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  1. For centuries the war between Slayers and Vampires had ravished the land, destroying whole cities and burning down villages in an attempt to destroy these creatures of the night. The Master Vampire grew tired of their petty attempts and began recruiting humans. His army was powerful and loyal to him and for the slayers this was catastrophic. He ordered a direct attack, wiping out most of them.

    After this the world was plunged into chaos and the human race struggled to survive. Vampires turned on each other, hungry for a meal. The Master Vampire saw what the world had become, the result of his victory, Vampires acting more beast then man. Unhappy with his rule he turned on his kind, cutting them down easily, leaving only those who had managed to keep their inner beast contained, alive.

    The humans once again dominated the Earth for many years as civilisation evolved and now the Vampires are reappearing and humans are being found drained of their blood.

    The Slayers are ready.


    Appearance: Attach a picture if you can
    Name: Just a first name will do.
    Side: Vampires or Slayers. You can choose both or neither.
    Race: Human or Vampire.
    Special powers: Whether you are a Slayer or a vampire you can choose whatever to make your character unique.
    Bio: How you came to be either a Slayer, Vampire or both.
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  2. Name: Sable
    Age: Bitten at 18 but is now around 103. You tend to lose track after a while.
    Sex: Female
    Side: Vampires
    Race: Vampire
    Special powers: She can harness the power of darkness and bend it to her will. She usually uses it to shroud herself as she feeds.
    Bio: Unwanted at birth, she was dumped outside of the city walls, her parents never looking back as she cried for their reassurance. Near death she was saved by a cult of Vampires who raised her to one day rule them. They filled her mind with dark thoughts that began to fuel her hatred for humans, especially the ones that dammed her to death. As she grew older the cult began to acknowledge her as their leader, one they hoped would bring back the old world, where Vampires ruled. A ritual took place as she came of age, the day she'd become one of them and have her first kill, and that happened to be no other then the humans she hated the most, her parents. Rumours spread in nearby villages and cities that a pile of flesh had been found in the surrounding forest and the Slayers sprung to action. They had no doubt this was the cult they had been tracking unsuccessfully the last 18 years. Sable's inexperience as a leader drew them to their downfall and their den was attacked. Protecting her meant certain death and it was not long until they had all been turned to dust. During all the commotion Sable had managed to escape and was forced to hide, run and fear for her life. This only made her hate them more. Centuries passed her by as humanity evolved, becoming more technologically advanced. Her place in this world is now just to survive, to feed and to destroy any Slayers she may encounter.
    Personality: She becomes shy around other vampires but can easily take on a slayer if need be. Her clumsiness can be a problem as is her tendency to forget important things.

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  3. Name: Dusk

    Age: 98

    Sex: Male

    Side: Neither

    Race: Vampire

    Special powers: Can blend in with his surroundings really well, becoming almost invisible.

    Bio: He can't really remember much about his past, or how he came to be a vampire, all he really knows is that he must survive. He hides in alleyways and other dark places, feeding on any humans that cross his path.

    Personality: Cautious around other Vampires and Slayers. Can quickly become aggressive if he is threatened in any way.

  4. @Soul Can you add a picture or description of what Dusk looks like please?
  5. I accidentally pressed enter before I could add the picture xP
  6. name: ghost
    age: 19
    sex: male
    side: slayer
    race: slayer
    special powers: has the ability to create and control lightning
    bio: ghost is son of the head of slayers. he is the top fighter in his class and graduated at the age of 13 when the rest of graduated at 16. he carries multiple weapons but the 2 primary weapons he uses is a katana and his pistol known as Ky┼źketsuki no satsugai-sha. right nowghost has slain 300 vampires and continuees to hunt them

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  7. (Just waiting for the other three to write their CS up so be patient please)
  8. Appearance:

    He has black hair and bright green eyes. He's tall, about 6ft. He always wear a black hoodie and the hood is almost always up. He's slim and wears faded blue jeans most of the time

    Name: Bane

    Age: unknown

    Sex: Male

    Side: Slayer

    Race: If you asked him, he`d tell you he`s fully human. Whether that is true or not is hard to tell. But he doesn`t have any vampire blood.

    Special powers: Manipulation. He can cause others to forget what they see, to do his bidding, or to give him information. He uses his power indiscriminately because it is easy to hide. When no one remembers what you`ve done it`s hard to get caught. However, he tries to use it only with small groups, because the larger the group, the more likely he`ll be caught.

    Bio: His road to becoming a slayer was a long and convoluted one. He has a lust for death that needs to be satisfied, but killing humans is both too easy to do and too easy to get caught doing. So he put his energy into decimating the vampires.

    Personality: Manipulative. He is easy to like, but impossible to know. He has a tendency to use his human "friends" as bait for his quarry. The humans hardly ever know the difference.

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  9. (People can jump in as we go)

    Night had once again fallen upon the town. We stirred, awakening from our slumber. The hunt begins.

    Sable rose from the small, wooden coffin she'd deemed a worthy resting place for her. Letting her eyes adjust to the darkness of the basement, she carefully got up, dusting her clothes off with her hands and straightening her long, red, wavy hair. Her turquoise eyes flashed as the full moon shone through the tiny window, illuminating her pale skin.

    Sighing as her eyes finally adjusted, she moved quietly across the cold, concrete floor and up the stairs. The door creaked on its hinges, but unless you we old and had terrible hearing, it would go unnoticed.
    I'm glad the residents are actually old. She smirked wickedly to herself as she wondered why she actually bothered to keep quiet but her smirk became a frown as she thought though about how pathetic she is hiding in a basement.

    Upon exiting her 'residence', she spotted a woman strolling around the streets, probably on her way home. Her stomach made a loud rumble as she stared intently at the woman pass her on the opposite side of the street. She hadn't fed in weeks and the blood lust had grown strong.

    'Come to me.' She whispered and almost immediately she was shrouded in the familiar darkness she had been gifted. She almost floated across the street as she tailed the woman closely, allowing the darkness to spread, covering street lamps as she reached her prey, blocking its path.

    The woman was shocked, she hadn't noticed the events occurring behind her until it was too late. Sable's turquoise eyes began to mix and change into a warm honey colour as a twisted smile appeared across her face. 'Follow me my dear.' She purred at her prey as it obediently followed her, hypnotised by her eyes. Leading her into a nearby alley, Sable cornered her, snapping her our of her hypnotic state to see her killer. It was so much more satisfying when her prey squirms.

    Her choked screams were like music to Sable's ears as her frail, weak body tried to stop trembling. All she could do was stand and stare into her eyes, the last things she would ever see. Humans were so pathetic but they were so delicious. As she brushed her prey's hair aside, she stared intently at the throbbing jugular just begging for her to slice it open. As she leaned in and her fangs grew with the anticipation of tasting the blood she desperately craved, a voice behind her disturbed her from her meal...
  10. ghost was talking the female vampire just as she was about to pounce on he interupted. "what a lovely night for a stroll, dont you think" he had already pulled out his sword. "such a shame im going to have to stop you from hurting the human."
  11. Sighing loudly she turned around to face the boy, placing her hand around her preys neck tightly. 'I'm not sharing with you so run along.' Her voice radiating her obvious annoyance at the rudeness of him interrupting her dinner.

    She met his gaze, looking deeply into his eyes as hers took on their honey colour. 'Why don't you run along boy.' Her words were smooth as she smiled wickedly at the young teen.
  12. "im sorry, but i cant do that because my job is stop you from hurting these people." he had his katana rested on his sholder and his other hand on the grip of his pistol in its holster.
  13. 'Slayer? And a well trained one at that, being able to resist my gaze.' She complimented then turned her attention to her prey. 'We could make a deal? Her life for mine?' Beginning to become bored of this situation she tightened her grip as her prey gasped for air and scratched at her hand desperately. It amused her to a level no Slayer could ever understand. Not wanting to kill the girl just yet she realeased her grip slightly, allowing it to breath. 'Make your decision boy.'
  14. (umm is it supposed to be her life for yours?)
  15. (Yes basically meaning if you let me go i'll let her go)
  16. "how about a better trade. me for the human."
  17. His bargaining make her laugh. 'Well that's not very fair. I'm sure you'd just try to kill me once i let my dinner go.' Sighing, she ran her hand through her red hair as she stared at him, pondering what she should do. 'You may be cute but even i am not that stupid. Despite my appearance i will have you know i am much older then you.'
    His blood smells much better...
  18. ghost put his sword away and released the grip from his pistol." if you dont trust me thats fine but id prefer to have the human live. my father doesnt like it when humans die young."
  19. This one intrigued her. Sacrificing himself to save this pathetic human?
    Emotions make humans weak.
    As she continued to pout she stared at her prey, uninterested in feeding now that she had been disturbed.

    Narrowing her eyes at the Slayer, she turned to her prey, releasing her grip. 'You need to return home and you will remember none of this, understand?' Her eyes had taken on their honey colour and the girl nodded, obeying the vampire.

    When they became alone she took a few steps towards him. 'I have no interest in you Slayer. Now am i permitted to leave or will you attempt to dust me?' Her expression was blank and she shoved her hands in her jean pockets.
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