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  1. Hey guys!
    So here's my idea, it involves blocking.
    There needs to be an actual blocking system, so members are able to block one specific member from all ways of contact like threads, finding their profiles, commenting or seeing their media, and messaging them.
    Also, blocking someone will disable you from contacting them, or seeing their things.

    To keep people from arguing, and harassing one another.
    I feel like the current "ignore" button doesn't actually give you the safety of completely blocking someone out when you want to.
    It's needed, really badly.
  2. I can agree with not letting people PM individuals who have blocked them and not letting them view the individual's profile (or leave marks/comments on said profile). This can be useful.

    Hiding public posts from viewing is, however, a thoroughly broken system and even the current ignore function is thus inherently dysfunctional. Public forums are just that: public. All you are going to achieve is making people log out to see what the heck is going on since a thread with hidden posts will often make little to no sense.

    If there is harassment going on in public forum threads, summon mods. Simple as that.
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  3. Or just create a blocking system so you don't have to send unneeded messages and have the power in your own hands.
    I don't like leaving things up to others, I like being able to do things myself.
    So let them be able to see things, but cut all contact.
    Even if the thread is public, if I don't want someone to contact me I wouldn't want them to be able to respond to my thread.
  4. Barring people from posting threads is mod-level power that should by no means be delegated to the common user. It *WILL* be abused purely out of spite.

    That is what blocking should do: stop people from accessing your private channels, info and means of contacting you personally.
    Blocking should not: interfere with the functioning of the public forum itself in any shape, form, or manner.

    While you may not like contacting mods, this is exactly what they and the "Report" buttons are for. Keeping the forums clean and situation civil.
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  5. The ignore feature will keep YOU from seeing and receiving messages from people you do not want contact with:

    (There might be some loopholes and bugs through this, but that is what bug reports are for!)

    This is the best way to do blocking. Many members want to block a member without that blocked member knowing, so there's no additional drama or stalking.

    Unless you and that person share the same roleplay circles, this will not hinder your ability to play on the site. We've noticed that by the time a member actually harasses someone enough to get blocked, they are usually someone already well on their way to getting banned soon.

    After you block a member and they are STILL trying to contact and harass you by getting around the block, you need to report them immediately. Chances are, this member is also harassing other members and they need to be removed from the site. :(
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  6. I don't like the blocking system at all because like said above it get's in the way of forum functionality.
    Especially because people *will* get butt hurt and use it for personal/bias reasons.

    However, if one were to be in place it should function the way Diana mentioned.
    Used to prevent an individual from being harassed.
    And in a way that only the person using the feature is inconvenienced by not seeing the full picture/activity.
    Not someone's trigger happy block button ruining other's experiences in viewing forum activity.
  7. Since ignore makes it so that you can't see the person's threads, posts, and news feed and they can't message you, I think other ways to get a similar 'block' effect would be:

    • set your profile to be seen by only people you follow
    • same with your news feed. people you follow only.
    • do the same with your blog.
    • generally, you can toggle some stuff in the privacy options to be only seen by you, or people you follow.
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