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  1. Fantasy_The_girl_with_red_hair_009526_.jpg
    Name: Ruby Rae Steel
    Age: 21
    Race: Human/ resurrected soul
    Eyes: Ember red
    Hair: Red with streaks of bright orange
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 133 lbs
    Personality: She rather blunt and it gets her in trouble. Knows the streets well but can school a lot of people when it comes to book smarts. She independent and the only person she listens to or has to listen to is Cronus.

    Loud steps could be heard running across the pavement, the moon was barely visible- and the streets were dark. Most of the lamp post lights were out; some flickered- making a loud buzzing sound. Bang. Another gunshot was fired. Missed She sighed heavily.

    Ruby kept running from the male figure, randomly shooting back at him but missing at the same time. She quickly glanced around, what could she use around her to slow him down? Her red eyes scanning the street, she needed to find some place to hide or he was going to kill her this time. She stopped for a second and swung her hand down at her side and lifted a nearby car and just threw it wildly behind her. Her arms burned as her markings started to become visible.

    He jumped out of the way and shot at her, and then she turned starting to run down an alley way to her left. Perfect she thought at first.

    The man proceeded to chase after her down the long dark alley way. She noticed quickly that she was running towards a dead end Damn she huffed and slid to a stop. She wildly looked around trying to find a way to get away from him. The tall buildings blocked out what little light that moon had provided for her. Is this where it all ends The girl with the blood red eyes thought as she looked around again trying to catch her breath.Ruby tired to fire off another shot but the gun just clicked Shit, she tossed the gun off to the side. She had no more mags for it so there was no more use for it. She came to a stop at the end of the alley, she looked over her shoulder to see how much time she had. "Not enough" she said softly and then turned back to the wall in front of her. She did have enough stamina to pull a trick but he was still too close to her and would have a chance to get proof of her. She sighed heavily, the next step would be to take him on. It was about time this guy just stay out of her life...permanently. Now is not the time, but soon my pet, very soon an echo of a voice resounded in her head."Urge and you couldn't have told me this five seconds ago" Ruby hissed under her breath fine she thought and then turned to the east wall of the alleyway. If she couldn't kill him now then the only other option would be to pull a trick.

    5266108758_3d3c4e8ea0_z.jpg Cronus and his companions.
  2. Name: Sebastian Dysart
    Age: 37 But looks to be 18-19
    Race: Half-Human, Half-Demon
    Personality: Sebastian is the type of person that tries to prove, sometimes way to hard, that chivalry is not dead, as if it were his was to redeem himself. He will always help those in need and not think twice about putting himself into danger because of it. He is also very naive, he tries to understand things around him but until recently was not exposed to much of the "real world".
    Height: 5' 3"

    creepy guy.jpg

    History: Sebastian has no memories of his parents at all, nor does he even know if they are alive. He lived with his older half-sister for most of his life, she was everything to him. They were inseparable for as long as he could remember. He learned when he was very young that there was something different about him when the changes began to start. His sister soon after took him far away to keep him safe. As they grew he began to learn to control his transformation, limiting them or all together stopping it retaining his human form. When he was almost 20 years old his sister became ill, he tried everything to help her regain her strength, but ultimately failed. Before she died his sister told him not to blame himself but he does anyway. It took almost a two years for the illness to claim his sisters life, at which point he fell into a deep depression. For eight years he allowed his pain to rule him, he stumbled through those years in a haze of sorrow. It would take him close to fifteen years after the death of his sister before he would eventually venture into the "civilized world".

    Sebastian slowly and cautiously walked the streets of the town, he had only seen them from a distance and never having any interactions with others save for his sister. He stared about, fascinated and amazed by some of the sites that greeted him. It was pretty quiet as he wandered the streets, it had taken him quite some time and effort to travel to this place and he was growing weary. As he turned a corner his head turned sharply as he heard several very loud banging noises. The only thing he knew that could make sounds like that was the gun his sister used to use when he was still little to scare off predators from their home. Sebastian gave a cursory glance around at his surrounding already know that no one was near him. He took two steps, jumped as hard as possible and then relaxed his hold within himself. If someone was watching him, they would describe it as a shadow materializing behind him and lifting him into the air and up past the roofs of the buildings lining the street.

    He touched down on the rooftop softly darting forward as the sound of something crashing spurred him forward. Upon reaching the edge of the building he continued onward leaping easily to the next as he searched for the sources of the commotion.
    "Shit!" He cursed once he realized his mistake. He had misjudged his latest jump completely missing the edge of the adjacent building. As he plummeted towards the ground he looked down to see where he would land or if it would be wiser to just stop himself. Below him a young woman stands alone, she looks around and then throws something onto the ground away from her. After a moment he decides against landing as the shadows materialize at his back and he stops at about halfway down. 'What have we here' He thought.
  3. This time it was going to be a little more difficult to pull off her trick, her ears were trained on the guys movements and how close he was. Ruby placed both her hands onto the wall and closed her eyes, she focused her breath and soon a dull red light illuminated from her body. It grew brighter as the seconds passed and tattoos that weren't there before now shone brightly all over her body. Her body started to get hot and when it was at its peak then it was time, she opened her eyes and slowly removed both her hands then she placed one foot on the wall. As if she was just walking down the street Ruby started to walk up the wall. When she knew that she would stick she began to run till she was at the top of the building and then she jumped to land on the roof.

    Ruby ducked down and slowly her breathing. Her pursuer entered the back of the alleyway and started to cuss up a storm, she couldn't help but snicker under her breath That's what you get She thought to herself and then crawled away from the edge of the building. When she was sure that the guy couldn't see her anymore she stood up. Her markings were still showing but the color had faded greatly "Mind telling me why I couldn't kill him" Ruby then hissed out like she was actually talking to another person. His resolve is still too great for you. There will be a time when you can kill him and his soul will pay much so you can take a break for a little bit a strong male voice resounded in her head once more. Ruby sighed heavily and shook her head. Her work was done for the night and all she wanted to do was go home and sleep.
  4. Sebastian watched in fascination as the woman's body began to glow with a red light, and then when she began to walk up the wall and then breaking into a run straight up, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, he couldn't believe his eyes. It was just an amazing feat that she could do that, he had to know how she did it. Quickly he began to ascend up into the night sky, giving him the perfect vantage point to locate her again so that he could ask her about how she had done that. As fast as his ascent began, he halted it catching movement down below back in the alleyway. "Huh..." Glancing down he watches as a man rounds the corner and after only a few short moments begins to swear vehemently. Smirking, Sebastian again turns his attention back to locating that woman again. It took him a few seconds to find her again and once he does, descends to the rooftop a several feet away from her. "Um, excuse me miss. I have a question for you."
  5. Ruby stared down at the hunter from the top of the building one more time, listening to him cuss up a storm. She had to resist the urge to laugh at the him so she clamped her hand around her mouth and when the hunter bolted from the alleyway Ruby breathed a sigh of relief. "That was a close one" she quietly announced cause she knew that he was there "next time don't let him catch you" she turned sharply to him"you're saying this is my fault- I can't believe what I am hearing. I would have to say you're the one that's been setting me up" she yelled at him. He was always doing this, messing with her and testing her. She had been working for him for 6 years now and yet he still tested her. But at that he just crossed his arms at smiled at her "What now?" She questioned.

    He opens his mouth to answer her but then holds back as his eyes land on another being. Ruby quickly opens her mouth and about screams at him, she hated it when he did this to her. Kept things from her or pushed her to her limits. "Well..." she prompted him while she tapped her foot on the ground waiting for him to answer her. Then he cleared his throat and nodded his head for her to look behind her. Ruby turned around slowly and saw another figure standing a few feet from her and it hit her. That's why the Reaper wasn't talking and when she turned back to look at him, he had already disappeared. "Hi" she said softly as she wondered who he was. "And what would that be?" Ruby prompted wondering how this guy got on the rooftop with out her seeing him and how much he had seen of the Reaper or her most likely talking to herself.
  6. Sebastian leaned forward slightly, confusion playing across his features momentarily. "Um, who is...." He stopped mid sentence as his confusion grew. "OK, how did he... Where did he...?" Sebastian shook his head for a second trying to regain his focus. "Wait, that was pretty cool, but never mind. I was wondering how you did that. I mean how did you walk up the wall? That was awesome." He walked over to the edge of the building, careful to still keep her in sight. He didn't know her and he did just randomly approach her. His sister had always told him to be careful and not to trust anyone who didn't give him good cause to. He missed Sara so much and it still hurt to think of her. Sebastian glanced over the edge for a second and turned back to the woman. "Oh, sorry. I'm Seb." A small smile slowly turned his lips up slightly as he sat back on the lip at the edge of the building.
  7. Ruby stared at this guy wondering just actually he wanted, that and she really didn't have time to deal with strangers poking their nose into her life. She just wanted to get home and sleep before Cronus had another assignment for her. Well and not to mention she had skipped school for almost a week now and had a whole bunch of homework to catch up on. She was just going to blow this kid off till his words stopped her in her tracks. Ruby thought that she had been careful to not let anyone see her. "What do you mean walk up the wall?" She questioned hoping to make him think a little more "I was using a rope and besides how is that your business what I was doing with the wall" the best way to throw someone off, act mean and accuse them of things. This way they would think she was a bitch or stuck up and leave her alone. You are starting to slip up too much, maybe you need to train some more Cronus popped up in her head and she wanted to groan but kept her eyes trained on this guy. "I guess it's something along the lines of nice to meet you Seb"
  8. Sebastian stared at her for a moment, bewilderment flashing across his features momentarily. "Oh yes, I think your right about that. It is something like that." His head turned to the side as he stared at her, he crossed his arms while he thought for a moment. "Uuuhhhh, no. I specifically saw you walk right up the wall. I have very good eyes, not to mention I had a very good view from my vantage point up there." He smiled again for a moment as he pointed up above the allyway and then stood up. The shadow that was covering his back slowly disappeared as if it was evaporating. "I never said it was any of my business, I just was wondering because I think it's pretty cool."
  9. This guy was better then she thought, so then it was time for plan b. Get the hell out of there before he could ask anymore questions or figure anything out. Her eyes scanned the area finally looking for the best place to run to that would throw this guy off and then she could return to her apartment to get some rest. As her eyes scanned the area her red orbs came back to Seb and her brows furrowed. Had that blackness been there the whole time but she just rubbed her eyes a little bit I must be more tired then I think and it's just the dark playing with my eyes She thought to herself and focused her attention back on his face "Well like I said I used a rope. It's getting late and I would like to get some sleep tonight so it was nice talking to you" Ruby told him and then turned around looking at the opposite side of the building that she had come up. It would probably be a better idea to take the fire escape then jumping the buildings with this guy around. She didn't want to give him anymore of idea of what she could do then she accidentally already did.
  10. "I'm sorry if I am being to blunt. I just haven't met anyone else like me.... Well, similar at least." Sebastian cocks his head to the side while he glances around, after a moment he shakes his head and starts to stretch out his arms. As his arms reach out, a strange black mist spreads out from behind him slowly at first but its pace quickening. It grows thicker the farther it reaches to the sides, until it moves well beyond his finger tips. "Like i said, similar.." He glances back at her as his eyes slowly change color as if a fog flows across them. A deep burgundy replaces what once was a misty blue, the light in his eyes intensifying until they are smoldering. "So, yeah. I was told to never let anyone see this but...." The black mist begins to solidify into a massive dark midnight blue wing span. "Well, goodnight then and yes, your right, it really was good talking with you. I have missed interacting with others, now I think I understand what she was....." Sebastian takes a step back towards the edge of the building, fear and worry barely masked by false confidence as he reveals one of his darkest secrets to a complete stranger. 'Why am I doing this? I don't understand what is going on. I am such a fool, she must be terrified of me now' His thoughts continued in this manner for a few moments. "I'm sorry, I-I....." Shaking his head, Sebastian turn and takes another step before leaping into the air his wings beating furiously as he begins to gain speed and height. "I'm so sorry sister, please forgive your stupid little brother..." He mumbles to himself a single tear slipping down his cheek.
  11. Ruby turned her head slightly to see if he was still standing there because of all the buildings this one didn't have a fire escape. She would have to jump at least a few buildings to find one that had some stairs to it, her apartment building was at least a mile or so away from here and that was a long walk for it being this late. Though as she turned her head she froze What is this guy doing? He's nuts She thought to herself and then fully turned her body to face him. She couldn't believe her eyes, were those wings. It couldn't be, she had to be really tired but as he took flight she couldn't deny it anymore. Ruby rubbed her eyes a little bit as she watched him fly off Get home the order rang loud and clear in her head and she hissed under her breath. "Do you have to be so loud?" She replied and then turned back to the edge of the building.

    Hopefully that guys gone Ruby thought to herself and then closed her eyes. Another spell of hers that would increase her movements was a nice little trick, it had cost her a bit of her a few more months of servitude but was worth it in her mind. When the red light around her body died down she took a few steps back and began jumping the buildings. This way it would only take her about fifteen minutes to get home instead of two hours.
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