Blood, Lies, and Transfer Students.

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  1. Austin clutched the straps of his back pack, pulling it tighter against his back as he stared at the entrance to the academy. Red Ivy Academy. This would be the school he'd spend the remainder of his school-boy days in, far away from his friends. With a sigh and a deep breath, he made his way up the steps to the intimidating entrance. Sure, he had gotten into trouble back at his old school and been kicked out. He should be thankful for this opportunity to continue his education. Yet, he found the academy strangely intimidating. It wasn't just the fact that he was starting at a new school halfway through the first semester, the entire place sent chills up his spine.

    Another deep breath and he mustered up the courage to push the front door open and step inside. He did his best to ignore the stares of the students already milling about the hallway as he made his way to the office to get his class schedule and a map. Once that was complete, he set off in search of his locker. Five minutes later, he muttered an exclamation under his breath and crumpled up the map. He almost threw it up, but ended up stuffing it in his pocket instead. "Useless..." He'd just have to find it by himself. He was too stubborn and antisocial to ask for assistance. At least, thats what the shaggy-haired brunette told himself.
  2. Crystal was walking down the hallway with her friends by her side, scoping out all of the fresh meat that were all around her. They were so easy to get and that annoyed her. She usually loved the challenge of chasing down her prey, but she was starving and she didn't feel like chasing anyone down. She was about to say bye to everyone when she heard them talking about some new kid.

    "What new kid?" she asked. Now having her undivided attention, she forgot about her hunger for a while and waited for them to tell her more about the mystery person. Her blonde friend Chasity, with the huge boobs answered her first with her usual hair flip.

    "I heard it from Alison, who heard it from Brenton, who heard it from Colten, who heard it from Savanna, that she saw some new guy in the office. His name is Austin something. They say that he's a total looker but I haven't seen him with my own eyes so I can't give my own 411 about him," she says before she checks her french manicured nails for any chipping. That was a habit that she had that really bother Crystal. She never ruined her nails, so why did she always check. Shaking her head, Crystal listened as the others made sound of approval of Chasity's story.

    "A new guy, huh? I can't wait to meet him. Maybe he could be my next meal," she says before they all fell into a chorus of high pitched, musical laughter as they headed for Multimedia class.
  3. Austin finally managed to locate his locker. He fumbled around with the combination for awhile before it clicked open. He checked his schedule. Multimedia class. Folding the paper back up again, he pulled the books and supplies he needed from his bag that now hung from a hook, kicked the door of the locker closed and headed off down the hall in the direction he assumed room 220 was located. He eventually caved and checked the map, only to discover it was in the opposite direction. He spun around, a light blush on his cheeks as others giggled at his predicament and hurried off to his first class ever at the new school.

    He was a minute late for his first class. Off to a great start already. He apologized to the teacher before hurriedly taking the first open seat. It happened to be beside a group of highly attractive girls. He had to keep himself from looking them over. Instead, he just gave the girl beside him a nod and sat down. He got himself situated as quietly as possible, not wanting to cause any more of a ruckus. He sighed softly. "Great first impression already." He muttered to himself before the teacher got started.
  4. Crystal was was listening to Loren brag about what her boyfriend got for her birthday when she heard someones heart beat. Not a heart beat that she's ever heard before in the 3 years of her going there. She looked over at the door and saw some guy coming in late. She looked at Chasity and she nodded, already know what she was going to ask. He actually was a looker as she examined him. Shaggy brown hair, very light blue eyes that seemed to glow, muscular and toned. Great, she thought to herself, looks like he has enough blood to spare. She watched him as he sat by next to them and smiled to the girls. She pulled out a custom made notepad out of her purse and a pen. She wrote down on a piece of lavender scented paper, 'What's you name and where did you come from, stranger?' she wrote and signed it with a smiley face with fangs. She passed it to Elena and told her to pass it to Austin. She turned her attention back to the teacher and listened to the teacher as he rambled on about HTML and URL's.
  5. Austin was busy attempting to be the good student. As much as the school gave him the creeps, he really didn't want to mess things up there as well. In the middle of him taking notes, a piece of paper appeared on his desk. He blinked, assuming it was from the girl who had passed it to him. He glanced over at her. She was cute, but not quite his type. Plus she was probably just trying to be friendly. He shook his head. He didn't have time for this stuff.

    Nevertheless, he found himself scrawling a response on the paper in a script that was far less elegant than the girls. His reply read 'Austin Park. I'm from Idaho. Moved her for dad's work'. The last part was only half a lie. His dad did move up her for work, but he and his mom were separate. He was going to stay with his mom. But, he ended up being shipped off here. He surveyed his response, sighed at his unexciting origins. He didn't bother adding a smiley face in response to what he assumed was a flirtatious gesture. Still, he passed the note back only to be surprised to see it passed one seat over. The final recipient. He definitely preferred her to the girl he originally assumed passed the note. He half regretted his boring, to the point responses. Still, he had promised himself that he wasn't going to get involved with girls until he got himself back on track. With a sigh, he returned his attention to the teacher for the remainder of the class period.
  6. She looks at the note and read his response. Austin Park was a nice name. Seemed normal enough. She wrote back, 'Well Austin Park, I'm the President of the welcoming committee and I want to be the first one to say welcome to Red Ivy! If you want, I.can help you get the rest of your classes and after that maybe we can hang out?' she signs with another vampire smile and passes it back to Elena. She was really starved and now thinking about being alone with the guy, was making her fangs ache in her gums. She licks her canines and wished thatluch would get there quick so she could eat.
  7. Austin read the second note quickly. He didn't respond to this one, as he was sure the teacher would become suspicious. He'd rather not get in trouble his first day at the school. He left the note nestled between the pages of his notebook. The bell rang, after what seemed to be hours. He gathered up his things and stood up along with the rest of the class. He was about to leave when he hesitated. He didn't really want a repeat of this morning's fiasco. Plus, he didn't really mind walking around with her.

    He made his way over to the girl who had written the note. He was about a good six inches taller than she was. Of course, this didn't surprise him very much. He was a bite on the tall side. "Hey...umm...sorry, I didn't catch your name" He greeted, a casual smile on his face. "I don't suppose you could point me in the direction of room 112?" He had chemistry next. He was certainly not looking forward to that class. On the plus side, it was the only thing that stood in the way of lunch.
  8. She was offended when he didn't write back. People would kill for the time a day that she was giving to him. But then she remembered that he was new and that he still had a lot to learn. She instead texted and gossiped for the rest of the class. The class was the snooze fest of the century and she couldn't wait to get to next period for Chemistry. They were testing blood types today. Lunch was coming early for her that day and she couldn't stop thinking about it. It was making her mouth water. She almost screamed with glee when the bell rang. She jumped up out of her seat after she grabbed her limited edition Louis Vuitton bag and was about to leave when Austin walked up to her. He was really tall and she loved that about guys. If only he wasn't a blood bag, she'd probably date him.

    "My name is Crystal McCoy and your lucky that that is my next class also," she said before she turned to her friends. "You guys can go on without me. I'll show him his other classes before we go to Chemistry." She ended with a wink sent them on there way. "Shall we?" she asked before she walked out of class, slow enough that he could catch up to her.
  9. Austin blinked, momentarily confused as to why none of the other girls were going too. He then decided he was over thinking things and strode after Crystal. He caught up quickly, due to having a longer stride. "Thanks" He managed to say, running a hand sheepishly through his hair. "Umm, my other two classes today are in rooms 350 and 470." He said, schedule in hand.

    He walked slightly behind her. He couldn't help using the opportunity to check her out. He was a teenage guy after all; it came with the territory. She was smoking, he had to admit that. Yet, there was something about her that didn't quite sit right with him. Perhaps it was the bag. Anyone who could afford a bag like that had to be from a rich family. In his experience, rich kids weren't always the nicest of people. He sighed quietly to himself. He shouldn't go around judging a book by it's cover. For now, he'd have to give her the benefit of the doubt. "So, is there anything cool to do around here after school hours?" He asked.
  10. "350 is Geometry and 470 is Government. I also have those classes. Who would've thought?" she asks as she walks down the 300 hall, passing all of the boring classes until she got to her destination. "This is Geometry," she says before she turns around and heads for the 400 hall. The bell had already rang, and the hall was starting to empty. This made her smile. This was her chance to easy her hunger, but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to do it. Maybe his good looks were really getting to her. Debating with herself almost made her miss the turn off to the 400 hall.

    "Sorry.." she mumbled as she made a hard stop and took a left turn. She pointed to the first door on the right and said, "and that's Government. I think we should get to Chemistry. I'm actually excited about today's class." She said truthfully as she headed for class. "And to answer your question, we actually have a lounge just for students. There's a pool table, computers, and a T.V. But it's closed until school ends so that students won't skip. As if that would stop them. If they really want to skip, they run into the woods and hang out or do other things," she says with a wink.

    "We're here." she says before she walks into Chemistry. "Hey Mr. Troy, this is your new student, Austin Parks, and I apologize for being late. I was showing him around." She walks to her lab table of friends and huffs. They all looked at her with confused looks on there faces. She knew exactly why. They'd expected her to walk through the door alone with a huge smile on her face. "I couldn't do it," she mouthed before she layed her head down on the table top.
  11. He blinked a bit. He certainly wasn't expected to be in all the same classes as the girl. What were the odds that the first person he actually talked to at the school would be in the same classes as him? He supposed it would make it easier to find the rooms again. Of course, walking by them helped too. However, Austin didn't peek into the classrooms they passed, as they had other students in them. He didn't want to disrupt the other classes. He grinned, listening to her explanation of the lounge. He had also been a fan of pool, though he never got many chances to play. He figured he'd be using that table pretty often. "Thanks for showing me around." He said before they entered Chemistry.

    "Hello Mr. Troy" He greeted, rubbing the back of his head once more. He had a habit of doing so when he was flustered. "Umm...sorry for being late. I'll just take a seat now." He quickly found a place. This time, he was across the room from Crystal. He was unaware of the meaning behind the look she exchanged with her friends. He simply chalked it up to the strangeness of the female gender. Perhaps she thought he was cute and meant to tell him or something then chickened out. Not that it was a big deal to Austin. The less temptation, the better. At least, this is what he kept telling himself.

    Mr. Troy began the lesson by asking everyone to get into groups for a lab in which they'd be studying blood types. He sighed. It was just his luck. Everyone around him was pairing up, and he'd be left out and end up the third wheel. After all, he didn't exactly have any friends in the new school yet. He leaned back in his desk, watching the rest of the class pair up with their friends. He'd work his way into the dynamic eventually.
  12. When Mr. Troy told everyone to pair up, her head popped up and she had the biggest smile on her face. Supper time, and she couldn't wait. She looked over at Austin and wanted to see if he had a partner and luckily her didn't. She told her friends that she wouldn't work with them and they pouted. She gestured over to Austin and they understood. She walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. "Do you mind being my partner?" she asks before she sits down and starts playing with some of the needles. They still had the scent of blood on them and that made teeth ache more. She had to eat, and quick.
  13. Austin blinked and looked up at her. He didn't protest, as she immediately started to fiddle with the supplies. Instead, he followed her over to a section of one of the work stations and sat down beside her. "I figured you would have been paired up with one of your friends." He said, leaning on the table. His blue eyes watched as she messed with the needles. "Taking pity on me, are you?" He continued, half jokingly.

    Before she responded, Mr. Troy spoke up. "Alright, I've written the directions on the board. Now, I'm handing out data sheets. Numbers are on the vials. Once you think you've figured out the blood type, write it down on these sheets. The more correct answers, the better your grade for the project. Any tools you may need are in the cabinets, get your own." He instructed, passing the sheets out to each group. Austin took the paper for himself and Crystal and scribbled their names at the top. "Hope I don't disappoint you, Science isn't my strong point." He confessed.
  14. "Yea I would've, but I just couldn't leave you alone. You're growing on me," she said with a small chuckle. "And no I'm not taking pity on you," she punches him playfully in the arm, "I know that they're a lot of people in here that'll want to work with you. They just don't want to make there friends feel bad." She nudges him playfully. "And I just love the way you smell. You must be wearing some really good cologne." She says before she lays her head on his shoulder and take in deep breaths of his scent. She could tell what blood type he was just by the scent. AB-;the rarest blood type. And it was also the most delicious. Her canines were starting to poke out of her gums and she was fighting the urge to just give in and bite him, but her time was coming very soon...

    "You don't have to worry about it. I might seem like a dumb blond, but I'm actually really good in Chemistry. But do you mind getting the supplies? I would do it, but I'm not feeling so hot," she says before she lays head back down on the cool table top. She was starting to have hot flashes. This wasn't normal. Neither was running into a human with an AB- blood type. Maybe her body wasn't used to being around it. Yea that was it, she told her self. She felt like if she didn't get any blood soon, she's pass out from hunger. She tried not to eat for a couple of days to try and lose weight. But then she realized, a little to late, that she didn't need to lose any weight. Now she needed to get some blood into her stomach.
  15. He laughed lightly at her comment on his scent. He wasn't sure what to say, as he wasn't wearing any cologne. Maybe it was his shampoo. Austin nodded. He stood up and crossed over to the cabinets. It took him a few minutes to find everything, as he didn't know which cabinet the materials were in. Finally, he had gathered all the supplies they'd need. He had them all laid out on the counter before realizing he couldn't carry everything at once. With a sigh, he brought the smaller materials over and set them down before returning for the microscope and test tube rack. "That should be everything" He said before sitting back down. He reached over and held the back of his hand over her forehead. "Nope, you don't feel too hot." He remarked.

    "So, shall I be the recorder and handerer of items?" He asked in a joking manner. He kept an eye on her as they continued to work. Now that she mentioned it, Crystal had been looking rather anemic. He wondered if she had been eating properly; she was far too thin. He was glad it would soon be lunch time. He didn't pry into her reason for feeling ill, as he felt he didn't know her well enough yet.
  16. She watched him as he gathered supplies and giggled. She shouldn't have made him do that on his first day. He was going around like a chicken with his head cut off. It was better for him to learn his way through on the first day than procrastinating. People here hated lazy people, and for good reason. The humans reasons: they make them all look bad in front of the rich and powerful students. The vamps reasons: they're too easy to catch. Like she said, she loved to chase down her prey. So does all the other vampires in the world. She was pulled out of her reverie when she felt Austin's cool hands on her forehead. It affected her the same way as the table top did. It helped her feel a little bit better but only for a moment.

    "I actually don't mind drawing the blood." She grabs the needles and sterilize them with the alcohol wipes and grabbed a pair of gloves. "It looks like you have very good hand writing. Considering your a guy," she says jokingly as she starts putting on the gloves. Going through the supplies, she finds the rubber band that she needed to use to find a vein. "Hold out your arm, please." She tilted her head and smiled, trying to act like a nurse, the ones that are way too nice.
  17. Austin took a deep gulp and held out his arm. He wasn't looking forward to this part, but he had to put on a brave face. He couldn't have the ladies thinking he was a big baby, now could he. He watched her as she drew his blood. He had to shut his eyes to keep from being faint. Even though he wasn't the biggest fan of sharp pointy objects, he was interested in learning his blood type. He had always wanted to know.

    Once she was finished with his arm, he flexed it a few times before letting it rest on the table. "Thank you" He responded to the complement about his hand writing. "Though its really only mediocre. He smiled lightly. "So, next we have to test it with this stuff, right" He pointed to a number of thing swabs. Of course, he wouldn't be surprised if he was wrong. "Did you know, I don't actually know my blood type. Do you know yours?" He asked, trying to make small talk as they worked.
  18. She smiled at how tough he was acting in front of her. When she was human, she hated getting shots. That's why it was so easy for her to get the flu. But it wasn't that bad. Her mom and dad would wait on her hand and foot, and she absolutely loved that. It made her feel like a princess, and what little 8-year-old girl didn't like feeling like a princess? As her childhood ran back threw up her mind, she watched as Austin's blood slowly filled the syringe. It was starting to make her mouth water more.

    "Yep. This is the stuff." She finally finished filling the syringe and slowly took out the needle. She flicked the syringe to get rid of the air bubbles and started emptying the blood into 2 different vials. Surprisingly filling both of them to the brim. She grabbed a pasteur pipette and transferred a drop of blood from the vial to a small square piece of glass. "Yea, I could definitely tell that you didn't know what your blood type was. Usually guys would try to act cool about not wanting to be stuck by needles by saying that they already know their blood types. And when there comes a time that they need to know it, they're clueless. It's good to know that you're not a chicken. We need more people like you at this school," she says with a smile.

    All while testing the blood in the magnifying glass. She fakes a gasp and looks at Austin. "And you say that no one has ever told you what kind of blood type you have?" She looks back at the blood and fiddles with the glass. "You have the most rarest blood in the world," she says with enthusiasm in her eyes.
  19. Austin chuckled. "I won't call me brave per say" He replied, watching her examine the blood. He sat there silently watching her for a at least five minutes before she suddenly gasped. Startled, he almost fell backwards off the chair, blue eyes wide. "What..." he blinked, righting himself on the chair. "And...what type is that?" He honestly had no idea. Once she told him, he made sure to note down the results on the sheet of paper. "Well, now I know my blood type. So, when situations that I need to know it arise, I'll know it." He stated with a serious expression on his face. He then grinned. "Umm, should we test yours next? If there is time?" He asked.

    A few minutes later, Mr. Tory spoke up to announce that it was time to start cleaning up. Austin sighed and picked up the needles. "I'll bring these over to the hazmat can" He said, noting that the red trash can was located near the door. "Think you can manage washing out the tubes?"
  20. "Oh I already know what my blood type is." she said honestly. Technically, her blood was 0-. But now, because of all the blood in her system, it can't be determined as easily as it was to find out his. Scientifically. She heard Mr. Troy instruct the class into cleaning and she sighed in unison with Austin. She was actually curious to look at her own blood. She watched him as gathered up the supplies and and nodded her head yes to cleaning out the tubes. She finally had her chance. She felt like hours had gone by. When the coast was clear she opened the first vial and swirled it around like a glass of wine. She toasted to herself and tool down the blood in one quick gulp. The taste was just unforgettable. It tasted like the smoothest milk chocolate laced with strawberries Fettuccine Alfredo - her favorite food of all time before she was turned. It made her feel like she could run for days in the desert. It warmed her body from head to toe but it did wonders on her looks. Her blonde hair was shining, her lips were fuller and her teeth were as white as newly fallen snow. Her eyes shined brighter and her body plumped back to it's usual way.

    She was amazed on how much the blood had affected her so quickly. Usually it would take multiple feeding to get her to the way she was now. She looked at the other vial of blood and debated with herself to either drink it there, or to ration it. She decided to save it and quickly snuck it into her purse. She had enough time to go to the sink and rinse out the one vial, pretending that she was using the time to dump the blood in both vials as well as cleaning them out. She turned in the vial and returned to her seat beside Austin.