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  1. Oaths sworn and battles won, blood shed and lives lost.

    'I swear, my life for yours, your children safe forever more.
    I stand, your word is law.
    Forever I will watch.'

    Long ago, in a time long lost and a place long forgotten a man raised his guard. He was preparing for war, afraid that those against him would crush him and his descendants. He implored a magic that had never been seen before, binding a group of men - and a single woman - to him and his family for the rest of eternity. Little did he know the consequences of his actions and how profoundly they would affect the future of the world. Thousands of years later, in modern day Texas, a young mans parents are dead and he is taken by the government for reasons they refuse to disclose - he thinks it's just because of his hacking and stealing. This boy is the last in the line of the Master's blood. The Oath-Bound Warriors gather again to save and protect the bloodline.

    These Warriors are a group over the centuries, none able to die and each one a direct descendant of the original warriors; all of them awakened and gained their immortality after dying shortly after coming in contact with the Master's bloodline.

    The Warriors depend upon the survival of the bloodline to continue living, each sharing a life force and live only because the Master does. Each has a set of three abilities the spell gave them, aside from their unique brand of immortality, and the master as well can tap this power himself, though only when the Warriors are near him.

    One Master; Six Warriors.

    Rules and Regulations

    1) All characters will be human. If I intended for them to be something other, I would have added in a species section.

    2) No killing player characters without permission; this does not apply to Immortal Warriors, as they cannot be killed yet.

    3) No god mod, marry sues or otherwise being untouchable.

    4) All Iwaku rules apply

    5) Blood Bound is rated M for mature themes, including gore, violence and mild sexuality. There will be no explicit sexual content, so minors can join in, so please take everything beyond some kissing to PM.

    6) Advanced level, two paragraph responses MINUMUM. We aren't children, it's a serious role play so live up to standards.

    More can and will be added at a later date.

    Charlie Cole - @Cats

    Warriors [Protectors]
    Clyrenfertte Nachvereenan - @Shadow_Snow_Storm
    Tiernos Valleyscorn - @Kurogane86
    Alexander Fulton - @Xytheus
    Rudeus Rosenberg - @GreenSea
    Mochizuki Hideyoshi - @Stitches

    Warriors [Destroyers]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Character Skeletons






    -Immortals should be 90,000 at the oldest, since all of you are after the originals died-


    Sexual Preference

    Type of Immortality

    -Each as weaknesses and strengths. Ex, can take any injury without permanent damage but feels all of that pain plus some(this ones mine)-


    -Every warrior has a specialty weapons or set of them they are best with-


    -Three max, try not to be over powered-


    -A quick little summary of ones way of acting-


    -We all come from somewhere in history, please, do explain what led up to your death. Be sure to mention when and where you came in contact with a living Master-


    -Anything else you would like to mention?-​
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  2. "I will kill those who threaten my Master"
    Clyrenfertte Nachvereenan – Cecily Mareen


    Sexual Preference
    Pansexual - Demiromantic

    The Ultimate Punishment
    -Named by the second Master, the girl is not impervious to attacks like others of the oath and instead feels every little pain that befalls her. Her wounds heal, and she can regrow small appendages like fingers, toes, her ears and nose fairly quickly. She can reattach her limbs to speed the healing, though if she cannot, may regrow the missing limb after a while, though the process is very painful. The worse the wound the more it hurts to heal, and regardless of the injury she continues to live, silent and dormant. If one cuts her body into pieces, and buries each part in a different place, then it will take time but the pieces will find their way back to each other without rot. She does not require food to survive; though it does strengthen her just the same as it does a living person-

    Twin Daggers and a heavy, barbed chain, double bladed sword
    Manipulation of Kinetic Energy
    -May amplify, dim, redirect, focus and control all forms of kinetic energy though she cannot stop it-

    -She may manipulate the magnetic fields around her to attract or repel magnetic substances, as well as minor manipulation of the electricity around her and coursing through her. The more she tries to use electricity the more it hurts her as well-

    -The ability to manipulate the bone and calcium in her body to reform and change her skeletal structure. This may be used to create plates on or beneath the surface of her skin, strengthen her bones so she doesn’t break her own bones and to create weapons from her bones. Any lost bone structure grows back because of her immortality-


    Stoic, Apathetic and Cold
    Cecily comes across as cold and uncaring; with the way she speaks of things or thinks. She is critical about much of what she witnesses and of many things that she has come into contact before. She does not easily understand with human emotions and rarely does she sympathize with another since her own have long before fallen from her grasp. There isn’t often a time when she shows any real emotions, though she is adept at feigning them after her years of practice and evolving in human society.

    Loyal, Driven and Protective
    Her loyalty knows few bounds, her actions dictated often by the orders of her Master and always carried out regardless of how gruesome, boring or false they are.

    The year was unknown, since it was before people really began to mark the passage of time when the girl was born in a small cabin in the dead of winter, a snow storm raging around them. Her mother panted heavily as the girl was born and the bleeding didn’t stop leaving the woman to die while her child’s father gathered wood and water to clean with. The wet nurse and midwife couldn’t save her, though the child was born healthy and strong. Cecily grew up as the daughter of a warrior, training more in fighting than the womanly habits of home and care; she was never interested in children or food and spent much of her time learning the ways of various weapons.
    When she was sixteen her father died in a battle and left her alone to continue her training and live on her own though when she sought out the man who killed her father she found that the man who had ordered it had a fairly large group of warriors protecting him. She’d found the Master and she would kill the one who’d murdered her father. She was skilled for being so young and her skills impressed the Master as she drove her blades into the hearts of his men with a feriocity that he had never seen before.
    “You. . . “

    The girl snarled as she faced a man, he smirked at her and laughed, as if he didn’t think she could beat him. “So he had a daughter eh?” He laughed again, hefting the blade from his shoulder and dropping it in place as she drove one end of her sword at him with an anger that burned in her cold silver eyes. She missed, the blow easily deflected and she realized that she had lost her calm – she had not made it here on anger alone, but with patience and cunning. She stumbled back, allowing him to think her weak and while he advanced she looked around, as if searching for an escape route though the man couldn’t believe she was afraid already. He was cautious as he approached her, sword drawn though he still grinned mockingly at him. “Come here, if you put down your weapon I won’t hurt you too much.”

    Cecily knew what it was that he planned for her and there was no man alive that she would allow to violate her in such a manner and while he hooked his thumbs in his pants she flipped her blades and ducked, razor sharp edges coming up to greet him just over his groin to cut off both of his thumbs and a few of his fingers. The Master behind him was impressed by her skills as the two continued their fight, though it became clear that she was toying with the warrior and that enraged the larger man. He would not be made a mockery of.

    “If you put down your weapons I won’t hurt you too much.”

    Cecily mimicked him and he stepped away from her, missing one of his whole hands and that was when she drove her blade through his heart and pinned him to the wooden column he had been in front of. “Child, it seems you have bested my warriors in combat.” The Master spoke to her then, looking at her with such a smile as he opened his arms in welcome while a group of five men came from behind him and fanned out. “I would like to invite you to join us.” He spoke again and the girl looked at them in wonder as they each stepped forward and knelt before her. “Never before have we had a woman among us.” They were all young, none more so than hers but several were in their mid-twenties, the prime of their fighting life.

    The girl stepped back, brandishing her weapons though none moved to harm her as she stepped around them, following around to see who it was that she was amidst. She looked at them, trying to find what it was that they were hiding but she failed to see what all it was and, instead of trying to kill the Master, it was clear that he had not asked the warrior to kill her father, even if he had not tried to stop him from it. “Fine.”

    She agreed, and took the oath with them the following full moon, the final addition to the Blood Oath Warriors in service of the Master and she was the last left standing when the Master finally died. She went on to serve the following, never taking a husband or having children though she willingly used her body to get what it was that the Master needed; being a woman always helped in these affairs.

    She died when she was ten and eight years, during the winter solstice when a man who had been hunting her finally found her and nailed her hands to the hall while he raped her, violently and she nearly died of the pain. The last words she spoke to him before her heart stopped beating were; “I will make you suffer.” And that she did. He wasn’t finished with her cooling body when she stuttered a breath. Blood soaked her clothes, ran from her wounds and her heart nearly faltered again when she tried to move, the blade impaling her, the reason why she still lay on the brink of death. The man rutting against her hadn’t realized anything; not until he felt a hand on his back. He looked up and saw the angry flash of the woman’s eyes and tried to get away from her though her legs wrapped tight around his waist and held him in place.

    She killed him with his own blade and sent his manhood back to his wife.

  3. This seems super cool. I am in for this. I should have char up if not tonight before I log out, tomorrow night^^.
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  4. I'll finish mine up tomorrow thereabouts
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  6. "I pledge to you my bow and skill with which i will strike down any enemy of my masters house."


    Name - Tiernos "Tai" Valleyscorn

    Age - 40,000

    Sex - m

    Sexual Preference - Hetero

    Type of Immortality - Ageless - Tiernos family has continued to serve the Houses lord for generations.

    Weapons - A magical long bow that he can will into reality by concentration, an endless supply of arrows thanks to his enchanted quiver, a Dagger that he uses for close combat.

    • Archers Traits - he gains faster reflexes, sharper vision, speed. almost like having a 6th sense.
    • Enchanted arrow - He can add an element class to his arrows through his enchanted quiver. he can use fire, lighting, earth. etc.
    • Darken moon - His ultimate attack he uses his Archers traits ability to it's limit along with the enchanted arrow lighting ability to create hundreds of afterimages of himself in order to shoot hundreds of arrows at once so much so that it blacks out the sky. Downside to this ability is that he can only do it once in a while the strain is to much for his body. He will need to be recovered once this skill is used.
    Personality - Tiernos is a loyal archer he will follow any order given by his master no matter what. He is always trying to do what is right for the house and is only thinking of the welfare of them. Tiernos lives for the house and will volunteer to do any mission given to him, he is sad if he cannot be useful to his master. When dealing with his fellow guardians he likes to try to take command and tell them what to do all in order to protect the house hold.

    Tiernos is from a family that swore loyalty to the house lord a long time ago and since then his ancestors have been serving as guardians. Tiernos is the 8th from their family to serve as a guardian. Tiernos idolized his father for fighting so fiercely for his master and only strives to be just as strong. Tiernos Family is from a long line of archers his family was breed to only bring out the best in archers such as eye sight, reflexes, core strength and quick wit. Although Tiernos is a fierce archer he never skips a day of training he is a core believer in the basics.

    Extras - na
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  7. "I will take a bullet for you. Well, not in the chest. That would hurt. Maybe the arm, or the leg?"
    (Minus the gun and with short hair.)
    Name: Alexander Fulton
    Age: 40,000
    Sex: Male
    Sexual Preference: Straight
    Type of Immortality: Shadow formation. When Alexander is killed his body will dissolve into a cloud of inanimate black smoke. Only in darkness can he reform.

    Greek xiphos and a bulletproof riot shield. He can channel his primary power through these weapons.

    -Electrical conductor: He can absorb and fire bolts of electricity. However, he requires a charge to do so. Such as sticking a fork in an electrical socket. That could charge his ability.

    -Illusion: He can make a decoy, a copy, of himself. Much like a hologram it holds no physical presence. It does what he commands.

    -Rock steady: He can, for a short period of time, become like stone. This allows him to survive deadly blunt impacts. However, he is only as durable as stone and precise blasts or explosives will wound him.

    Personality: Many would say Alex is very annoying, and a joker. He'll do anything that looks fun, and he considers being called predictable an insult. Getting under peoples skin is what he's good at. He likes to psych his enemies out in the weirdest ways possible. Even the warriors are subject to his antics. But at the end of the day he is fiercely loyal.

    Biography: Alexander was an english privateer for one of the Masters descendants. He ensured safe passage between Europe and Africa for her. He also sank and captured ships that opposed her. His ship was eventually sunk by one of the U.S Navy in the Barbary wars. In a night engagement his ship was mistaken for that of a Berber pirate. A cannonball smashed his mast and a large splinter of wood impaled him. His body became one with the smoke of battle. In the dark of night his body reformed and regenerated. He saved his crew and scuttled the ship. He contnued to lead them until retirement.

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  8. "An eye for an eye, a soul for another, thou shalt perish into eternal abyss."
    Name - Rudeus Rosenberg

    Age - 65,000

    Sex - Male

    Sexual Preference - Hetero

    Type of Immortality - Vampire - Rudeus can't be killed through normal method, he'll survive as long as he have blood in his body. Rudeus can regenerate his body and body part as long as he still have enough blood to replace it (a similar immortality such as wolverine). The lesser blood that's in Rudeus body, the slower regeneration it'll have.

    Weapons - A long red spear which is known as the Vampire Spear, a bloodthirsty spear that can absorb enemies blood.

    • Fighter's Aura - Rudeus possess fighter instinct which allows him to instinctively dodge or moves during battles.
    • Vampiric Spirit- Boost allies surround him, it'll increase speed and strength of his allies.
    • Blood Carte - Rudeus' ultimate attack, it's an attack which allowed him to freely move his blood and solidified it. However, any blood that's our from his body can't be back inside. This also allowed Rudeus to create a 1 to 1 real life scale of himself and a blood sword. Over using this skill will result to his death.
    Personality -
    Rudeus could be said as an easy going person even when he's in battle, he'll pull a bad joke once in a while while fighting his enemies. While being easy going, he does possess an adequate intelligent whilst making him could predict enemies action and deduce their behavior much like a detective. Outside the battle he's known for his sadistic joke like, "shall I cut our finger now?" while giving a soothing smile. Other than that, he's a kind and friendly person unless you trigger his anger.

    Bio -
    Born as a prince of a small kingdom somewhere on earth where only a fifth of the world known it's existence. Rudeus' childhood had always been training to succeed his father's place as a king, with the hard training that's been given, he decided to run away from the castle. With the unfamiliar presences, he saw poverty surround the kingdom, it was a horrible sight for the young prince to see. He soon went back to the castle after facing the reality, since then he began to train hard in order to led his kingdom our of the poverty.

    Years later, he was crowned as king at the age of 18 after his father past away days after his 18th birthday. Year to years, the kingdom finally went out of poverty with the help of Rudeus, his overwhelming leadership brought fear to others kingdoms leader. Rudeus' kingdom were soon being attacked by four allied kingdom at once leaving him nothing but hatred. His people were eradicate as well as his royalty and wealth but what's more is that the four kingdom are the kingdom whom he allied with since he first went to the throne, he was deceived.

    It faded for him but he was in a brink of dead, his eyes were hollowed but then, a mysterious man came and asked Rudeus, "Do you seek power?" Rudeus gave a small nod and after that the man given him the power of vampire, Blood Carte. He was imprisoned soon after he handed himself to the guards where later on he started a rebellion inside the prison with him changed from a kind king into a demon. He led 40 prisoners to their freedom, not only that but the group took over the kingdom they were in. The king of the kingdom were tortured by Rudeus and of course the group soon expand themselves to hundreds.

    His excellent leadership brought him as the leader of the pact and soon enough he got his revenge, he conquered all four kingdom with killing all the male citizen and taking female citizen as the pact's sexual needs. Rudeus however kept the four king alive in a chamber where they will be whipped hundred times a day or more if Rudeus asked to. Their torture doesn't come physically but mentally as they would see their wife and children were rape by Rudeus himself.

    After the kings' spirit broke, Rudeus killed them in front of the pact as well as the female citizen. He was there laughing like a lunatic and screaming, "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FROM TAKING AWAY WHAT'S PRECIOUS TO ME! NOW DIE! DIE!" he screamed die countlessly and stabbed them even though they've turned into corpse. Even his underling were petrified, "boss, isn't it enough? I mean they've died right there's no need to..."

    Rudeus eye turned red and glared at him, "You dare to tell me to stop after you went and do the same thing as me? tskk... I'm getting bored, I'm going to do it again with their daughter again tonight," he quietly went down, "also you, is there anyone who isn't mind break yet? bring the children under 10 all to my room" The man nodded as Rudeus went back to his room.

    There were a total of 20 female that isn't mind break yet and 80 children who isn't being touched yet came to his room under his order. They were all scared just by looking at him, Rudeus said to them, "I'm going out from this hell tomorrow, do you want to join me? or will you just wait to become like your friends outside?" The youngster cried and the woman looked down but in hatred. "you all going to escape from this place right now, I've had enough of this boring life."

    That very night, he casually went out of the kingdom with the 100 female villagers disguising as slaves and as well as one of the kingdom's princess. They were all then went on a separate way after the escape...

    Other -
    -He actually a kind guy, his bio only reflect things he capable of doing if anyone make him angry or take what's dear to him.
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  9. @Stitches
    Just throw up a CS and we'll see what happens :) From the interest check I still have a couple places open.
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  10. ”The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.”


    Mochizuki Hideyoshi [Last, First].



    Sexual Preference:

    Type of Immortality:
    Cryonics – His body is frozen and will feel cold by touch as well. This makes him almost unbreakable though if one manages to pierce through him, he will chatter into pieces and melt. It will take some time for him to regenerate from a puddle to a vast being again and will feel pain from this process. Sometimes it hurts more than other times, depending on how he was being broken.

    He mainly uses his katana as he can handle that the best above all the other weapons. Besides that he uses daggers and sometimes even a spear.



    Water Manipulation
    He can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to another.

    Limitation: Controlling and manipulating great bodies of water (ponds, lakes, seas, oceans) over an excessive period of time is exhausting.

    Enhanced Agility
    Agility is “the ability to rapidly respond or change by adapting its initial stable configuration”, the ability to change the body’s position efficiently.

    Limitation: Over time the joints could become inflamed and arthritic.

    Enhanced Taste
    He has accurate sense of taste, allowing him to sense both harmful and beneficial things, as all basic tastes are classified as either aversive or appetitive, depending upon the effect the things he senses have on our bodies. Sweetness helps to identify energy-rich foods, while bitterness serves as a warning sign of poisons.

    Limitation: Does not work on foods or drugs that do not carry a taste.

    He is a very quiet individual and has the tendency to be rather emotionless during the whole time unless he is provoked. He spaces out a lot and has the ability to sleep anywhere at any time, not being the result of being tired alone but also because it helps to make him relax. He is shown to be a kind person due to the way he speaks with the people around him as he wants to make them feel as comfortable as possible. He also has a liking of animals and gets along well with them. He spends most of his time lazing around anywhere or spending time with those he sees as his friends.

    From the day he was born, Hideyoshi had been trained to become one of the best samurai inside of the clan his family was in. He never thought anything about it though sometimes he wondered what he would become if he refused the path of the samurai. It was a cruel faith as one could say since he did not have a true master in the clan. Looking for one desperately from a young age and had not been able to found one until that one day. It was a sunny day, warm and it felt nice on his skin however his family did not have enough food at that point and that was when he was given some by this one man who he felt had a kind heart. This master was actually coming to the village to guide them and Hideyoshi followed him obediently in order to make the life of his new master as easy as possible. That man was truly admirable so it was a pleasure to serve him. However one night, Hideyoshi was being lead into a trap at a scouting and was slain mercilessly by them. Surprisingly he came back to life because of the pact he made with his master, making him believe that he was blessed with the powers he had now. Also a curse since he had to watch the man die.
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  13. Alright. Mine is finished.

    A comment on the rules though. "Take everything beyond kissing to PMs." I think it's a little late for that because you cut a mans dick off in your bio.
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  14. That would be placed under gore and/or violence and mature themes; not under sexual content. Nor did I describe anything in inelegant terms or blatantly speak of what had happened. What I meant was, I don't want to read about people feeling each other up, or participating in sexual intercourse.
  15. Roger that.
  16. So you know what I mean now?
  17. [​IMG]

    Charlie Cole



    Sexual Preference:

    Type of Immortality:



    Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Loner, avoidant, solitary, private. Can feel uncomfortable around others. Does not like crowds. An observer. A hermit. Interested in understanding and helping people. Creative and smart. Likes esoteric things. Familiar with the dark side. Embraces counterculture. More likely to support legalization of drugs. Can feel defective. Ambivalent of the rules. Likes the rain. Strives to live in accordance with a well-developed value system. Extremely loyal. Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Usually a talented writer. Mentally quick, and able to see possibilities. Can be submissive. Disorganized and prone to quitting. Acts without planning or thinking. Frequently losing things. Disorderly, easily distracted. Not punctual. Not always prepared. Prone to confusion and irresponsibility
    was not a normal child, and Charlie knew this. He always felt that he was destined for greatness. But as he grew older, this feeling went away. Soon enough, Charlie became lifeless. And could you blame him? His life was pretty much a wreck. His dad left for some reason, his mom was a drunk, he was always bullied in school, and on top of that, his grandmother had just past away. The only person who treated him like a human begin, had just past away. This hit Charlie really hard. The only thing Charlie had to remember his grandmother, was an old book that had weird writings in it. A few years pass by, and Charlie is now 22. He lives alone in a small apartment. He also has a job at local book store. Recently Charlie has been seeing tall black figures. He thinks that his mind is playing tricks on him, so he just ignores them. But that's not all, he also had been hearing voices in his head that's telling him to be afraid, and run away. Is Charlie's life about to change?

    Loves cats, and owns a black cat.​
    Cats threw 9-faced die for: Total: 31 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
  18. "Warriors you create should not have taken a blood oath personally, they are just descendants of the originals who merely had a passing run in with the original masters descendant."

    ok so by reading this i am to assume that you'd like us to be from this time in history having been a servant of their current master since childhood?
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