Blood Moon Return



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So this roleplay is based on what happens after the movie red riding hood when (Peter) returns for red riding hood.
So I just like the story idea and that's why I did this, but anyway (Peter) has his wolf transformaition under control and comes back for little red on the night of the blood moon. That's where the stories take off you dont have to call him Peter if you dont want to.

Rose walks out of the cabin and heads into the cold winter night. She walks out barefoot her long red coat blows in the cool night breeze. Her mind wanders off into the villiage and what her mom might be doing. Slowly she closes her eyes and lays into the white blanket beneath her. She listens to all the creatures of the night and how steady there sounds are. When she hears what sounds like rustles in the bushes she opens her eyes. She opens them only to see the darkness of the sky and a blood red moon above her. Once again she hears movement in the bushes turning her head to see if anything was there.