Blood bound

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  1. Just outside of a small village stands a castle that many of the villagers believe to hold vampires inside. The altair family tries to be as culturally exceptable as possible despite being treated like outsiders. Tension between the villagers and the altair family is growing and the hostility doesn't look like it's going to end any time soon.

    Vladimir strolled into the village with his hair covering some of his face; but the people were well aware of his presence. At least no one was acting hateful towards him. He walked into a small tavern and ordered a drink. The bartender looked at him curiously. "You're that vladimir boy everyone talks about, aren't you" Vlad moved the hair out of his face "Yes, I am" The bartender handed Vlad his drink then looked around at the people inside. "This village isn't all that sure of you but I don't exactly agree with them. If you don't mess with me I won't mess with you" Vladimir could sense some unease from the man, but he didn't care. He lifted the glass to his lips and drank
  2. Zella shivered lightly, my its a chilly night. She walks into the tavern her hood up hiding most of her features and hair, she goes into the kitchen seeing Sarah already cooking up a storm. She takes off her cloak stowing it away in the closet "Bonjourno Sarah hows the crowd this evening?" Sarah huffs at her looking tired "Its a bit rowdy out there seems to be a lot of folk trying to avoid the cold" Zella nods "Theres an awful chill out there I cant blame them" she picks up a tray of drinks and makes her way out to the common room smiling softly she serves a few tables there drinks
  3. Vladimir heard a girl come into the tavern; he saw she was a waitress when she began serving tables. The drink hardly served any purpose, he knew what he truly wanted to drink. He could smell the blood of people around him; their heartbeats calling out to him. "What is he doing here?" He heard a man say from somewhere behind him. He could feel eyes just staring at him, but he refused to acknowledge them. He just stared down at his glass
  4. Zella hearing a man asking why somebody was there she looks around frowning confused by his outrage then shrugs walking over to the bar setting the tray on it looking at the bartender "Hey Benji I need 2 more rounds of ale" he nods getting it for her. While she waits she glances over at the mysterious man at the bar - the one most everyone was staring at, she smiles warmly approaching him "Hello there I havent seen you around here before...though im pretty new to this job so I guess that would explain it. Is there anything I can get you?" her voice is soft and friendly
  5. Vladimir looked up at the waitress "Hello there" he said forcing a half smile. "I don't exactly try to draw more attention than I need to. That might explain it as well." Vlad could here other people talking about him, he felt his fangs threaten to poke out of his gums. "I should probably go" he said before walking to the door but two men stood in his way
  6. She frowns as the man tries to leave but 2 others block his way, going over to them she puts her hands on her hips scowling at the 2 men blocking the door "Whats going on here? I hope your not trying to make a ruckus in Benji's tavern this is a peaceful place, and this man is free to leave if he so wishes" her voice is polite
  7. "You are not welcome here" said one of the men "leave now and stay out." Vladimir stared intensely at the men. "I don't want any trouble, move"

    One of the men went to push Vlad, but Vlad grabbed his arms and delivered a kick to the man's chest.
  8. Zella looks surprised "Now thats enough! There will be no fighting, this tavern welcomes any and everyone if they behave themselves now leave him alone!" She steps between the other man at the door and the one that just kicked the other that was now laying on the floor groaning. She looks between you ((Easier then saying other man sense she doesnt know your name yet lol)) and the man in front of the door determination in her eyes making them flash a vivid sapphire "Dont make me have to call Benji on you" she says to the man still blocking the way
  9. Vladimir pushed passed the man and stepped outside. His fangs fully extended now and anger surging through him. He stopped on the side of the tavern and punched the wall, waiting for his anger to subside
  10. Zella glares angrily at the 2 men that caused the fight then she runs to grab her cloak and throw it on calling out to Sarah "Ill be right back!" she runs back out of the tavern ignoring the stares and looks around for you. Seeing you next to the side of the tavern she walks up to you slowly pulling her cloak around her tight her breath a cloud in the frigid air "Umm sir? Are you okay? Im sorry for those idiotic men ruining your night..." her tone is soft
  11. Vladimir made sure his fangs were back in his gums before he turned to look at you. "I'm alright, thank you for your concern" He did he best to regain his composure as he talked
  12. Zella smiles softly "Your very welcome, I hate it when people try to bully others" she holds out her her hand for you to shake "I am Zella Birch by the way"
  13. Vlad gives a small smile and shakes your hand. "Vladimir altair, its a pleasure to meet you."
  14. Zella's hand is soft but cold, she looks up into his red eyes intrigued by him "Its a pleasure to meet you as well Mr. Altair, arent you cold out here?"
  15. "No not really, but you should go inside if you are cold. I should probably be on my way back home now. Maybe our paths will cross again soon." He said looking into her eyes
  16. Zella smiles bigger "I think I shall like that, I hope the rest of your night goes well" she starts to walk back toward the tavern entrance "Try not to get into anymore trouble Mr. Altair" her tone is slightly teasing giving him a wink before walking back into the tavern
  17. Vlad watched as she disappeared into the tavern. He then turned down an alley in search for a blood source; it had been almost a full 24 hours since he last fed. He finally found a man wondering aimlessly, obviously drunk out of his mind. Vladimir walked up to the man and dug his fangs deep into his neck
  18. Zella walked back into the kitchen stowing her cloak back away in a somewhat daze thinking about the evenings event, Sarah scowls at her "You best be careful Zella that man is dangerous" Zella shrugs ignoring the warnings, she didnt believe in rumors she trusted what she saw with her own eyes. And right now she cant get a pair of scarlet red eyes out of her mind. She sighs and goes back to work getting side glances and odd looks for associating with Vladimir
  19. Vladimir returned home that night to find his father in his room writing in some book Vlad never cared to ask about, and his brother voltorí drinking from a blood bag that he stole from a local medical hut. "Hello brother" said vladimir as he retreated to his room and laid down. He didn't sleep; he didn't have to sleep in order to survive but sometimes he'd allow himself the rest
  20. Later that night Zella puts on her cloak most of the folk have left the tavern for the night and she was off work going home. As she walks past the bar Benji waves bye at her "C ya later darlin" she waves back with a smile and walks outside instantly cold from the winter air, wrapping her cloak tight around her she starts to walk home her boots crunching in the snow. After a few minutes a couple big burly men walk out in front of her obviously drunk they glare at her "Well if it isnt the vampire lover, whats wrong? Dont have your monster of a lover here to protect ya?" She shakes her head getting scared as they start to approach her "No its not like that I hardly know him I just didnt want a fight...."
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