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  1. Mission: I want this Rp to be a fun, addicting, and straight up amazing. I want to see characters fall in love at gunpoint and still fight each in battle just to keep their relationship a secret. I want to see Characters get captured and go through brutal interrogations. Or epic final stands by characters that we all have come to love. And most of all we all want to see a good time being made (Also lets try to have characters know each other before the first post). Lets all get creative.

    The world of Blood Night is a grim nightmare compared to today's world. The earth population's is split between humans and vampires and there endless conflict. For the greater parts of history vampire were in silent control. Growing their numbers and eating humans as they pleased with the only opposition coming from their victims until the humans had enough. They began to search relentlessly for their oppressor outnumbered and out gunned the vampires retreated farther and farther away until the previous years. Back then the daily news regularly had a vampire sighting or a couple of dead bodies found randomly in a city. To combat this once dormant threat humans has created new was a killing vampires from UV-ray guns to simple Chain-guns that shoot wooden arrows. Today an Army marches to what was the European continent now the home of the Vampires. Will you fight to keep your race alive or continue the glorious human killing legacy you have created.
    The choice is yours

    Please read everything till the bottom Important rules are down there.

    Sexual Preference:

    For Vampires
    Strength Level:
    Agility Level:
    Mystic Level:
    Intellect Level:

    For Humans
    Strength Level:
    Cultist Level:
    Weapon Proficiency Lvl:
    Education Level:

    Please Not that YOU ONLY HAVE 10 POINTS TO USE FOR YOUR CHARACTER no more no less.

    Rules: Basic Iwaku Rules
    DO NOT GOD-MOD (If a Gun is pointed at you, you can dodge it [If you Level allows it] but everyone is vulnerable) NO MATTER HOW STRONG OR FAST YOU ARE
    Please follow the Leveling system. Its implemented to add a nice balanced to the Rp.
    And please I want everyone to understand YOU CHARACTER WILL DIE. Or at least my severely injured.
    Also if things between to characters get hot i don't mind a little vampire human love scene but "Marcus gently pulled down April's bra and moved his lips closer to **** her sweet *** then" Will not be tolerated. but "Marcus held april close to him and went into her" Will be tolerated.

    And Most of all Have Fun:bananaman:

    Strength: In any average case vampires significantly stronger than there human counterparts but only a handful are able to attain the very pinnacle of vampire strength due to the unbearable rituals associated with them.
    LvL1: Slightly stronger than the average women.
    LvL2: Notably stronger than the average man.
    LvL3: Before becoming a vampire you were already significantly strong.
    LvL4: You have conducted a few of the rituals but could bare no more.
    LvL5: If Vampires are stronger than humans than you’re that many times stronger than another vampire having successfully completing the rituals

    Agility: Just Like strength vampires poses a unique level of speed that man just cannot reach in the most powerful cases it seems as if the vampire has teleported but those maybe one of the rarest cases recorded.
    LvL1: You can out run a car going in a neighborhood that has children playing on a daily basis.
    LvL2: Your speed is equal to that of the fastest man alive but you a still afraid of cars on a city road.
    LvL3: Now you’re a threat at full speed you can dig your hands into human flesh.
    LvL4: Rifles, crossbows, rocks, bullets, any thrown object they all can’t touch you only if you’re far away enough.
    LvL5: At full speed you’re a horrific nightmare to you the world is going at half its normal speed maybe even lower your only danger is slowing down.

    Mystic: As like all supernatural beings vampires possess unique and deadly traits. Such traits can be attained over time or through deep meditation. No matter the medium if a vampire where to unlock the full potential of their abilities they would be feared by both human and vampires alike.
    LvL1: You can fly for brief periods of time nothing special.
    LvL2: Shape shifting into a bat is a basic task for you though it takes some concentration.
    LvL3: Hypnotics are very useful for you but is a rarely used trait due to the mental strain it requires.
    LvL4: Mind control, so much better than your hypnotic ability the mental strain is bareable and you can use it on multiple victims only for a time and you need to make physical contact.
    LvL5: You are now a master of weaker more insignificant minds even other vampires stay away from you. Your psychic powers allow you to read minds from even at a distance even in highly concentrated states you can also cause your victims to fall into deep and painfully illusions.

    Intellect: Age can considered a definition of experience as in the vampires’ case it shows how much you know about yourself and your abilities. By successfully surviving the seemingly endless onslaught of human hunters they become even more dangerous and more aware of their hidden traits.
    LvL1: After a year or two you've come to learn that your body easily regenerates itself over time.
    LvL2: Ten or so years have gone by and you've noticed that you can control fire. You can’t make any physical contact with it though for some reason but you can still control small amounts of it.
    LvL3: Fifty years have gone by and you barley use your hands these days your telekinetic powers have come full circle. Even Though you can only use one hand per object they are still useful.
    LvL4: A hundred years and you skin is still the same as the day you where bit. You figured that as long as you’re not attacked with anything meant to kill vampires you’ll survive. So now your even more dangerous because you have no problems with server wounds.
    LvL5: Five-hundred years you are still alive amazingly. You have seen people die, Kingdoms rise and fall. And yet it’s all nothing to you. But through the years you have unlocked and revived an old vampire that brings dead vampires back to life a ritual that requires a human sacrifice.

    Strength: Humans are generally weaker than vampires but only if they want to be. In many cases humans can fight even hand to hand combat with vampires. But only in few cases do they actually win but in those few cases the humans where trained muscular hunters.
    LvL1: You can throw Punches but that’s about it.
    LvL2: When you were a kid you took martial arts and you remember some things about it.
    LvL3: Not only did you do martial arts as a kid but you have done it all the way into your adulthood.
    LvL4: With Military grade training you can by far defend yourself against multiple enemies attacking you at one time much more verses one opponent.
    LvL5: You redefine a solider; you’re more dangerous than a Navy Seal and far stronger than the average man allowing you to easily overtake any opponent you’re faced with.

    Cultist: Vampires have been around for centuries and with their existence comes the knowledge on how to destroy these creatures. Having this knowledge has change the tide of the endless silent war between humans and vampires.
    LvL1: You walk around with holy symbols around your body. It deters vampires from you.
    LvL2: After reading into a few old books and journals and after a few tests you find out that running water can actually kill vampires.
    LvL3: You've heard and even see vampires throw fire at people but one a rare case the vampire was careless and made physical contact with it soon after dying.
    LvL4: After acquiring so much information over the years you’re profoundly surprised that a wooden stake can kill a vampire upon insertion. Actually any wooden sharp object is deadly to a vampire.
    LvL5: Endless pages researched and tests conducted you know any and everything a vampire dislike and can die from. From sunlight to shards of silver to straight decapitation you name is hated among the vampire communities.

    Weapon Proficiency: Bigger is better a universal thought that pretty much means what it says. But that can defiantly be applied with guns. No matter how big a gun maybe it does little to no damage to vampires but that doesn’t mean a grenade to their face won’t buy you a minute or two of life.
    LvL1: Knife fights are the only thing you may survive and you know how to point a pistol.
    LvL2: Nobody trusts you with anything bigger than an automatic pistol type weapon. But you know how to throw a grenade.
    LvL3: Not only do you know how to defend yourself with a basic rifle you can do it with a sword as well. Your skills with the sword are remarkable and deadly.
    LvL4: You pretty much know how to use a gun Ak-47s and grenades are expected to be around you. You have a soldiers training in weapons and your accurate enough with a these weapons to snipe vampires from afar.
    LvL5: You are a weapons fanatic, no matter how big, how bulky, how loud a weapon is you have no problems using it. Grenades, rockets, bombs, anything and everything. Also you’re a perfect shot no matter the distance.

    Education: Fighting vampires sometimes does not require any brute force, strength, or explosions, In many cases if It wasn’t for the research and testing of engineers and weapon specialist he human race would be extinguished. The various things a well learned human can do to eliminate any vampire threat can bring astounding results.
    LvL1: A high school diploma has barley allowed to figure out how to make any gaseous bomb.
    LvL2: You’ve gone to college and have bachelors in a few basic weapons engineering degrees and making your own custom weapon with bullets is a simple task for you.
    LvL3: Now you’re somewhat mentioned in the vampire hunting community. You can develop a grenade with the help of a cultist specifically designed to kill vampires that captures sunlight and releases it instantly.
    LvL4: It is but a simple task for you to apply fatal vampire technology to any weapon of your choice. You can even develop you own weapons. You even know how to make alterations to other weapons you even know how to make wooden bullets or wooden swords.
    LvL5: You can craft any weapon imaginable. Many hunters know your name and now your actually famous in not only in the Vampire Hunter community but also to vampires as well. You have made weapons from crossbows with silver tips to rocket launchers that bellow out oil and fire. Any weapons you can think of you can easily create and with the help of a cultist you’re a nightmare.
  2. Name: Valaine
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Vampire
    Sexual Preference: Straight
    Personality:Creative, she's smart for the most part but somethings she doesn't seem to bright, curious especially when it comes to humans, for she doesn't fully understand the conflict vampires have with humans but she never mentions this to other vampires out of fear of begin banished or worse.
    Show Spoiler


    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] armor for battle when she is not in battle she usual wears [​IMG] another light armor just in case but she wears the first one because there is no cloak or cape which could easily be caught.

    Other: When she is on a break or free time where she can do her own thing she likes to read, draw, meditate, and practice her abilities.

    For Vampires
    Strength Level: 1
    Agility Level: 4
    Mystic Level: 4
    Intellect Level: 1

    (If I need to change or add anything let me know)
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  3. Name: Mark Waterson
    Gender: M
    Race: Human
    Sexual preference: Straight
    Personality: Dedicated, gets to the point, doesn't (usually) mess about.
    Appearance: 6'0 tall, caucasian, average build. Spiky brown hair, green eyes. Has a stab wound on his right shoulder.

    Strength: 1
    Cultist: 3
    Weapon Proficiency: 3
    Education: 3
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