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  1. I apologize, for I have looked at what I could to solve this question myself. Being new does not seem to help my search either.

    I was wondering what is a liable purpose for the use of blogs? I would like to use mine as an organizer for my characters and thoughts. However, I am unsure if that is what they were created for on this site.
  2. You can use blogs for whatever you want as long as it breaks no rules or regulations :D
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  3. Welcome to Iwaku, LaurentTheBae!

    Yes, the blogs will be a perfect place for you to organize your characters and roleplay ideas!

    Like Noctis mentioned, you are free to put anything in the blogs as long as they're not a violation of site policy. Some people like to use them as an actual blog where they actually put their thoughts down for others to read, some others use them to store works in progress and ideas.

    I should also point out, though, that we have a Character Listing for you to put your characters in! You are welcome to use it if you want, or you can use the blogs like you planned ^^

  4. I personally use mine as a Misc thing.

    If there's anything I feel like sharing that either:

    a) Would be seen as spam
    b) Is of the level of humor where a decent size of people might get overly offended

    Or in one case I discovered a thread locked several months ago, but still wanted to make a reply... so I made a blog post.

    But I've seen others use it as a kind of personal Rant/Counseling section.
    And I've seen others use it as a way to organize and collect RP ideas or Character Sheets.
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