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    Name: Akira Takamaki
    Age: 17 ( in human years
    Supernatural: Vampire ( Blood sucking Demon)

    There were lots of rumors in this town. You (your character) only believed in one though.... It terrified you the most, it was the rumor about the blood sucking beast that lived up the hill

    Your father told you the story on how the town was terrified of the beast. He told you every 20 years town with send a female girl in her late teens as a sacrifice. Sacrifice all the beast wouldn't talk the village.

    nobody made it out alive though. Well only wanted and she barely made it out alive. She told us about how the beast only feeds on blood and rarely the reddest apples of the village.

    later that day the woman died for an unknown reason.

    the only 2 reasons you actually believed in this rumor is because that woman was your mother. and that you were going to be sacrifice. . .

    Akira sat in his room bored as usual. Two decades has passed already and he was waiting for the sacrifice bride.

    In two days if she didn't come he'd have to terrorize the town once again. Ugh.. Too much work he thought that bitch better come on time

    He rolled to the other side of his bed and reached for an apple then rolled back as he read the explicit porno magazines he keeps under his bed. He's known to be the biggest pervert from where he came from, another reason why he decided to leave.

    There was a ring on the doorbell of the mansion. Thank the gods he thought as he got up and walked through the medical styled hallways. It had rusty metal knights but other than that it was just a normal dark house. Just the way he liked it.

    Something flew above his head and dashed to the door "Raven behave." He said as he talked to his pet crow. "I don't want the designs to be ruined, I want to see the terror on her face"

    He looked back at the 'decorations' cobwebs here and there, blood stain on the floor and a red mark from his lip to his chin. Perfect.

    He opened the door and smiled at the young woman but then frowned as if he already saw her before.

    No... This isn't good.

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    Kusumi was trembling in her heels, pretty sure she about to fall over and die. Her face was white and sweaty. She felt strangely cold, and her chest rising and falling slowly as she took terrified deep breaths. She was going to throw up and die, or die and throw up. Or both at the same time. Her mind was blank from the rough impact of anxiety and piss-yourself-silly fear. Her fingers clenched mindlessly to her green book, knuckles white and white fingernails digging into the golden letter 'K'. She leaned against the wide door frame, wishing for death right here, right now, but as the dramatic doors swung open, she immediately jumped back and holding up her book for some type of defense. Kusumi's knees hit against each other as she saw the frowning beast. One half of her mind was like 'alert omg alert hit the shit out of him' and the other was like 'retreat, retreat, just turn into dust'. She was going to faint.
    sorry, this isn't my best writing. o.o hopefully it's okay...
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  3. Don't worry its perfect tbh XD

    Akira felt like his heart was about to drop, he didn't exactly have a heart he only had an empty space in his chest.

    He tried not to look so stupid so he sighed "You resemble too much of her its scary." He said under his breath. Hoping she didn't hear him he caught himself "Its cute how your so pale and your even trembling" he laughed "Don't worry... I wont bite... Yet."

    He then turned around not even looking at her expression, he had to save the laugh for later.

    He continue ued to walk in expecting her to follow him
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  4. After hearing those words she sunk a bit, holding onto the door frame. Seeing him walk away, she decided that if she ran now she'd cost the whole village. Swallowing thickly she shakily followed him, obviously horrified at the 'decorations' and creepy medical like thingie setting. She held her book up, her heels clicking behind her. Kusumi hung onto details, her eyebrows furrowing at this place, making sure the bow of her pencil skirt didn't get snagged onto anything.
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  5. As soon as she was in the house he flicked his hand and the doors closed behind her.

    As he went up the stairs Raven made a loud sawk and dashed to The bride's shoulder. But before she could peck on her head akira stopped and turned "RAVEN NO!" He yelled "Bad Girl!!"

    As soon as the crow took off he continued to walk up the long stairs not saying a word

  6. Kusumi, being a big baby, squealing and was about to turn and dash off, but was, uh 'saved'?? One thing she didn't like was crows, because crows were just so... Predatory. She whimpered softly and followed him up the stairs, wondering why this had to happen to her, of all others. "W-Wuh... Where are we g-going, awu?"
  7. Once akira made it up the stairs he took a deep breath. He hated going up theeae stairs especially since they were so long.

    "Your room." He said as he waited for her to catch up "But I doubt that you'd be actually sleeping in your so called room because of the condition of my house. You see at night - most human are so freaked out by this if I might ad . - things tend to move by thwmselves, just like how the door closed on its own."

  8. "... W-Where else would I sleep, then, awu...?" Kusumi lowered her head, looking around her in some fright. Moving by themselves? Did the objects have spirits and moved themselves or was this place haunted that the ghosts moved them? She didn't wanna know, she just wanted somewhere safe to be right now. She pushed up her glasses.
  9. He smirked "my room of course, its the only room i have full conrol of." He said "but if you can't handle it... You can just use that room as your storage room or something, keep your stuff there"

    He reached a pink door with a fancy silver door frame "Here you go..." He said "The one over there is mine. You will report to me exactly in an hour allowing you to unpack and change if needed. I'll go over throuh my rules and stuff." He started to walk away when he said "and there's only one bathroom on the other side of the corridor"

    He went to his room and closed the door behind him. his video game was still on, so he continued to play 'Assassins Creed' the best thing humans have ever created.
  10. She pouted somewhat. Of course it's his room, awu... Dammit, awu. She sighed in her mind. Looking at the pink door, she gulped. Who knows what would be awaiting her inside of this strange, dangerous place. She feared for her life once again, she really wished she could just disappear. Kusumi blinked. Rules? She opened her mouth, but then closed it, unsure as he just walked away, flinching when the door closed. She opened her door slowly, peeking inside. Cob-webby and just creepy. Ugh, she wanted to cry. She walked in and closed it behind her, putting her things down and not daring to touch the bed. It seemed okay... She just wished she could clean up and make sure everything is 'de-bugged' and 'de-insected'... She shivered and crouched down, opening her suitcases. Kusumi hurriedly changed out her outfit and into something more comfortable... Black jeans, a white tank top and normal burgundy plimsoles. Her braid got annoying, so she just threw it into a messy ponytail. After that she sat down, zipping up her suitcase and left herself to her thoughts. She held herself, scared and uncertain [and sort of chilly] until she thought an hour has passed. She opened her door and slowly-slowly peeked into Akira's. "Awu?"
  11. Akira turned around as he heard the door creep open "Hey, hey hey hey! Rule number one, knock before entering my room!! Gods!!"

    He dropped his controller and opened the door "Trust me its for your own same, you'll never know if I'd just be jacking off or something"
  12. "A-Awu!" Kusumi said, holding her hands together and stepping back, surprised. She immediately starting bowing a bunch of times. "S-Sorry, um, sorry, awu, habit, awu.." Once he mention him jacking off, her face went entirely red and she covered her mouth, turning her head away. Oh, well. She didn't need to imagine that.
  13. He sighed "Anyways I have a few rules, not a whole bunch though. As you know rule number one, I'll go onto number 2 which is to never ever leave this mansion without permission if you break this rule you might even cause a few lives." He said thinking back in the last time someone tried to sneak out
  14. "C-C-Cause a few lives, awu?" Kusumi repeated gently, her hand dropping. Well, that isn't good... She'll make sure to remember that. "Anything else, awu...?" She asked gently.
  15. "Yes, yes the last and most important one, never ever make me angry. What I mean is to just do what I say." He said " your lucky to even know all these rules the last one didn't and ended up dying.." He said as he started to frown at the thought. He put back his normal face "okay the instructions, you were sent here as a sacrifice apparently and note that you will be my personal slave. You will do my chores, cook food, and -" he caught himself almost saying 'and occasionally pleasing me' " Keep me company. And also if you don't feel comfortable with the lights being off you can turn them on, just make sure I'm now t in the same room cus that gets me very irratated."

    He hopped on his bed to get the controller "Would you mind telling me your name? Mines Akira though you will be calling me master..."
  16. Kusumi pouted, looking somewhere else at his last rule. Well, he wasn't that bad... She was thinking of escaping one day, but if she messed up it'd cost her and a lot of others. She'll get to that later. Listening to him, she stepped a foot back at 'personal slave'. "Awu..." She mumbled. How tiring, especially the 'keeping company' part. She didn't even know the guy... Kusumi watched him just hop onto his bed and get some game controller. Akira? "Wait, master, awu?" Ah jeez, awu.. I gotta call him that too, awu? She grimaced a little. "Uh... I'm Kusumi, awu." People regularly called her Kuu, and it rhymed with 'awu'.
  17. "Kusumi..." He repeated "cute name" he said without making eye contact with her. "its getting late, why don't you make us both dinner, the kitchen is behind the stairs and the food is in the kitchen"
  18. Kusumi coughed into her fist, not sure if flattered or a little bit scared at his compliment. "Oh, um... I'll see what I can do, awu." She mumbled, twiddling her thumbs and slowly walking out his room. She headed into the kitchen and looked around. "Awu." She muttered simply, sighing and putting her hands on her hips. She decided to make her own bread rolls and just a simple creamy chowder with small dumplings. Kusumi grated some cheese over the steamy chowder. After finishing about two hours later, she brushed the powder off her jeans and walked up to his room. Kusumi gently knocked on it.
  19. Akira paused his game to open the door. His thumbs were getting g tired anyways. "About time you were done..." He said as he smirked "Smells pretty good, what is it??"

    He opened the door wider so she could enter
  20. "I-I had to make alot of stuff from scratch, awu!" Kusumi said defensively, her attitude then softened. "Um... Plain bread rolls and just a chowder with chicken, spinach, little dumplings and some cheese, awu..." She mumbled, she was trying to keep it simple, especially for the first day. She entered slowly.
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