Blood Moon: The Curse Of Blood

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    Genre: Fantasy, Modern Times, Vampire, Highschool, Drama

    "When the moon is full and is colored bloody red, that is when we lose our control. Its the only night we give into our animal instinct and devour everything that stands in our way--be it our own kin. As long as there is blood, we shall feast."

    The Blood Moon, a ominous natural phenomenon that only happens every once in a millennium. When the moon is full it then changes it's color, tainting the moon to red. It is during this night that the immortals--the vampires, would loose their sanity and give into their beastly instincts, killing and devouring anything that has blood in them--even their very own. Hence, the name Blood Moon.

    An immortal, who has seen the Blood Moon--no matter how strong they are can't become immune to it's curse. No vampire is safe when the Blood Moon is up. Not even those whom of pure blood can be safe by it. No matter what you are--be it pure or half-blood, when faced with the Blood Moon you are helpless.

    But do not fear, little one. No need to be afraid of the Blood Moon anymore for we have came up with a solution for you to quench your thirst for blood. It's called Blood+ an artificial blood drink that is not actually blood but contains the same minerals and nutrients you get from as of a humans. It's not as strong as that of a human but the energy you gain from it will last you for a day and plus, you get to drink it three times a day! Isn't that great? This is for your safety my children.

    We have one golden rule here, do not drink blood. Even when you are desperate, never drink blood, even from your own kin. That is mainly why you were enrolled here. To help you gain complete control of yourself. As long as you can contain your blood thirsted rage you are safe from it's curse.

    Welcome children to Crux Academy.

    Things to expect in the roleplay:
    1.We will start off as a forum roleplay. In the forum roleplay our task is to get to know each others character(s) better. Note: if your going to have multiple characters here then be sure to use them all. We get to know each others character by telling each others back story and have to get to know the history behind the curse of the Blood Moon.

    2. This particular roleplay is a CHAPTER roleplay. Meaning, we write by chapters. You will know when the chapter ends when an event occurs at the end of every chapters.

    3. CHAT ROLEPLAY EVENT! A special feature in this roleplay. It is during this event that the players will know that a chapter is about to end. We will roleplay chat-style to make the end chapter more enjoyable experience. Is much more fun roleplaying with each other live! I will be posting a specific time and date for when this event will occure. This will only happen once at the end of every chapter. To those who couldn't attend the so called Chapter Ender, do not worry, I will write up a summary for those who couldn't make it at the event so you won't get lost and could still continue to roleplay

    Anyone interested? :3
    If you are then link to the sign-ups is here:
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  2. You know I am interested :D
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  3. Very interested ^^
  4. Pfft, Red. For some reason why am I NOT surprise.

    Great that you guys are interested. The Blood Moon will become an event that I will be hosting, that way we'll all experience the Blood Moon together. :3
  5. IT'S VAMPIRES!!! If it's vampires then I'm there!!! *Not obsessed at all*
  6. You sure are not. ≥﹏≤

    Imma gonna make a sign-up thread then. Just the basic information, no need to go all ninja with the info. :3
  7. No worries, I'm not a ninja :3 I will go all devil on it x3
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  14. But nowhere near Vampire Knight ●▂●
  15. Sounds more like the house of night book series. But totally different. xD Too many humans in vampire knight to be like this school x)
  16. No human were ever involved in the making of this RP.. well, except the half-bloods.. but yeah, no mortals. :(
  17. MORTALS SUCKS!!! They just dies all the time. Who needs them :3
  18. We can also die you know. :/
  19. Pff, my character might die. But I never die!!! And I will revive my character as if he/she was jesus!