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  1. Night had once again fallen upon the town. We stirred, awakening from our slumber. The hunt begins.

    Her choked screams were like music to my ears as her frail, weak body tried to stop trembling. All she could do was stand and stare into my eyes, the last things she would ever see. Humans were so pathetic but they were so delicious. I brushed her hair aside as i stared intently at the throbbing jugular just begging for me to slice it open. As i leaned in and my fangs grew with the anticipation of tasting the blood i craved, i was interrupted by a voice behind me...


    So this will be a vampire vs slayer RP.
    I'll need a minimum of 2 slayers so let me know if you are interested and i'll post the whole story.
    AND as always any feedback is good feedback!
  2. Does slayer need to be fully human?
  3. @Tanzinite No of course not. Make your character as unique as you can!
  4. ok, then I'd wanna be a hunter. What limits do i have on being supernatural?
  5. Nothing too OP but like i said before make your character as unique as possible. Control the elements, choose your side, have a slayer who is secretly a vampire the choice is completely up to you!
    I'm really not that strict so that everybody can have what they want. I'll need about 1-2 more people before posting the whole story.
  6. ok. Then I have an idea I'd like to try, if you get support.
  7. I'll be a slayer aswell! Or if needed Vampire (Maybe two characters?)
  8. That would probably work, so long as they have lots of minions. (Otherwise they'd die too fast).
  9. Great!
    I would love at least one more person and seeing as we have 2 Slayers i'd love another Vampire.
    I'm just fixing up the plot so hopefully before i finish it we'll get another person.
  10. Would like to join as a vampire. :) Will work on a CS if needed.
  11. Click the link friend and post it up on there. I added the layout on the bottom.
    I'll be at work for 3 hours but i'll post my CS when i get home.
  12. ill post mine tomorrow after some midterms. shouldn't be too late
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.