Blood and Ashes- In the Psych Ward.

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  1. I've got a plot, which is a romance plot, set in an insane asylum.

    My oc, who's name is Atropa, was put in the psych ward for a reason that shall be explained over the course of the role play.
    She's quiet, a bit shy, but not exactly a super nice person.

    She meets your oc one day, during free time or something, and they don't get along at first, but then they form a friendship, and eventually fall in love.

    During this time in the asylum, they've got no news of the outside world- nothing.
    One night, during bed time, a riot breaks out, and among the chaos, Atropa and your character are sedated and put in a locked room, strapped to their beds.

    When they wake up, the asylum is empty, and in ruins.
    While they've been asleep- which was for a few days- everything has gone to Hell.

    I'm not sure if I want it to be a virus or some type of disaster, maybe both- but something happens.

    Anyway, this will end up being a romance/horror/dystopian type of role play.

    So, if interested, please show me a sample of your writing, and then we can plan from there!

    I'd like anyone who signs up to be 18+, for mature scenes, and just because I'm almost 20, so it's more comfortable.

    I'm willing to do this idea with more than one person, so feel free to sign up, even if you see others who have signed up.

    I may make this a group role play, depending on how many people want to join, and what they want to do.

    I'm asking for a few things in a partner-

    1- Active. Please be able to reply more than once a day- minimum is once a day, every day.

    2- Grammar is a must. Please be able to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as 3rd person.

    3- Be honest. If you want to quit, or you get too busy, please PM me. I will not be angry!
    I will, however, be angry if I have to message you to ask what's up- and even more so if you ignore me.
    It's terribly rude.

    That's all!
  2. I'm very interested in roleplaying with you.
  3. Sweet! :D PM me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.