Blood and Tears: Volume One

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  1. Introduction

    Kenja is universal. Kenja flows through all living beings. Kenja is life..... and kenja is destruction. All living creatures are born with natural energy running through their bodies. This energy is called kenja. For centuries, human kind lived ignorant to the presence of kenja. That was until the monks of Cadamon Temple finally tapped into this previously unheard of power. At first, it was dismissed by the world as useless and unimportant. That was until a lone traveller made the journey to the temple and not only manifested his kenja, but managed to weaponize it. The world had renewed interest in kenja, many nations establishing academies to train young children to master their kenja. The earth became volatile, simple disputes escalating into full on wars fought by the kenja wielding soldiers known as Kagaya. Chaos reigned, and soon a deep cleft was gouged between the major countries of the world. Finally, the world leaders came together to put an end to the fighting and established the Laureate Council, made up of the different heads of state. Together, they established the Kagaya Training Academy for the young kagaya-in-training. The world has for more than 50 years been peaceful. But a storm is brewing, one that threatens to destroy the fragile world peace.


    The r.p takes place on earth in the pre-modern era. Technology has not advanced very far, however, electronics such as phonographs and utilities such as electricity and water are available. There are several different countries in the world and these include the four major countries:

    i. Akindo- One of the four great continental nations, Akindo is located close to the sea and has many rivers and trees. The metropolitan area of Akindo has several high rising buildings. The rural area is the main location for many of the large family estates. Akindo has the only training academy for mastering kenja and so many students often make the journey to the country to complete their training. Akindo also has one of the biggest armies on the continent and the country is led by a Karalis.

    ii. Ameropa- The largest of all four countries on the continent, Ameropa is located right beside Akindo. This country is historically known as one of the most diplomatic countries in the world. They initiated the first peace treaty between the world nations. Ameropa often enters into disputes between other countries in an attempt to quell these feuds. It is headed by a President.

    ii. Sharo- This country is located in the frigid area of the continent. It is constantly snowing in Sharo and nights are very long. Sometimes the sun doesn't rise for 24 hours. They are a big exporter of oil and a large portion of the country is unpopulated. Sharo is highly militaristic and their Kagaya are extremely disciplined. The head of Sharo is a king.

    iv. Kingland- The last and smallest of the four countries on the continent, Kingland is very deep rooted in their old customs. They are ruled by a hierarchy headed by the king. There are several ruins in the country and the royal castle is several decades old. Kingland is on bad terms with their closest neighbours, Sharo.

    Smaller countries include:

    Oran Island- an uninhabited country off the coast of Akindo

    Jawaii Island- A mountainous island. It is also the location of the Cadamon Temple


    A new day has dawned in End City, Akindo. The Kagaya Training Academy has opened it's doors once more for a new set of students. They have come from all over the globe to learn to master their kenja, as many have done before them. But something is different this time. All over End City, and the whole of Akindo, several Kagaya have disappeared and continue to disappear. Kagaya detectives have been deployed to investigate these strange disappearances but fail to turn up anything of use. It is slowly becoming clear that a new criminal syndicate is responsible for the strange happenings. This criminal organization is planning something big and unquestionably evil. They intend to dip back into the world's dark past and bring back an unspeakable horror as they try to awaken powers that have been dormant for centuries, thrusting the world back into war. The world can only hoped that this new generation of Kagaya can uncover this plot and put an end to it before it's too late.

    N.B: Players will be allowed to create new students entering into the academy as well as older kagaya. Persons can also apply for positions as head of state

    Element Conversions

    Kenja is a natural energy that is possessed by every living creature, however, only some persons possess the discipline necessary to manifest their kenja. When Kenja is manifested by a person, it appears as a light green fire like energy around the persons body. This is called null/normal kenja. There are, however, many persons are able to apply an ability called element conversion to their kenja. An element conversion happens when a kagaya aligns his/her kenja with one of four elements: Fire, Water, Wood and Electricity. Most kagaya can use only two elements max.

    Below is a list of simple fire element conversions

    Fire Conversion (open)

    Fire Breath- the user can create a stream of fire from his breath.
    Flame Tower- the user creates a pillar of fire from the ground that moves rapidly toward the target
    Heat Shot- the user shoots a blast of fire from his hands

    N.B players are allowed create their own attacks

    Sutairu Chenji

    Sutairu Chenji or style change occurs when one has gained complete mastery over an element. It is quite simply put, the ultimate element conversion. After achieving Sutairu Chenji, a person's attire will change to suit that element. Persons who achieve Sutairu Chenji also have the added power of being able to shape their elements however the please. A water style user will be able to shape his water into a sword or perhaps even an animal. They will also only be able to use that specific element. Persons who use Sutairu Chenji leave themselves vulnerable to another element. Eg: Water Sutairu Chenji makes one more vulnerable to fire and electricity. The Sutairu Chenji is incredibly hard to achieve and takes much practice and training to achieve.

    Sutairu Chenji list (open)

    Blaze Style
    Aqua Style
    Wood Style
    Elec Style

    Summoning Ethers

    An ether is a creature which resides in the ether realm and is inaccessible to humans. kagaya can however summon ethers from this ether realm to help them in combat whether to fight or to defend. Ethers take several different shapes and sizes and have different abilities. Eg: the discord ether has a flute for a mouth and can cause a painful sound to fill the air with it's singing. Players have the option of creating their own ethers but you cannot have more than three

    Special Summons

    There are a few special summons available to the most experienced kagaya. The list is however, very exclusive:

    The Punisher: A statue in the shape of the Buddha that when attacked by anyone, even the summoner, will call down a great bolt of lightning from the heavens to strike it's attacker.

    Anubis: This is a statue with the head of a dog. It is capable of storing souls as well turning persons to stone

    Poltergeist: A demon statue that once summoned, hurls deadly and large objects at the enemy.

    Gaia hammer: This is an ancient hammer which, when it makes contact with the earth, can summon wooden hands from the earth

    Zeus hammer: While the gaia hammer is of the earth, the zeus hammer is of the heavens. It allows persons to strike others with the strength and lightning of zeus.

    Muramasa- A demon blade which becomes more powerful when the owner experiences pain


    The Laureate Council- made up of the four country leaders from the great continents

    The Kurogari- A group of evil kagaya with a sinister plot for destruction

    All organizations are opened for persons to join

    Kurogari Emblem (open)

    Laureate Council Emblem (open)

    Ranking System

    All kagaya are ranked on a letter system ranging from C rank to S rank. All students are C ranked and automatically graduate to B rank after completing their training. A rank is achieved through increased kenja mastery. S rank is giving to only the most powerful kagaya, such as world leaders. If students manage to graduate from the training academy they are paired in teams of two until they are raised to A class.


    1. No Godmoding
    2. Proper grammar is expected
    3. Writing should be done in past tense
    4. No joining unless you can be dedicated
    5. If you are leaving the r.p for whatever reason please let the G.M know before-hand
    6. No spamming or cursing in the O.O.C
    7. Please try to post at least three times a week
    8. Alert the G.M beforehand if you'll be offline for a while
    9. Please read the content of this thread before signing up
    10. By submitting a C.S you're accepting all the rules outlined

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