Blood Money

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  1. Only notions he considers are hollowed and lost thoughts
    Visions that confer only sorrow that time’s caught
    A ghost upon a body so shoddy and scared soft
    A mind so terrified it’s resigned and it’s shut off
    But that’s to be expected when a boy has been selected
    In his hands is placed a weapon as a soldier then directs him
    Shoot upon your father
    To refuse you'll burn in horror
    No pursuit of pride and honor
    He just stands immersed in sweat

    Family eyes connect
    He holds his rifle to his chest
    His heart is heavy with regret as he unloads with his offence
    And “in the name of freedom” is chanted to loud applause
    While planted in his brain is an image of Hell crossed
    Sobbing in his spirit and fearing the holocaust
    He must compose himself or risk being the next lost
    Now every shadow hides a face he’s shot or blown to dust
    With every day he’s dying and getting more out of touch
    And every night he dreams he ends the death machine
    And finds a way to run from his stranger and this regime
    As morning leaves him choking and full of grief
    He’s hoping today will be the day that brings him a reprieve

    If only we could find the fortune
    Instead of misfortune
    Would be see it’s out of proportion
    Or have we cut off our feet
    No way to retreat
    In nothing but defeat

    But if we can get us lost
    And try to take it off
    Could we clean up this distortion
    Try to make it soften
    Are we all orphans now
    Have we exhausted now
    And I never loathed a life
    But now I lead this war with me

    I suspect my calm’s Manchurian in nature
    Just a matter of some time before she makes me waste ‘em
    Yet I possess no fury toward this stranger
    No I just feel allured by coming danger
    Change her I wouldn’t
    I want to ride the current of her storm
    Nourish on her sword
    And let my soul absorb

    And he of pure mind, let him to me accord
    Benevolence to ward off temptation that I have stored
    Cuz lord knows the craving in me grows
    With every step I took I knew the devil in me rose
    Waiting on a precipice so delicately posed
    A long and lovely fall no will or fire can oppose
    But the beauty of her form brings violence
    And I succumb to dancing with this Siren
    And I can feel the weight of this unload

    Perception has been altered now I see what she’s bestowed
    The wrath in me explodes and the sins of men are found
    The power of her sound reveals malevolence abound
    To he who sees no heaven amongst the clouds
    The reckoning is coming, get ready for buried ground
    Yet I can feel such impurity within
    I must expel the fiend and let its hole cave in
    And so to singe this evil now I pull the pin
    But clutch it to my heart to end the journey of my twin

    Potline, #800000
    Wilheim Asimov is fluent in German, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese and Italian. He is a business man on the global market, employed by a highly sophisticated group referred to as Protogè Inc. He is the top salesman for this group, and its prime benefactor. What he does, he does extremely well. Lithuania, Ukraine, Egypt and over thirty-six countries are supported by the weapons he sells them.

    This in turn plays into his monopoly because the more weapons he sells to desperate dictators and founders of new regimes--inevitably provokes and starts wars and conflicts which in-turn produces more profits. But its not just firearms he's selling. Jets, helicopters, tanks-- the better the equipment the higher the price. Many governmental agencies are after such men as William and those whom he works for. However, the face of Protogè Inc belies its truer nature therefore it its near impossible to pin any allegations or ties to them directly.

    The plot of this story revolves around William and his cohort of bodyguards from various walks of life. It will start prior to WWIII and follow through the war and follows the inner workings of the violent life of arms dealing. There will be 5 bodyguards for Wilheim, I'd like at least one female I'd like to dabble with the idea of a relationship. So that leaves four spaces.

    Character Sheet

    Detailed Description: (Even if you have a picture, I'd like at least 1 paragraph (5 full sentences) describing details about him or her.
    Picture: (Optional)

    [fieldset=Rules, #800000][/fieldset]

    1. I just know if I don't throw this out there everyone and their mother are gonna go Rambo. So, I'll allow multiple characters to be Special Forces (GSG9, SAS, Delta Force/Navy Seals/ Rangers/ Green Berets, Spetznaz) but let me make it clear that you are human. You don't just walk away in a calm cool way after being shot in the leg. Trust me, that shit hurts.
    2. No God-modding- In essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries.​
    3. No Metagaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game.​
    4. No unlimited ammo. This is a no brainer.​
    5. As far as weapons go, if it shoots you can fire it. But you must take into consideration shock/recoil vs accuracy. Not everyone is a trained sniper and can ping headshots over a hundred yards away. Add to that, the bigger the round the more 'kick' it will have. Firing a 9mm is virtually nothing in trained hands, but even a trained soldier will have trouble firing a 30mm auto cannon on full auto.

      In absolutely no way will you ever be firing a minigun by hand. You want that kind of firepower (Actually its a bit LESS than that) look towards SAW Squad Automatic Weapon. H&K G36 (Gewehr36) or the L86 LSW and other examples.If you need help in this department--I'd be more than happy to oblige.​
    6. You can only choose 1 Perk. Once its chosen it is no longer available to anyone.​

    [fieldset=Perks, #800000][/fieldset]
    1. Bandolier- Gives player extra starting ammo for your primary and secondary weapons.
    2. Bomb Squad- Enemy explosives (e.g Mines) are easier for you to detect. You can also defuse bombs and satchel charges.​
    3. Iron Lungs- You can hold your breath for much longer than normal.
    4. Extreme Conditioning- You can run for longer, and your equipment (If reasonable) doesn't weigh you down as much.
    5. Double Tap- Increases your rate of fire but decreases your accuracy.(Selective)
    6. Shades- Decreases the effectiveness of Stun grenades initial blinding flash. (You are still deafened however)
    7. Steady Aim- You can effectively form the hip.
    8. Paper Walls- All your ammunition equipped, are FMJ and can punch through walls easier.
    9. Extended Mag- You can carry more bullets than normal. Up to 2x normal without it seriously affecting your movement.

    10. Scavenger- Can take ammunition from enemies and use it for yourself.

    11. Toughness- when shot (non-vital) you flinch less.
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  2. [fieldset=Wilheim Asimov, #96001a][/fieldset]
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male
    232 lbs
    Detailed Description: Wilheim's charms and looks belie his vicious, and blood drunk nature. His lean arms would be perfect for throwing a winning pass in American football, if they weren't used to great effect breaking the bones of his enemies. His hair is platinum blonde, and is often mistaken for silver because its so light, but its piercing blue eyes that can really captivate you, or insane you in the terror of his madness. He's a tall man, at 6'4" tall and no slouch at the gym either as he is built. He's definitely not your run off the mill arms dealer.

    They say every coin has two sides. What better analogy is there when one talks about Wilheim. On the surface he looks calm and ready. Its what lurks beneath that facade that make his enemies truly fear him.
    Wilheim (open)

    Weapons: Wilheim has extremely fast hands and is ambidextrous. He uses this in a fight or when he's torturing someone for in formation the frightening effect.

    M&P .45
    Caliber: .45ACP
    Capacity: 10 Rounds

    Miguel Nieto Aventorero Survival Combat Knife
    Weight: 1.50 lbs
    Length: 12.5 "
    Blade Length: 7.75 "

    Perk:Fast Hands- Can swap weapons more quickly, and use knives and tactical equipment.


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  3. character sheet - WIP (open)

    Name: Danya Rampart

    Age: 29

    Sex: Female

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 120lbs

    Detailed Description: Danya's eyes are Hazel and there is a smattering of freckles across her nose. On the tall side of average and very much a tomboy she is most comfortable in study boots, dark wash jeans, tank tops, her leather jacket, and shades. She keeps her dark auburn hair long, but it is usually tied back in a pony tail of some sort, or curled away from her face when down. By virtue of her position Danya has no time for dressy or feminine things, thus people are always surprised in situations where she is required to wear her "little black dress".

    Weapons: Martial arts, specifically kokikai aikido. Doesn't like guns, but knows how to shoot if needed (she finds it ironic she's guarding an arms dealer)

    Perk: Extreme Conditioning- You can run for longer, and your equipment (If reasonable) doesn't weigh you down as much.

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