Blood of Royals (A Medieval RP)

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  1. Just what is this you may ask, it is an rp that was inspired to me by the show Reign. The idea behind it is that you will play the heir to one of the countries in Europe to Asia. Yes this is a medieval rp. Players will also be allowed to play heretics, knight, bastard children of a king, kings, queens, peasants, and more. Further more this will be an Rp where there is no true villain or hero. Since countries WILL be against each other, alliances will have to be made with other countries. Examples of the countries to play apart of will be England, France, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and many more. To make it interesting I will ad numerous more things such as magic, maybe monsters , and many other things, to make it more fun.

    If you have any question or you are interested please comment below and I will respond as quickly as possible. (Sorry I usually suck at making interest check posts)
  2. You have my interest. I've caught scenes from the show mentioned, but have not followed it from the start.
  3. Okay cool, I'm only on episode 5 or so myself.
  4. I'm curious as to what exactly the nature of the proposed characters is. Heretics, bastards, knights, indeed. But would we be whole nations with a focus on one character? Or one character influencing the world around them?
  5. It'll be more of the influencing the world around you, trying to get what you want.
  6. I'm interested to see where this goes.
  7. sorry I just noticeed there was another question, the heretics don't follow the crown, in fact they have their own language and preform blood rituals, instead of hanging people by their necks they do it by the feet and let them bleed out. Knights would partake in the obvious listening to the king taking orders, etc etc. And the bastard children are children born from the king or queen but aren't related to one of the other parents, and they have no actual right to the thrown unless their sibling is to young to lead, or they don't have siblings.
  8. Interested.
  9. okay cool it seems we are getting people at a steady rate, I'll make an ooc when we get 5 or so more people.
  10. I would be interested.
  11. Im interested in this
  12. Does anyone have any other questions

    Also for @mr_pibbs : So is that pokemon rp not happening?
  13. How close to actual reality are we going.

    Germany did not exacly exist to feudal times... There was the holy roman empire and the emperor was more of a wandering one for a long time.
    The holy roman empire voted and nominated on emperors, but they also consisted of many different regions, Austria, Bavaria, Cologne. Could say that those regions were more along the lines of individual small nations in a democratic pact.
  14. Germany did exist however it was known as Germania at the time and the people were known as Germanics. Also that's much farther back then were going anyways since pretty much none of the countries existed then except a select few. The Roman Empire Ended in the year 476 CE when Emperor Romulus Augustus was deposed by the Germanic King. However the Eastern Roman Empire continued on as the Byzantine Empire until 1453 CE. While this rp takes place in the 1500's. Plus as a side note if my guess is right you're talking about Julius Caesar who never became the emperor because he was stabbed 23 times before they crowned him. But did play the role of Consul an elected official. Does this make sense? Which then later his nephew took the crown and turned it into the Empire as we know it.

    I hope I'm making sense.

    Edit: Sorry for the history lesson
  15. Oh, not the Roman Empire, but the holy roman empire(800/962-1806).
    Holy Roman Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It is medieval germany, later to be replaced by the german federation(not sure about the name, been a while) and then to be... sort of conquered by Prussia, which were the Teutonic Order once. Turned the federation into the second german reich which then later led to the weimar republic and then into the third reich and then finally into the germany we know today.
  16. Oh stupid me, if you read it Germany begins to take power in the Holy Roman Empire in the 5th century and then they reform their ideals later in the 16th century, or more precisely 1517, so they pretty much break off from HRE (Holy Roman Empire), what I mean by this is that they probably had the power to leave the HRE if they wanted to. But, Germany still did have Kings, also Prussia didn't gain power til about the 18th century, which the RP will not go to there. So they still had kings but they had someone higher, the emperor, unlike other countries where it was Kings that were the highest.

    I'll probably have it not include the HRE just so it doesn't get as complicated, and just have it as a normal kingdom, such as France and Britain.

    Also don't expect it to be too far off from reality if I do decide to add magic.
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  17. No it is, I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things on the site. So I'm skipping the sheets in the Int. Check and I'll be posting them in the OoC. It's just a matter of building the world, which takes a while since I originally planned to do the Canada-based region, but now I've got to redraft it into a South American region.
  18. I think that it implied and restricts to the regions of Eurasia, as America was discovered in the late 14xx.
  19. I was talking about a completely different RP, sorry for the confusion xD
  20. Yeah different rp sorry. XD
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