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  1. It has been centuries after the world was destroyed by nuclear war. All that is left are barren wastelands and the husks of forgotten cities. Those left to roam the scorched earth do so in metal steeds that roar with power and feed on gasoline. Cars, these are the lifeblood of those who live. They come in all shapes and sizes, from fast motorcycles to thunderous tankers. A car lets you travel fast. A car also allows you to escape danger, or crush your enemies beneath your wheels. But cars are simply a tool to survive, to live in the wastes you need the one thing that all humans need. Water. Water is the new gold. A single bottle can buy a slave. An entire gallon can buy a car.

    In an area known simply as The Flats, a scourge has descended upon the land. The warlord known as Boss Rage has been rampaging all across The Flats. Camps have been torched, populations butchered, people taken as slaves. All to satisfy the endless hunger for power that consumes Boss Rage. But there are whispers of vengeance. Rumors that someday a group of warriors will rise up to face Boss Rage and destroy him.

    Will you become part of the legend?

    This RP is a similar theme to the mad max franchise. While there will be plenty of action, there will also be parts for character development and interaction. I am looking for a small group of people who are willing to be a committed player in this RP.

    -No god modding
    -Respect others
    -Respect other players
    -Posts should at least be one paragraph, preferably two
    -No harassment or bullying of other players, any disagreements should either be resolved OOC or told to me (the GM)
    -If you have an idea or suggestion please put it in the OOC, hijacking scenes will not be tolerated.
    -Everyone should post at least once per week, preferably more.
    -If you are going to be gone/absent please let me know ahead of time.
    -Those who dont post will be given three chances, after the third time your character will die a horrible/spectacular death.
    -The posting order will be set in the beginning and will be followed. Please dont fill up a page with posts between two people
    -GM word is law (I will be a fair and benevolent god)

    Character sheet:

    Appearance: (no anime but drawn pictures are allowed, just nothing too cartoony)
    Vehicle: (picture preferably, also vehicles should not be too OP. A car with quad missile launchers and 5 machine guns is unbalanced)
    Weapons: (one primary weapon, one sidearm, one melee weapon.)
    Other: (any extra stuff you may want to add)
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  2. Name: Riggs
    Age: 27
    Riggs is 6 feet tall, brown shaggy hair, grey eyes, wiry and muscular.
    Personality: Riggs is an erratic individual. Most of the time he is levelheaded and cool under pressure. But sometimes he snaps and goes into a rage until he exhausts himself. A born tinkerer, Riggs loves to work on cars and is always on the lookout for scrap and parts that he can add to his bike.

    History: Once part of a peaceful village, Riggs lived the simple life of scavenging parts and tending the water farms. But one day, Boss Rage discovered his village and razed it to the ground. Riggs was the only survivor. Swearing vengeance on Boss Rage, Riggs tracked down the warlord and tried to kill him. He didnt even make it past the first guards. Beaten and left for dead, Riggs was found by a lone scavenger. After recuperating and planning, Riggs built himself a bike and set out to find other drivers that would help him destroy Boss Rage.

    Sawn-off grenade launcher, machine pistol, machete
    Other: none
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    Name: Xora, also known as "X".
    Age: 25
    Appearance: [​IMG]Xora stands about 5'11 with a somewhat small, but very muscular build. She has a metal rod pierced through the bridge of her nose and spiked at both ends as well as 5 piercings going up her left ear and 3 on the right. She wears dark make-up around her eyes, but is usually pretty covered in dirt. Her day-to-day outfit consists of black combat boots, old ripped jeans with a camoflage design, a sports-bra like top and an old jacket over top. Her armor consists of a scrap metal chest piece and leg armor, leather shoulder pieces, and harness, and a dark green bikers helmet with a visor.
    Vehicle: [​IMG]
    Personality: Xora is a brutal, strong hard-ass with nothing to lose. She is strong, intelligent, and intimidating. She is passionate about her beliefs and is not afraid to put her (or others) life on the line in any situation. Xora has very little fear and very little patience. Though it's possible to get on her good side, she doesn't appreciate tag-alongs or other people slowing her down. If she does warm up to you, she could be a very strong ally.
    History: Xora was raised in The Flats and lived there until she was 15. She knew poverty and struggle. She did what she could to help her parents, from pick-pocketing to later stealing water and other precious items from those around her. In desperate need of food and water, her parents began to get sick. Xora tried to help, but was caught while staking out a family to steal from. For that she was brutally punished and exiled from the Flats. She wandered for a month or so before being forced into a raider clan. There, she did what she was good at and trained gruelingly to make herself a "true" member and not just a grunt. After 9 years with the Raiders, she left after hearing news that Boss Rage had torched their settlement. For the past 7 months she has been on her own with nothing but revenge on her mind.
    Weapons: Primary: [​IMG]
    Sidearm: [​IMG]
    Melee: [​IMG]

    Other: Xora has very large, red scars across her back from being severely whipped.
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  4. Name: Vendetta SharpEyes

    Age: 26

    Appearance: 2d04d99325571fe1e23e660ddcdc03b5.jpg

    Vehicle: steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_158811347_preview.jpg

    Personality: Vendetta is a quiet, watchful person. She isn't called SharpEyes for nothing! She sees everything and once sniped a man off a moving truck from 500 yards. She is confident, deadly, and slightly insane when the situation calls for it. She tries not head first into a situation but if it can't be helped, she'll go in head first, shoot first, ask questions later. She is a strong willed individual who won't take no body's shit no matter who they are. To her, evil is purely subjective. Meaning she will do whatever needs to be done to help the greater good. She often tattoos historical events upon her, like the death of her mother, her first fire made, her first kill with a rusty spoon back when she was 10. Vendetta is a friendly individuals though, if you're a friend to her, she will defend you to your dying breath. Once your family. Your family. No question.

    History: vendetta came from a travelling tribe, who traded in mechanical parts, water, and gasoline. She has vast knowledge on vehicles and wasteland survival due to her tribes nature. They traveled all over the wastes. Going from place to place. As they travled, they went all over to different towns and villages, she learned to trade well and steal just as well. At one point stealing a mans 357. Magnum out of his holster(still hasn't found the damn thing!). When a series of attacks and diseases killed her tribe, the final one being Rage Bosses crew raping and slaughtering her mother. She managed to grab the truck above with 2 barrels of gasoline and their entire water supply of 3 drums. She fled, being on the run ever since. With her tribe dead and everyone she knew dead. She was left wandering the wastes, lending out her excellent fighting and survival skills to those in need. She harbors a great hate for raiders and the like, not afraid to slaughter them at any time.

    Weapons: 547_4_.jpg maxresdefault (2).jpg
    Melee is her two axes in the picture of her.

    Other: She adds a feather or a notch for every confirmed kill she acquires.
    She likes alcohol
    She likes sex
    She likes drugs
    She loves going close quarters with her two axes
    Knows how to work on mechanical items very well
    Knows how to survive the wastes very well
    Can trade reasonably
  5. Am I the only one excited to do this? o-o
  6. Oh, just to let you guys know. If you intend to do an 18+ scene (sexytimes), do a fade to black or take it to a pm convo
  7. i edited my character just to give a little variety to the cast
  8. When are we starting, Dun?
  9. One person pmed me about joining so I will wait 1 or 2 more days before starting
  10. Ok the person said we can start so i will be making the IC thread soon. I am just going to add one more character(s) to diversify the group
  11. Name: Sledge and Gigi
    Age:47, 16
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Personality: Sledge is not that creative, but what he lacks in brains he makes up for with brawn. He is brute like and emotionless, seemingly without any humanity. But the one thing he does care about is his adopted daughter Gigi. If anything tries to hurt Gigi he will destroy it without hesitation. Gigi is an exuberant young girl. She is the polar opposite of her father Sledge. She is talkative loves learning about new things. While she may appear frail, she is a sadistic girl that enjoys creating chaos and causing pain. One of her favorite activities is scalping victims and making makeshift flags to decorate her father's truck.
    History: Sledge was once a fearsome marauder. Feared by many, Sledge left death and destruction wherever he went. One day after killing off a bandit gang, he discovered an infant girl. Apparently the bandits had stolen the baby and were trying to sell it as a future slave. For some reason, Sledge adopted the infant. Raising the girl on his own, Sledge named his new daughter Gigi. Raising her out in the wastes, Sledge taught her everything he knew. Which was mostly how to kill people and fix trucks. Like a doting homicidal father, Sledge will do just about anything Gigi asks (if she begs enough). Now 16, Gigi is an exuberant young girl. Learning from her father, Gigi is proficient with both guns and knives. When Gigi grew older, she turned her father away from his marauding past and redirected him into the path of a bounty hunter. Nowadays, Sledge and Gigi sell their services for water and fuel.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Sledge's snub HMG and Gigi's pistol. Sledge uses a sledgehammer and Gigi uses a skinning knife.
    Other: (any extra stuff you may want to add)
  12. Name: Asher "Ashes" Narvaez
    Age: 24
    Vehicle: Picture (ignore grenade launcher) Asher calls it "Crown"
    Personality: Asher can be very sarcastic and this has gotten him into many unnecessary fight where he may or may not have almost died. But he is not afraid to be generous and give out some of his food for people in need, or even some of his water. Although sometimes Asher can lie slightly and say that his stocks are bigger than they are, so others can revere him as a better person.
    History: Asher was in the gang of Rage Boss and was the doctor of the group, making sure no one would die of anything too important. Frequently he relocated arms and legs, while also being able to make crude splints for them. But after Rage Boss got all murder-y and burn everything-y, Asher decided to take his leave. He managed to steal one of their more important cars, a buggy with a grenade launcher that was linked to its own aiming system within the cabin. But this part was ripped off by Asher driving under the gate that just managed to not crush him under its heavy weight as it was being closed. There is a old fashioned joy stick in the cabin that Asher occasionally toys with. He thinks its pretty cool.
    Other: Asher stands at 5'10" and his car's cabin would be sitting at six feet off the ground. (Its pretty funny to watch him get into it)
    He also carries a a mini medkit, filled with one clean bandage, three dirty ones and a needle with some clean thread for stitches.

    Edit: Car Name​
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  13. Ok everything looks good. I will put up the IC thread tomorrow.
  14. @Dunruffle I've noticed that you've posted 3 characters, but I felt like I should ask this just in case. Are multiple characters among the players allowed? I was thinking of creating a Brother/Sister.
  15. Actually i am sorry but i was planning on closing the signups. I just havent had time to change the sign. But if anyone drops out i will let you know.
  16. Awesome! Thank you. :)
  17. I'm glad you guys liked the little speech. I was not sure if that was maybe a bit too much taking over the scene, or maybe just imputing a bunch of old world things and saying that they are valuable would be messing too much with the currency or plot.

    But the scene did kinda feel like it was getting slightly dull, so once again i'm glad that you liked it and I could easily bring back some of the excitement.
  18. Just to let you guys know i will be travelling until tuesday so my posting ability will be limited.
  19. So what do you guys think of the rp so far?
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