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  1. Whether you're painting it on your door to keep an angel of death out, exchanging it with a friend to form a lifelong pact, or dripping it on a portal to make it open, blood rituals are all over the place. The name "blood ritual" gives these things a sort of a dark, arcane and grim vibe, making even rituals that are benign or positive in nature sound serious and important.

    In this expansion, you're invited to create a blood ritual for your world; the only musts are that it must involve blood and be a ritual - something people consciously do expecting a certain result.

    Blood source: (animal? human? insect? Fishy? Fantasy race?)
    What is done with the blood: (smear it on something? write something? consume it? ??)
    Result: (What do people hope to achieve with this ritual?)
    Magic?: (is there anything supernatural at work here?)
    Effectiveness: (does this actually do anything or is it more of a placebo?
  2. Name: Ssenkrad Ōtni T'fir (Rift Into Darkness)
    Blood source: The sap of tainted Uhû'ka sapling, congealed lamb blood, your own blood
    What is done with the blood: In order to do the ritual, you need to find a partial rift, where the fabric in space is weakened between the Dark World (Dlrow Nehtrae and the Earthen World (Dlrow Krad). These may be caused from different beings walking in the different dimension, a being on the other side trying to break through, or a place with a lot of death. First you need to plant a Uhû'ka and wait about a month for it to grow. As a plant that transfers energy easily, it transfers a tiny portion of fabric from the other dimension into its system, making it 'tainted'. After a month there will be a sapling. Also congealed blood is needed from an innocent, generally a lamb. And the person who wishes to control the rift. Mix these together in a wooden bowl, then cook on a fire within one hundred metres of the partial rift. The Uhû'ka sapling is needed to be burnt as well. After a while this will create a brownish red, thick liquid. Crusts of some purple material should be coating the inside of the bowl. Pour the liquid into the hole where the sapling was, and chant,
    "Em ekat emoc htaed. Dnalrehto eht ni rednaw yam ew os, su neewteb pag siht nepo. Regnol on tub. Meht si ereht. Su si ereh. Dnalrehto, olleh. Em ekat emoc htaed."
    Intense willpower is needed as the fabric stretches. Then the rift will snap open, and you can close it at will (you can only close it once)
    Result: A rift will open. There are different reasons to open a rift. Some people do it to hunt down a chaotic spirit to stop it damaging Krad, sometimes to collect a material from Nehtae, and sometimes just to properly seal the gap!
    Magic?: Kind of.
    Effectiveness: It does actually open a rift, but some people question about it being another physical world
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