Blood and Oil (postapocalypse RP)

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  1. Hello everyone. I have had an idea rattling around in my head for awhile and i wanted to see if anyone else would be interested. The theme of the rp would be like that of mad max. The world has been ruined by nuclear war leaving only barren wasteland. People survive by driving fast cars that can either outrun pursuers or crush the opposition. Water is gold in the wasteland and people will kill each other for a bottle of it.

    Each character would get their own vehicle. I have not decided what the plot would be but it would involve a group of drivers banding together to overcome a common threat. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
  2. I am :D I like it. What kind of plot have you concocted?
  3. This sounds really awesome!
  4. @Knight Zulu 97
    For plot i dont really know yet. I was thinking maybe a group of people band together to stop a warlord or something. Its still a wip
  5. Okay, if you want to brain storm, lemme know. I'll gladly help out.
  6. I do adore me some brutal face-crunching fistacuffs and chaotic makeshift car racefighting shenanigans, so I'll be watching this as well!
  7. Ok, 3 people is a good number so i will start working on making the OOC thread.
  8. Lol lets do this
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Not open for further replies.