 24 | F | Alive
    "She is sweet and she made my son smile. Not that it matters anymore."
    Saverio hadn't thought much of Antonia when he first met her. Yet, she fell into his radar when she began to court his son. He was happy that Antony was no longer seeing Jinx, but that didn't mean he allowed it. He pressed for answers about the young woman. He wanted to know her allegiances, motivations, and reasoning behind her relationship with Antony. She gave him answers that he appreciated and couldn't find fault in. She then jokingly called him "father-in-law." It got under his skin, but in the end he managed to laugh at it. Antonia was good people, and Antony needed more of that in his life. Unfortunately, she couldn't do anything to prevent the inevitable. Recently, they've drifted apart. he only sees her on occasion, and can never muster up a smile even when she jokes about his nickname.

    More to be added.


    Potato Vodka: Blame some Russian mobster that wandered into their territory once. Saverio absconded with some of their vodka and has found it delicious.
    Reading: Saverio looks quite intellectual, and it should come as no surprise that he loves books. Yet, if you think he only likes baroque reading choices, you'd be wrong. Harry Potter sits next to Kafka's Metamorphosis
    Being Right: While one would argue that Saverio's ego isn't as massive as those around him, it's apparent that he enjoys always coming out on top. And complimenting that genius--well, that's even better.
    Clove Cigarettes: Always scared for being poisoned, he harvest and rolls his own cigarettes. The easiest thing to cultivate for him, though, is clove. Even if he was a farmer's son, he didn't inherit that green thumb.

    Loud People: The louder someone is, the messier they usually are. He hates unneeded chaos.
    A Mess: This can be a literal mess or a metaphorical one. If things don't work out like they should, he loses his temper. Plans are made for a reason, and there's no need to deviate from them.
    Rice: Maybe it's the consistency, maybe it's the shape or taste, but Saverio hates rice and all dishes made with them. He's quite fond of potatoes and pasta.
    Insubordinance: Saverio likes to think he is lenient, but with the current mantle placed upon him with the La Morte, a lot of that leniency disappeared. He doesn't like hearing the word "no" and challenges you to say it.
    Torture: He doesn't care for it, but he will use it. He has an odd fondness for power tools.

    Voice: He has a low, gravelly tone, like chalk on a blackboard mixed with a heavy dose of whiskey.

    Romance: Many would say that Saverio is an asexual being and that his only mess up was with Antony's mother. That would be a lie. It's just that Saverio is a romantic. Unlike Gianfranco, he didn't find himself in and out of women's beds. He was more interested in someone's personality and nature than their body. While Saverio doesn't do much research into sexual orientation, he can be best described as a demisexual. And you might ask about gender? Well. There are many rumors about how much he admired Gianfranco. Take that as you will.

    Music: Stay Gold -- First Aid Kit | Blood on my Name --The Brothers Bright
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  19. [​IMG]

    Leone "Leo" Anatoli






    La Saggezza della Morte

    The Capo - Assassin

    Leone Anatoli is a sophisticated man. He is quite patient but yet, at the same time, quite cunning. His demeanor is professional all around. He is very observant and manipulative. Or rather, it is not easy to have him reveal the cards he holds close to his chest. Trust does not come easy to him, and usually, he doesn't really trust anyone fully. In this world, there is much yet to learn, but through his own experiences, he knows whats what. Other than that, the man is quite loyal. He can mostly be seen as quite serious, but there are times where he is lax, charming, carefree, kind, and even compassionate

    Leone does not show it, but he's quite intelligent, and would rather take a seat back while the pieces of a puzzle fall into place, in order for his own plans to succeed. During a fight, he is calm, and calculative. There are situations where he'd use his enemy and their momentum against themselves, or anything else, may it be a family member or a loved one. He is also an optimist, and always looks for a solution that would be beneficial to him and those on his side. Like; lose the fight, but win the war, for example.

    Quite rare, but there are times where the man can become overly cautious, that could be a consequence for the future. For him, and those around him. He can also be over protective of those he holds dear to him, and that could end quite badly for him.

    Leone, the youngest son from a prosperous, rich and a powerful family in Italy. The family is one of the oldest that has served and worked with the Mafia, and through generations, has been loyal to the head of the latter. The rightful heir, by blood, who previously, was Gianfranco Carlevaro. It is known that the members of the Anatoli family are to automatically help, be obedient to the heir of the mob, or specifically, the leader by blood, however, Leone was different. The Mafia eventually split due to many circumstances. The main reason was due to the next heir in line after the death of Gianfranco Carlevaro, his daughter, who many believed was not fit to be the next head of the mob. To change the path of the Anatoli, and for his own reasons, Leone believed that the one man who was correct, was the Advisor.

    Leone's parents, and even his siblings, are the only ones who serve and follow the daughter, whereas, the youngest sibling, Leone himself, does not.

    During Leone Anatoli's younger days, he used to travel alot, and found a knack for a certain fighting style that revolved around a sword, or more specifically, a blade; Katana. He is well-versed in using one, and to this day, can always be seen holding it sheated in his hand. It is a pure black Katana, with a few golden patterns around the sheat itself, a reason for why he has a nickname like "The Reaper". There is more to his own story, but that will be revealed thoroughly throughout his tale that has just begun.

    Leone is tall with a slender, yet athletic well-built body. He trains and hones his strength. He usually wears a long black coat with a tall, yet long collar. Other than that he usually wears a black, grey shirt along with black pants and black silky shoes. There are times where he wears a suit. However, mostly, you would see him with his usual appearance. He mostly has the same style most of the time due to how easy it is on the body if something unpredictable happens.

    Light Blue



    173 LBS



    Carla Anatoli - Mother - Alive
    Leone has a very simple relationship with his own mother. Despite their differences in allegiance to the mob, she still loves him, and calls him from time to time, to see how he's doing, but most of the time, Leone does not answer to her call among other things. However, he also has mutual feeling as his mother.

    Francesco Anatoli - Father - Alive
    His father, a man who was strict from the get-go, and has cut his ties with his youngest son, Leone, due to the side he picked and who the latter is loyal to. There is hardly a relationship between the two of them. However, one thing is certain; Leone's father is disappointed in his son, and has been since his younger days.

    Ariana Anatoli - Older Sister - Alive
    His older sister, who is somewhat torn because of her own family, the current relationship amongst her own parents and her younger brother, Leone. There are times where the latters sister visits him, but usually its always a reason behind it, to have him serve the rightful heir, and to mend the relationship between himself and his parents, to make the broken family whole again.

    Rinaldo Anatoli - Older Brother - Alive
    The oldest sibling of the Anatoli family, and also serving the rightful heir like the rest of his family, except Leone. His relationship with his younger brother is at odds. There hasn't really been a development between the two of them in anyway. It has been like that for many years.

    TBA - OPEN


    Guns - Makeshift Weapons/Utensils

    Reading - Cats - Training - Swimming - Wine

    Condescending People - Noisy People

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  20. [​IMG]

    Name: Mattiyahu Benzoino Barone, "Benzo"
    Alias: The Moor
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Afro-Italian

    Allegiance: Mafia | La Saggezza della Morte
    Rank: Soldato

    Personality: "Benzo is one of the quiet ones. He has this determined, yet pensive expression that he wears in every situation. Sometimes that ambition intimidates people. Alpha males see it like a challenge, others just move out of the way when we enter a café or bar. I've only seen him truly angry once. We were heading out for a drink a couple years back on the anniversary of Zio Mattiyahu's passing. Benzo looked fine, but I could tell he was on edge. A couple blocks down we see this middle aged man in an apron grabbing a young boy by the wrist. The guy starts yelling about the kid stealing a soda when part way into the story he hits the kid -- hits him -- right in the face. So the boy falls onto his knees and he's crying and without a word Benzo steps in. He whispers to the kid without even acknowledging the guy. After, he grabs stolen soda, stands up, and looks the man square in the eye as he drinks the whole damn thing. When he's done he just drops the can and stares. To me it seemed kind of crazy, but the guy was spooked and left just like that. Benzo ended up grabbing the kid a couple sodas and a sandwich at another shop a few blocks down. Now I'm not stupid. I know Benzo is a part of some things he shouldn't be, but I also know the type of man he is. I see him with my kids, with mama, and I trust him. He's like a brother." -- Franco Fellini

    "Mia figlio is a sweet boy, but damaged. When my husband died Benzo took on a more serious way. His father had much respect for Saverio and Benzo inherited that admiration. I notice that in many ways he seeks to emulate the objective and strategic way the Adviser approaches decisions. I am happy that he found a role model. I only fear it's more than that. I fear he's trying to fill a hole. Mattiyahu held great respect for Saverio, but they had their arguments. Mattiyahu did not see in absolutes or with cold objectivity, but he supported Saverio all the same. The respect my husband felt came from experience with the Adviser -- a battle tested comrade -- and Saverio -- the well-meaning father. He understood the man, despite their differences. Benzo seems to only see the Adviser. He saws a cold hard man who makes cold hard decisions and makes cold hard cash. Try as he might to become a stone-cold assassino, Benzo is too much like his father to simply will away his feelings. To pull a trigger without a thought after. I fear that Benzo will try so hard to make himself a man he simply cannot be that he will never find peace. I only hope I am wrong." -- Sofia Barone

    Biography: I was born in a small town in Northern Africa. The name never stuck in my mind and the memories are disjointed and muddled at best. What I do remember is the fear. I remember explosions and fires and shootings and so much death. None of it mattered, or what I mean is none of violence really made sense. The attackers had no banners or names, no plans to take land and no clear enemies. I remember seeing a man a little younger than I am now lose his arm to a Kalashnikov. He grew grapes. That's all I knew about him and I doubt the killers knew even that. Had my family not left for Europe I doubt I'd be alive today.

    We planted roots in Italy quite fast. I was merely a boy and spent most of my time in school or wandering about the centuries old streets. Mother lived in Venice before meeting Father, telling me much of her childhood and the city's long history. Father would take me out in the evenings to explore the city together. He always stressed the importance of learning our new home quickly, to truly become integrated in Italia. Life remained soft until I became a young man. Father had grown fierce over the years and often invited co-workers to our home for coffee. Mother seemed familiar with them, but after a minute or two of small-talk they would all disappear into Father's office. They spoke in hushed tones difficult for me to make out through the door. I tried each day until late one evening Father found me asleep outside the office. I remember waking up to a swift knock upon my head to find him standing above me. A few days later Father took me to a small café in a dark part of Venice where I met Gianfranco and Saverio the first time. Like Father, they were stern with an aura of power surrounding them. They asked me questions about girlfriends, asked if I was gay, if I did drugs, what I wanted for my future. They exchanged knowing glances to one another the whole time. Eventually, Saverio offered me a job keeping an eye on his young boy. Mother found us down the street from the café later and when we told her about the conversation she seemed at once excited and afraid. This was back when Antony was only just school age, of course. In watching him I also met Gianfranco's little one, a girl a few years older than Antony with a sense of adventure. Fortunately for me, I was only charged with watching Little Antony a couple years.

    I was nearly twenty when Father died. Saverio took me back to the same café where we first met, Mother was there too, and they told me everything. While I gathered there was more to the story about these men, I never imagined the truth. In the time it takes to drink a latte I learned Saverio was a high ranking adviser in the mafia, La Morte, that Mother handled money and the books, and that Father was in fact a captain -- or rather, a Capo. I learned that the boy I'd been innocently babysitting could have been on hunt by some rival gang and that the increasingly wild Jacquelyn who I so often warned Antony of was in truth daughter of The Boss. My mind was spinning. I was grieving for Father, yet also infuriated by his lies, and angry too with Mother and Saverio and the whole lot of them. I wanted to run and scream and fight, but my expression must have betrayed me, because before I could stand Saverio slapped me across the cheek. He looked me in the eye and said, 'Do not lose sight. You lost a father today, but you can still gain a Family.' The words stuck.

    The jobs grew over the years. I started out with a club and a list of people who owed us money to gauge my strengths. That progressed to small heists, then to nicking autos, and eventually settling rivalries. La Morte hit a patch of resistance with small up-and-coming families and the weapons became more than signs of dominance. The jobs became more deadly. I was frightened at the first shots fired, but when I saw the steel in my hand I realized this was nothing like my birthplace and I would not be like the man who grew grapes. I found confidence in steel and when the dust settled earned my place as a Soldier. Working alongside some of the best in La Morte at the time, I managed to earn a reputation myself. They called me The Moor and the name stuck. My work shifted to notoriety building jobs where La Morte meant to stake a claim. I sectioned off land by pushing out small time hustlers, uprooting opposition, and killing upstarts before they could gain traction. With the years I grew quieter and more subtle with my work. Not at all like Gianfranco's daughter, who made herself quite known the moment she earned a job. No, I admired Saverio and took a similar approach. If a stern look or a flash of la pistola might accomplish the task then so be it.

    Today I hope to achieve the position once held by Father. I am told that he became a Capo around this age and I can think of no better way to honour him than continuing our legacy. The recent news of Gianfranco's passing changes quite a lot, though. La Morte is split between pragmatic continuation of The Boss and flamboyant departure by his daughter. I know the fleeting nature of Jacquelyn's approach. Some are intoxicated by the violence, sobering with age or dying from its poison. I feel no hatred for Jacquelyn. We walk different paths, so be it. But she has placed herself as an obstacle. Not the best decision-maker, that one.

    Appearance: Benzo is of average height with wide shoulders and a stout waist. His hair is buzzed short on both sides leaving a swath of long, thick braids falling down below his shoulders. He keeps no schedule for shaving and often has the shadow of a new beard along his jawline. Benzo has dark eyes, full lips, and skin the colour of a redwood. In terms of apparel he prefers muted tones that reveal little to no skin. His common outfit is deep grey and chosen for durability and minimal weight. The heaviest article he wears is a leather coat thick enough to hide any weapons he may carry. The years have taught Benzo that a low profile opens doors quietly. He dresses to reduce attention and rarely arms himself in an overt fashion.

    • Sofia Barone, Mother, Age 50, Alive - A bookkeeper for La Morte for more than 10 years. Status unknown since the split. Venice born.
    • Mattiyahu Barone, Father, Age 52, Dead - A former Capo of La Morte until killed by a rival organization 15 years ago. Foreign born.
    • Claudia Fellini, Aunt, Age 46, Alive - Younger sister of Sofia and senior editor for a Venetian newspaper. Sees Benzo on holidays.
    • Franco Fellini, Cousin, Age 30, Alive - Writer and photographer, married with children. Sees Benzo monthly.
    • Saverio D'Ambrosio, Leader, Age 48, Alive - Held in high regard. Though of like an uncle, though Benzo may be 'just another soldier'.
    • Jacquelyn Roux, Opposition, Age 24, Alive - Thought of as entitled and foolish. Benzo quietly hopes she will mature before it's too late.

    • Poetry
    • Photography
    • Mythology
    • Exploration
    • Red Wine
    • Men & Women
    • Cannabis, Joints Preferred
    • Cats
    • Small Weapons
    • Obnoxious People
    • Driving
    • Whiskey
    • Dogs
    • Red Meat
    • America, Mostly the Government
    • Tending the Crop: Benzo cultivates four cannabis plants in his flat that require a couple evenings each week. He often reads poetry to them.
    • Family Time: Benzo spends time with his cousin, Franco, weekly. Sometimes they meet over coffee, others with Franco's family over dinner.
    • The Arts: Photography started as a tool to learn about targets, but developed into an hobby Benzo shares with Franco. Benzo also writes poetry, which he publishes on Tumblr as @wishfulsaint.
    • Kickboxing: Benzo and Franco practice amateur kickboxing at a small gym.
    • Concussive: Benzo uses an extendable baton for the low-profile and ability to avoid blood-splatter. He intentionally avoids edged weapons.
    • Concealable: Most targets have some form of security or bodyguards. Weapons that are difficult to detect ultimately make Benzo's job easier.
    • Common: Ego kills assassins. Benzo chooses widely used weapons when possible to leave as few distinguishable clues as possible.
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