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  1. Setting Background


    Los Angeles. City of Angels, location of Hollywood. A city where dreams come true.

    Remember some of your dreams?

    Los Angeles to the Moonlit World can be either one of the greatest hunting grounds or the most dangerous city in the world, depending on who or what you are. Divided under the rule of two ruling factions, Los Angeles is a warzone in all but name as various big name players manipulate the city towards their own ends. Gangs, mundane and otherwise swarm the ghettos and down below, the Infernal runs a brisk trade of making deals for those who want desperately to become big movie stars and more ancient things, that had long slumbered stir to wakefulness by the machinates of their cults who spring around them. And thats discounting the more numerous nightmares that spawn and kill as they like, hidden in the dark. For those of an evil disposition, Los Angeles can be a gold mine of souls and treasure. For those of a good leaning, Los Angeles is a war.

    What side will you take?

    The Powers-That-Be

    There are three central powers in Los Angeles at this point, consisting of the following.

    The White Court of Vampires, bolstered by Clan Toreador and the Infernal Cult of Congo Savanne, known to the mundane as the drug-running cartel informally called the Jamaicans. Led by their priest known as King Willy, the Jamaicans run the streets even as the White Court run the Sex Trade. Vice is strong in the city of angels and these are the powers that control it.

    The White Court of Vampires representative of Los Angeles and the First Lord is a Hollywood Director named Jahi Sweet. A woman with a flair for music and owner/producer for her own line of pornographic films, some of which she's starred in personally.

    Second central power in Los Angeles belongs to the Underground, where the Sorcerer- Lord of the Sun reigns supreme, supported by the Followers of Set and the Trolls. Controlling the local troll market as well as Los Angeles Undercity, both are styled after the manner of the Aztec Civilization, with all that it implies. Golems in the form of the Gods that once demanded blood guard this place, supported by those the Lord of the Sun has taken under his wing. Blood is thicker then water here and may become the penultimate payment if you misstep.

    The final central power though heavily reduced in might, is a group in located out in LA's ghetto called the Stampede. Consisting of mostly lycanthropic descendants of the original tribes and settlers of Los Angeles, they're unique from most that they include all sorts of were's in their group, not simply wolves. Among their number are Buffalo, Ravens, Coyotes, at least three Alligators(all siblings) and one Jaguar who leads them. The underdog of the three, they survive by acting more like a guerrilla strike group against the other two. Against the White Court they focus their efforts, mainly through their allies the Jamaicans and whenever they encounter a slaver shipment for the Undercity, they disrupt it. But slowly, as the years go by, the Stampede shrinks though they'll fight tooth, claw and horn to remain.

    The City

    Los Angeles has always been known for its Gang Violence and riots. But even with the war on, the Accords still hold priority above all. Remain hidden, respect the Accords and follow the Old World laws of hospitality and decorum. This in and of itself has allowed the city to remain in a semblance of equilibrium.

    The rest of the community, much like the mundanes in general try to keep their heads down as often as possible.

    Though as of recent events, something has happened that may very well upset the balance of power...As number of strangers came to town.

    The Nitty Gritty

    You have been cordially invited to the private wake of Nicholas Armin Lemarchand.

    To be held at 6:00pm at the Ibis and Jacquel Funeral Home.

    Whether you had been sheltered from your enemies by the old wizard, knew him professionally or simply was a personal friend or colleague on the times he left Los Angeles, Nicholas had played a part in your life. And now, he was dead. By all accounts, he had died in his sleep and peacefully which is a small comfort from what you heard. And so here you were, heading for a funeral home with the invitation in your pocket to attend the funeral.

    And then afterwards, for the reading of his will.

    Welcome to L.A.

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    IC post incoming.

    Character Sheet

    PM to me your character, using this sheet exactly. By following it, it'll show me you acknowledge that you're willing to follow my rules as I GM this.

    ----Character Profile----





  2. In the haze of Los Angeles pollutants, the moon looks to be red tonight. Almost full, a reflecting orb that seems to radiate with an inner power the same way an engine does when it purrs. Though currently, its not the focus of our story today. Down below, is one of many stories of tragedy and human suffering as a funeral is in session, hosted by....Two very peculiar gentlemen who know how to cater to this sort of crowd. Its a quiet, personal feeling the moment you step through the doors into the air-conditioned halls and into the nondenominational chapel. A thin, black man in spectacles and a muscled, black figure with a derby speak with quiet, hushed voices and shake the hands of all those who enter. The guests have begun to fill in and then the priest steps inside.

    It has been a long way and though he has only just taken his vows, he would not have missed this for the world. Quietly, he shakes hands with the funeral directors and thinks about the time he had first met the man. He was younger then...Taken with his teacher to L.A. with the intent of furthering his education. The city was strange to a boy of the plains and his recently awakened senses were overloaded. Here, he learned control and the magic that came with an extended hand at the right place.

    Yes, Lucifer knew well the power that could have and with a wry smile he looked down at the coffin. At the body and its neat, trimmed salt-and-pepper hair and wiry build, that even in death looked as though he was about to leap out.

    "Hello old friend."

    He said quietly and afterwards, he took his seat.

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  3. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|90%x90%]

    Part of me was hoping this wasn't true. I had so few I could call friend, or ally. And even fewer who knew my secret. Thankfully I was being allowed by my employer to attend, in a meaningful way. I approached his body and looked down upon him.

    We weren't close, not really, but the work I do doesn't allow me to get close to anyone. I was working to change that, but for now, I am glad I was being allowed this time off to spend with a friend, posthumously or not.

    I paid my respects, saying an ancient prayer according to the Old Ways. Sure I was only half Shoshoni, but it was enough for me to follow the ways and for me to have gotten the offer from my current employer all those years back.

    I look good for my age, but then, my age is hard to judge, even for me. How old am I, really, in the scheme of things? It was hard to say. Time didn't feel the same to me anymore, since I started working for Old Joe.

    I finished up my prayer and moved over to sit down. I sat near this youngish-looking priest, crossing my hands in my lap.

    I'm always painfully aware that I have a very 70s fashion sense, it's... a sort of dress code for me. Thankfully, the 70s are finally coming back in style so it's not as odd as it was say, twenty years ago.

    I realize I don't know anyone here at all, and that makes me a little nervous. But I'll stick this out, no need to dash off since no one will now who I am either.

    Or what I am, for that matter.{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
  4. "Hello."

    Lucifer glanced over at the woman sitting next to him. And extending his hand for a shake, introduced himself.

    "My name is Father Lucifer. Nicholas was an old friend of my family. Are you his family?"

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  5. "Lucifer. A bit of an ironic name for a priest, isn't it?" I comment, taking his hand to shake.

    "No, I am not family, just an associate and friend. I'm Nora Talon. I worked with Nicholas off and on now for a few years. I've... a specific skillset that he found useful for his work now and then." I've got no special talent for telling when people aren't... usual, but knowing Nick, very few people who knew him were usual at all. And it was a near certainty that whomever this priest was wasn't the usual type, either.

  6. "So I've been told."

    Mild amusement showed in his voice now, mitigated by the warm smile. For his part, Miss Talon seemed human enough. But he himself was evidence that seeing wasn't always believing as he leaned back in his seat and looked at the coffin.

    "Were you a research assistant?"

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  7. I nodded. "After a fashion, I was. My employer has me do some very... eccentric things, but I can on occasion make my own hours and in my off hours I would help Nick now and then, often with things he needed for his Art. Nick loved his Art, didn't he?" Of course, I was referring to the Art of magic. This was a feeler question to see if this Father Lucifer had any insight into the Hidden World that both I and formerly Nick were a part of. I needed to know what I could and couldn't say, and if I were dealing with a mundane, I'd have to skirt around a lot of issues.

  8. Derek silently got off the plane and started at the invitation for the fifth time since he had gotten it. Everyone always told him that seeing was believing, but the more he looked at the invitation, the less he believed. He hadn't expected his adopted father to die two years after he left, he hadn't gotten a chance to say goodbye. When he left, he had seemed so healthy, so fine. Now, he wondered if he had missed some warning signs.

    He took a deep breath, staring at the walls of the airport and walking out of it. He was by no means rich, but he had earned some money doing some tracking for wealthy people in the city. Humans has the habit to lose the strangest pets and paid good money to get them back. He didn't bother too much thought on doing it. He stared asthe arrived at the funeral home.

    He walked in and noticed two figures. An old associate of his father and a man who he had met once more, he couldn't remember either of their names. Then again, he had always sucked with names. He approached the coffin and looked over it. It was indeed his father. He decided to go and sit on the opposite end of the other two, he needed a moment to cry.

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  9. "Like it was his very lifeblood;" Lucifer said quietly. His eyes flickered from blue to red, the only outward indication of his heritage before he shared his own experiences with the dead man. "I was sixteen at the time, when my teacher brought me to L.A. We spent our time in tests and examinations, but mostly he was... He was compassionate. Yes. That's the word that suits him best."

    A faint smile flickered and he looked at the coffin.

    "I'm sorry to hear he died in his sleep, but at least it was peaceful."

    Outwardly anyway. A mild twitch in his face that would become more blank as he honed his poker face betrayed his opinion before he sighed out.

    He looked older and the last time they met, Lucifer had been wearing a t-shirt and jeans instead of the priests outfit and longcoat. But he rose and approached the other, extending a hand of greeting. And in the quiet tones of one who had known what its like, he spoke.

    "I'm sorry about your father."

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  10. Derek turned to face the man.

    He really wished he remembered his name. He knew that the last time they had met, he was not wearing the priests outfit and the longcoat and he knew not be bitter. He took his own hand out and was happy to return the greeting. He wasn't sure why he spoke so softly, but he was also fine with that.

    " Thank you for your condolences," he replied back to him.

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  11. I looked over at Derek. Him, I knew. And I didn't recall whether or not Derek knew my secret or not. Didn't seem the time to bring it up, either. "We're all sorry for the loss. It was sudden. I wish I could be of some kind of help, but there's nothing that can be said that will ease grief. Empathy and time are the healers for this sort of loss."

    I hadn't gotten up from my seat, but after I spoke I took a deep breath and stood up, joining Father Lucifer near Derek. "If there's anything I can do, however, please, don't hesitate."

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  12. [​IMG]

    The doors at the end of the hall opened and in she walked.

    All eyes turned, partly due to the aura she exuded and also out of recognition. Her clothing wasn't strictly funeral dress either, but she walked in it naturally and what she did expose, was mesmerizing. She was beautiful, but it went beyond that. She was desire incarnate and she offered a smile and a wink in Derek's direction before she took a seat. Lucifer's eyes flickered to red and remained there, as he cautiously sat and spoke in incredulity.

    "A White Court Vampire? I didn't know Nicholas had dealings with them."

    He was only halfway right there, as he wasn't native...Those who lived and worked in this area knew who she was.

    Jahi Sweet, Hollywood mogul, adult film director and producer(often starring in her own works)....And leader of the White Court in this particular part of the world. That she came personally was as much message as it was strange, but to who?

    And why?

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  13. Well, that pretty much told me I could relax about any censorship I might have had in mind for myself.

    "A white court vampire, a werewolf, whatever you are, Father, and... me. A ghost, or geist, maybe because I can take physical form. A fun little shindig for a mage who died in his sleep." I looked from the vampire, to Derek, to Lucifer and then back toward the coffin.

    "Why do I get the feeling that there may be a lot more to this death than I suspected?"

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  14. He was silent as to what he was, opting instead to seal up his personal defenses as he pondered. A moment later, he said quietly.

    "Maybe. I hadn't seen Nicholas for years, maybe its possible he befriended them?"

    Or that a favor was owed or something similar? There were few reasons he could think of that a White Court Vampire would attend a funeral. Perhaps to gloat? He glanced over at Derek, silently seeking answers briefly before deciding to speak again.

    "Anyway, does anyone recognize her?"

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  15. Derek paused and wondered what the White Court vampire was doing here, his father had hated them beyond belief and it made no sense to him for her to be here.

    He resisted the urge to approach her, the seductive wink was meant to stir his emotions and he wasn't about to given in.

    Derek didn't know her in the slightest... he didn't even have the slightest recollection of them ever coming to visit his father so it made no sense for her to attend the funeral. He paused and wondered how she even knew about the funeral, it had been a private event after all.

    " I can honestly say that I never met her and know nothing," he said.

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  16. However she knew, at least they had a few things on their side.

    Ibis and Jacquel Funeral Home was Neutral Territory. Violence was prohibited under the accords and anyone who violated it had their reputation besmirched and the Old World Laws revoked where they stood. So Lucifer was feeling safe enough to believe that this was safe....For now. At the least, she didn't seem to have come here for violence. The funeral would be beginning soon though and Lucifer would remove from his inner pockets on his coat, a few cue cards as he flicked through them for something to keep his hands occupied. As he did so, the rest of the room would be settling into an unconscious sort of flow. The choices were as follows.

    Talk to the Priest(Lucifer)

    Talk to Ibis with his Guest List as he greeted people by the door.

    Talk to Jacquel by the body.

    Talk to the White Court Vampire.

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  17. I decided that I didn't want to deal with the White Court - without a little more information.

    So, I turned to the priest, since he was right there.

    "So, before Nick passed, when was the last time you saw him? Maybe we can put together a timeline to go with this gnawing feeling that I have about his death."

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  18. "I spent my seventeenth and eighteenth birthday here with him."

    Confessed Lucifer as he frowned.

    "That was the last I saw of him, the rest of my life since....Was somewhat rocky."

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  19. Derek looked around and wondered what he could say now. He could go and talk to the white court vampire, but he didn't feel up to it. He decided to approach Ibis to ask how many more guests were coming." I was wondering, how many more are we expecting to attend my father's funeral?" He asked curiously.

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  20. A young woman stepped into the funeral home. She had long blonde hair that was done up into a professional looking bun. In her hands, she carried a camera. An older model Polaroid. She wore a black button-up blouse, and a black skirt reaching down to her knees. A strand of hair hung down her face. Iris looked like a professional member of the press going to a funeral rather than a Spec-Ops soldier for the Foundation, or a prisoner.

    She slowly approached Derek at Ibis's desk, and nodded solemnly. She stuck her hand out. "Miss Thompson, I'm a reporter for Southern Cross Press." She said in a kind voice. "Your father helped me with some stories while I was here in LA. I came to pay my respects."

    In truth, he had helped her and Task Force Omega-7 catch a Reality Bender that was loose in LA, making the world look like a black and white film. He was a tough catch, but they eventually caught the bender, and the Foundation went on their way.

    It was weird to be at the funeral, when two years ago, he had been so full of life and energy. It was a shame to lose someone, Iris knew that. She silently waited for a response from Derek.

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