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  1. Not a WEREwolf rp but it is a wolf rp that will have plenty of twists and turns I'm planning. :)
  2. ((OOC I'm going to skip to morning now okay))
  3. ((Sorry guys, but I'm gonna have to leave this RP. Good luck! ^^))
  4. ((happy to see you are interested in the thread))
  5. (yea. ) ^-^ (I like wolves and thought it would be fun.)
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  6. Can you um reply to the entrance?
  7. (ill be right back)
  8. ((We are currently in the forest/ valley far away from the distant mountains so can you edit your post to fit the setting. Blood, duff, and the pups are all in the cave and the rest are outside. I am extremely happy to see a human enter the packs story this should be very interesting.))
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.