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  1. Vlad is a collage freshmen..Can a vampire be in a human college? Will he find love?

    Name: Vladimir Tyson Knight
    (Goes by Vlad)

    Age: 300 but looks like he is 21

    Height: 5'12

    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular

    Species: Vampire

    Personality: Vlad is known for being being sarcastic and mysterious. He is also known for being a tough guy with a bad temper. He doesn't take shit from anybody and refuses to bow down to anyone. He is also quite stubborn but smart and loyal. He isn't shy but he prefers to be by himself. He has a few friends and if you manage to get into his heart you will be able to see the side of him that he keeps from the world.

    *Bio will be told in the story*

    Looks: Pic Below
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  2. I would be interested if you haven't found someone already.
Thread Status:
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