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  1. With a startled and rather loud gasp, Trixie, a pretty young woman with long loosely curled bubblegum pink white streaked hair, sat up straight in the middle of a seemingly endless meadow, blinking owlishly into the bright sunlight. Wait... Hadn't she just been happily bounding through snowdrifts on a mountain side? Thoroughly confused now, she pushed herself into a standing position. Carnation pink eyes flickering around quickly. "Umm... Hello?"
  2. "Yes, my lady." Randy was saying, long tail swishing lazily only a couple of inches above the ground. "I will get started on that immediatel..." Suddenly, the face of the President blurred, and then everything was gone. He was standing quietly in a rich green field. He stood frozen for a moment, ears dropping back on his head, whiskers twitching, and bright orange fur standing on end. "What magic is this!" He cried to the world at large.

    At that moment he heard a soft voice, and turned to look at a young woman with bright pink hair. He bristled again. Was she responsible for this. He was about to confront her when two envelopes dropped from out of nowhere, landing in front of them. Randy paused, before bending down and picking his up. He opened it carefully, before extracting the note inside.

    You will be returned to your world when you complete your task.
  3. Staring quite perplexed at first the other figure that had appeared right in front of her and then the perfectly ordinary white envelope that landed at her feet, Trixie scooped up the paper and quickly opened it, scanning the message inside. "what... What does it mean I'm not in my world?" She blurted out, her rather delicate voice rising in volume as she did so. She whimpered in a manner that Uncannily sounded as if a dog had made the sound. "... Hey! Do you know anything about this task?"she suddenly called, hurrying forward.
  4. Randy read over the page before him twice, three times, four times, every time expecting there to be something new. But the message remained the same. He had heard of mages who were powerful enough to draw people to their location from anywhere in the world, but there was something very odd, almost off-putting about this place. He scanned it desperately, ready to start walking until he reached the exit, when he was stopped once more by the fluorescent thing standing before him.

    "How would I know anything about it?" he spat out irritably, ears laying briefly back against his head and his eyes narrowing. "I don't have time for this. My lady gave me a job, and it cannot be completed here."
  5. Rather taken aback by the abrupt hostility from the personage that so reminded her of a cat at first, Trixie appeared to nonchalantly toss away any resemblance of an insult a normal person might have taken, glancing down at the envelope he was holding and letting out a rather exaggerated gasp. "hey! You got one of these two! I don't know anything about your lady friend, but it doesn't look like there is anyone around, does there. And you being the only other person I could see, I only assumed that you would know something about whatever this letter is." She gave her own note a flourish, making the paper crinkle sporadically.
  6. "By that logic," Randy replied scathingly, "You would know something about it, as you are the only other person I can see. Doesn't exactly work does it?" With a nod of his head, Randy glanced one more time at the paper in his hand, before tossing it aside. It drifted lazily through the air before settling down onto the green grass. Randy pointedly turned his back on his new-found and rather unwelcome companion, and began to walk away. However, he had only taken a few steps when he ran headlong into... nothing. He staggered back, tail swinging wildly so as to keep his balance. He pressed a hand experimentally to his forehead, checking for blood, before stretching it out again. Something once more stopped him.

    He scrabbled in vain for a moment, desperately trying to claw his way past the barrier, until one of his claws got snagged. He pulled away, but rather than leaving the claw behind, the barrier came with him. Or rather, the piece of paper that was covering the barrier came away. The perfect blue sky, the green grass, ripped, and hung limply from a clean, white wall behind it. "What the hell?" Randy whispered quietly, temporarily too stunned to make any more noise than that.
  7. Temporarily looking dumbfounded, Trixie once again examined her surroundings, expression quizzical. In every direction she gazed, she could make out nothing more than the endless flat green of the grass, the pale blue of the sky."you've got a point there." She admitted with a scratch on the end of her nose.

    Her thoughts were suddenly derailed by a loud smacking sound, her eyes quizzical as she looked back around it the stranger. He was acting as if he were a Mime, waving his hands around on a flat surface. She giggled. "that looks ridiculous."she just managed to say before there was the sound of ripping stationary and a piece of the landscape peeled away like wallpaper. "Well look at that. You broke the world."
  8. Randy sent an exasperated glance in the direction of the girl, uncertain what exactly to do with her. "You are quite useless, aren't you?" he asked, honestly curious and somewhat unaware of exactly how rude what he had just said was. Only somewhat, though.

    "Why don't you make yourself useful, and come and help me with this. Maybe once we know where we are, we will be able to figure out this task of ours." With that, he turned away from her again. He tugged gently at the hanging landscape, and it ripped away, exposing more of the white wall.
  9. A pout only momentarily puckered her expression however, again quickly brushing off any implied or unintentional belittleing. She watched curiously as he began to walk away from her once again, dragging the perfect impersonation paper along with him like a bizarre version of a cape, the ripping sound following him as it did so. She giggled once again. "you are ruining all the hard work someone went through to make this look like we were stuck in a meadow." She teased, walking forward and placing her hand on the jagged edge of the paper.

    After a moment of digging at it with her fingernails, she managed to pull up enough to get a grip on the strange material and proceeded to determinedly, and rather gleefully, rip it away from the blank wall behind it. "I find it rather strange that someone would go through all this trouble though."
  10. Randy wasn't about to say anything but for once he did agree with the strange, wild girl. It was very, very unusual that someone would go to all of that work to disguise a box, especially when Randy would have sworn that the background had been moving. But that was simply impossible. Paintings couldn't move. But he continued to slowly peel away the background, and slowly the white box began to emerge in its entirety. Finally he ripped down the last piece, certain that he was going to find... something. He didn't know what. A door, perhaps. After all, they had to have gotten in here some way. But there was nothing. Just more of the smooth, white wall.

    He let out a frustrated growl, before turning around to face Trixie. "How did we even get in here?" He demanded irritably, not truly expecting an answer.
  11. Trixie appeared to take that question seriously however, her delicate eyebrows knitting together and a small frown turning down the corners of her mouth as she looked around the mostly destroyed landscape. The grass beneath her bare feet was convincing, barely different from the real thing, the blue of the sky overhead was smooth and unbroken, and she could have sworn that she felt a slight breeze lifting at the curls cascading over her shoulders. After a moment, she lifted one hand and pointed towards the ceiling. "Maybe there is a trap door hidden somewhere up there. I'm certainly not tall enough to reach it, but they could have lowered us down into this place after drugging us or something." She shrugged, clearly not all bubbly cheerfulness.
  12. Randy paused, contemplating her words, tail twitching back and forth. He looked up carefully, looked around the box once more, and then looked up again. In many ways it looked like the ceiling was unending sky, but he would never have guessed at the painting that covered the walls. He stretched his hand up experimentally, jumping once with all the springiness of a cat, but his fingers brushed against nothing. He paused, looking over at the girl. It was very likely that he was stronger than her, and although he was certain he would be able to land cleanly if she dropped him he still didn't exactly trust that she would support him.

    "Should I... boost you?" he asked hesitantly. He may not think much of her, but he was far too desperate to get home again to be particular.
  13. Considering his efforts for a moment, the young woman thought over her own likelihood of reaching the ceiling if she were to try jumping, but quickly gave up on the idea. "yeah. Give me a boost." She said cheerfully, walking over and putting her hands on Randy's shoulders, waiting until he had lifted her up before she placed her feet expertly on either side of his head, stretching out her hand above her. Barely on the edge of her range, she was able to just touch a hard surface, fingertips grazing the cool surface. "there's something there! But I can't reach it to search for anything."she said over her shoulder, looking down at her companion.
  14. Randy boosted her up carefully, lacing his fingers to give her a stepping stone on the way to his shoulders. He kept his groan internal as she clambered her way up, widening his stance slightly to ensure that they wouldn't both come toppling down. He did let out a quiet, relieved sigh as he heard her say that there was indeed a ceiling to this strange box of theirs, and that it didn't keep spiraling on towards infinity. He lowered her down less gracefully than he helped her up, practically sliding out from under her and letting her nearly fall to the ground. But he was... grateful. Moderately.

    "I don't think I ever got your name," he finally said, after a moment's silence.
  15. As her unlikely companion slid out from under her, Trixie instinctively leapt to keep her balance, landing quietly on the balls of her feet. Turning around, she offered a brilliant smile, arching up onto her toes and making herself look a little taller then she usually did. "no, you didn't. But it is Trixie Howe. What might your name be?"
  16. "Randolf Saint Charles," he replied, offering a little half-bow in her direction. "It is a pleasure to meet you." It wasn't so much that he had any real desire to impress Trixie as it was his father had taught him to instinctively follow the niceties of court. That way, should he ever not be paying attention to his actions, he wouldn't accidentally make a mistake in front of some important dignitary.
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