Blood Reign

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  1. Now I know what you're probably thinking--lots of violence, right? Well, yes and no. See this is a medieval based tale about kings enjoying the finest luxuries while the poor are downtrodden; mired in muck, and toiling in hard labor like mining and field work--and don't get me started if they happen to somehow gather up courage because they stupid, weak and that was just a fact of life.

    At least till an unnamed mercenary shows up and and saves perhaps the most savvy of the young women of the town. And in asking his for his help--he chooses a very unlikely reward: The very woman he saved. Now no one's actually seen what the man under the armor looks like but there are tales of him defending a fortress during the warring days by himself self and some say the bodies were to unrecognizable

    This will have x anime physiques x medieval x swords x sex x Violence x Magic x Gore x Humor
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  2. Hello! If you are thinking that sex is going to be a theme in this roleplay (even if it is not the main one) this should be in the Libertine forum. Would you like me to move it for you?
  3. Sure thing!
  4. There you go! Happy partner hunting. :D
  5. I'm interested in your RP ^_^
  6. Yes I am ^_^
  7. Huzzzah! Celtys in my RP! xD
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  8. Sorry. Had to Celty is awesome. *Nods in agreement.

    So! Lets set up a day we can touch on the finer aspects of this roleplay!
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  9. Any time negotiable?

    Its 9:36 Eastern US time here.
  10. I know! I love Celty so much. I'm looking for a RP so I can play as her. But anyway pm me and we can plan the RP further ^^
  11. So PM you anytime then? Okies. I'll probably be getting on in the evening tomorrow.
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  12. Are you still open? I like this idea.
  13. That's fine with me hun ^_^
  14. @Cirilla

    Well I couldn't sleep, lol. One of those nights.

    Are you still on?
  15. Yay!

    So what say you to getting an early start on character creation?
  16. Sure why not, but it would be best we move our conversations to pm so your search thread doesn't get loaded up by us talking lol.
  17. Okies.
  18. To be honest, I didn't think I'd get too many hits with such a vague idea. I'm afraid miss Cirilla has already taken the main female lead.