Blood of the Shapshifter.

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    Name: Eve Cover

    Age: She was turn in the 1820 at the age of 19.

    Personality: Eve is a bit impulsive with an attack now, ask questions later attitude. The reason she has survived this long is pure luck. She will do impulsive things that will often get herself into trouble. Even though Eve says and does what she ways she is still resourceful. Like a layer, she is able to argue her way out of many things. Eve can be a bit of a klutz at times but when it comes to hunting she is very good at it and will resort to out running her prey instead of charming it. Eve has killed her prey in the past but has now developed some restrain when drinking blood. More often than not she is able to leave her prey alive which is good considering there are hard to come by. Eve can't stand ghosts or the stench of human blood and prefers not to be close to either. She loves fighting and working on strengths her powers. Another love of hers is that loves social gatherings. To pass the time she enjoys drinking wine, dancing, movies, comics and video games.

    Appearance: Eve Dresses a bit tom boyish with skinny jeans, combat boots and punk sometimes ripped tops. Her hair is a Golden blond and comes to just above her waste. She has silver eyes and is around 5"8 feet tall. She has more of a slender build but still has soft curves. She also has a slight English accent.

    History: Eve was attacked on the streets of England turned in 1820. The man told her what she was and gave her the choice of following him. She declinded and he told her he would at least tell her how to live as a vampire. After he found out she couldn't keep human blood down he made his depature swift, realizing that as her hunger builds her sanity would decrease. Knowing that she could never return to her parents house after seeing what she had become she fled to the new world cast away on a ship. There was a shapeshifter on the same voyage to America and when she smelled her she confronted the woman. She told her what she was and threatened to reveal the shapeshifter if they told her secret. The ShapeShifter agreed to let Eve drink from her though the voyage. When they got to America they had formed a friendship and remained in contact. Eve has remained in America ever since, keeping away from other vampires. She travels America looking for Shapeshifters to hunt as well as enjoying her immortality. She often regrets running away from home but is trying to do her best with the life she has now. Recently, she has heard rumors of a witch that can make daylight rings (allowing her to walk in the daylight) and is searching for the witch.

    Vampire powers: Eve has basic vampire powers such as super speed and strength. She is faster than the average vampire though, due to her practice of chasing down her already fast prey. She is damaged by the sun and can only spend about three minutes in it before burning up. She can also be killed by having her heart ripped out of her body or having her head dismembered.

    Mysterious Telekinetic power:
    Eve has the ability to throw people and objects away from her with vampiric strength. She can also call something close to her. With more effort she can bend objects such as weapons from a far. She cannot bend too often as this tires her out after awhile.)

    Eve stood on a leafless branch that over looked an empty meadow below. A blanket of snow covered the ground and she did her best to take in her surroundings. She needed a plan for tonight and this seemed like the perfect place to stop and gather her thoughts.

    Her golden locks lay still at her sides, flowing out from beneath the black hood of her sweater. She wore black finger-less gloves, and a white scarf mostly to fit in with the locals as the cold didn't affect her much. However, She couldn't ever part from her grey ripped skinny pant and stripped punk shirt which was slightly baggy on her and only covered one arm. Over it she wore a long thin black sweater which fell to her feet and draped around her frame almost like a cape. Lastly, she topped off her look with black combat boots. This look might make her stand out a little from the locals but there was no way she would choice to go completely goth like other vampires.

    The sun had set an hour ago and the remaining light barely visible on her horizon. She missed this, the day light. When she was a child she remembered waking up at dawn and playing all day in the sun. This was just a memory now but one she hoped to get back. This witch she had heard of could create daylight rings. If she could get one of these then she could live among humans, blending in with one of them. The thought of laying out in a bikini and soaking up the sun rays cast a small smile on her lips and her expression softened.

    Around her animals scurried into their hiding place, trying to prepare for the approaching cold of night. In the distance birds still muttered the last of their calls, settling in as well. It was silent around her, too silent. It had been awhile since she had hunted for a shape snifter but she had to travel to Maine. She needed to know about this ring, even if it meant leaving her primary food source. She could feel it though, the hunger build inside her. Still, she needed to press on. A few days without blood never killed any vampire...Too bad it was now five. The most she has ever gone was seven and she knew she was nearing her breaking point. The night was young and she could already feel heat in her eyes, indicating that they where turning red.

    Leaning her head against the trunk of the tree she thought of her options. She needed to hunt, tonight. But the family of shifters where too far away for her to contact. She would never make it there by morning. Sighing, became angered at her self for not fully thinking this trip trough.
  2. Tahvo Kapanen (open)

    Name: Tahvo Kapanen

    Age: Approximately 57, appears 23

    Personality: Tahvo is a cutthroat, attempting to do whatever would be in the best interest for him. This has led him into trouble on occasions where someone more powerful has discovered his plots. Because of this he has become mostly a loaner. But this doesn’t mean that he isn’t against making friends. He will only maintain friendships with people who are valuable to his own cause and reasons, most of which remain a mystery. (I sometimes find it hard to put a personality into words, and I feel like they are constantly developing so this may be shorter than you would wish.)

    Appearance: Dressing in whatever catches his fancy Tahvo is often wearing clothing that clashes or wouldn’t match properly. As well the inability to take clothing with when in an animal form leaves him scrounging for clothes. More often than not you will find him wearing furs and skins of animals that he tanned himself to make clothing out of. His physical appearance is also subject to change due to his acquired abilities, though he normally retains his original appearance of dark brown hair that has a haggard appearance. His eyes are a modified, brilliant malachite green and he stands at 5’11” with a lean muscular build from living in the wilderness.

    History: Tahvo was born in Europe into the royal European family of shifters who have been the ruling family for many thousands of years with their reach extending across Asia and into Africa. Growing up Tahvo had a younger brother and both of them were groomed for leadership as they aged. Unfortunately something seemed to be different in Tahvo, he was cunning and soon many were noticing that he was dangerous. At the age of 20 he committed the most forbidden crime within the entire shifter kingdom, he killed his own brother and doing so he gained the ability of human shifting. His hunger for power seemed to be endless as no one was able to discover what had truly happened to his brother, while many suspected that Tahvo had a hand in it. At 25 Tahvo attempted to overthrow his father and take control of the kingdom but his treachery was stopped and Tahvo was exiled to America in 1980. There was no power structure in America and most shifters had formed small groups to communicate with each other. Tahvo on the other hand repelled any attempts for communication by threats or violence. Taking the state of Maine for his original territory he quickly began to expand his land over the next 30 years. In the present he controls all of the states from New York and upwards and even controls some of the land in Canada. No shifter dare oppose Tahvo or try to take his land, for he is among the most powerful shifters to have ever come into existence.

    Shapeshifting Powers:

    Extended age: Shifters life force is much longer than average humans, but it is not infinite. Shifters generally live for anywhere between 200 and 350 years. There have been rumors that the stronger a shifters power is the longer they can live.

    Animal Shifting: Coming from the royal bloodline of shapeshifters his abilities are substantially more powerful than the average shifter. This allows him to change into creatures whose size and mass are much larger and much smaller than his own body without much difficulty. The time it takes to shift between different forms is also greatly reduced.

    Human Shifting: Gaining the power to shift into different human forms is a much forbidden art among shifters. To gain this power you have to kill a sibling, something that is strictly outlawed among shifters due to the low birthing rates and small population. It allows a person to change anything about themselves in human form.

    OOC stuff (open)

    Let me know if you have any issues with my character at all. Such as if you think his territory is too large, he is too powerful etc. Anything at all! I want to make sure we both have fun. By the way I love that you are using colors! I use them too but almost no one else I play with does.

    P.S. This all almost got deleted permanently without a save of mine. ;-; I about crapped my pants.

    In the snow covered woods a full grown mountain lion prowled through the night. Mounds of rippling muscle visible below its tawny grey coat of fur. The largest cat in Northern America it is not a creature to mess with and tonight was the wrong night to be a prey item. Because this cat not only had the advantage of being perfectly adapted to killing over many millions of years, it is also aided by the intelligence of a human. This mountain lion is a shapeshifter known as Tahvo and nothing would be safe from his hunt. Padding through the snow he was a silent ghost, leaving on the lightest of tracks as evidence that an elite hunter had even been in the area. His eyes allowing him to see keenly even in the darkest of nights and his sense of hearing allows him see an entirely different world. Tonight would bring about the end of a life.

    Looking up to the sky he was basked in moonlight, something that always felt wonderful as if the moon held some sort of supernatural power all by itself. That’s when he noticed a deadly silence within the woods. Even at night a silence such as this was uncommon, but he dismissed it for the fact that a deadly predator was prowling the woods and continued to stalk the woods. His slightly sensitive nose soon alerted him to something dead within the area but Tahvo was not a person who would take the leftovers of another. He took what he desired, and he desired the best.

    Soon he spotted them, a small grouping of elk grazing the bark off of some nearby trees. Towering over the other female elk was a large bull elk. One of the largest Tahvo had ever set his sights on and he knew tonight that the animal would be his. Crouching low to the snow covered ground he began to stalk closer to the tree line. Eyes focused on the bull elk his ears primed waiting for the slightest noise that may betray his presence. As quick as lightening Tahvo launched from his hiding place on a guided path straight for the Elk. The deep snow made it difficult for the elk to escape, but Tahvos large paws allowed him to be nimble and quick. Within a matter of seconds he had closed the distance and sunk his sharp teeth into the throat of the elk crushing down upon its windpipe. The animal would soon be dead from suffocation.

    Satisfied with his victory Tahvo looked up towards the moon and let out a loud mountain lion call into the night declaring his triumph and dominance in the territory that he owned. It was one that would be heard for miles around and send shivers down the spines of anything that was prey. He the king of this land and would be second to no one.
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    Eve smelled it first. The scent of blood. It was animal blood so it wasn't as sickening to her as a human would. She leapt down from the tree and swept across the meadow at high speed. She barely left any tracks, her treading was so light. As she got closer to her prey she started to feel him. Then she heard a mighty roar, one that swept through these Maine woods.

    "He must be a large cat" She thought to her self, moving at high speed through the area. She darted though the trees effortlessly. To her, speed was her biggest strength It would take a great deal of power to out run her and no vampire had been able to catch her as of yet. Then again, she had never come across any ancient vampires. Gold locks flew wildly behind her and the pupils of her eyes begun to turn red. She was going into full hunting mode and, from the lack of blood, it wasn't likely she could snap out of it until she had her fill.

    She changed her course so she approached down wind. She halted her run and used a massive tree to hide her self. Closing her eyes she could feel his blood pulsating through her veins. His heart beat echoed in her mind and her fangs slightly protruding from her lips. She would drink from him tonight, if it was the last thing she did. Opening her eyes she peered out at him then readied her self. Smoke blew from her lips as she anticipated the hunt, the air
    temperature dropping. She barely noticed as she focused in on the blood that was now driving her toward a more animalistic self.

    She ran out from behind the tree, toward the lion. Her appearance was more deadly but there was still a beauty to it. Hissing at as she approached she charged at him with incredible speed. She sprung at him, claws and teeth first ready despite to sink her teeth into him. The blood lust driving her to attack him over powered her, burring her humanity.
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    Thank you! I also like your character. I can not wait until they interact after the fight.

    Also I hope you don't mind this being a little short of a post. I have never been good at roleplaying fights. After we move onwards I promise my posts will be better!

    Tahvo barely had any notice of the dangerous vampire that was stalking and now charging at him. His keen hearing had luckily alerted him to the presence of another creature right before Eve launched into an attack. Not being the type to back down Tahvo lowered his body into a defensive posture and let out an aggressive hiss in return, declaring that he was not someone to be messing with. To his misfortune he was dealing with a vampire, and one who had not drank for many days. Just before Eve came into his range Tahvo launched from the ground towards her attempting to swipe, bite or harm her in any way that he could.

    Tahvo had realized that this wasn’t an ordinary human and came to the conclusion that she must have been a vampire or a similar supernatural creature. What he didn’t understand was why she was out this far into the woods, and what had caused her to attack him. He didn’t know of a species that hunted shapeshifters, especially when they were so rare that many had believed them to return to myth. But who this woman was, and what she wanted didn’t matter anymore. Tahvo had to protect himself and he hoped he could dissuade her from attacking further.
  5. Occ: I am meh at posting fights too so I understand. The interaction is going to be awesome :). I sped up the battle so we could move things along. let me know if you want to change it. Also, I think you are an awesome writer. Your responses as awesome :))

    Eve was in luck as the creature didn't turn and run. Chasing a mountain lion through this forest would be more difficult that to fight him. Her hunger powered her strength She ignored the hiss from him, not even able to respond with her own. She was too hungry to even comprehend that it was a warning. As he jumped into an attack, Eve simply let him bite her. The rolled a bit on the ground from the force and Eve grasped both of his front paws as they tumbled. She landed ontop of him as they finally stopped moving.

    His teeth sunk into her shoulder an her own blood ran into his jaw. Holding his upper jaw, she clenched it, with one clawed grasp, instinctively keeping him in place and to control the movement of his head so his jaws wouldn't end up around her neck. With her other hand she grabbed his closest front paw and held it with such force that she could of fracture it. She didn't feel or hear a bone break so she knew her force wasn't badly injured She would deal with the reprocussions of her attack later. Now she just needed blood, his blood.

    With one last hiss, her fangs plunged into the lion's neck. As soon as his blood entered her, her predatory nature changed. She let go of his paw and upper jaw. Her claws retracted but her eyes and fangs did not. Instead of her usually hiss, a hushed moan escapes her lips. Her prey would also start to feel intense pleasure as she drank, but this was to be expected of any vampire attack. This pleasure was almost crippling but her subject could still move. It would depend on how much will power he had weither he resisted the fight or not. She continued to loose blood from her shoulder but the pain of her attack was all but absent.

    Instead, a new feeling overtook her. A sort of rush that was unlike any she had ever felt before. The taste of him blood was like the ancient wine she used to drink long ago, when she sunk into her father's wine cellar. Something odd was happening to her and after she had a pint of his blood she released him, wiping her bottom lip. Suddenly her silver eyes widened at as she felt this shapeshifter's pain. Wincing, she ignored the wound on her shoulder and grabbed her wrists. Add was this feeling, she could feel the shapeshifter there. Almost like an added six sense, she could feel him before her. Captivated, she made no move to run from him.

    "What kind of shapeshifter are you?" She asked still rubbing her wrist without looking away from him. She made no movement away from him but also not to defend her self. The blood from her wound continued to bleed out and it would take a few hours for it to heal. The pain from her shoulder was nothing like the pain from her wrist.
  6. ooc (open)

    That is perfectly fine with me, and I had no problems with how you played it out. Thank you for the compliment. :3

    Tahvo instantly thought he had been successful at terminating this unknown enemy when he felt his teeth pierce her flesh as they tumbled to the ground. As soon as fangs pierced flesh he felt her blood flow, but she only tasted of death and decay almost making Tahvo recoil from attack. As they came to a stop the woman was atop him, and even worse she had grasped his head keeping him from releasing her shoulder and going for the deadly throat bite. Realizing his folly Tahvo brought a paw up to try and swipe the woman across the face, but she had anticipated his actions and grabbed a hold of his paw in a bone crushing grip. He would not be able to escape. The feeling of defeat was not one Tahvo had felt for many years, his pride demanded that he continue the fight. But his inability to move, and the threatened breaking of his arm wouldn’t allow much resistance.

    Suddenly he felt an unexpected pain upon his throat, and within seconds of the pain an intense pleasure began to flow through penetrating through to his entire body. It was like nothing he had ever felt before, there were no words to describe the feeling it was like a trance and so very hard to resist. But his mouth was still wrapped around the woman’s shoulder and her blood was still trickling into his mouth leaving a deathlike taste, one that was strong enough to allow him temporary free will. But just as he attempted to free himself the woman had released him entirely. Rolling away and coming up into a crouched position Tahvo tentatively placed his hurt paw upon the ground. A sharp pain erupted up his leg as soon as he placed any weight on the injured paw.

    “What kind of shapeshifter are you?” She spoke.

    He was surprised by her voice. it was not a voice that should have belonged to a creature that tasted so vile. Though her question raised many more of his own. How do you know what I am? Why were you hunting me? And perhaps most importantly of all; Why should I give you any answers? Though all of this was left unsaid as in his animal form Tahvo would not be able to communicate with a human. With a injured paw, blood trickling from his neck and no clothing to protect against the cold Tahvo chose not to return to human form. Instead he turned from the woman and began to walk away, he had a nearby hideaway that was protected from the cold and offered warmth.

    He knew that he could not defeat the woman in combat so he made no attempts to flee or fight. It was up to her if she decided to pursue him for answers or not.
  7. As she waited the lion simply ignored her question. Being the impatient vampire she was, she became frustrated that he did not suddenly transform and tell her what she wanted to know.Was he stuck like this? Come to think of it, the only shapeshifters she had ever spoken to were her adoptive family. Any others she had hunted never turned back into their human versions. This thought calmed her a bit and she decided to wait a little more, giving him a change to recover. Her red eyes had returned to their mercury color and her fangs and shrunken back to their normal size now.

    As the cat turned to walk away, she could feel him leave her and, like a magnet, she felt the pull to follow him. This connection, whatever it was, was almost primitive. She had never experienced this before and the only thing like it was the blood lust she felt when battling It over took her completely and suddenly, she couldn't bare to part with him. "Hey wait!" She said, getting up off the crimson dyed snow and running beside him at vampiric speed As she closed the distance she felt better.

    Every time she shapeshifter walked she felt a pain in her wrist. Clenching it, she had forgotten what mortal pain felt like. The pain of a vampire injury was much less than bothersome. She wondered if her blood would heal a shapeshifter like it did on humans. She had heard rumors of this but have never tried it her self. He had taken in some of her blood, but this was before the injury and she wondered if the time they drank it mattered too. For being a vampire for around 100 years, she surely didn't know much about them.

    " I just want to let you know that you probably shouldn't die anytime soon. When a human dies with vampire blood in their body they become I don't know how it effects shapeshifters though." She told him after awhile of walking next to him in silence. After another minute of silence she continued. " I hope you don't expect to get rid of me soon. I'm not going to stop following you until I get answers " She said in a matter of fact tone. She told him as she walked next to him. Even if he ran away, she would be able to sense him. As they made their way though the woods, her gave shifted to the clear night sky. The air way dry and still. Even her cold breath blew smoke from her lips. Snow piles sparingly on the evergreen trees around them and all that could now be heard was the crunching of their footsteps in show. Eve pulled up her hood as she took inventory of her surroundings.
  8. As Eve spoke and walked alongside Tahvo he gave her little notice as to whether he was listening or even aware of her presence. The only noticeable change was the way his tail moved when she spoke of being a vampire and how if he died with her blood in him he may change and become similar to her. The unlikely pair had a fair distance to travel through the woods and it seemed as if all of the living creatures had disappeared, not making a single noise as they were in the presence of two very deadly predators. Soon their trek shifted from a flat snowy forest into a slightly climb up what would be the beginnings of larger mountains. Hidden within plain sight was a small crevice in the rocks that lead to a self-made wooden door. They had arrived at Tahvo’s home.

    Because of the fact that there wasn’t a human around for at least 40 miles in any direction Tahvo required no locks for his doors and easily pushed it open in his animal form. Opening up from the crevice was a fairly large cavern that had been decorated and made to feel like home. It contained a table, a few chairs, a makeshift fire place and several different animal furs including a very large brown bear that was lying on the floor. A little further back there appeared to be a make shift kitchen area that didn’t consist of much more than the bare necessities, a couple bowls, pots and several sharp looking knives. Even farther back the cavern narrowed once more and branched off into two directions. One branch led to a bedroom and the other lead even farther and deeper into the mountain. It likely wasn’t what most people would want to call home, but it worked.

    The mountain lion having walked further into the room looked back at Eve and let out a little growl while at the same time motioning with its tail to a wooden couch with a plush down filled mattress. Assuming that the woman could understand the hint he walked further on headed to his bedroom. While Tahvo didn’t have any problem with nudity, he did have a problem with the cold and unlike his new acquaintance he could feel the cold and it could kill him. As soon as he entered into his room Tahvo made a seamless transition from mountain lion back into his human form, and quickly began to dress himself in a smattering of different furs including rabbit, fox and wolf. Feel warm and content he left the room to greet the vampire woman in human tongue.

    Instead of mountain lion returning from deeper within the cave it was a man who looked to have been no older than twenty-three to twenty-five. Dressed in various different furs he was covered from shoulder to toes in warmth. His longer brown hair had a haggard appearance likely caused from his infrequent visits to a barber. But the most striking thing about his appearance was his brilliant malachite green eyes.

    With a smirking grin he spoke “You will forgive me if I am a bit rusty with speech and mannerisms. I don’t often have guests.” Walking closer to Eve he gently rubbed his wrist. It was visibly bruised and still pained him somewhat though it was healing a little faster than the average human. “Why are you out here?” This was the question Tahvo was most interested in as there shouldn’t have been anyway this far out into the wild. “Oh and you may call me Tahvo.” As he smiled a bit more it revealed that his teeth appeared to be a bit sharper than what was normal. A small side effect from spending too much time in an animal form.
  9. As the large cat pushed open the door Eve stepped up the frame of the door. She couldn't enter a normal human's house without being invited in. She didn't know if she could enter a shapeshifter's house, having only hunted them in their animal form. As she paused at the door the cat motioned with it's tail to a chair in the room. That counts as an invitation right? She stepped through the door and let it shut behind her. Yup, looks like that motion counts as an invitation. She moved to the chair but didn't sit down. Instead she surveyed her new surroundings. Taking her boots off, she left them by the door, indicating that she would be here awhile. She needed to know why this sort of connection to him was happening.

    She liked the feel of her black and white stripped socks against the bear mat. It reminded her of a shapeshifter she had hunted in Washington. Looking to the kitchen she took not of the knifes there. They could hard her but nothing would be as deadly as a stake through the heart, or worse, sunlight. Her mercury eyes left him, but she knew he was off in another room. If he decided to escape she could easily track him down again. As he re-entered she was pressing her fingers into the nearby fox fur, enjoying the texture, her back to him. As he spoke she didn't turn to him yet, but her ivory fingers did stop their movement on the pelt.

    As he first spoke about him conversing with her she didn't respond but as he rubbed his wrist she mirrored his actions. Looking up at him, she ignored his other questions irritated that he had not answered hers first. "Do you mind doing something about your wrist." She said finally bringing her eyes to him. "It's irritating me." She told him. As she turned she took his wrist gently in her own. Her skin was ice cold, already cold from being dead and then frozen from the lack of layers she had. She took off one of her gloves then pressed her ice cold hands into the bruise, careful not to hurt him. She feeling of her icey hands might feel a bit uncomfortable but the pain in her own wrist was lessened.

    Up close she got a good view of him. He appeared around the same age she did, though she didn't actually know who was older. His frame was taller than her own with messy hair and enchanting emerald eyes. The fur he wore seemed to keep him warm but she thought it was a little old fashioned. He didn't look like he conversed with any humans, not dressed like that. She wondered exactly when he had last spoken to anyone. Eve might be a vampire but she had friends she often spoke to. Leaving his gaze, she focused on his wrist.

    As soon as she touched him, a feeling of calm came over her. If felt nice, to be this close to him. Her eyes moved from his wrist to his own gaze. Her expression is defensive but there was a certain light to her. She felt calmer and would look much more human now. Not letting go of his wrist, she alternated her hands as she spoke to him, letting the other grow colder as she touched his skin. "I think you know why I am out here." She told him. "I'm surprised your not angry at me for drinking your blood." She told him, not sure if she should tell him why she was in this area. She knew about the witch but if other creatures heard she could be killed and then Eve's chances of walking in the sun again where over. She wouldn't have it. She spent too long living in the darkness.

    "I'll tell you my name if you tell me why you are different from other shapeshifters. Your blood. It did something to me. I need to know what you are in order to be able to find someone to reverse it. If you don't tell me I'll spend eternity at your side and trust me...I won't make it pleasant " She glared up at him. She was obviously bluffing. Any sort of pain he was in she could feel and if she ended up killing him... she didn't want to think about the repercussions . She was so close to living life like a normal human. So close to getting her old life back. Her expression was angry but a sadness filled her eyes. Looking down she let go of his hands then remembered the damage to her shirt. Looking over their where wholes in the shoulder area and it was stained with blood but her black sweater seemed to escape any damage, only having leaves and twigs sparingly sticking out from it. The wound was closed with pink scars that would disappear in an hour.

    As she moved away from him she walked to the chair and started picking off leaves and twigs from it. She waited for him to respond there, paying attention to his presence and the space between them.
  10. ooc- Read me first! :D (open)
    I know you wrote that she dropped his hand afterwards. So I hope you don’t mind that I had him jerk his hand away instead? It’s likely what he would have done when he felt that she wasn’t telling him why she was truly there.

    By the way I have kind of decided for Tahvo that he hasn’t really been involved much in the modern world yet. So things like cell phones, laptops, etc would surprise and fascinate him. I was thinking that it could lead to some fun if Eve ever brought him into a city and stuff like that. XD I can imagine it now…

    “Tahvo! What are you doing? Pay attention.” Eve shouted at the shapeshifter lightly slapping him on the head. She had regretted supplying the shapeshifter with a smart phone ever since she had shown him a game called angry birds. He seemed to be enthralled with it, bound to it as if the game was his master. “Evvvve.” Tahvo groaned, “There are birds and pigs, and you hit them! Then some of the birds explode, and split up. I have never played anything like this before.” Tahvo ranted, it was obvious that he had no experience with the modern world. “I still don’t understand how they fit all of this into this tiny little box.” Tahvo questioned as he held it up towards the sun, as if he could see through it or gain insight as to where all the little birds and pigs were hiding. “For the hundredth time Tahvo those aren’t real animals. It is just data that is stored in the phone.” Once again Eve wished she had avoiding even bringing Tahvo to a city, it was like having a little toddler to take care of. “What is data?” Tahvo asked innocently looking at Eve. It was all Eve could do to resist destroying Tahvo on the spot, instead she settled on a face palm and trudged along.

    Ahem…back to the real writing now.

    Tahvo allowed her to press her hands upon his wrist. He had to suppress the urge to recoil when he felt how cold her hands actually were, but the longer they stayed the better his wrist felt. When the vampire told him that he should already know why she was out here a quick flash of anger passed over his face and he jerked his hand out of her grasp. “Do not lie to me vampire,” He spit the word vampire out as if it was a toxic. “If you were only trying to hunt down shapeshifters you would not have done it here. I am the only shifter around for hundreds, if not thousands of miles. You chose a poor hunting ground.” It was frustrating to Tahvo that she was hiding her real intentions, but this frustration showed how little he had interacted with humans over the past several years. Deceit and deception was only something that humans did. With animals you always knew their true intentions and that was something Tahvo greatly enjoyed, being a human in animal skin.

    His ears perked up as the woman mentioned his blood and how she desired to know what made him different. Her threat of spending eternity with him only made him laugh on the inside. At this point Tahvo would have been more inclined to tell her who and what he was if she would only leave, but the thought of an undead and undying being his bodyguard was intriguing and it would definitely have its uses. “I have let you into my home, shown you kindness, given my own name and yet you still demand more while giving nothing?” The shifter questioned but continued before she could respond. “You are becoming most unwelcome in this home. But stay then if you so desire. I wouldn’t mind having a vampire guardian.” Tahvo still didn’t understand this vampire’s fascination with him, it left him wondering if all vampires were this clingy after drinking someone’s blood.

    Believing that the woman wanted to know more about him than Tahvo wanted to know about her he decided to put his leverage to work. “If you tell me your name and purpose then I will answer your own questions.” Tahvo believed that she wouldn’t be able to refuse. “Oh and tell me. Are all vampires this clingy and enamored with those that they drink blood from?” It was an honest question and not meant as a slight, but it showed Tahvos lack of social skills. At least it would appear that way.
  11. Occ: That is an awesome idea! I'll have the witch she is looking for located in the nearby city. I understand about him jerking his hands away and you don't have to worry about it. Our character's personalities are going to make this rp really fun :) This is, by far, my favorite rp right now :). Also, don't worry about short posts. I would rather have quality over quantity and you did plenty in your post for me to respond to. Once again, this is an amazing post ^_^

    As he called out her lie, Eve's jaw tightened. He obviously became angered at this but she didn't react to his threatening tone. Giving him a bored look, she rolled her eyes at him. She obviously needed him to come to the witch with her, but telling him her primary reason for going just seemed like a stupid idea - even for her. Another trait she noticed about him was his speech. His dialect seemed a bit old fashioned, even more so than when she was growing up. Shapeshifters where not completely immortal but they did have longer life spans than humans. Suddenly, his age also became interesting to her as well.

    " Listen" She said, finish picking debris off her sweater and swinging it around her shoulders. She didn't place her hands inside the sweater, wanting to be ready in case he decided to turn this argument into a fight. Walking up to him she leaned against a nearby wall, keeping her mercury gaze upon him. "I'm not telling you everything, obviously, but the last part was a truth. I'm not like other vampires. I can only drink from other shapeshifters and you guys are not in large supply. I know there are no other Shapeshifters around, trust me. I had nothing to drink for five days, which is enough to drive any vampire insane. So, when I sensed you I hunted you down." She folded her arms giving him a look that a teen would give their parents after being told to study more. She knew this was going to be hard, getting him to trust her and accompany her on this journey. Still, she couldn't have him dying, or all would be lost.

    More of a lecture followed and she made her way towards the middle of the room, staring down at her feet as she walked along the soft bear rug. The thought of being his slave caused her to halt and she snapped her head towards him. Removing strands of gold that had fallen into her sight, she glared at him. " Sure, I'll be the best body guard you have ever had and the worst roommate." Taking a step into the middle of the room she turned once looking at the decor " I am thinking I could paint everything pink, with sparkles of course". Moving over to a wall she held out her arms measuring it. "Ah, I TV could go hear. I could play video games and blast loud music. Of course we would need to hook electricity up but I'm sure I could give out a few death threats until we got a company to come out and install lines." Moving into the kitchen she smirked now at her own jokes. "And wine glasses, lots and lots of wine glasses, with a pink table cloth." Turning back to him, she gave him a sinister smirk. "I could throw a moving in party. Lots of my human friends could come and we could drink wine, watch movies and be really loud. Doesn't that sound like fun?" She raised her brows at him. She she couldn't hurt him, but she would annoy the fuck out of him.

    He asked her for her name then told her she was clingy. Eve's eyes actually turned red and her fangs grew, obviously enraged by him now. She bolted at him with Vampiric speed until they where face to face. Clenching her fists at her side, she wanted to hit him. She couldn't, it would hurt her as well. She reminded her self to breath and, taking a deep breath, she backed away from him, her teeth and eyes returning to normal. "I supposed I could give you my name and an explanation of why I'm not going to leave here when I obviously want to. After that, you must tell me why you...effect me this way. " She sighed hopelessly looking at the floor to avoid eye contact with him. Inside she tried to decide which that worse, telling Tahvo about the witch nearby or telling him that he had some kind of power over her. She decided to put her faith in the witch's ability to break this bond.

    "My name is Eve and, when I drank from you, something strange happened to me. I can feel wherever you move in the room and know the exact distance between us... It is almost magnetic and it kinda pulls me towards you. Not only that but..." She swallowed and turned away from him. She took a moment, trying to remember what freedom felt like before this shapeshifter obviously took advantage of this connection. "I can feel where I bruised your wrist on my own wrist. This means that this connection is also physical . So I am afraid that if you die, I will die as well. Hence, me not able to leave you alone or punch you." She sunk in the chair and rested her head in her hands. "So to answer your question no. Most vampires kill their prey without a second thought and those that have a unique taste are usually keep captive until they're bored with their taste, then kill them." She told him. Then slowly looked back at him, unsure of how he would react. She tried to think of a back up plan in case he decided to use this new information to his advantage but she drew blanks. She couldn't remember the last time she had been vulnerable.
  12. Tahvo was not impressed by Eve’s different suggestions on how to change his home. The color pink would not have been okay, what was wrong with the stones color anyways? It was natural and nice and it didn’t need to be changed. As for a TV and video games the last time Tahvo had seen either was when he had played the Atari in 1980, to say enough he wasn’t impressed. Little did he know was that an entirely new world of technology awaited him. But the thought of humans coming to his home brought mixed feelings. For one he hadn’t been around other people for a long time and the thought brought mild fears and confusion. On the other hand it had been quite a long time since Tahvo had been around women and it brought up a whole different set of emotions. Looking up at Eve it clicked in his mind that even if she was a vampire she was still a woman. But just as that thought broached his mind she rushed towards him with insane speed, her eyes red and fangs out. Having no time to defend his self Tahvo just braced for the assault.

    But it never came. Opening one eye first Tahvo observed that she was just standing before him, arm cocked ready to strike but she didn’t. Instead she slowly relaxed and appeared to return to normal. That sent a smile to his face as he began to realize that perhaps Eve wasn’t capable or rather was afraid to harm him. Something that Tahvo would have to test the boundaries of at a later time as Eve had just promised to give him answers. “I will try.” Tahvo responded as he waited for her to explain herself.

    Tahvo watched Eve after she had finished explaining herself. It was odd as she appeared to have shrunk down a bit becoming defenseless and weak. It made the predator within him coil wanting to strike but he kept himself in check. It was interesting that he had inadvertently had a vampire bonded to him now. He also would definitely have to test how far he could push this new bond. Curiosity overwhelming logical thought Tahvo moved quickly to the kitchen and retrieved one of his knives. Carefully he walked back towards Eve, from his movements it was obvious his intentions were not harmful. Then without notice he quickly stabbed himself in the thigh. Not deep enough or hard enough to cause any serious injury but enough to cause a fair amount of pain. Withdrawing the knife he had to bite back from letting out a small cry of pain. When the knife was fully removed he moved quickly plunging the knife into Eve’s opposite thigh. To his surprise he did not feel any pain. It appeared that the connection was only one way.

    “Eeeevvvveeee.” He spoke slowly letting the name roll off of his tongue as if he was tasting it. “I am sorry, my curiosity got the better of me.” He admitted knowing that he was in the wrong for stabbing himself and then stabbing her. “I do not know the exact reason why you have been bound to me, but I can make a guess.” Tahvo stopped talking and began to think over just how much he should explain to Eve. She definitely didn’t need to know that he would have been first in line to the throne of shapeshifters. “I suspect you have gathered some knowledge about shapeshifters while you have hunted them.” He paused trying to figure out how to word what he was going to say next. “I am a very powerful shifter and I came from a very powerful line of shifters. Suffice to say I am likely the strongest you will ever meet.”

    That should have been enough to satisfy her questions for the time being, but his was not sated yet. “Eve you have yet to explain your purpose for being in these woods. You gave me your name and why you are following me still. But you did not tell me what brought you out to this area.” If she wasn’t going to explain herself he wondered if he might push the boundaries of their connection sooner rather than later. “Like you said yourself you knew that there were no shifters in this area. So you have other reasons for coming here.” There was authority and demand within his voice, “Explain yourself.”
  13. Eve glared at Tahvo when he traveled into the kitchen to pick up a knife. She thought he didn't believe her about their connection and wanted to test it. It was apparent about what he was about to do, otherwise she would have forced the knife out of his hand. Bracing her self, when he plunged the knife into his leg she felt it and instinctively clung to it. A gasp escaped her and she bit her bottom lip, determined not to make any sound. Looking at the area he had stabled, trickles of blood started to pour from both his and her wound. She had been right, their connection was very physical More so then she would have liked. It seems that if skin was broken the wound would also be mirrored on hers. Looking down at her own wound, he then plunged the knife into her own thigh.

    She didn't react as much as she did for his wound, feeling pain differently because she was a vampire. She could feel the cold medal in her skin and the pressure but, as long as it was away from her heart, it was nothing short of a cramp. Removing the knife, she placed it next to her. The wound was already closing and barely any blood escaped it. She realized that immortality treated her well as a vampire dulling pain and speeding her recoveries. When Tahvo apologized She simply nodded She didn't say much, not really sure what to say to him. He needed proof so there, he had it. Any further attempt to harm her or him would be abruptly stopped by her. The smell of his blood filled the air around her and and she already wanted to plunge her fangs into him. She stopped her self, haven drank from him a mere hours before.

    When Tahvo spoke her name, Eve's eyes softened toward him. Something about his mannerism she couldn't help but like them. Sure, he may be blunt, demanding, and have a very odd sense of dress, but, there was something old and out of touch about him. When he explained his reason he may think she connected to him she raised her brows. Sure, she had lived with shapeshifters but they never mentioned a more powerful line. She became intrigued by this and cocked her head to the side.

    Unfortunately her interest in questioning him was short lived when he caught on, again, about her purpose in the woods. She glared at him, enraged that he would not drop the topic. His threatening tone sent a chill through her. He was her prey and she would not allow him to demand anything of her. She couldn't help but also find an allure in his predatory nature. Even if it was inconveniencing her. "Why do you want to know so badly?" She asked defensively "Do you want me to write you an autobiography next?" She glared at him, arms folded. Getting up from the chair she walked closer to him, brushing back some hair from behind her ear.

    When she got to him she felt at ease so close to him. "It's personal and I don't want to talk about it." She told him honestly. She could have lied, made up a story for him, but she didn't . She would rather give out just enough information than taking out her Iphone, she peered at the time. It was 4am, an two hours before sunrise. Tomorrow she could deal with getting him to the witch's place but now, she needed to insure her survival. She didn't need him throwing her out into the daylight. "Are you done asking me stupid questions?" She rolled her eyes, putting her phone back in her sweater's pocket and turning to him.
  14. Tahvo let his curiosity settle down after Eve began to glare at him obviously upset at his repeated and incessant pursuit of the truth. But he had noticed that as the smell of his blood filled the air she began to focus more on the location of his wound. It worried him enough that he untied a small sash from his arm and used it to bind his own wound, helping to stem the flow of blood and keep it out of sight. After Eve gave two more sarcastic responses Tahvo was about to reply with his own until she declared it was personal. Feeling a thrill run down his spine as Eve brushed his hair back Tahvo gave in for the time being, “Alright fine, keep your secrets for now.” It was obvious that Eve had discovered a weakness in his armor.

    “I don’t think the questions are stupid if I am trying to figure out who my new mate is.” He replied matter-of-factly. His choice of words seemed appropriate to him, but heard from another who wasn’t of his kind may take them differently. Tahvo hadn’t planned to ask any more questions at all but like a cat his curiosity got the better of him once more when he noticed a mysterious glow coming from Eve when she had her back turned to him, and then again within her sweater pocket. “Wh-what is that?” He asked inquisitively as he pointed to the fading glow of where Eve’s Iphone was. Never before in his life had he seen anything like it, the closest he could think of was a flashlight but this little glow seemed pitiful if it was truly a flashlight.

    Before Eve was able to respond Tahvo had moved next to her and quickly shot a hand into the pocket of her sweater and withdrew the small device. Curiously he held it closer to the fire so he could get a better look at it. Curious he began to poke at it a few times unsure of how to turn it on, or if it even turned on at all. By chance or luck he happened to bump the on button allowing the screen to fill with life. It startled Tahvo but he wasn’t frightened, in fact he was surprised to see time displayed upon the screen. “Eve what is this thing?” He repeated pointing at her Iphone as he stared at its ghastly glow. “How does it know what time it is?” It was apparent now that while Tahvo believed the stupid questions were over, they were only just beginning for Eve. “Do all vampires have this glowing watch device?” Tahvo was now sitting on the ground trying to disassemble the phone with the enthusiasm of a child opening presents on Christmas Eve. He wanted figure out what parts it contained on the inside. But it was doubtful he would get far before Eve stopped him.
  15. Eve's shoulders relaxed as he gave up on finding the answer. Good. She could now focus on where she was sleeping tonight. That was until he called her his new mate. Eve's jaw dropped and her cheeks reddened. Stupefied, she didn't even react to him as he reached into her pocket and pulled out a phone. "Mate... What do you mean mate?!" She yelled, turning to him " I'm not....we're not.... give me back my phone." She told him, snatching it away from him. She kept it in her hands this time, guarding it from him.

    Staring just at him, dumbfounded as before, she realized he really didn't know what a cell phone was. A burst of laughter escaped her when he asked if all vampires have this, she put her hand to her lips in order to suppress her laughter. "How long have you lived here Tahvo?" Dropping her hand she folded her arms at him. "It's a cell phone. A very common device. Almost every human in America has one." She told him rolling her eyes. Then she stopped, realizing she now had a way to get him to the witch in the nearby city. "You can call your friends, play games, download applications, shop online, look up maps of areas, it can pretty much do anything." She held it back out for him to hold, unlocking it first. "I can buy you one tomorrow night if you want. There is a city not far from here and we can buy them. Lets go there together. It will be a fun trip." She wiggled her brows excitedly. "Of course we are going to have to get actual clothes before we go there. Mine are bloody, thanks to someone, and yours...would standout" She walked to his room and gazed in it. "Do you own anything else? "She said then entered it without permission.
  16. “Uhmm…” Tahvo replied as he counted off the years within his head trying to remember when he had moved out into the wild. “Well it was probably around 1983 I think.” He said as he absently followed her to his room while holding her phone within his hands. He was a quick learner and after only a couple minutes was navigating his way through her phone, though there were still many things that confused him within it. But he assumed he would learn from Eve what these different things were such as google and why there were angry birds on her phone. Breaking his concentration from the device he looked up at Eve.

    “I suppose I can go with you to the human cities. Having a device like this sounds like quite a luxury.” Tahvo was eager to acquire his own device that could glow, tell time and produce maps from nowhere. “What’s wrong with my clothing?” He protested, “It keeps me warm, and I made it myself from the finest of pelts. I would be the envy of most people in the wilderness.” Eve was definitely going to have to help Tahvo with fashion because his sense of it was about 30 years too old. Following after Eve into his room he pointed to shelves made of wood, they contained various things such as other fur clothing, knives, stones and other random items that someone who had been living out in the woods would find useful. Most of it would seem like relics of the past, or something that belonged in a museum to most people. The thing that would stand out the most would be a dozen or so gold nuggets about the size of half a fist. “That’s the rest of my stuff that you haven’t seen.” Feeling defensive he questioned her, “Why is there something wrong with the stuff I own?”
  17. Eve gave him a look of scorn when she found out he hadn't left his den in thirty years. "Thirty...years" She said slowly. She visually shuttered at the idea of 80s clothes and...shoulder pads. Her hair would be considered relitivlty flat compaired to the women of that era. Still, she had some favorite music from that time period. Perhaps she could give him - no. She needed to leave after they got rid of this link. She would never drink his blood again, not after what she was forced to endure now.

    As he bothered her about his clothing, she flipped through his belongings. She giggled at the idea of him being the "envy of most people in the wilderness". This shapeshifter was old all right. "Oh I envy you Tahvo" She said sarcastically Not finding anything she could use to bring him into town. She sighed in frustration. Walking to the bed she sighed again and let her self fall onto the mattress.. Surrounded by soft furs, she could see the appeal to having them around, but wearing them. No. The bed frame and mattress was obviously made by him. He was very handy, she gave him credit for that. Still, he lived too simple and she couldn't help but want more for him.

    "Nothing is wrong with them it's just...Things are different with humans. You have to blend in. Wear what they are and act how they act. That way we can go in, buy the phone, and go out without any problems. Just think of it as a costume." She said, trying to explain the importance of wearing clothes. She had a feeling bringing him there wasn't going to be easy.

    She tried to think of another idea for him. She needed to get him in that city and the sooner the better. Then it dawned on her. He was a shifter Maybe he could shift into something practical until she could buy him some clothes. "Please tell me you can shit into something other than a mountain lion. If you shift into a house cat I could buy you clothing then we could find a place for you to change." She said, not very hopeful. As she lay on his bed her blonde hair spilled out around her. Her arms lay up high on each side of her. "It smells like him" she thought as stared at the ceiling. "Tahvo? Where are you sleeping tonight?" She asked him, still not bothering to look at him. She was comfortable, very comfortable. Tempted to pass out, she closed her eyes, enjoying the softness of his bed.
  18. Tahvo was slightly confused as to why Eve would envy him. He enjoyed his life where he was, but she had cell phones which he still couldn’t understand exactly how they worked. But they were essentially little magical devices that could do anything you asked of them. “I suppose…” Tahvo responded to Eve’s explanation on why he would have to change into different clothing, but he remained mostly unconvinced.

    “Of course I can shift into animals other than a mountain lion!” Tahvo replied distraught that Eve would ever have assumed that he could only shift into one animal. What was he some kind of lowly wereanimal or worse yet a shifter whose powers were so pitiful it allowed only one animal? He was Tahvo Kapanen! The most powerful shifter in the US and he rivaled the most powerful shifters in Europe! The very thought that he could only change into a mountain lion was an insult. “But why would I pick a common household cat? That is a boring and dull creature. I would pick something more magnificent…” He trailed off obviously coming up with different ideas of what he may be. “Perhaps I would become a bald eagle, or a hawk. Birds of prey that are highly respected, but if you do not like birds I could become something else. Wolves are great creatures. What of a jaguar? I have found the Servals from Africa to be quite interesting too.” Tahvo stopped listing off the various creatures he was thinking about becoming when he heard Eve ask where he would be sleeping.

    Jumping upon his bed to straddle Eve he held down her outstretched arms. “I will be sleeping on my bed of course.” His actions and words were meant to be more dominant than sexual, but Tahvo’s lack of socialization over the many years would likely have Eve feeling otherwise. “You are welcome to sleep here as well.” Tahvo added looking down at her with a coy smile.
  19. Eve sighed, finally getting him to agree to wear clothes to blend in. Stretching on his bed as he listed what animals he could become, she groaned. All of those animals would make her very obvious. If he shifts into any type of dog she would have to put a leash on him and she doubted he would allow for any of that. "Please,please, please be a cat when we go. I really like cats." She told him. She did like cats, that was the truth, but she needed him to transform into something... practical.

    Almost dozing off now, her eyes snapped open when he jumped on his bed, pinning her down. Glaring at him with a mercury stare, he had a good grip on her and the way he pinned her down pressed her down into the mattress A flush came to her cheeks as she felt her blood race. He was close to her and the effect he had on her this close was almost consuming. Her fangs protruded slightly but her eyes stayed the same silvery state. He told her that she could stay there as well and she was about to kick him out until a thought occurred to her.

    If he slept on the ground and woke up with cramps then she would have them all day as well. No she needed him as conformable as possible. "Okay." She muttered in submission beneath him. "If you touch me inappropriately there will be consequences." She warned him, scooting over so he had a spot in the bed. When he let her go she turned over and pulled a fur over her, separating her from him. Curling up on the edge of the bed that faced the wall, she closed her eyes. She could feel dawn approaching and was asleep almost instantly.
  20. Eve likely would have been safer if she had just agreed to stay in the bed without adding the additional, "If you touch me inappropriately there will be consequences." It was almost as if she had just told him that within she had a jar of the most delicious food you could have ever imagined. You can see and smell it but you can’t have it otherwise I will punish you. It was a game that he couldn’t resist playing, silently Tahvo waited a couple hours until the point where the sun would have been well over the horizon. Carefully he reached a hand out beneath the covers to where Eve was laying and he gently nudged her back. Receiving no response he felt emboldened. Sitting up in the bed letting the furs fall from his body he shifted closer to Eve and placed a hand upon her face gently caressing her face, but the moment was short lived and he turned to forcing Eve’s face into funny expressions using his hands. Getting his fill of amusement Tahvo finally moved back over and drifted off to sleep.

    Tahvo awoke with a start, being unused to sleeping in a bed with another person. He glanced over and saw that Eve was still asleep or dead or whatever vampires do when the living slept. He took advantage of this to prepare for the day. He made himself a quick meal of whatever scraps he could find within his kitchen and then he prepared a note tied to a small string loop. Feeling as if everything was in place Tahvo shifted from his regular form into a regular sized house cat, his coat was an impeccable black and white that looked as if he was wearing a little cat tuxedo. The only thing that remained from his form self was his set of dazzling malachite green eyes. Fixing the loop of string around his neck he reentered the bedroom to wake Eve.

    Jumping up upon the bed Tahvo promptly sat upon Eve’s stomach and began to knead her chest with his paws. She would wake to a tuxedo cat, molesting her breasts with a sign around its neck that said “Just talk to me like you would a human.”