Blood Rain (Sign-ups/OOC)

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  1. April 14th, 2015
    Log entry 1
    The night that it came down, the blood rain. That was the night the city went to hell. Vampyres... they came out of nowhere into the rain. They killed people, and drained them of their blood. Nobody was able to run, or escape. Their speed, and strength... inhuman.
    My name is Isabella, I'm a member of the resistance, and second-in-command. If your getting this, than we need your help. We want to take the city back, and it's looking rather... post-apocalyptic. Please... come and find us.
    Log end.
    On April 1st 2004, blood rained down on the city of Dellanain, bring out the vampyres. They took over the city, and made it their hunting grounds. When the first attack happened, people screeched, and tried running away, mass panic broke out. People were dying, and fresh blood was spilled onto the streets. With the city covered with pitch black clouds that never leave, and the vampyres controlling the city, a small group called the resistance, are intent on getting their city back. So, are you human or vampyre?

    Present History:

    I have a character of mine that has nightmares of a vampyre that wants her. Pretty much lusts for her, so if your interested in playing that Vampyre, please let me know, and I will pm you with the details of the nightmares so that you may create the character around that nightmare!
  2. I may be interested in playing the vampire you mentioned, but I'd like to know what your character is like first, if that's okay?
  3. Ah yeah sure! Just let me type out the entire character sheet for her, and then I'll pm you with it in it!
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