Blood Painted Petals (OC)

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  1. Bound by an inescapable fate
    Two souls destined to never separate
    From Birth to Death
    From Love to Hate
    A bond that infringes
    The path they take
    will elicit their fate.

    "I hope you are seriously considering the consequences of performing an eternal blood bonding ritual. This could change everything, you know." He told us. We simply looked at him. "We know that's why we are here." She said looking around at all the people in the room. "This bound is between us" She whispers to her beloved partner "I don't ever wish to leave you. But I am ill and on the verge of death." After the ritual the young woman dies and her beloved sobs soon killing himself. "We will meet again!" was his dying words.

    (The over all plot is about people who had created a blood bond. Now this is their 5th life since then. They all some how all meet once again as a group on a privet Island. We will need even number of people okay?

    Also if you want to be someone's blood pairing just ask them. They two even though they have a blood bound can in fact hate each other but very slowly grow to love.)
  2. Hmm, this seems interesting, almost like a book I'm reading :p I'd be interested in taking part if this is open still. Is there character sheets, or something?
  3. I think it sounds interesting too! Same question as above, any character sheets?
  4. Just make a cs based on what u think I need to know.
  5. Interested~! So, based on your post above Phantom, I will get to creating my character right away! (*´・v・)
  6. Sounds good! Should I just post it here then?
  7. What city and country is this taking place in, Phantom?
  8. this is really cool. i love the concept! i think i might create a character for this. do we post the characters here or is their another place for that?
  9. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Scarlet Rose Lavina
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: knight
    Current Goal/Purpose: To get her blood paring partner and her a decent connection (clearly he/she hates her)
    General Personality: she is a stubborn forceful girl who would do anything to get what she wants. she is incredibly blunt and sarcastic, this tends to piss people off quite a lot, and makes it hard for her to make connections with anybody due to the fact that they don't know if she is being sarcastic or not, however she dose have a gentile caring side she rarely shows
    General History: Scarlett was born on the 29th of February to a loving family that had a history of being good sword-smiths and swordsmen they rarely had female children so Scarlet was a curse and a blessing. her father taught her the way of she sword until she was 17. at the age of 18 her family moved from their home town in LA to an island for her mothers business. their she finished her last year of school and is now currently in uni trying to get a degree to become a Concept Artist

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  10. Those who have stayed committed to this group, I finally got some word back from the GM. The group is still going on.

    Edit: I'm leaving, however. I hope you all find this roleplay to be endearing once it starts up!
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  11. sorry i have been gone ive been grounded still am but i try to get on :P any time i randomly vanish that be why. post them here this page is questions and cs and what ever else.
  12. i was thinking it takes place on an island that was once part of italy but was bought by someone else and turned to a resord for there friends wihc is use we all know island owner in a way. also ill be playing a guy names Eli Gray,