Blood Bound [IC]

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The young woman walked through the halls of the damned, glancing between the prisoners faces frozen in anguish though none made a sound as she passed. They knew now who she was, after the fall of their great city and the home of the Gods burned to the ground as penance for disgracing her own. They had shunned and mocked the people of her master, laughed at the female as she had stepped into their ring, and she had made them pay for such disgrace. Her boots touched the stone softly as she paced, looking for that hint of rebellion that always found itself within the dungeon walls. "This was your place, was it not?" The woman said, stopping by the cell of a man who had been a prison guard then. He shrunk back away from her, avoiding her gaze and attempting badly to stay out of her reach. As far as he was concerned she was a demon who climbed right out of Hell to torment those who lived upon the surface; an angel would come to smite her, he was sure, but he could not say it would be while he was alive. He could be dead within minutes of glancing at the champion that had come to their arena to proclaim her challenge. She had been the master if the fight then, tearing apart the strongest of their champions in groups and in single matches before they realized what had been happening outside of the Coliseum walls.

The man behind the bars watched her, eyes wide with fear as she stopped before him, the tip of her weapon tapping the rusted iron bars. He had no doubt that she would have been able to pull them apart if she so desire, but the reach of her blade was sure to match the depth of the small cell. Her lip curled up in a grin, then a smirk as she watched him attempt to stifle the quake of his shoulders. The blade gleamed in the half light, catching the faint red reflection of the torches along the way. He would have watched the blade had the woman not captivated his full attention, silently staring. Other prisoners in the dungeon tried to see what it was that had made the Champion stop at that cell, even if they knew he was going to die the nation had raised such cruelty that they would rather watch his death before having to experience their own. The flick of her wrist was swift, faster than the human eye could see, silver sliced through stagnant air; blood spattered the stained walls.

The young woman blinked back to the present, blood spattered on her face from the guard who had been impaled in much the same manner as the man from her memory. Silver blonde was tied up and back in a high ponytail that flicked at the end as she walked down the hall that reminded her much of the times she had spent within dungeons. She would watch the dead and listen to the dying, crying for freedom before the labor of breathing their last took even their words from them. The stone and clay walls had been replaced by concrete, hard and reinforced by steel beams. The cold, hard packed dirt and rough rock floor, long been covered by a thick layer of cement also with steal grids inside of it. The building had changed much in the years, but it still held the same purpose regardless. Prisoners.

She turned the corner, walking down the hall without a care if she was spotted by the cameras -- the man watching was already dead. Her master would be held inside of the firing range down the hall from her, where two guards were standing at the doors. "I honestly have no inkling of an idea as to why they have you stationed there. They know you cannot match that which is no longer truly alive." The man in uniform looked up to see the warrior of ancient times come toward him. She looked as if she would not be much of a fight, with no ranged weapon on her, but the blood on her sword and spattered across the side of her face disturbed him, causing hesitation that had meant the end of his own life. The pistol fired from behind him, surprising him into motion as he slammed into the wall out of the way of the automatic that had followed. Suddenly the alarm sounded, red lights flashing in warning of the intruder; she was perfectly calm though, he couldn't understand what it was that made her so confident that she wouldn't die.

The warrior lowered her head for a moment, closing her eyes and whispering a silent prayer to her Gods before looking up again, through the one sided mirror wall that would show the prisoner inside the woman who had come to save him then. She mouthed a phrase to him, amid the sound of gun fire, and smiled toward the young man. 'Be silent; We have arrived.' She had been watching over the young man and his parents before he had even been born, his elder sister having sought her out of her own accord to learn to fight as she did. But never had she been allowed to interact with the young man who would become to next Master; the heir to the bloodline. She had been watching him the day his parents died; had known they were going to be attacked and killed months in advanced, yet had not said a word of it to anyone. Her spite before being banished from the Master's side.

Not one bullet touched her, none grazed her or even appeared to reach where she was standing. When she looked away from the wall, she lifted her left hand, free and empty, to slam the side of her arm against the mirror wall, cracking much of it and punching a whole straight through. The gunfire stopped as the men froze in awe. None of them had ever seen anything within the compound break, with the exception of the people inside of it of course. She was a Goddess in some of their eyes; to others she was a demon. Regardless of what she really was, she would never be human again and would remain whatever she was until the end of time and after that. Time seemed to move in slow motion as she lifted her arm, glass protruding in shards and splinters from her arm. Her blood coloured the wall and the floor, dripping it's crimson brightness on the slate grey gloom that shaded life in these walls. With another swing of her arm she backhanded the wall beside her, this time each shard flying out of her arm and toward the soldiers before her.

One survived.

Leaving the area that the young man would be able to see she walked forward, knowing that one of the other warriors would be watching by then, and crouched before the shivering man. "They sent flies to defeat the beast. How amusing." She caressed his face with her bleeding and broken hand, allowing him to feel the bones pulling themselves back together and smearing her blood on his face. "Tell your owners that if they must touch what is Mine, then I will crush them." With a savage twist she broke the man's back with her boot, just enough so he would be paralyzed never walk again but still be able to carry her message back to his masters for her.

The Hunter became the Hunted.


Alexander poked out from behind the corner. His shield was raised in his left hand to protect his face. He wasn't as bulletproof as she was. He kept it raised as he approached behind her, observing the bloody mess of bodies. The way she fought was unsettling to him. "Goddamn. Poor bastards never stood a chance." He swung his sword into a blood covered power outlet and held on. Electricity flowed into him. Giving him power. He withdrew the blade and lowered his shield. 60,000 volts were now flowing through him. The shock was intoxicating to him. He savored it for a few seconds before refocusing on the objective. He summoned his decoy. It stood next to him and mirrored his most subtle movements. Both spoke "Where's the master?", simultaneously.


Charlie was sitting in the corner of a cold dark cell. Where am I? What's going on? The boy had been unconscious for time now. He had just woke up not to long ago. Charlie was shivering in his cell. He had no idea what was going on. He had stole some stuff before, but he didn't still anything that would end him up in this dirty cell. All of a sudden the cell door opens, and out steps a man. Charlie? the man said. Charlie did a big gulp, and answered. Y-y-yes that's me. The man gave him an evil grin. You sentence to death, for stealing from us. The boy then turned white, and stayed silent for a minute. WHAT?! The man walked over to Charlie, and picked Charlie up by his arm. Come on kid. Charlie was trying to get out of the man's grip, but his grip was to strong on Charlie. It's no use kid. Even if you where to escaped my grip, I would just turn around a shoot you. Charlie stopped struggling, and accepted his fate . I didn't even get to say bye to anyone... he said under his breath.

After a few minutes of walking down a nasty hall, Charlie and the guard made it to the shooting range. The man walked to a pole, and tied Charlie up. Lucky for you I'm nice. Would you like to be blindfolded, or unfolded? Charlie looked down, and answered. Blindfolded. The man pulled a blindfold out of his back pocket, and tied it around Charlie's eye's. At this moment Charlie knew that his life was over. The man walked over to a line of men, and told them to get ready to shoot Charlie. READY! AIM! FIR- The man was quickly stopped by a solider. "Sir there's intruders in the hall. The boss said that we need every one there now!" The man nodded, and shouted at Charlie. You get to live a little longer boy! We have some business to take care of. The man and the line of soldiers left the to go deal with the problem. Charlie just stood there lifeless, and with no hope what so ever.
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Tiernos or as him master has called him Tai ran swiftly through the stronghold, searching for his master. His eyes darted back and forth scanning every inch of the stronghold his fingers on the ready to draw forth an arrow. "my master is in peril, i need to find him immediately. The pride of the Valleyscorn family lies on it." Tai burst through a door and found the guards armory. Inside 5 guards were cleaning and sorting their firearms, they faced Tai and aimed their weapons. "freeze!!, stay still you bastard" The guards started laughing "damn talk about bad luck you little shit, you chose the wrong door and now you're gonna get shot."

Tai smiled "this is your punishment for following a foul master, taste my fury." "shut the hell up." They all fired aiming at Tai's head. He opened his eyes and muttered some words. "Archers' traits." Tai jumped out of the way, drew and fired 5 arrows in the same amount of time it took the bullets to hit the wooden door. Tai stood up and dusted himself off. He walked tword the door and looked back at the 5 men with arrows in their eye sockets. "serves you right for trying to stop a guardian."

Tai took off running again and finally made it to the firing range just in time to see his female companion completely decimate the enemy. He cringed as she broke the back of the last guard. Tai called out. "if your finished playing around we should depart as soon as possible, the master shouldn't be left in such a state. Free him immediately and follow me i'll clear a path."
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