Blood Thirsty

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  1. It was one of those days when luck was simply not on her side. It had been too long since an incident like this had occurred. For once it appeared as though this was the place for her, but it all came down in ruins. One simple mistake wrecked it all. If only she had waited out on her hunger for a moment longer. One second would have made a difference. If only she had decided to come out a second later. Then that man would not have been there. That man would not have seen. For the blood that she had taken was that of his son. These people were quite strange. Emotions always got a hold of the best of them. She still did not quite understand and had no intention of learning. All she cared for was herself. It had been this way for many years now, but nothing of the past concerned her. All that mattered was this moment right now, and it was not all great. All she could listen to was her own heavy breathing speeding up gradually.
  2. From a near-by rooftop, a man was watching. He had been stalking this girls for weeks now, tracking her every move. Only to find out he couldn't prey upon her. Not now, now that he knew she was like him. He scowled and slunk away. Blast it, he thought. He'd go hungry again tonight.
  3. Seth watched carefully from the shady protection of a nearby alleyway. He peered around the corner with a dark hood draped over his head, dark blue eyes shinning through that shade as if he was a ghost.. It seemed as though one of the freaks had slipped up. It was his job to take care of these things. His dark messy hairstyle cause bunches of hair to flop over his dark blue eyes. But even so he could tell that his current target was quite a beauty. Even for a freak she was.. really.. pretty. But this wasn't a time to get side tracked. Letting her roam anymore would cause civil unrest. He almost didn't want to take her out but.. Seth reached towards his dual holsters, hesitated, then reached for the dual longswords strapped to his back. He sighed and prepared to make a dash into the frantic crowd. Suddenly his eyes picked up a shady figure on a nearby rooftop. Is that.. A second one? He watched as the figure slunk off and wondered if it was okay to move. What if they were working together?
  4. Thump. "Hello, hunter." a voice behind him hissed. The figure he saw on the rooftop had noticed him, and dropped behind him. "You don't know me, but I know you. Your name is Seth. You keep my kind hidden. By hidden, of course, I mean out of fear that you will kill them." He stuck his hand into the pockets of his black trench coat. "I would leave her alone. She was my prey, until now. Now I have to protect her. So piss off." The figure squinted at the man in the hood, and backed into the shadows, out of sight.
  5. Her feet scurried as fast as they allowed her, leaping quickly through roots and trunks of trees as she made her way through the forest. This was the only place safe at the moment, as the trees provided enough shade for her. The sun had still yet to set and she could not risk running through daylight, that is if she wanted to outrun the men chasing her. She was faster than these men but not as fast as those of her own kind.* "Just a..."*She mumbled to herself taking in another breath before finishing up her sentence.* " bit further..." *Her thoughts wondered as her victims face came into mind. She killed him. Now his father was angry. She tried once more to understand. Unconsciously her pace began to slow down until coming to a full stop.*
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  6. Focused on the girl Seth neglected to listen to his surroundings. Allowing the shady figure from early to get the drop on him. He whipped around in a blur and listened to what the freak had to say. "Cocky little pest aren't eh?" He uttered with a sly grin as the figured left. Ignoring the warning Seth peered around the corner in search of his primary target once more. "Dammit!" The girl had run off while he was distracted. What a pain.. But he could still smell her, a fresh trail leading into the woods. Of course with speed like his not even her kind could completely escape him. Seth darted ahead of the pack, leading into the trees unnoticed. He moved fluidly as if the environment never phased him and soon enough he stopped in a tree above the target. She seemed quite shaken up. Something had gotten to her, though he shouldn't have cared. One shot to the head would've done the trick. Seth reached towards the silver pistol in the right side of his holster. But he waited. For what? Who knows.
  7. While he was in the tree, a voice on the branch above him spoke. "Not entirely human, are we? If you're not my kin, what is it you are, hunter?" he asked he hung upside down, facing the Seth. Interesting name you have, Seth. I believe it is the name of the Egyptian God of Destruction? I doubt that that is where you were given the name from, but still. Interesting fact." He smiled at the man. The longer he could keep him distracted, the longer she would be safe.
  8. *This was no time to be thinking, but it couldn't be helped. Her thoughts continued. She had killed an innocent young man, drained him of all his blood. She may not have been able to understand the humans and their feelings, but one thing she could differentiate was the difference between good and evil. And at this moment now, she had not done anything good.* "..." *A small sigh escaped her mouth, as her eyes looked out into nothing in particular. She dropped down to her knees and lowered her head. The sight of that man was still present i her mind. At last some other movement came from her as she lifted her hands to place that bloody red hood from her cloak over her head. It made quite the contrast along with that white silver hair that reach almost at her waist. That cloak had always been the best cover as it blended in so well with the stains of blood.*
  9. "How about you mind your damned business!" Seth spoke in anger. Seth always had these little outbursts due to his 'disposition'. The fact that this creature was so observant rubbed him the wrong way. Seth raised a palm to the branch the man was perched on. "And stop freakin' sneaking up on me!" he shouted as he clenched and broke the branch above him. His strength rivaled that of his prey as well. If it wasn't obvious that he wasn't all human now, that definetly gave it away. Seth then moved in a blur towards his unaware primary target. She was on her knees and.. sobbing? He landed and quickly whipped out a black pistol with his left hand, pressing the barrel painfully into her head. He looked towards the trench coat that had earlier angered him. "I'm calling the shots okay..?" He looked down towards the girl "Don't move a muscle"
  10. "Hm?" *With a gasp her eyes widened at that familiar feeling behind her head. She knew this touch all too well. It had not been the first time being in this position. She had allowed herself to become vulnerable. She had not taken proper precaution or safety. After many incidents she should have learned, but no matter how she tried, her thoughts always seemed to distract her. Moment after the stranger had finished speaking, her voice could now be heard.* "Do you think a simple bullet will do?" *She mumbled softly, still not moving from the same spot, or even tried to move.* "Go ahead...You're just another hunter whose going to try and fail." *She smirked softly and let out a small chuckle. This was perfect. Her hunger had not been completely satisfied and this place was perfect. Most would be afraid of these areas for reason like her.*
  11. As the man leapt down and pressed a gun to the girls head, a lot of alarms went off in his head. If he did this wrong, she was dead. "I'm calling the shots, okay?" The man in the trench man smirked at his words. He dropped down from the branch, and sprung off the one below him, towards Seth. He tackled him to the ground, holding him by the throat. "Tsk, tsk, arrogance has gotten many a man killed. Which could happen now. I could kill you, but you're not quite human, and I'd rather not spark a war." He turned to the girl. "Run, little one. Run while you can."
  12. The girls last comment grabbed his attention. Now her really wanted to kill her. But before he could pull the trigger he was tackled to the ground. His black pistol knocked out of his reach. It was really his fault for not paying attention to them both. "Get off!" Seth didn't even toy with the opportunity to strike a conversation with the foe. He kicked upwards sending the man at least 8 ft or so into the air. He then rose to his feet in one quick motion, put his right hand on his remaining silver pistol and the left on one of the longswords strapped to his back. He drew both at once. Quickly he fired 3 successive shots into the air towards the man he had earlier kicked, his motions a blur. ' I'll kill them both..' he thought
  13. "Hm ?" * Had she become really distracted at this point. She looked over her shoulder at the TWO strangers now. Where had his other man come from? But before her thoughts took over anymore, she quickly stood and took a hold of the strangers gun as they had hoth been distracted. Although she turned her attention back at the men as one of them seemed to be speaking to her. Run? Was this stranger trying to help her? But never had she seen this person before. She remained in place with the gun still at her hands. She could not possibly run from this. She now had double the prey right hefore her.*
  14. As he was flung into the air, his thoughts were scrambled. He should have secured the man's feet. BANG, BANG, BANG! Three shots. One hit his chest, one hit a branch, one grazed his ear. Neither wound hurt enough to immobilize him. As he fell back down, he drew two daggers, with which he descends upon the sword wielding Seth, intending to drive the twin blades into the neck area, just behind the collarbone.
  15. "Only one clean hit. How ill efficient" Seth watched as the figure came back down in a clear path aiming somewhere towards the w He clenched his with both hand and parried the attack, blocking in a sideways motioned. The clanking of metals sounding so soothing and familiar. Seth smiled as he matched this mans strength in their deadlock. While in their deadlock his ear twitched to a sound over to his side. "Don't you dare!" He shouted towards the girl holding his pistol. Though if she was inexperienced with a gun she might've just hit the man for him.
  16. As he came down, he found himself deadlocked, equaled. His feet hit the floor of the forest. His heartbeat pumped in his ears. But there was a second, as well. And a third. He could feel the heartbeats of the two around him, he was getting thirsty. He would have to feed after dealing with the hunter. For now... He lifted his foot and kicked the man backwards, breaking the lock and putting some distance between them.
  17. * She was unsure of what the situation was at hand, but she viewed from afar as the two men were in some argument. Had they both been hunting each other? Well that was not correct, cause for a fact that one stranger had been hunting her. She looked down over at the weapon in hand, ignoring the men as they continued to waste their energy on one another. By the time they would be through wih their argument, it would make things so much easier.* " Hm?" Her attention had been drawn back at the men as one had yelled out at her. She smirked as she listened to the man's words.* "This? Is this what you don't want?" *With a smirk she raised the pistol with her finger at the trigger, pointed towards their direction.*
  18. Seth stood firm as he was kicked back. The girl was making things quite.. tedious. If she shot he could probably deflect the bullet, but that would leave him wide open. "pest" he muttered. He didn't turn his head as he spoke. He waited for someone to make a move as stood with his guard raised, looking for an opening as well.
  19. *With a smirk she used whatever strenght she had left in her, and with one quick movement, almost invisible to the human eye, she stood right behind him. She leaned in close and whispered to him* "Who is the pest?" * She smirked, placing the pistol to his head as he had done to her. This man was the greater threat at the moment, but soon she would move on to the other stranger. *
  20. The pounding in his head grew stronger as he noticed the girl dashed over to the other man and placed the gun to his head. He now had the upper hand. He decided to let it play out, however, and remained still, in his defensive stance.