Blood is Thicker than Water

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  1. It was a Thursday morning, but the weekend drawing closer did nothing to make Luke want to wake up that morning. As his alarm blared for the fifth time, he smacked it with his fist, then promptly fought with the covers before slipping out of bed with a tired groan. After slipping a shirt over his head, he zombie-walked towards his brother's room, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and rapped a few times against the door. "Hey, you up?" He called through the wood, voice groggy and thick with sleep. He was highly considering leaning against it for a few more minutes of shut-eye when he received no answer, but..

    To keep himself from doing just that, he turned the door knob and entered the room. "Comin' in." Luke announced as he stepped in, leaning against the door frame and peering with half-lidded eyes at 'his other half'.
  2. Jason's response was little more than an unintelligible groan, followed by him wriggling under his sheets. It took him a few moments, but he managed to form a response typical of him.
    "Come on Luke... Go back to bed for five minutes... I'll let you use my bed..."
    Given that it was a single bed, the proposal alone would have been awkward for most siblings. But Jason was not most siblings. Jason revelled in teasing his brother to the point where it became unclear as to whether he was joking or not. Whether Regardless of whether he meant it, the habit seemed to have ingrained itself so deeply into him, that his first instinct when waking up was to invite his brother to sleep with him.

    As if to further accentuate the point, he threw back the cover, revealing him in all his pyjama-clad glory.
    "Nobody has to know anything about it, you know..."
  3. Luke's eyes narrowed on his brother, even more tempted now to go burrow on his blankets for another few minutes. He was hesitant when the blanket was pulled back, further accentuating Jason's offer to crawl into bed with him for awhile longer.
    With a sigh he slid into bed beside his twin, the offer too tempting, tugging the blanket back down to keep the pair warm. Jason's teasing always made Luke feel a little awkward, but in the end he normally chalked it up to brotherly love, just...on steroids.
    "Agreed, we keep this to ourselves," Luke yawned, "Most siblings stop sharing a bed when they're little, ya know."
  4. Though he hadn't actually expected Luke to get in with him, Jason wasn't about to complain. Once Luke was in next to him, Jason wrapped his arms around his sibling, but made no real effort to move in closer. While he was sorely tempted to, the effort required would exceed the amount he could actually muster.
    "Mmm... You're warm, Luke..."
    Despite his lack of energy, Jason was still capable of pulling his brother to him, if only by a little. However, given their distance beforehand, this wasn't exactly a tremendous feat. Jason's arms were loose, and anyone could have broken free of them, if they wanted. But he figured that the combined cosiness of the bed and his embrace would keep Luke there as long as he wanted.
  5. Luke gave a quiet hum of approval as his brother's arms loosely wrapped around him, allowing the male to share Jason's warmth with their now close proximity beneath the blanket.
    "Mmm, you two. Cosy. But at this rate I'm not gonna want to get up for school.." He mumbled as his eyes shut, scooting closer to his twin on his own accord, making himself even more comfortable. Again, he just imagined it would only be considered brotherly affections, and therefore not weird of anyone asked.
    "Think mom and dad would kill us for skipping, just this once? They'd totally buy that we're both sick." Or, you know, not.
  6. "Something tells me that they wouldn't want to find us like this, even if we could convince them..."
    Jason took advantage of the situation to try and move as close to Luke as possible. He knew taking advantage of his brother's naivety wasn't a particularly nice thing to do, but his brother didn't seem to mind him pressing himself close to him. In fact, if anything, he seemed to be enjoying it right now. "As much as I hate to say it, you'd have to get out of my bed if we want them to believe us. Not that there's anything stopping you coming back... Or anything stopping me getting to you."
  7. "Oh come on, it's not like we're doing anything wrong. Whatever, I'll take care of it."
    Luke rolled his eyes at his brother, shifting around in the bed to sit up and plant his feet on the ground after that last point was made. He stood up with a stretch, arms reaching over his head, accompanied by a groan.
    "I'll go tell them we came down with something. Try and look sick in case somebody checks."
    With that he headed out of the room and off to hunt their parents down. A few minutes later he returned, poking his head in his twin's room with a thumbs up.
    "We're in the clear, J."
  8. "Then come back to bed, darling. I missed you."
    Jason did his best at putting on a sultry face - which considering his experience in teasing his brother mercilessly, had been honed quite well. he was unsure as to whether it would still work on Luke, but as long as it made his brother flustered, and as long as he made the face he did when he got embarrassed, Jason didn't particularly care. He lay with the cover off of him and the top two buttons on his top undone, though this was mostly because the blanket was stuffy. Granted, this wasn't an uncommon occurrence, but nevertheless, part of his chest was showing.
  9. "Oh, cut it out, you pervert."
    He'd only been there for ten seconds and Luke had to turn his face away in effort to hide the blush that erupted across his cheeks. Jason was admittedly good at embarrassing the living daylights out of him, that was for sure, when he talked to him like that, with that damned expression too. Sometimes he wasn't even sure if it was a joke.
    "Well, if you really want me you're going to have to come get me. Unless your own warm bed is more important than sleeping with me, of course."
    Luke gave a shrug before stepping away from the door, heading to his own room.
  10. "You'll have to make me stop."
    Jason's mouth twisted into a devilish grin as he did so - the sort of thing that hinted at an imminent plan, one that would strike fear into the hearts of men. He was enjoying this morning already - is brother was agreeing to sleep with him, and he was getting flustered. There wasn't much that could make it better. He did, however, pout when Luke made him come after him.
    "Playing hard to get, are you? Fine then. I guess I'l just have to catch you."
    Jason got up, groaning with the effort, and got behind Luke before he had a chance to react. His hands went straight around his waist, and he whispered in his hear. "No escaping now, dear brother."
  11. That grin on Jason's lips about had Luke running for his own room - he knew that meant he was up to no good, the bastard. And part of him actually thought he'd choose the warmth of his bed opposed to chasing him down the hall. The blond about damn near squeaked as he was caught, arms circling firmly around his waist, Jason's warm breath washing over his ear.
    "Oh? You know I could always just elbow you in the gut, right?"
    Now, Luke wasn't that mean, but the threat was out there. And it wasn't like they could stand in the hall like this forever.
  12. "Oh, but you wouldn't do that, would you? I can tell you like this."
    Jason knew that Luke wouldn't do it - at least, not when they were like this. In fact, he suspected that Luke was more inclined to just let him. But he had a point nonetheless. They couldn't just stay out in the hall - he dreaded to think what his parents would say if they found him and his brother like this. So he took Luke's hand, and led him over to his bed, before flopping down lazily onto it.
    "Mmm... Your scent... It's delicious, Luke."
    Jason flashed him a mischievous grin - he was obviously plotting something. It was up to Luke whether he found out what it was or not.
  13. Luke pursed his lips, deciding it best not to answer that, because he probably wouldn't jab his twin in the stomach if it came down to it. He gave a sigh as he was led into the room, eying Jason as he flopped down onto his bed and kicking the door shut with his heel - just in case.
    "My brother thinks I smell good, my life is now complete."
    Rolling his eyes, he threw caution to the wind and climbed into the bed as well, dropping down beside his brother before propping himself up on his elbows and narrowing his gaze.
    "Alright, what's going on in that head of yours? That look is never a good one."
  14. Jason began chuckling darkly, moving in closer to Luke, doing his best to build up the tension.
    "I'm going to do something diabolical, dear brother. I'm going to do something that is sure to make you beg for mercy. You'll be on your knees when I'm done with you."
    Given how Jason loved to be the dominant one, it was entirely possible that he was making a double entendre in reference to... things best left unsaid. Considering the kinds of things that he'd expressed interest in when their parents weren't around, Jason thought it wouldn't be surprising if he did. But, he didn't - he opted to reach out, quicker than Luke could possibly react, and tickled him wherever he possibly could.
  15. "You sound like a sadistic nutcase."
    His heartbeat fluttered as Luke attempted to scoot away from his brother the closer to him Jason moved, not sure what exactly he was getting at. The other constantly made those kind of remarks, and honestly, with Jason, his words could mean anything. Not that he's ever acted on them - yet, anyway. Jason was just playing though, right?
    Luke was in no way relieved when he was assaulted with tickles, he burst into a fit of giggles, flailing about and trying to shove his twin away. He was way too ticklish for this.
    "I'm..I'm g-gonna o-off the bed..if you d-don't stop..!"
  16. "You're going to have to have hell of a time trying, Luke."
    Jason was truly sounding sadistic now, as he kept Luke in his giggle-inducing grasp. Luke could push him away all he wanted, but Jason would just come back for more, and wouldn't relent unless he felt like it. His hands were deft, and they were fast - the moment Luke pushed one away, it seemed to have taken residence somewhere else. There was no escape for him unless he wished it.
    "I'll let you go..." he muttered to his brother, "But you've got to do anything I say for the rest of the day. Well, maybe not everything, we have to draw the line somewhere. So you wouldn't be my slave, more like... A very loyal servant."
  17. Luke tried and he tried to shove Jason off, but it seemed impossible with the way his fingers darted so quickly around to all his most ticklish spots. His cheeks were flushed and he was gasping in between giggles, trying his best to send his brother a glare through it all. The offer almost caught him off guard, but given it was Jason, he figured he should've expected it.
    "O-Okay, okay! Mercy, m-mercy!" Luke gasped, giving in just so he could catch his breath again. After all, it was only a day he had to serve, and he had the right to say no. So he decided he could live through it.
  18. "Mmm. Excellent. I'm certainly not complaining, anyway."
    Jason relented, and instead wrapped his arms around Luke, his hands dangerously close to going under his shirt. They weren't, but they were primed to, and Jason was more than ready to let his hands work in a completely different way. However, he didn't, and instead spoke again.
    "Now, what should my first order be... How about we both stay cuddled up? And when I'm ready, you can serve me breakfast... In a maid outfit."
    Jason, as much as he wanted to see his brother in a skimpy French maid outfit, knew all too well that this wasn't a possibility. Mainly due to their lack of costume. There may have been one stored away somewhere, but he knew the chances were low at best.
  19. Luke panted lightly against his brother's chest, trying to catch his breath after laughing so much. Cuddling up was something he could do, and scooted closer to his brother, finding that he actually enjoyed the closeness. Even that hand threatening to slide under his shirt wasn't so bad; at least Jason was warm. The maid outfit though? Not so welcome.
    " actually think we have a maid costume laying around?"
    He immediately thought of at least three places, not including a clothing store, that a maid costume could be. Maybe not skimpy, exactly, but a maid costume nonetheless.
    "Wait, wasn't our sister a French maid for Halloween last year? Tell me that's not where that idea came from."
    That certainly didn't mean he'd wear it, he was just..saying.
  20. Jason paused to try and remember what his sister wore last year - he was fairly certain it was a maid outfit of some sort. Modified little, yes, but a maid outfit nonetheless.
    The devilish glint returned to his eyes, and his hands began feeling up Luke, as if carefully examining every part of him.
    "Hmm... Promising... This seems good... oh, I like this.."
    This didn't last long, but it was all Jason needed. "Well, Luke, I think that maybe you should try it on. I'm no expert, but I think you'd look ravishing in it."
    He wasn't lying, either. He did genuinely think that he'd look good in it.

    Not that he was opposed to trying it on himself, though.
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