Blood Curses

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  1. Jago entered the grand city of Avalon with the sun setting on his back. North, he and his dearest friend traveled from. His stomach full of anxiety and whiskey. It was a long and bloody path to get here but he was used to the blood by now. He could fill lakes with the blood he spilled, his heart weighed heavy with it. He used to be able to remember their faces, the men's lives he has taken. But now they was all a blur jumbled up in a huge mash like some sort of --

    His thoughts were cut off as the towns gates was closed behind him. Apparently he had made it in time, he didn't really fancy sleeping on the ground again. He wanted a bed no matter how uncomfortable it was. Even if it is crawling with lice he'll sleep in it as if it was the kings own bed. He looked over at his companion, Celena and wondered what was on her mind. They hadn't talked much since coming through Dante's Pass. He understood her anger but was he truly the one to blame? The man at the tavern had it coming and he had thirst to sate. It was too long before his last fill or rather his blade's fill.

    He didn't understand the whole damn thing about what was going on with him he just knew he had to take a man's life every so often or his whole body would feel weak and he would have hunger that couldn't be satisfied with food, only blood. Good thing though if there was a good thing to be said in his situation was at least he didn't have to drink the blood himself only let his damned sword have its taste and Celena knew of his affliction must she make me feel guilty for wanting to stay alive?

    "We should find an inn soon. It'd be nice to have a good night's rest, don't you think?" he asked with a light hearted smile.


    Kongol, the general of his brightest Empress' army sat atop a hill staring down at his troop's advancement. They would reach Avalon on the morrow. It was a hard press march to here as quick as they did. He couldn't help but to feel proud of his achievement and he would feel even prouder when they took the kingdom and then the United Kingdoms. There was rough days ahead of him and his men. His heart already weeps for the losses he will soon endure. He loved his men they were more than just a number but they knew not all would make it back to the home land. For some their bodies will burn in fires with foe and friend alike and others will be left behind for the crows to feast upon while their bodies bloated under the heat of the sun. But he prayed to his empress that there would be only a minimal casualties. After all they are the Sun Army, the greatest the world has ever seen. He didn't know why his empress wanted to conquer the United Kingdoms but that was not his job to question her commands. He kicked his jet black war horse and trotted down the hill. The sun was fading and it was time to make camp. They would need their rest they had a big day tomorrow.

    He sat in an old hard oak wood chair. It wasn't the least bit comfortable but he liked it anyways. He helped remind him not everything in life is easy. He looked down at the map of the United Kingdoms and a map of the kingdom of Avalon and wondered how much of it was accurate. So far every land mark and village that they came across and burned was pinpoint. He wanted everything to be perfect and so far it has. He had made sure none of the town's people had escaped and warned the kingdom of the coming invasion. He had to get Avalon, it was a foothold he needed in the coming war. He took a sip of tea and continued to study the map and plan for tomorrow.

    "Send for Miss Evermore." he told his servant. "I need to speak with her."