Blood Wars & The Shadow Academy of the Damned

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  1. I'm not the best at introductions so bare with me here! Thanks! and I'm sorry the introduction is a bit long...

    There is a war. It is called the Blood Wars; it is a slow and silent war. You've grown up hearing this name, but you don't know much about it except there are three factions and you must choose to join one on the Day of Dying. You are told on that day you'll learn everything you need to know & you'll have to make that choice. And that choice may lead to the death of someone-but you are not told who except it is not your generation. It is never generation. It may be their generation.

    You also know in the war that there are three factions: The Flight, The Born, and The Strange.

    Of the three factions, you know only about the Strange because they are the teachers, the caretakers, and the staff that have raised and taken care of you. They are all neutral parties and they believe in the choice of Freedom and the power of people. They will never ever reveal to you the reason for the war till the Day of Dying [OCC: unless I say so].

    For you, it's that time--you're entering your first day of the academy before the final phrase, the next step. You've been raised and shuttled from academy to academy and you've been selected for the best academy in the world: The Shadow Academy for the Damned. It can only mean two things: you are gifted enough to change the course of the war or you are the bloodline of a powerful leader or member of the three factions; but you don't know who, you've never know which it is because you don't know who your parents are.

    The academies train you you become soldiers--soldiers of knowledge, of strength, of magical abilities, of the shadows, of the light, or of strangers thing. You choose your course as the academies always have and your final choice will help determine the fate of the next generation's Blood War.

    But in your first and final day at the Shadow Academy of the Damned, you will make alliances & enemies as well as choose your course that will help determine which of the three factions you choose.

    For this roleplay I will allow anyone to join at anytime but if you come later when a good portion of the story is established, you will be much restricted to new 1st year students (unless you email me and I approve after I posted the story has begun). I will assume roles such as the headmaster & a few faculty when needed. Interactions with lunch ladies, groundskeepers, and janitors are up to you. I will allow a lot of freedom

    I will post a number in brackets if there is a limit on a particular role.

    If you want to be a teacher or 2nd year, post signup here else, you can jump in and be a student at:

    Teachers [2] - There are three teacher positions available- requires interaction with me for background info pm wise

    1. Pursuer of great knowledge
    2. Combat teacher~ (your standard general bad-ass characters)
    3. Seer of the Mind~ (basically one who trains people to control & fine tune magical abilities)

    2nd Years [3] - these students are not looked down upon but revered, they are usually those who are selected for the highest leaders of their faction & one of the few who know their fate, but they are deadlocked-meaning they cannot tell the students or undesignated teachers (i.e. anyone who aren't the teachers above or the headmaster)

    1.One for Knowledge
    2. One for Combat
    3. One for Magical Ablities

    Students [unlimited]-students can be any race or creature you choose & they must choose one of the following tracks below. Each track has different things that you can pursue that can combine other tracks, but ONE is your main focus. YOU design your focus.

    1. Intelligence
    2. Combat
    3. Magical Abilities.

    I prefer you choose an offbeat creatures instead of standard characters like vampires, werewolves, and elves. Just make it something like a shape shifter that can only change into anything during the full and new moons or a human with super hearing and call it something like a "moon shifter". It's not necessary though. Standard humans are perfectly fine too!

    Please post:


    Picture (or description):
    Race (ie Moon Shifter, Human):
    Description of Race Abilities & Minor History (latter is optional):
    Role (Teacher? 2nd Year? Student?):
    Animal companions?
    (if so include name, type, & description):
    Fun Tibits:

    I'm allowing creative freedom to direct the story line in different ways, but there WILL be the Day of Dying and you WILL make a choice. Some people will know about the factions and some won't.

    I will also allow cursing, romance, the works, but if anyone has a problem with it (pm me) or you seem overboard, you will be asked to tone it down. If you are asked please do so. I'm pretty flexible.

    You are also required to post AT LEAST 2 days a week-more is encouraged!

    Accepted/Taken Roles:
    Combat Teacher: ilovevampzero
    Student: Psychedelic
    Student: everstrange

  2. Name: Jadelin Roslyn Soothsmyth

    Nickname: Jade, Shade

    Here (not my work, just for look of character)

    Blood Drinker

    Description of Race Abilities & History:
    A blood drinker is essentially a human who can drink the blood of another creature and can assume their abilities on a magnified scale for a period of time. The stronger the power, the shorter amount of time they can sustain the power. Usually the blood drinker will assume the characters strongest trait or power-it is not always in their power to choose & sometimes this trait is unknown to the owner of the blood. Drinking the blood of another is not without consequence; some ablities can cause a blood drinker to be sick for days. The effects can be reduced to a simple headache or allegry fit with a special & rare plant called Aguvu (ah-gav-uh). This is usually cultivated by blood drinker and often to other races has the effect of either a deathly toxin or a drug that eventually leads to ill effects; still doesn't prevent junkies.

    Role: Student, 1st year


    Animal companion:
    Harley, your standard black cat who's just a bit of a tricky, sneaky devil who has a soft spot for Jade

    swords, rock climbing, rugby, sewing, and collecting secrets

    Fun Tibits:
    Never liked authority, loves a bad ass, loves to dye her hair (loves color but wears black), and often is known for possessing (or can get you) things that you need.

    The Headmistress:
    Name: Mistress Percivel
    Race: Generally unknown to students- looks human with hair described as moonlight & young, but there are rumors.
    Picture: Here
    Personality: Strict and well trained in all tracks. Doesn't show emotion and seems very calculating and cold to students-whether she means to be is a different story.
    Tidbits: She seems to hold to end to knowledge and skill. Suspected to be ancient though she appears young.
  3. No idea if this one will fit in, but here we go.

    Name: Talia Sturlung

    Picture (or description):
    Race (ie Moon Shifter, Human): Selkie
    Description of Race Abilities & Minor History (latter is optional): Selkies are seals with shapeshifting abilities. They must shed their skins to come ashore, and if these skins are stolen or destroyed they must remain in human form. This often happens to females, who are taken as wives by fishermen. Ultimately, this usually ends in murder. The males, on the other hand tend to court human women - just for kicks. They have dominion over water, and depending on their age can destroy ships by calling on storms.
    Role (Teacher? 2nd Year? Student?): Student
    Track: Combat
    Animal companions?
    (if so include name, type, & description):
    Hobbies?: Swimming, fishing
    Fun Tibits: Talia kind of thinks she's a human...her mother was a selkie, whose skin was stolen. When Talia was born, her father buried her skin - was murdered by her mother, who then returned to the sea without the daughter.
  4. This is actually perfectly fine and fits in pretty well. I mentioned that for the most part, that we are raised by the academies. Some students still have memories of their parents until they age of 5- that's when they enter school.
  5. Excellente :D
  6. Name: Juliet Garnet
    Nicknames?: Julie, Garnet, The Animal. (She gets annoyed at the last one).
    (or description): Link: vampire/vampiregirl5.jpg
    Race (ie Moon Shifter, Human): Shapeshifter (A seperate species, however).
    Description of Race Abilities & Minor History (latter is optional): Juliet can change into any animal that she can remember the image of perfectly, or if she touches one, she has the option as well. Once in these animal forms, she can communicate with people telepathically, but it can be difficult for her. Her race's origins are unknown. Most likely a sub-species of normal shapeshifters. The human forms of this race are usually considered attractive, thus causing mortals to lure and kill them or trap them in testing facilities.
    Role (Teacher? 2nd Year? Student?): Teacher.
    Track: Combat.
    Animal companions?
    (if so include name, type, & description): Arch (Juliet often calls him Wolfie), is Juliet's pet wolf. He is not a regular wolf, however. Arch is one of the magical sorts, he can live for hundreds of years, and change his size from tiny to gigantic or anywhere in between. He is jet black, with a few blood red sections on him. He loves his owner, and helps her train her students. Link:
    Hobbies?: Juliet likes to collect garnets (go figure) and playing chess. She also likes to play with Arch, it helps to clear her mind.
    Fun Tibits: Juliet is fairly easy to "set off," as she has her flaws. If ANYONE were to touch her wolf... The person would be gone. Period. She also LOVES animals, and will take any of them that need homes.
    (Just added a bit of race history)!!
  7. This will be fun... I can't wait to have some students! :3
  8. I'm thinking of giving this a day or two and then seeing if I can get this to be moved to a jump in anytime roleplay or just state it can be roleplay. The two students are both combat track with a combat teacher, so it could work perfectly fine.
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