Blood Bond


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Langsly University is one of the few top universities amongst other bigger time ones located in Renin, Trinclair. The school holds up to over 100+ students. Only the rich can attend this school as well as higher ups. Hidden from the world behind a wall, it seems more like a prison with beautiful scenery. Rayne Kiharo, a lower classed boy, some how managed to get into the university on account his parents grew up with the principle.

Throughout his time at the school, he is constently bullied and mocked for being poor. Despite his torment, he remains quiet and keeps to himself. He would then meet a girl who would change all of that. But, his friend holds a secret that would change his whole perspective on how the school works as his life takes a twist......

This is the story of Blood Bonds.


Rayne Kiharo


Personality: Shy and Quiet


Rayne is shy, quiet boy who often reads books and stays by himself. Though he gets bullied, he only smiles and walks away as if nothing has happened. He would get beat up so much, to the point where he would look at it as a custom. Preparing each day for a beating everyday he would leave the house. When he returns home, his parents would constently ask him what has happpened. But, he would only give them a smile. One day, he finds out from his parents that they would be moving from their old home. They notify him that he will be attending a new school and he nods in response. As he drives away from he old home he looks at it one more time as he heads on the open road to his new home and his new life.

"Milia!! lets go! move, move, move!" Mrs. Jacobs, the swim instructor yelled as Milia did her laps around the pool. She glided with ease and grace, despite her teachers yelling. Who cares? she didn't. Today was the first day of the semester and there was no way she was going to tire herself out, she still had 4 more classes to attend. All was quiet as she made her way out of the water, letting her long brown hair sway despite the fact that it was obviously drenched in water, some of the water hit the teacher, and it was pretty obvious this was intentional.

Milia had been on the swim team last semester also, and her and Mrs. Jacobs had never gotten along. However the instructor would never cut her from the team because not only would her parents who paid good money come to the school and complain, but she was also the best swimmer -she just wasnt feeling it today, she hated getting up early, and this was a 7:00 am class

She was a very outgoing girl, made a lot of friends and was good at practically everything she did however, unlike her stuck up friends she was nice to everyone -including the ones that her friends wouldn't dare speak a word to if they could help it.

However, just like everyone else Milia had flaws -she had more guidelines to follow than anyone else at her school besides her brother who was in the same boat she was in. A fetish -she had a fetish for something abnormal, something she couldn't help, but had to control since she was around it all the time.

Humans -more importantly their blood.

She had never had a boyfriend though you probably wouldnt believe it because she was so beautiful. She was afraid -if they were alone and got too close there was no telling what she would do.

She had to stay in control.

Milia was a vampire. No one knew, accept her best friend Yuki and her brother who was the same as her. Her and her family kept their secret very well -however no one pulled it off quite like Milia. She went tanning once a week -which eliminated her pale skin, she also wore contacts to hide her inhumanly purplish blue colored eyes and she trained herself to control her urges around humans.

As she walked to the locker room, and past Mrs Green she could smell the blood coursing through her veins -and if only they were alone she had the right attitude today to make the woman her next meal. the woman glared at her as she made her way to her own private office, Milia returned the glare, waiting until the woman turned the corner to sigh

If only, If only..

She thought to herself as she undressed from her bathing suit to redress appropriately and got ready for her next class.

Bio: Milia is 18 and a half :) this is her second semester in school, as stated she is outgoing and knows a lot of people. Can be very nice however she is moody, and can be bitchy at times to people who annoy her. Has an older brother who is close minded and doesnt associate much with humans except for a small group and uses the rest of them as food normally girls. Her best friend is bubbly and outgoing as well but is also stuck up. Her family is the same, close minded however likes her to have human friends, that way she lives as normal a life a possible however its hard for Milia because her urges are stronger than her brothers.
The sun beamed in through the window of the little red jeep as it drove down the highway. Rayne sat quietly in the backseat, reading his romance novel while his parents ranted about the new place they were moving into. "I'm sure you'll love your new home and school, Rayne. I hear this university is way better that chaotic one you were in before. Perhaps at Langsly University you can make some friends" His mother said, excitedly. But, Rayne didn't reply, only kept his nose in his book and read quietly.

"It seems he rather read his books than make friends. Not that it a bad thing, with all the younger kids his age out in the streets committing crimes, and ending up in jail" His father said sternly, letting out a sigh seconds after. The jeep grew quiet and Rayne looked out the right window up at the sunny sky. He watched as a flock of white birds flew over head and blocked out the sun. He had always loved looking at the scenery outside whenever he walked to his old university. Although, he often had to take numerous shortcuts in order to avoid bullies. Rayne let out a sigh as his eyes lowered.

He was relieved that he was able to get away from the torment of the bullies, but also sad because he had to move away from his old home and school. The sun creeped blinked in and out of his window as the jeep passed trees. His new university came into view as they got closer, then came to a complete stop at the entrance gates of the university.

Rayne grabbed his shoulder bag and placed his book gently inside once he opened it, then closed it tight and exited the car through the left side. He stood firmly then looked at the two guards, dressed in white uniforms holding rifles against their left shoulders, standing on either side of the gates.

"Have a a good first day at your new school, Rayne"
His mother said with a smile as she rolled down her window. Rayne looked back at her and smiled eyes closed. His mother waved goodbye, then drove off.

Rayne looked at the jeep drive off for a few seconds, then turned his attention back at towards the school. He hesitantily walked towards the gate in fear that the soldiers may shoot him in thoughts of him being an intruder, but instead, they saluted him, then opened the gates and let him inside.

He walked through the gate and jumped a little when it slammed shut, then looked behind him. He let out a relieving sigh and made his way up the walkway. All eyes fell on him as students dressed in blue uniforms with the school's emblem, which was in the shape of an eagle, pinned to the right of their shirts, stared at him. With each step, he passed a group of students who began to mumble. Most likely because he had no uniform similar to the others. Only his bag, jeans and a white button-down shirt. He ignored their mumbles then made his way into the building

Once in the building, he was greeted by the principle of the university, who held a map as well as a few other papers in his hands
"Hello Rayne and welcome to our school, i was already notified by your parents of your arrival and too the liberty of having your things prepared for you. I am Mr. Langsly, founder and principal of this wonderful university He handed Rayne the map and his schedule as well as a list of classrooms and one with his class ,seperate of the others. He looked down at the map, then at his schedule and finally at the classroom he was to attend, which was class 2-B: Geometry "If you have any questions feel free to come and see me after class or get assistance from the secretary located North of the university With that being said he gave Rayne a smile then made his way back to his office.

Rayne looked at him until he dissapeared out of sight, then made his way down the hall and took a right and made his way towards his classroom.

Milia and Yuki made their way to class with ease, they both had Geometry -just as requested, to have the same schedule as one another and strolled down the hallway, their arms intertwined as they made a left down the math hall. "So.. who are you taking to Lucas's party on Friday?" Yuki asked her friend curiously as they continued their walk. Milia thought about this a moment before concluding.

"Im taking you Yuki."

Yuki gave her friend a helpless look, detaching herself from her and cutting in front of Milia with her arms crossed and feet planted firmly, in which Milia had no choice but to stop. "Seriously Milia? this is getting ridiculous.. Im sure if you find a guy you like -you wont try and bite his neck off" She told her friend in a hushed whisper. Milia sighed, leaning against some near by lockers, and running her hands over her red uniform coat, straightening out the creases. "I just dont trust myself yet." She concluded with a nod of her head, meeting her friends irritated gaze.

"You-will-be-fine" Yuki emphasized each word as she wrapped her arm around the girls shoulder pulling her along and into the classroom and near the back where some empty desks waited, though the classroom was filling up rather quickly.

It was a small classroom, as was every classroom inside this school because not many students met the standards to go here it weren't like their were thousands of students, it was better this way at least in the parents and administrators eyes. The less students the more one can concentrate.

Milia barely listened to her friend go on and on as she let her eyes wander, scanning the area, soon her eyes fell on something rather strange -Strange wasn't the word, rather interesting. In this school, with the low number of students mostly everyone knew everyone or had a pretty good idea of who you were and yet, she saw a guy, who not only didn't look like someone she had seen before. He looked like he didn't belong in this school period.

The main reason was that, he wasn't in uniform and even the professor eyed him curiously. Milia didn't like that, she didn't like the fact that she had no idea who this boy was. She needed to know..

"Hey was he here last semester?" She said lowly to Yuki who had been going on about god knows what but immediately cut herself off as she looked at her friend a bit confused before scanning the room herself until her eyes landed on the same boy. She raised an eyebrow only half interested -not nearly as much as Milia. "Who knows? some kid.. some kid who needs to get a clue obviously -this isn't some public school he can just wear whatever he wants at..."

Milia ran her fingers through her hair as she stood up, deciding that she would introduce herself -why not?

As she approached him, his aura came alive. She was used to Yukis and so she was unaffected by it nor by anyone else's because again she knew all these people.. but his was a new scent and it caught her attention almost immediately -making her hesitate before clearing her throat "Hey knew kid.. Im Milia, whats your name?"
The class grew quiet as Rayne walked in, and once again, all eyes fell on him. The professor was also looking at him strangely. He only smiled, eyes closed and the professor raised an eyebrow as he spoke sternly "You must be the new student Rayne. Its not often we get somone of your, well, kind to attend our school. But, I welcome you here, please take a seat in the back next to Ms. Milia.

Rayne lowered his eyes in pain at being treated more like a thing, rather than a person. It was no different here. He fought back tears and tried his best to ignore what the professor said as he replied to the professor's comment with a smile, then walked to his seat. Like earlier, when he was outside, whispers and mumbles filled the classroom and died down instantly when the professor cleared his throat and tapped his ruler on his desk. The students turned their attention away from Rayne and faced the front of the class.

He was relieved that everyone had stopped talking about him. He went into thought about his old home and school. Even the thoughts of the college students bullying him played like movie over and over in his head. He sunk a little in his seat as he sat his papers on top of the desk neatly, eyes filled with pain.

It was his first day and already he was treated like an outcast. Something he had wish didn't happen. But it did and he knew full well that it would only get worse from here on out. He had taken so much abuse from others that he wasn't really sure if he was a person or just some punching bag that people could just take a shot at any given time and moment.

He closed his eyes for a few moments then opened them and stared at his papers. The air felt as if it swirled around him as he breathed it in and he shook slightly, as the thoughts of him bleeding behind the school on the ground struck his mind, like wildfire.

As the thoughts started to get more groteque, his name was called by the proffessor "Mr. Rayne, is everything alright?" The class was once again looking at Rayne and soon after the mumbling and whispering followed. Rayne nodded his head and smiled at the proffessor, regardless of his other peers mumbles and whispers, who were most likely talking about him in a degrading way. The proffessor turned away with a look of disgust as if Rayne were some mutt in the street and tapped his ruler on the board.

The class immedietly turned to the front and the class became queit once more, Rayne sighed, as he looked down at his desk. He was really starting to hate Langsly University.
Milia eyed him as he sat next to her, she almost felt insulted

Didn't I just ask you a question????

She thought to herself, and was glad the teacher had made him sit back next to her, for this made it easier for her to talk to him and gave him little excuse to not talk back. She cleared her throat softly, going to tap his shoulder when Yuki pulled her back by her own shoulder "What the hell are you doing?" She asked in a frantic whisper "Look at him -you dont owe him any greetings.. save it" Yuki pressed on to her friend. Milia looked back to Yuki disgusted as she snatched her shoulder away and once again went to tap his shoulder

Something made her stop however, right before she did so. She was almost nervous to touch him -but why was she nervous? she was never nervous with anyone, especially not guys or new people in general for that matter. For once in her life she felt almost shy to try and speak.

However not shy enough not to.

She tapped him with emphasis -enough to grab his attention and then piped up the most welcoming smile she could summon. "Hey.. Im Milia -I see your new here.. "

Great Milia. Isn't that already obvious..?

"..I mean well, its obvious that your knew because the professor just say so but.. anyways where are you from?" She tried to revive her conversation she had tried to start with him just moments earlier. He was quiet -he was too quiet and it bothered her. It also bothered her how close minded everyone here was, how the teacher had politely insulted him -but insulted him none the less, the students staring and even Yuki acting like she was too good or something.

Were they all really that ignorant?

He may have been different, but she had to admit he was handsome, his blue eyes sticking out among most of his features. As a vampire who had seen it all and lived longer than most of these students she made it her duty to see the beauty in things and cherish it. She had no other choice, it was either cherish things or look at them dully for the next century or so.

He stuck out on his own however -in a good way to Milia.
Rayne opened his bag and dug inside then took out his romance novel. He closed the bag and opened the book, picking up where he had left off. What the others did to him had still bothered him and he wasn't sure what he had did to the other people, but it was obvious he did something to upset everyone unknowingly.

He became engulfed in his book when someone tapped his shoulder. He turned his head to see who it was that had wanted him, cautious not to upset them in anyway. It was Milia, the girl he was assigned to sit next to. At first, he was nervous until the girl spoke
"Hey.. Im Milia -I see your new here.. "Was this really happening? Was one of the higher ups actually talking to him? He looked at her, remaining quiet. He had never spoken to anyone before. Not even his paernts, but for some reason he wanted to just respond. Someone was actually being nice to him and not threatning to beat him up, take his belongs, or even ask him to do bizzare favors for them.

He began to speak with a big smile, but froze up. He lowered his head and his smile faded as it turned into a look of saddness.

"..I mean well, its obvious that your new because the professor just say so but.. anyways where are you from?"

He had heard what the girl said and asked but, to avoid her bashing him if he said anything wrong, he only looked back at his book and sighed sadly. Besides, he didnt't want to ruin her reputation due to her holding conversation with him. He had now began reading his book again, trying his best to ignore the girl.
Milia blinked at the boy who was refusing to say a word to her, she knew for a fact that he had heard her this time. What the hell was this kids deal? what was she saying the was wrong?. It made her feel slightly offended as she waited a little longer in hopes that he might turn around and acknowledge her. "Okay so you tried.. maybe he is deaf or maybe he is just a freak" Yuki shrugged, looking down at her nails nonchalantly. Milia turned back to her just for a moment and shot her a glare before turning back to him.

"Okay students, since today is only the first day of the new semester, I wont be making you all do any real work today, I am only handing out the syllabus and also my email just in case you need to reach me about an assignment among other things -your only task for today is to pair up with someone and get to know them. There is a fairly small body of students who go to this particular school unlike most other schools and with that in mind I know that you all must know each other to a certain extent, Thats why I want you to pair up with someone you hardly speak to" He concluded before going behind his desk to take attendance "Start now". The room became mildly noisy as people paired up and began talking, Milia took this opportunity to lean over the boys desk, peaking up and over the book he was reading.

She didnt know why, but she just felt the need to keep pressing, get to know this boy. It saddened her the way he was treated when he first walked in and by the looks of his attitude this must not have been his first time. "Whats your book called?" She finally piped up with a friendly smile.
Rayne completed disregarded what the proffessor had instructed as he finally reading his book, focused. The story was getting very interesting but as he read on, he discovered something strange in the book. Just like him, the boy was being bullied and tormented, everyday. He was even jumped behind the building and left bleeding. One day, the boy's parents told him that he would be moving and that he would be attending a new university.

The boy in the the book was greeted by the principal and assigned to his class, where everyone started and mumbled. He then met a girl who constantly tried to talk to him, but , never talked to her, only smiled. Rayne's face lit up. Perhaps, just maybe, what was happening to the guy in the book was happening to him. Then again, it was only just a book. Just because the situations were identical, didn't mean that it was true.

Rayne continued to read more and turned the page to read what happened next.

"Whats your book called?"

His head snapped up to see Milia standing next to him looking down at him with a smile. For some reason, as he caught eye contact with her, for the first time since he stepped foot in the class. He blushed. She was really beautiful, and to top it off she was actually taking time to talk to talk to him, despite what the others did. He shook his head and looked down at his book once and held it up, showing her the cover. The book was title "Kiss of The Night," a story about a boy who move to a new location and university. He meets a girl, who treats him kindly.

But, she had one big secret. She was a vampire.
Milia looked at the books title, and then back at him. She was happy that they were making slight progress, instead of ignoring her here he was actually communicating with him in some sort of way. However she wanted more, she wanted to hear his voice. They caught eye contact for a moment and just as he blushed so did she. He was cute, despite how different he looked from the rest of the boys in uniform. He stuck out and to her that was a good thing.

"It must be a really good book for you to be into it so much... mind telling me what its about?" She had a theory that maybe if she talked about things that might interest him, he would talk to her -just maybe. Or maybe she was pushing her luck. He was nervous and he knew that by the way his heart was beating -his blood flowing rapidly. She could almost dance to the beat of his heart. Was he nervous because someone was talking to him in general? or more so because it was her?. Once again she cleared her throat to break her thoughts, pointing to the books title "Kiss of the night.. ooh sounds like a romance -I bet that's it right? its a romance!.. am I right?" She pressed on with a smile.

If her heart could beat, it might be beating fast right now too because, there was no telling what he might say or do, that's if he did or said anything at all, it was almost adorable.
It was strange to him, noone had ever tried to be this nice to him. Her voice was so sweet and gentle and she was trying her hardest to talk to him. He had never actually held a conversation with anyone, ever. But, this time he wanted to actually speak out for once. He wanted to be seen as a person and not just some freak. He smiled a little as he looked back up at the girl then began opening his mouth to speak. But instantly shut it. He was still so nervous and unsure of what Milia's intentions were.

He sighed, then stood up slowly and put his book away. He blushed again and his heart began to race now. He really, really like this girl. But, he was so shy to the point that his lips seemed frozen by ice. Ralph's eyes slowly slide back over to hers and he only smiled, eyes closed.

Milia was almost perfect. Maybe a little too perfect. She certainly looked to be his age, maybe she was younger. Whatever the case was, this girl had made him feel like noone had ever made him felt before. Special. He wanted to let her know that he didn't want to upset her in any way, so he extended his hand. He gulped slightly, still blushing.

"What a freak!" A boy yelled out from the second row, middle.

"Yeah, he's even blushing and trying to make a move on Milia, the most popular girl in school" A girl sitting behind him scolded.

The class was filled with mumbles and whispers again, causing the teacher to turn around. He looked at Rayne then signaled for him to come to the front of the class, frowning. Rayne's eyes lowered and his blush dissapeared as he turned away from Milia, tucked his book in his bag with his papers and headed to the front of the class.

He stood next to the professor, head down "It seems that you are causing quite a disturbance. I'll need you to leave the class for today. We don't need your kind bringing unwanted attention into the room" The words hit Rayne like a knife in the chest. He looked at the professor, then back at Milia before turning away with a pained expression on his face. He lowered his head as tears filled his eyes and his bangs covered them. He opened the door and walked began walking out all at the same time, his tears beginning to fall.

He disspeared behind the door and the classroom filled with laughs and giggles. Rayne sat in the hallway next to the door on the left and curled his arms around his knees. He buried his head as he sobbed quietly. This was a nightmare.

Milia looked around at the classroom in disgust. Is this what her parents paid good money for? for her to be among people like this? "All of you shut up -Thats so mean How would you feel if it were you!" She exclaimed, pointing at the boy who called Rayne a freak making the whole class silence "Or you!" She continued, gesturing towards the girl who also had commented rudely. She went to the back, taking her things and shoving them in her bag and going towards the front "Or even you" She added coldly to the teacher, before walking out of the room in disgust.

She was just about to go looking for him when she realized she really didn't have to go far at all. Just beside the door curled up in a ball was Rayne. He looked to be crying, the way he sniffled and such. This made Milia feel really bad -he had to get this a lot because tears dont come after just one incident. Slowly, she bent her knee's coming down and crouching down in front of him and placing a hand on his while looking at the boy with Sympathetic eyes.

"Dont mind them.. they dont know anything -just jerks... look I know you hurting and stuff right now but.. I just want to be your friend.."

She took her hand away then, because she could feel his blood circulating and didn't want to tempt herself -her face now holding a terrible blush as she looked away from him "You.. you seem interesting, will you please talk to me?"
He continued to cry, not realizing that Milia had followed him out of the class shortly after he left.

"Dont mind them.. they dont know anything -just jerks... look I know you hurting and stuff right now but.. I just want to be your friend.."

After hearing her speak, his head shot up in shock. She had came to comfort him, just an ordinary boy with no friends. As if he was just some ghost lurking around, watching as people passed him by. But here was Milia, the most popular girl at Langsly University and she wanted to be his friend.

"You.. you seem interesting, will you please talk to me?

Rayne kept his head down for a little longer. He wanted to speak to her so badly, but he was to shy to even speak. He had never actually come in contact with an actual girl. What would he say if he did speak? How would she react to it? He looked up at her and noticed that she was blushing. He looked into her eyes like he did in class and in response, he blushed. She was so kind and caring towards him.

Rayne wiped his eyes, then extended his hand slowly again. At least this time he could shake her hand without all the unwanted attention. As eh held it up his eyes lowered and he quickly lowered it then stood up and turned away. He lowered his head after looking back at Milia, before he slowly began walking away. He felt like a plague and he didn't want Milia's popularity to suffer on his account.

Milia watched him as he began to walk away, she crossed her arms staring in the direction he was walking. It seemed he really did want to talk to her but something was holding him back. She sighed as she felt a hand on her shoulder, Yuki emerged, looking boredly in the direction she was, her eyes fixed on the figure walking slowly away. "If he doesn't want to talk then screw him, at least you tried to talk to the kid." She concluded with a shrug, pulling her towards the classroom "Come on before the professor has your head"

Later on that day at lunch, Milia still couldn't stop thinking about the boy, he sad eyes... and the way he had been treated. No one should be treated that way. Her mind stayed there, even as her friends laughed and joked among each other loudly. She only kept her eyes lowered to her food which she kept scooting around her plate idly. She wondered if he had this lunch, with that in mind she lifted her head and peered around the area, not seeing him in sight. Milia shrugged, giving up and going to take a bite of her food.
Rayne walked in the cafeteria and looked around. All the higher ups were practically filling the tables. He looked around a little more and found a table. He lowered his head in hopes that noone would see him and luckily, noone did. He sat down at the table once he made it and pulled out a ham and cheese sandwich and his bottle of root beer. Rayne removed the zip-lock bag and began eating. After taking a few bites he took out his book again and read some more, thinking about Milia now.

"Yo Milia.. look at this!" One of the boys from her table announced. Sighing she looked up at him and watched as he threw a tater tot in the air and caught it in his mouth. High fiving some of the boys who seemed amazed at this. Milia rolled her eyes and looked across the room, after some time her eyes landed at a boy who sat at a table by himself. Her eyes grew slightly wider as she realized who it was. She looked back at her friends who seemed distracted with the tater tot stunt and she found herself picking up her own tray and moving to his table, sitting right next to him now.

"Look, dont run away from me okay? like I said I want to get to know you.. I dont know why it just seems that you interest me -and im not going to leave you alone until you at least have a conversation with me -so please.. come on talk?" Pleading evident in her voice as she slowly lowered his book so he had no choice but to make eye contact -she even leaned in so her face was only inches from his, blinking twice waiting for his answer "Talk"
Rayne continued to eat his sandwich until he finished. He gulped down his rootbeer and put the bottle along with the garbage can next to his table. As he got ready to get up Milia had made her way to his table and stopped.

"Look, dont run away from me okay? like I said I want to get to know you.. I dont know why it just seems that you interest me -and im not going to leave you alone until you at least have a conversation with me -so please.. come on talk?"

There she was again, trying to hold conversation with him. But, why was she trying so hard? Rayne was pretty sure that she could get any cooler guy other than him. But here she was, trying her hardest to get closer to him.

At that moment, as he looked into Milia's eyes once more, his blush spread wider this time as her face grew close to his, very close. His heart began to thump and he shook a little. Even though it wasn't noticable. He gulped slightly as his eyes lowered. She was so beautiful.

Each second he looked at her, he became weaker. Almost as if she was taking away his life force. Rayne looked away and grabbed his bag, then left the table and ran out of the cafeteria. He ran towards students, bumping into them. Rayne rubbed his head then, noticed that the two boys were looking at him now

"He kid watch were the hell you're going!" A boy with blue hair yelled out.

"Maybe we should teach this little shit a lesson huh?" The boy with green hair said to the other

The two boys laugh as they grabbed Rayne by the shoulders and dragged him behind the school. They threw Rayne up against the wall and he began shaking. Rayne covered his head and dropped down to his knees, closing his eyes as the boy's readied to beat him up.

"Yo" The two boys heard a deep voice from behind call. As they turned they were greeted by a group of seniors, they all stared nonchalantly at the scene unfolding before them. They also weren't wearing their uniforms correctly, not because they were rebels but more so the fact that as seniors the rules were eased up a lot for them. "You think its cool? picking on people? -your pathetic" The one in the middle with the base ball cap said placidly, his hands in his pockets as he gazed at the scene before him. As seniors they were easily intimidating which made the boys stare at them idly as the one with the cap took Rayne by the collar and stood him up, peering into his eyes "I haven't seen you around here before.. are you new here kid?... answer me when Im defending you!" He raised his voice slightly, pinning him against the wall, however not another word could be said before Milia turned the corner quickly, out of breath as she looked in the direction of Rayne and then at the boy. "Cairo stop! hes new here.. he just doesn't talk much!" Milia knew exactly why Cairo had saved the boy, it was merely to feed off of him more than likely. Cairo was her brother, and he wasn't very friendly -of course a vampire just like she was -his friends as well.

Cairo glared at the boy still, holding him by the collar up against the wall higher to his own eye level, which he was pretty tall. "You know him?" He asked her blankly, she nodded quickly "Mhm.. hes.. hes my friend" She concluded. Cairo stood there, staring at him with the same blank expression a while longer before letting the kid drop, his hands back in his pockets "Fine... but he better toughen up.. or he wont last around here much longer" He stated, before he glared at the boys who had been trying to bully him as a sign to not mess with him, then walking off with his friends. Immediately Milia ran to the boy, watching him shake -sympathy in her eyes as she didn't hesitate to bring him in for a hug. It felt strange -was this what butterflies felt like? why was she helping this kid anyways? she barely knew him.. many questions ran through her mind as she continued the embrace.

"... your safe now -trust me."
Rayne slowly looked up at Milia. He was now shaking like a leaf and afraid. He had been saved one moment by a group of older looking guys, then threatened right after. He had
always been treated that way. But something felt different about that group. He had never spoken ever in his life, not even to his parents. This time was different. He opened his mouth and spoke. His voice was soft and sweet.

"T-thank you Milia"
Milia broke away the hug, just enough to look at his face. -Had he just spoken to her? She blinked twice and stared for a moment, and a smile slowly developed on her face. "Your... welcome" She replied, with a small blush.

"Thank you.. for finally saying something" She continued with a small giggle. She had no idea why but she really wanted to get to know Rayne and she hoped this was the start or some what of a friendship for him -and he wouldn't go back to being quiet.

"You uh.. you wanna take a walk?" She knew she sounded a bit nervous, and she was because with Rayne she couldn't read him or figure out his next move. It was all up to him