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Hello to all!

This is my interest check for an idea that kind of just popped into my brain... I'll have most of it worked out by the evening but here is the introduction to the story. If you're interested, please say so below and I shall send you a private message with a link to a discord server where you can then either help me brainstorm or just chat it up until the RP is live. I want to have it done by the end of the weekend, but if it doesn't work out that way then we'll aim for Monday or Tuesday.

- You must be literate to advance literate and be able to post 3 paragraphs or more!
- Third person only!
- NO anime photos. I will accept digital art or realistic art for characters.
- No power playing. Your abilities for your character must be realistic with the plot and if you're a dragon, the element you choose.


Have you ever heard of such a creature that can fly in the sky, with the wingspan of an entire country and the fiery breath of a volcano?

A creature that has scales as strong as titanium?

We called them The Gods and Goddesses of the wind. Legends that once roamed the cold soil of the earth, gifting us with treasures and showering us in their glory.

It was The Gods and Goddesses of the wind that brought us the cool summer breeze, it was them that brought the waves of the oceans, and the fires that enveloped us and comforted us in the coldest and darkest of winters.

It was them who protected us from evil, who kept our own demons at bay…

It was them who vanished, left us to suffer in our own darkness.

It was then the cleansing happened.

The Gods and Goddesses of the winds abandoned us, and we haven’t seen them since.


So the base idea is that dragons walked the earth at one time and then suddenly out of nowhere vanished. I was thinking that the dragons would have vanished for a moment to return to the heavens(or whatever their home may be). Perhaps they felt that they were spoiling the humans that they were becoming to dependant on dragons and even decided to leave earth because of how infatuated they were with the humans. Kind of a tough love thing that turned out to look like abandonment. Then an evil force threatens to end the human world and they look to the skies to call upon the dragons for help. Just when they think they're doomed, the dragons show up but in the form of a human, with unique characteristics.

I was thinking the real reason why the dragons vanished may also be because one of their own was killed during a battle that was meant to involve just the humans. (I'll probably go with this one as the end point of their history with the humans.) Because they lost one of their own, the Grand Dragon called them back from the human realm and forbid them from mingling with the humans. The dragons returned to a peaceful life for a little while and then tragedy struck. One of their own went dark and gathered a few dragons to over power the Grand Dragon and they locked the Grand Dragon away into an opal and threw it into the human world to never be found again. It was then that the Age of Evil began. First it started with one or two dragon sightings, then it escalated until the human world was now at war with the Gods they once looked up to. A few of the dragons still remember the good that the humans used be and have offered help with fighting against the evil dragons, in hopes to find their Grand Dragon and return order back to both worlds.

I haven't quite worked through how many dragon characters would be appropriate but I have been leaning more towards having it open world where anybody can be anything..

Not sure!

Anywho, if you're interested please post here your discord and I will send you an invite via PM to the OOC.

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As if my username wasn't obvious enough, I am a massive dragon-nerd and your story sounds interesting.

You have my wit, my banter, and my backing.


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I’m down, count me in


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