Blood Fang Pack

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Should we be in the forests in the mountains, or in the forest filled valley below the mountains?

  1. mountains

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  2. valley

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  1. A lone female, her fur the color of freshly spilled blood, her eyes vibrant yellow, and her teeth a brilliant crimson, stands at the mouth of a huge cave in a vast green forest in the mountain filled land she called home. Her past is long and storied and not altogether proud, but she was stronger,faster,and more deadly than any wolf in existence. She longed for a pack to lead,for friends to protect. She was actually a kind and loving wolf, unless attacked or when protecting those she loved. Her name is Blood... and her real story is just beginning.
  2. Several feet away a young dark blue wolf limped away from a farm. In his jaws was a chicken, despite having secured a meal he suffered a bullet wound to his hind leg, nothing serious but it still hurt!

    The wolf's blood red eyes, matched the dark blue coat of the tween wolf, but unlike other wolves, Fang, had black tipped ears along with a black spot over the left side of face shaped like the mask belonging to a certain signing phantom.

    He continued to walk before his strength finally left him and he fell near the cave of Blood.
  3. I wake to a rising sun
    Yawning, I pad out of the cave what I see shocks me. A handsome male lying neat the cave a chicken hanging from his jaws. I cautiously go to him and sniff him... he didn't seem dangerous. I grab his scruff and pull him to the cave and fetch his chicken for him. I get some moss and soak some water from the pond into it before bringing it to him. He had blue fur! For once I didn't feel like a freak. I wake him gently offering him a drink of water from the moss and his chicken. Are you alright you were in pretty bad shape when I found you... I'm Blood by the way. I smile at him my crimson teeth showing but my vibrant yellow eyes sincere.
  4. I begin to lick and clean his wound.
  5. Fang stirred and looked up and noticed a beautiful red wolf standing before him, he then turns to the moss and gently drinks the water from it "Thank you." He mumbles weakly.

    He looked over at the chicken and turns to Blood "You can have the chicken, I wanna thank you for helping me." He said his tail wagging lazily.
  6. I smile at him you don't have to thank me. I couldn't call myself a pack wolf if I left you there to die.... well at least I used to be in a pack. But never mind that here. I pick up the chicken and place it at his need to eat if you're going to get better. I'll hunt later on and bring us back some food but for now you can tell me what happened to you.
  7. Fang smiles before pushing himself up into sitting position "Ha. I was being foolish...the Alpha of my pack had ordered me to hunt. I wanted to prove to my Alpha that I wasn't a pup anymore so I decided to hunt somewhere dangerous and what's more dangerous than the Thin Coats? (Humans)." He said.

    "I wasn't spotted at first but the chickens made a fuss causing the old Thin Coat, to use that loud contraption that nicked me, I'm just glad I'm alive...packless but alive."
  8. I frown that's terrible I'm so sorry ...if you want your welcome to stick with me until you are ready to move on
  9. I smile at him he was the first company I've had in a year. He didn't think I was a freak... I didn't feel like I was alone for the first time in my life. I didn't want for him to leave i craved company.
  10. Fang looked grateful "Really? Th-thank you." He said nuzzling you, in truth he was hoping he could stay because he knew wolves did best in packs and they would start feeling lonely without another counterpart.

    "Is, is it alright if..." he lowered his ears "I stayed with you? We could be the starts of a strong pack." He said bashfully.
  11. Ghost was a young blue eyed, white female, that was currently pack-less. She got lost on a snow storm a few months back, and wasn't able to find them since. She just used to wander by her own, hunting little animals and hoping to re-encounter her pack. It was in one of her wanderings when she smelled wolf blood and followed the trail out of curiosity. She stoped when she saw a couple of wolves, not knowing if she should approach or run away. She may had overstept into their territory.
  12. I smile and nuzzle him I nod I was hoping you would say that.... I feel like I belong for the first time in my life. I'll be the female alpha... and you can be the male alpha.Usually the two alpha's are mates... but this is a different situation.
  13. I catch the white females eyes I had fur the color of freshly spilled blood, eyes that were vibrant yellow, and crimson teeth. I look at her and smile you are welcome here as long as you mean us no harm I call to her
  14. The dark blue male with black markings turn facing the newcomer "Welcome." He says as he got to his paws, standing as straight and tall, his back leg allowed him.
  15. I help Fang stand by supporting him with my body I give him a warm smile
  16. He smiles back thanking you kindly. He was happy to see that there were other wolves out their like them, it made him feel less of a misfit.
  17. I smile blushing thankful that my thick fur hid it I nuzzle him then stop I was probably making a mistake by doing this I keep supporting him but my guard is up now
  18. She smiled and approached them. Ghost looked surprised at the strange fur of both wolves.
    "Are you ok?" asked the male wolf, realizing the blood she've been following was his.
  19. I am Blood and this is Fang... who are you?
  20. "I'm Ghost" she introduced herself. "So, what's your story? Do you have a pack or are you just a young couple looking to start one?"
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