Blood Moon: Curse Of Blood

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    "When the moon is full and is colored bloody red, that is when we lose our control. Its the only night we give into our animal instinct and devour everything that stands in our way--be it our own kin. As long as there is blood, we shall feast."

    Winter is drawing near and slowly threatening to cover the land with white crystals that fallen from the heavens.

    Mafesto Alexander Sahriza, the proud founder or Crux Academy--an Academy who had sworn to protect its student from the cursed Blood Moon, had been waiting. Patiently. Earnestly. For the new and old students to arrive and take the first step in becoming the new generation of Vampires. Yes, you heard correctly... vampires.

    For two millenniums now, Mafesto has always felt that he was a sort of the protector of his clan. Being of noble blood and a pure-blooded vampire, Mafesto had been the head of his clan ever since he had survived his first ever blood lusting hunger of the Blood Moon's curse. In fact, he had survived the curse twice. But sadly, had lost his wife and nearly lost his daughter as well. He just hope that the third time was a charm. If he would have to loose both of his children to the Blood Moon in this millennium, he wouldn't exactly now what he would do. He'd prayed that both his children were strong enougj to endure and survived the night when the Blood Moon would show itself again.
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  2. Lianne Nightrouge looked at the academy is disdain. The Blood Moon had existed for many generations, so why only now were measures being taken to protect people from it's curse? The clouds overhead did little to improve her mood or image of the place.

    Noticing the elder immortal standing in wait, she approached him slowly. "This is Crux Academy, is it not, sir?" she asked him with a small, polite incline of her head. 'Always respect your elders,' the words of her sire echoed in her head.
  3. A girl who seemed to be a teen stared at the Academy with interest in her sapphire gaze.

    "So this is the Academy, huh..." Sierra Kleins murmured, slight amusement laced in her words.

    It was..intriguing. After so many years, someone finally took the initiative to set a path of guidance for those who could not control their curse.

    The question was - would it be successful? Or not?

    " we go." A grin spread across the girl's lips as she made her way towards the Academy.
  4. Mafesto looked down at the new face that had wanted to inquire if she was in the right place. Crux Academy, yep, this was the right place alright, he thought as he looked around the vicinty they were standing in. This was Crux Academy, unless there were other academies that had the same name as his, and if there were he seriously needs to do some drastic measures if he found out about it.

    He looked down at his now student. Initally, this year, he was going to go for the strict, respectable, and hard-to-deal with-get-out-of-my-face teacher but his odd personality he can't actually become the one he wanted to personify himself as.

    "Hi, freshling!" he spoke with a rather overly cheerful tone much to his students discomfort and had a smile plastered on his face, so much for the respectable teacher persona. "And yep! This is Crux Academy--unless you've enrolled yourself to another academy with the same name as this school then you are in the wrong place, my dear." he spoke to her. Oh, how his way of speaking had changed throughout the millenniums he had lived. Originally he would speak in Old English but now as time keeps on changing he too has also change throughout te years.
  5. She kept eye contact with him for a minute before her violet eyes flicked off to the side. It was almost physically painful to be spoken to like she was a child, though comparatively, she knew she absolutely was one to many.

    "I don't believe I've ever heard of any other academy by the same name," she told him, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "I would assume that someone as long-lived and intelligent as yourself would have made sure to give this place a name that wouldn't be confused with another, after all, sir," she added unnecessarily.
  6. It was a beautiful evening. The air was crisp and fresh in comparison to the unforgiving heat that they had been forced to endure just earlier that day, the refreshing temperatures having closely followed the setting of the Sun. A sharp tapping came up the drive that lead to the front double doors to Crux Academy, closely followed by a slender figure with an umbrella at their side - the source of the tapping. Zachary looked away from the cloudless sky that he had lost himself gazing at instead shifted his sights to look trough the darkness with ease, spotting several figures just within the archway of his destination. A smile came to him and he raised a hand above his head. "Hail, Lord Mafesto," he called. Although his voice was not the echoing boom that had once been accompanied alongside such a greeting, his tone carried easily enough.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At the very edge of the Academy's property, propped up on the tall, protectively concrete walls sat another figure, eyes a blazing red. Elegant wisps of dark blonde hair blew in the gentle winds, shrouding the rest of Clara's facial features. Her eyes had to be uncovered though if she were to be able to successfully watch the tiny figures that were approaching the Academy's main manor. One, two so far... No, three, not including that first man who she had been told was the owner of the establishment. Feeling a set of eyes suddenly upon her, she pushed her palms against the wall and let herself drop, fingers scraping against the harsh stone to slow her descent. They were burning by the time her bare feet met the moist blades of glass with as close to no noise that her experience had deemed as acceptable. Looking town at her fingers showed that her tips had turned a bright scarlet, making her smile. She pressed the bleeding flesh up against her lips, licking delicately at the wounds.
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  7. Mafesto chuckled at this spitfire of a student, her--how should he describe this? Restless? Earnest? Eagerness to get this uncomfortable situation done with so she can go off her marry way--kind of personality was somewhat entertaining to him in a way that whatever she'd say to him--rude or not, would just go unfazed. Not affected by whatever means.

    Well, by the looks of her and her still eager to let this moment end personality, he could tell she was still a fresh blood. And not to mentioned, was once a human. With her human personality still present in her system, too bad she was going to learn the hard way that time will always tick and that learning to be patient is a virtue to most vampires. He should know, he had lived a good two, almost three millennium now.

    "Haha, no need to be impatient, little one. Time is on your side... you can still live a good hundred century or two if you know how to be patient." he spoke to her, patting her head. "I should introduce you to my daughter! I'm sure you two will get along just fine! Fine, indeed! Ahahaha!" he laughed wholeheartedly until he stopped when a familiar face made his presence know!

    "And I to you too, good sir!" he spoke in response to him in a golly tone. He was in a good mood. A good mood, indeed.
  8. Noticing the figures and hearing the call of a name, Sierra approached them with an easy smile on her face.
    "Hello! I presume this is Crux Academy, am I right? Just want to make sure, you know."
  9. Stepping out of her transport, Bridgette looked over the school, completely indifferent to her circumstances. Heels clicking over the brick walkway, she walked up to the middle of the courtyard towards the front doors of the school. A soft breeze passed over her, through her long curled rich brown hair. Green eyes looked over the group of people loitering in front of the doors.

    Clutching her thick fur lined, double breasted jack around her, she walked towards the group stopping short of them and stood, to listen to their conversations. She rolled her eyes as they talked about how they had made it, and whether or not this was the school. She just watched them and waited to be led into the school.
  10. Luca sighed as they arrived at Crux academy. "Do I really have to?" He asked his companion. He knew what the moon would do to him, the older vampire had warned him dozens of times, but the fear of being left all by himself was still nagging on him. Of course he wouldn't be all by himself in an academy with tons of other vampires, but Alcide was the only one he had ever known. To be separated from his friend after one and a half century felt... wrong.

    "This is for the best" Alcide assured the much younger vampire, and put a gentle hand on Luca's shoulder. Then the older vampire turned around and begun to leave, he was a man of few words and farewells, even for a short period of time, wasn't his thing. Neither was it Luca's. There was no need for goodbyes when they soon would meet again.

    When his friend disappeared out of sight, Luca turned back to the academy and started to move forward once again. Some student had already assembled, and a teacher was speaking to some of the younger vampires. At least he assumed it was a teacher. "This will be fun." He mumbled not very enthusiastic. Even though he had heard so many times that he would go crazy during the blood moon, it still didn't feel realistic to him. Both before and after becoming a vampire he had been calm and not gotten worked up for much. It was hard for people to make him angry, so how come a moon would make him go crazy? Oh well, it was just for a little while, so he just had to suck it up.
  11. The immortal lowered his hand, tucking it neatly within his front pocket as his other hand that held the umbrella swung it easily at his side. He slowed his pace so that the two children, for that was the only way he could view them given his own age, could pass ahead of him to join the others. So, these were going to be his students for some given number of years. Months even. Possibly weeks. Who really knew anymore... Although it may have occurred to most that an aged 'vampire' such as himself would have taken the benefits of life for granted, that was hardly the case. If anything, Zachary now viewed it as more precious and frail with every passing second. Everything was just so... delicate. A flower would wilt from anything between too much or too little of anything, be it water, sunlight, soil, air quality, but then, even if the balance was perfect, it would still wither and die in the end. It wasn't sad, per say, but it certainly left a feeling of being incomplete whenever something lost its life, yet Zachary also viewed it as a new experience and an opportunity to better himself.

    He smiled now, swinging the makeshift cane a few times before letting it settle atop his shoulder quite casually. The young female, who to all appearances could have only been a few years younger than he by mortal standards, reminded him of the young successes he had often spent many an evening courting for their hand. They were always half-hearted attempts though for reasons that were his own. Still, her silent, proud demeanor reminded him vaguely of such woman and it made him smile, if not also slightly avoid pressing too near to her.