Blood Wars: The Shadow Academy of the Damned

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    There is a war. It is called the Blood Wars; it is a slow and silent war. You've grown up hearing this name, but you don't know much about it except there are three factions and you must choose to join one on the Day of Dying. You are told on that day you'll learn everything you need to know & you'll have to make that choice. And that choice may lead to the death of someone-but you are not told who except it is not your generation. It is never generation. It may be their generation.

    You also know in the war that there are three factions: The Flight, The Born, and The Strange.

    Of the three factions, you know only about the Strange because they are the teachers, the caretakers, and the staff that have raised and taken care of you. They are all neutral parties and they believe in the choice of Freedom and the power of people. They will never ever reveal to you the reason for the war till the Day of Dying [OCC: unless I say so].

    For you, it's that time--you're entering your first day of the academy before the final phrase, the next step. You've been raised and shuttled from academy to academy and you've been selected for the best academy in the world: The Shadow Academy for the Damned. It can only mean two things: you are gifted enough to change the course of the war or you are the bloodline of a powerful leader or member of the three factions; but you don't know who, you've never know which it is because you don't know who your parents are.

    The academies train you you become soldiers--soldiers of knowledge, of strength, of magical abilities, of the shadows, of the light, or of strangers thing. You choose your course as the academies always have and your final choice will help determine the fate of the next generation's Blood War.

    But in your first and final day at the Shadow Academy of the Damned, you will make alliances & enemies as well as choose your course that will help determine which of the three factions you choose.

    Students -students can be any race or creature you choose & they must choose one of the following tracks below. Each track has different things that you can pursue that can combine other tracks, but ONE is your main focus. YOU design your focus.

    1. Intelligence
    2. Combat
    3. Magical Abilities.

    I prefer you choose an offbeat creatures instead of standard characters like vampires, werewolves, and elves. Just make it something like a shape shifter that can only change into anything during the full and new moons or a human with super hearing and call it something like a "moon shifter". It's not necessary though. Standard humans are perfectly fine too!
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    Juliet sighed to herself happily, as the class was soon to begin. She looked at her precious wolf and with a smile said, "Ready for class, Arch? This is gonna be fun!" She walked over to the weapons table, assuring that they were sharp and ready to go. "Arch, please practice size-changing for the next class." The wolf did so, it was like a chore for him, and practiced fighting as well. "Good boy! Have a treat, little guy!" Juliet threw Arch a full raw steak that he started to devour immediately.
  3. Jade walked into the room where the combat teacher stood. She ignored the wolf eating the steak--she was used to this kind of sight, in a different way.

    Jade slipped off her headphones and put them in her bag, she was already dressed for class-in her natural all black. She braided her long blonde hair into a french braid and proceeded to stretch. After she was done, she put her headphones back on and began doing Tai Chi excercises. It was her way of preparing for a fight or any sort of combat if she had the time. It helped her achieve a state of peace. It didn't hurt that her endurance, strength, and focus increased as she did more and more Tai Chi.
  4. "Hello, Jade," Juliet said in a neutral voice. "Continue as you wish until the next student arrives. Arch, finish your steak already! It's getting all over the place..." Juliet then inspected all of her equipment idily, waiting for the other to arrive.
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    Vivian sat on top of a desk in the well lit classroom. She was studying a book, but this was no ordinary book, this was a spell book. She wasn't like all of her other friends who chose combat or even intelligence. Even though she was intelligent, she didn't really feel enjoyment in pursuing it. So there was only one thing left, and that was the Magical abilities aspect. She loved everything magical. She wanted to learn how to manipulate the elements that were infused in her blood, and she wanted to control the animal demon that was locked away inside of her.

    The book she was reading at the moment was telling her how to use a destruction spell that was compatible with her elements. She only had two, and that was fire and shadow. She bit her lip as she tried to focus on her right palm and summon fire, she was imagining it engulfing her hand and be bright and hot, but not burning her. She peaked at her palm and was satisfied to see a small fire dancing on her palm. She looked up from her palm and studied the target on the other end of the wall. She then prepared herself for throwing the fire and it becoming a fireball. Pretty basic stuff, but she wanted to practice it.

    As Vivian lifted her hand back, she slowly started to curl her hand into a fist, and once her hand was right besides her ear she bit her lip and released it throwing her hand forward and aiming towards the target. She squeezed her eyes shut and hoped it didn't hit anybody else in the room. She heard the sound of burning paper and she grinned and opened her eyes and watched as the target paper was disintegrated. She grinned again and thanked the goddess for her excellent power.

    A voice whispered into her ear, and she knew it was inside of her though. She bit her lip and listened to the nine tail fox that was captured inside of her. She smiled slightly, it seemed at times the Kitsune was her only friend. But she knew she shouldn't trust it, it was very power hungry, and it would do anything to weaken her and take full control of her.
  6. Jade ignored Juliet as she finished her exercises and then walked up to her teacher. When she was in the combat mode she was all business and no play. Jade was a solider through and through when it came to fighting. She respected Juliet very much-so much that she had put choosen her as the one she wanted to be her mentor, only her. Juliet was strong and fierce and she might be able to help her.

    "Instructor," she bowed in respect as required to do by the combat track. "I know we aren't required to have one here, but I wanted to ask, if you could become my mentor. I think it's best for me to have one and I think you could help me."

    It was the first time she had ever said more then "Yes Ma'am" or "No, ma'am" to Juliet. She stood her ground firm but respectfully waiting for Juliet reply.

    Jade appeared to be a normal human to most. She appeared sometimes mysterious and quiet. Her silence wasn't because she was naturally quiet, she generally thought most people were idiots. Her eyes changed to all sorts of colors and most people don't know why. Only she did. At the moment, they were a deep red.
  7. Talia was confused. Where was she supposed to be? Class? Yes. Definitely in a class of some sort. But which one? She was dithering alot, very much like an old man, aside from the fact that she was running in all directions, rather than barely managing to shuffle along. Eventually, out of breath and looking a bit of a mess, the blue haired girl burst into the room shouting, "I'm so sorry. I got lost and forgot to wake up, the dog ate my homewor-" Empty.

    Oops. Clearly, she was meant to be in the other room. At least now the girl had an idea of where to go. A couple of minutes later, Talia did have the right door, and thankfully people were in there, including the teacher, who she proceeded to deliver her excuses to. "There was a fire, and a sofa got stuck on the stairs." Quite lame duck, but for the somewhat odd and often completely outlandish Talia, that was definitely good enough.
  8. Vivian sighed and still felt the heat from the fire on her palm, but she knew it was no longer there. Vivian looked around the empty classroom, and decided to go to the next classroom, just to see who was in there, and what they were doing. She was sure it wasn't bad to watch the other tracks do their work and training. Maybe she could mess around and show them some of her tricks of the trade. She grinned and hopped off the desk and walked to the door of the classroom and opened it and peaked her head out and decided to go into the next classroom to the left. She heard many grunts and "focusing of shouts". She grabbed the handle and opened the door to the classroom, and gazed around.

    The classroom was built for combat activities, Vivian had never been in here before, she had only been in the Magical Abilities classroom and she had once got a glimpse of the Intelligence classroom. She watched as students fought and practiced their combat skills. Vivian breathed softly and walked over to the corner of the classroom and watched as people practiced. She waved at the people in the classroom, but they seemed very intune to what they were doing.

    Vivian brushed back her fiery red hair and smiled up at the ceiling. She bit her lip and waited for someone to notice her or even acknowledge her existence.
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    Juliet was surprised to hear more than two words from Jade, and even more surprised that they were directed at her. "Why," She said with a smile. "Yes, if you wish. What causes the sudden interest?" Juliet listened for a response as she once again prepared the classroom and made sure the wolf was finished. She then patted him on the head nicely, which the wolf accepted. Another student then bursted in the door, rapid-firing excuses like a machine gun. "Easy, I don't mind late arrivals. Arch, show her to a proper seat, please." With a nod, the wolf guided her to a bench to sit on while his Master spoke with another student.
  10. "Because you are the best here, instructor. You seem to have... experience and I wondered if you could help me learn how to fight well with my abilities. None of my magical abilities teachers will," said Jade.

    She heard the door open to the track overlooking the combat room, it often squeak from lack of use. Jade turned and saw Vivian. She let herself let go of the warrior mode for once. She relaxed, smiled wide, and waved. Jade then turned back suddenly and bowed again. "Sorry for being distracted, Instructor. Won't happen again."
  11. "Well," Juliet said, quite impressed. "That sounds like a plan. And, don't worry about that kind of thing. I'm 'official' and all, but not a prick like the others..." Juliet didn't realize that she made this comment until after it was said. She always felt left out by the other officials, as if they didn't accept her. "And thank you for the kind words. So! Let us start, class! First, we will work on hand-to-hand and ranged weapons. No magic or powers involved yet." Juliet gestured to a table with multiple weapons placed upon it of different types. "Oh, and any special weapons that you requested me to keep are in these drawers. Please select your weapons so we can begin. Arch! Be ready for later!" The wolf nodded and stood away from the targets and dummies that the students would be practicing on and practiced his own routine.
  12. Jade walked over to the drawer where she stored her bow. It was made for someone slightly stronger than a human. She loved archery and she kept up with it because she wasn't as naturally skilled at it as she was with other weapons. The academies had trained her well since her first fight. She want to learn how to move well with and incorporate the bow in combat. Jade aimed to be the perfect solider-it was hammered into her to be the perfect solider. When it came to anything that didn't involve combat, she usually struggled immensely because for a long time, combat was the only thing she was taught.

    Jade set up her bows and pulled out the bag with her practice arrows. She stood in front of the row of dummies waiting for the next command. She peeked at Vivian and smiled again. Vivian always was the curious one.
  13. "Now," Juliet ordered. "Please 'kill' as many of these dummies you can in the alotted amount of time. Remember, use your bow as an archer, and as a warrior. It has those ends for a reason... Also make sure your little cat friend doesn't annoy Arch. He has a bit of a temper! Now... BEGIN!" Juliet pulled a lever that caused the dummies to move every-which-way, including a few at Jade. She watched as they continued to move slightly faster over time, that added challenge. "If they get very close and shut off, it counts as a hit on your side."
  14. Jade smiled and instantly launched into action. She had no problems with the ones moving towards her because was standing still. Jade ran to the left behind people and took down the warriors that were getting to close to her teammates. Occasionally she'd missed a shot or hit the dummy in nonfatal spots but it didn't faze her. She reloaded and shot again. She kept moving between people and shooting the ones that people didn't see or were too close to their side while other people fought the others. As a ranger, she was a protector. At the last minute, she saw a dummy come to close to the line and shot. She missed. She twice and missed once, and the other time it landed on the dummies' "shoulder." It stopped. She scowled at the fact it was a hit.

    "Damn it."
  15. "Well done, Jade," Juliet commented. "Practice makes perfect, you know, and not bad work with the bow! Break time..." Juliet kneeled down by Arch and told him to get ready. She then made sure everything was ready, no errors were permitted. Juliet sat down herself, and drank some water. She took a throwing knife and decapitated a dummy just for fun, reminding heself to fix it later.
  16. Vivian watched silently, the nine tailed fox was "pacing" inside of her. He wanted to come out and play with the others. She calmed herself down and watched again, seeing how good jade was. She turned her emerald green eyes to the instructor and spoke softly.
    "Miss, may I try some destruction spells on some of the dummies? I could teach you both if you want..unless, that's not allowed.." Vivian bit her lip and shuffled her feet awkwardly hoping that both jade and the instructor would accept her offer to teach them, she wanted to make more friends, there seemed to be almost no one who wanted to socialize with her in her Magical Abilities Classes. She sighed and waited for their responses. She then spoke again.
    "I think you are doing really good, Jade.." She blushed slightly and smiled at the girl.
  17. "As you wish," Juliet said in a neutral tone. "Just make sure you ONLY aim at the dummies. Magic is very... Dangerous." Juliet stepped out of the way, and hit the lever yet again.
  18. Vivian nodded, getting herself in tune to her magic. She closed her emerald green eyes and licked her soft pale lips. She opened them, she had a fierce look in her eyes, and decided to use shadow this time. She looked at a specific dummy to hit, and made sure not to go anywhere out of the perimeter of the dummies. The instructor already seemed like she didn't like Vivian. She gulped and started forming a shadow ball, once it was strong enough she yelled a small chant to aim it, and then released it and it impacted with the dummy nearest to her and engulfed the dummy in shadow and all that was left of the dummy after the shadows dispersed, was a pile of cloth on the floor. She grinned and turned to the instructor.
    "What do you think, miss?" She smiled slightly and waited for a reply.
  19. Jade automatically rolled into action and shot arrows at the dummies. It was a reflex. She then ran away and climbed up to where Vivian was and turned to her. "You're not bad yourself there cutie. Do you think, maybe you could concentrate your fire on the tip of my arrow? I'm curious if it'll explode upon impact like your hits do....given of course you can not explode the arrows."

    Jade held the tip of an arrow out to her.
  20. Vivian nodded and focused on the tip of the arrow, she had never really practiced causing something else to be engulfed with one of the elements she had control over. She bit her lip and then imagined a glowing red tip of the arrow, and then a little spark, and then a then arrow tip engulfed in a small flame. She then opened her eyes and watched as each thing she imagined happened to the arrow tip, she whispered a small safety chant, just in case things went wrong, and she soon nodded her head at Jade.
    "What do you think? It's really the first time I've ever done something like that, I put a safety ward on everything so nothing will get hurt in case things go wrong!" She smiled and a small voice inside her head purred in her ear.
    'oh dear..I think you should've just left it up to chance, and luck..but oh well.." Vivian shook her thoughts clear of Kitsune's voice, and she smiled again to Jade.